Piggy (2020)

Piggy Mireille Geus Piggy The story of a young girl s struggle and ultimate victory over disability Piggy Big in the original Dutch like Mark Haddon s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time is told in the first p
  • Title: Piggy
  • Author: Mireille Geus
  • ISBN: 9781590786369
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
Piggy Mireille Geus The story of a young girl s struggle and ultimate victory over disability Piggy Big in the original Dutch , like Mark Haddon s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, is told in the first person by an autistic child Twelve year old Lizzy Bekell lives with her mother and attends a special school Her nickname is Dizzy, which aptly describes the dreamy abstractThe story of a young girl s struggle and ultimate victory over disability Piggy Big in the original Dutch , like Mark Haddon s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, is told in the first person by an autistic child Twelve year old Lizzy Bekell lives with her mother and attends a special school Her nickname is Dizzy, which aptly describes the dreamy abstraction that overcomes her when she is faced with things she finds unpleasant or uncomfortable She spends her free time waiting at the bus stop without ever getting on a bus or standing against a streetlamp and watching other children play She is often teased and bullied Lizzy s behavior feels familiar, like an exaggerated version of our own fears, and even her strangeness seems like a reasonable response to a threatening world Everything changes, however, when she meets Abigail, a girl perfectly capable of standing up to other kids Abigail sees in Lizzy an easy mark, someone so trusting that she can be easily manipulated At the same time, Abigail, herself a lonely girl, hopes that Lizzy will be her friend When Abigail comes up with a plan to wreak vengeance on the boys who ve been teasing them, she finds it easy to make Lizzy an accomplice Lizzy is soon faced with events that challenge her to overcome the closed, internal world of autism How far can Lizzy allow herself to be manipulated before she stands up to Abigail
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    Mireille Geus

One thought on “Piggy

  1. Lucilla

    Dit boek heeft als genre hier en nuverhalen Het boek is heel herkenbaar voor de jonge lezer Vooral kinderen met autisme kunnen zich in dit boek herkennen Verder kan de jongere zich herkennen in pestgedrag en buitensluiten Ik moest eerst een beetje inkomen in het verhaal, maar uiteindelijk wilde ik graag weten wat er nou gebeurd was Daarom bleef ik verder lezen Wat mij aan het denken heeft gezet is dat er misbruik gemaakt werd van een meisje met speciale behoeften Dit komt vaker voor dan zou moet [...]

  2. Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooLizzy aka Dizzy Bekell stands on the corner by a lamp post watching some local boys play ball She s an outsider and goes to a special school Other kids call her retarded, but her mother says she s special She has autism and has to keep a certain order to her life to keep control of herself Enter Margaret aka Piggy Piggy spots Dizzy across the street standing on the corner Over the next few days, Piggy works her way to where Dizzy stands Finally, one day she off [...]

  3. Int"l librarian

    Another story of a tweener gone very very bad It s a good story Well written, interesting main characters, twisted like all good YA trouble novels seem to be But I m still left feeling that this is one serviceable option in a very long library of options The story itself isn t long, that s for sure 110 pages, with 18 flashback chapters bookended by a present day prologue and epilogue It took me less than two hours to read it straight through There isn t a lot of ground to cover Girl makes a new [...]

  4. Barbara

    This is another of those books that is hard to place It is cataloged children s but it s language would probably be appropriate in the YA area I m not a prude but to me, there is an implicit belief that those books cataloged in a library as part of the children s collection will not have the f word scattered throughout It s completely appropriate within the context I just question the cataloging.The story itself is quite powerful about a young autistic woman who is befriended by someone whose m [...]

  5. Barbara

    Told from the point of view of Lizzy, an autistic twelve year old, Piggyis the story of her friendship with an emotionally disturbed girl who moves into her neighborhood Lizzy, called Dizzy, because of the way she acts when she s upset or unsure of what to do, accepts Margaret at face value though she is often uncomfortable with the things Margaret does The relationship quickly spins out of control, and Lizzy is caught up in a dangerous situation far beyond her ability to manage Because you see [...]

  6. Sboysen

    I started reading this book to my 10 YO library class.I omitted the F word Unfortunately, I had to quit reading it to them because the constant shift from past to present and the disorienting monologue of her confused mind were too confusing to most of the students Much better suited as a young adult novel and I ve moved it there I really felt compassioned for Dizzy, a mentally handicapped tween who was befriended by a new girl, Piggy Piggy convinces Dizzy she is being bullied when it s really P [...]

  7. Heather

    I love the narration by the main character, a 12 year old girl with autism It is very accurate and interesting Her friend Piggy is a freaky piece of work I ll admit, I found the several times use of the f word to be ridiculous, unnecessary, and jarring Sure, maybe that s acceptable in Europe, but in the U.S I don t imagine anyone is expecting it in a book about a 12 year old with autism This is a strange book, but it has a very unique and useful perspective.

  8. Mariƫlle

    Wat een apart boek, en dat bedoel ik positief Het boek was best spannend en doordat het begint met de ontvangst van een brief waaruit duidelijk wordt dat er iets ergs is gebeurd, word je benieuwd wat er dan precies aan de hand is De gebeurtenissen zijn niet leuk, maar het boek is wel bijzonder of speciaal, net als Lizzy

  9. Sandy Brehl

    A short read with memorable characters who stay in your thoughts after the book ends That s good, because readers are likely to return to it in thoughts and in actual reading, leading to conversations and recommendations.

  10. Librariann

    I found this one while weeding children s fiction and was shocked by the number of fucks in it Dutch books are always a bit off kilter.

  11. Rachel

    Interesting book about bullying and how some kids get drawn into it Plot is scattered and sometimes hard to follow

  12. An

    Mooi Maar Een beetje te gevoelig, bijna Het is ook nooit goed Zie De andere weg Jawel Zie De ogen van Sitting Bull.

  13. Robin

    An interesting look at how good kids are easily swept up into bad doings that they feel unable to prevent Effective and speedy.

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