Prayers for Sale (2020)

Prayers for Sale Sandra Dallas Prayers for Sale Hennie Comfort is eighty six and has lived in the mountains of Middle Swan Colorado since before it was Colorado Nit Spindle is just seventeen and newly married She and her husband have just moved to
  • Title: Prayers for Sale
  • Author: Sandra Dallas
  • ISBN: 9780312385187
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
Prayers for Sale Sandra Dallas Hennie Comfort is eighty six and has lived in the mountains of Middle Swan, Colorado since before it was Colorado Nit Spindle is just seventeen and newly married She and her husband have just moved to the high country in search of work It s 1936 and the depression has ravaged the country and Nit and her husband have suffered greatly Hennie notices the young woman loiteHennie Comfort is eighty six and has lived in the mountains of Middle Swan, Colorado since before it was Colorado Nit Spindle is just seventeen and newly married She and her husband have just moved to the high country in search of work It s 1936 and the depression has ravaged the country and Nit and her husband have suffered greatly Hennie notices the young woman loitering near the old sign outside of her house that promises Prayers For Sale Hennie doesn t sell prayers, never has, but there s something about the young woman that she s drawn to The harsh conditions of life that each have endured create an instant bond and an unlikely friendship is formed, one in which the deepest of hardships are shared and the darkest of secrets are confessed Sandra Dallas has created an unforgettable tale of a friendship between two women, one with surprising twists and turns, and one that is ultimately a revelation of the finest parts of the human spirit.
Prayers for Sale Sandra Dallas

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One thought on “Prayers for Sale

  1. Melissa

    I m usually able to get through a book fairly quickly but this one just kind of stumped me I couldn t get into it I know there were so many people who liked this one but I just wasn t a fan I think part of my problem was that I just didn t like Hennie She s telling Nit these stories to help her adjust to living in her new home but the stories are DEPRESSING This woman left her husband and that father killed his own baby and this person died and that baby died and this person committed suicide DE [...]

  2. Valerie Totten

    This book took me a long time to read It wasn t a book that you would stay up all night to read to get to the next chapter I would read a chapter here and there After reading it I wasn t inspired by the tragic one after the other stories about her life I must admit that after reading the first couple chapters, I didn t think I could finish the book The author, Sandra Dallas, uses way too much shock value when she writes I found it hard reading about the loss of Hennie s family, the death of her [...]

  3. Staci

    The stories, that is what draws you into this wonderful book The stories that are weaved into present day and links you to the past Hennie is eighty seven years old and she s experienced pretty much everything life can throw at a person husband dying in the Civil War, brutality at the hands of a cruel man, losing her only child, living in harsh conditions, becoming a widow for the second time She posts a sign on her fence out front that says, Prayers for Sale There s a story behind this signd on [...]

  4. Beth

    I loved the main characters, Hennie and Nit And I loved the way the story unfolded and then, how the back story of Hennie s life was perfectly stitched into place This was true storytelling from page one to the end.Dallas has a wonderful talent for creating a sense of place I could smell the mountain air, taste the fresh raspberries, and hear the biting winter winds howl.

  5. Sharon

    Sandra Dallas novel takes its title from a sign on Hennie Comfort s fence, carved when she was so happy that she had prayers for sale, since there was nothing to ask for Hennie is an 86 year old twice widowed woman living in a small mining town called Middle Swan, Colorado, during the Great Depression.The prayers for sale sign brings Nit Spindle, a 17 year old newlywed girl, to Hennie s door, requesting a prayer for her stillborn daughter Effie The two women become fast friends, and Hennie share [...]

  6. Christine Rebbert

    After having read and enjoyed this author s True Sisters so much, I got a couple of her earlier books out of the library This one centers around an 86 year old widow living in a small mining town in the mountains of Colorado in 1936, and flashes back to her coming West in a covered wagon after the death of her first husband in the Civil War Over the course of a summer and autumn, Hennie tells her life story to her new young neighbor Nit Spindle what a name , and what a story it is If you ve had [...]

  7. David

    This book is a current best seller, and it s easy to see why It is set in the Colorado mountains during the mining boom of the early 20th century apparently loosely based on the history of Breckenridge It s a story of friendship between an old woman, long time resident of the town about to be forced to move out, and a young woman just arriving The old woman has a lifetime of stories to tell some tender and loving, some brutal and heart rending The young woman has her own secrets The two women bo [...]

  8. Donna

    This book ambled along at country pace, but I really liked it It didn t really seem like a story though It was of someone telling a lot of stories It was about relationships and how sometimes we have to reach outside of ourselves, not only to offer our gifts to others, but to also be touched by the gifts of others.I have been working on my genealogy for a long time And I have had conversations with my grandma and with my husband s grandma who are both now deceased to hear their stories and this [...]

  9. Jan

    Hennie Comfort is 86 years old and living in Middle Swan, Colorado, a mining town high up in the mountains Her daughter Mae wants her to leave the harsh Colorado winters and to come live with her in Iowa Mae was right, Hennie admitted to herself If she fell, the snow would cover her up, and nobody would know where she was until she melted out in the spring Hennie really doesn t want to leave her home and friends in Middle Swan, a place she s lived in for 70 years She arrived there at 16 at the e [...]

  10. Catharine

    Once again I wish for 1 2 stars, then I could give this book 3 1 2 stars There were several things I really liked about this book the themes friendship, forgiveness, love, and faith There aren t many books any that, without being preachy, have sort of an underlying religious current going on.I enjoyed the characters, particularly Hennie, the main character I loved that she was always looking to help someone Thus the Prayers for Sale they didn t really cost money.The book was set in Colorado duri [...]

  11. Becky

    I love this kind of book meaty yet enjoyable, enthralling, historically based, with rich and endearing characters and a few twists, ie just plain good story telling Hennie, the main character is herself a great story teller with a wealth of interesting, harrowing, sometimes humorous, tender, wise, and wonderful stories to tell She is also a quilter and believes A quilt circle s like a crazy quilt You got all kinds in it Some members are the big pieces of velvet or brocade, show offish, while oth [...]

  12. Amy

    I ve read several books by this author before Diary of Mattie Spencer Alice s Tulips, The Chili Queen, The Persian Pickle Club and like her way of telling a tale about a time past The women in her books are realistic, with a strength like that which I see in many of the women of my acquaintance We re not superheroes, just women who face the challenges, joys and grief that life throws our way, and keep going with the business of living our lives and loving our families This was a gentle book I lo [...]

  13. Amy Salamon

    Terrible Just terrible I would ban this book if I could, and not because of the actual content It s because the writing is so simplistic, it upset any semblance of literary ness I m so upset, I can t think of actual words Full disclosure I was specifically looking for a light and quick read I guess I got one, although I ve read light reads that didn t insult my intelligence like this My main complaint is Dallas left nothing to the imagination Anything that had a semblance of symbolism, metaphor, [...]

  14. June Ahern

    Widow Hennie Comfort is eighty and six years old and is faced with the fact that she is old too old to be living alone in her mountain home in a mining town of Middle Swan, Colorado Her only child, a daughter wants her mother to live with her in Iowa and Hennie is reluctant Still, she knows that another winter in the mountains will be too hard on her, so she s made up her mind at the end of the year to move in with her daughter It s within that year the story, set in 1936 during the Great Depres [...]

  15. Alana

    I read this book when I found out it had one of the characters from The Diary of Mattie Spenser in it, and while it s not a sequel, per se, it does bring some closure to that storyline as well as introduce another collection of characters that jump right to life While The Diary of Mattie Spenser was engaging as a story, Prayers for Sale has a whole different feel to it that is very special It is told as if one was sitting in a sewing circle a quilting circle, to be specific , listening to one [...]

  16. Georgia Herod

    Set in 1936, with the Great Depression having taken its toll, Prayers for Sale is the story of a unique intergenerational friendship, forgiveness, healing The central character, 86 year old Hennie Comfort, has lived in Middle Swan, in the high country of the Rocky Mountains, since before CO became a state When she first meets 17 year old Nit Spindle, a newcomer whose husband has taken a job in the local gold mine, Hennie is drawn to the young, lonely, isolated girl who is grieving The harsh cond [...]

  17. Tammy Stith

    I ve never read a book by Sandra Dallas, but if all her books are like this style, I will be buying all she has written.I really fell into the story, I was pulled in from the 1st chapter.Also I enjoy a good story teller and Hennie was one to put them out there She befriends a newbie to the mountains a young grieving girl, Nit and they bond instantly Hennie and Nit have something in common, their 1st child dyed at a very young age Hennie s 2nd daughter has insisted that Hennie cannot stay another [...]

  18. Ashley

    So after checking this out for the 3rd time to try to finish this book I can sum it up in a few good quotes from the book It was a very slow read I m so happy I finally finished it But I couldn t just let this one go The book was about an elderly lady living in a mining town helping others through their life It was about how forgiveness heals your soul as well as the other person s soul Very misleading title Prayers for sale a sign outside her home, the meaning behind it I was so happy that I ha [...]

  19. Karen

    Hennie Comfort is 86 years old and living in a mining town high in the mountains above Denver She s one of the most senior residents there, and she knows everyone s stories When a young couple arrive, Hennie takes the wife, Nit, under her wing They quilt together and Hennie tells story after story after story as a way to orient the young women to people in the town and about life at such a high altitude In the process, both women gain perspective and grow closer and find a degree of healing for [...]

  20. Kathy

    It s 1936 and the Great Depression has taken its toll ighty six year old Hennie Comfort has lived in Middle Swan, CO up in the high country of the snow covered Rocky Mountains since before it was Colorado When she first meets 17 year old Nit Spindle, Hennie is drawn to the young grieving girl Nit and her husband have come to this small mining town in search of work, but the loneliness and loss Nit feels are almost too much to bear One day she notices an old sign that reads, Prayers for Sale in f [...]

  21. Michele

    This is a four star book with a five star ending Wasn t sure what I thought of the first half, but by the end I was in love with it The good woman that Hennie is and the care she takes of the younger generation is so heartwarming I would read this before, True Sisters, or Diary of Mattie Spenser Just ordered it for the personal library.I giggled when I read this line 232 People feel sorry for spinsters and widows, but there s than one married woman that envies them Seeing woman take care of eac [...]

  22. Donna

    The setting for this tale is 1936 in Middle Swan, Colorado, a small gold mining town Hennie Comfort is in her 80 s and befriends a young, married girl, Nit Spindle, who has just moved to town with her husband The two women have much in common bond instantly Hennie decides to take Nit under her wing teach her what she needs to know to survive the harsh life that living in Middle Swan brings Hennie shares her life story and many other people s story with Nit over the course of their friendship Bot [...]

  23. Ellie Revert

    OMG I love this story About Colorado mining country in 1936 era An old lady shares her life and stories with a newcomer to town Hennie and Nit This story kept me up til I finished it and now I m sad that it s over.

  24. Jennybug

    I really loved this book It made me laugh, it made me cry I loved how the story was intertwined I think this book would make the best movie Although, several tragic events take place through out the book, I love how strong willed, kind, generous, yet tenacious Hennie was I also loved how human she was, she had weaknesses I am not a quilter, but this book totally makes me want to take up the hobby I loved all of the fun vocabulary in this book I looked up quite a few words, and laughed at words I [...]

  25. Diana

    This book was recommended to me by a friend She said her book club had read the book and enjoyed it Thank you for the recommendation, Shirley Hennie Comfort is 86 years old lives in Middle Swan, Colorado She has lived a long life full of joy, happiness, grief, hatee whole gammet As the story begins, she meets 17 year old Nit Spindle There is a sign in front of Hennie s house that is old and faded and says, Prayers for Sale Hennie sees Nit looking at the sign and Nit asks Hennie if she can buy a [...]

  26. Kathy Davie

    Oh lord, I hated this book was so good I cried and remembered and cried Thank god, it had an ending with which I could live.Arriving fresh in Middle Swan, a mining camp in the Colorado Rockies, from tragedy after the Civil War, Ila Mae, as she was then known, has come to Middle Swan to possibly marry a friend of her childhood friend We learn of Hennie s 70 years in Middle Swan while Hennie is in her last year there when she befriends Nit Spindle, a young newlywed who has followed her equally you [...]

  27. Peggy Strack

    This book started out interesting and ended with emotion, but the middle dragged I found myself grimacing when Henny said, Would you like to hear another story I wanted to shout, No Have a thief come into your house, get a letter from a former lover, have a fire start.hing but another story from your past It s subjective, but I prefer action in my fiction That being said, The language in this book was beautiful wonderful descriptions and metaphors like going through a word museum Still it wasn [...]

  28. Portia

    Read this one for a book club I was able to finish it, though it was hard at times to keep going Maybe because I m really not that riveted by quilting Otherwise, it just seemed super slow and repetitive and boring Good points OK strong female main character, decent depiction I guess of life in a CO mining town, good clean true love optimism without too much sentimental mush, and most of all, the title It refers to being so happy and content with life that a person has prayers to spare, not feeli [...]

  29. Tammy

    This was a nice book with a nice story line It was one I could put down and go back to anytime The main character had many great life stories that made the book.

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