Audrey: Her Real Story (2020)

Audrey: Her Real Story AlexanderWalker Audrey Her Real Story Innocent elegant ethereal in her beauty Audrey Hepburn stood alone among the actresses of her time From her first moment of fame in Roman Holiday through the triumphs of Breakfast at Tiffany s and
  • Title: Audrey: Her Real Story
  • Author: AlexanderWalker
  • ISBN: 9780312180461
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
Audrey: Her Real Story AlexanderWalker Innocent, elegant, ethereal in her beauty, Audrey Hepburn stood alone among the actresses of her time From her first moment of fame in Roman Holiday, through the triumphs of Breakfast at Tiffany s and My Fair Lady, her screen presence was unique Gregory Peck called her a magical combination of high chic and high spirits But Hepburn s story is also one of lifelong struInnocent, elegant, ethereal in her beauty, Audrey Hepburn stood alone among the actresses of her time From her first moment of fame in Roman Holiday, through the triumphs of Breakfast at Tiffany s and My Fair Lady, her screen presence was unique Gregory Peck called her a magical combination of high chic and high spirits But Hepburn s story is also one of lifelong struggle to escape the burden of family history, and to conquer the demons of her own life In this newly expanded edition of his definitive biography, Alexander Walker reveals new details about her parents Fascist sympathies, about Audrey s own wartime experiences, and about the tragic story of her attempts to make peace with her father before the end of his life And he offers a moving portrait of a woman whose search for happiness was compromised all her life by insecurity, eating disorders, and an inability to find lasting love From her troubled childhood through her heartfelt battle against world hunger on behalf of UNICEF, Alexander Walker has painted a candid and affectionate portrait of one of the world s most beloved actresses This is Audrey s real story.
Audrey: Her Real Story AlexanderWalker

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One thought on “Audrey: Her Real Story

  1. Hayley

    I am a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn s She is, in my opinion, the greatest actress to grace the screen She personofied beauty, elegance, and style Her humanitarian efforts should be a guiding post for all of us to strive to attain She was, in a word, perfection.Why, then, did I give this book such a cold rating Well, I have some issues with the author His subtle racism was disturbing to say the least I was disgusted with the way he would say about almost all of Audrey Hepburn s aquaintance somethin [...]

  2. Eric Kinney

    I first read this book when one of my sister s gave it to me on my birthday Just why would I care to read about the life of someone who died over twenty years ago is probably because of how much I fell in love with this actress ever since I was 10 and I first saw My Fair Lady Sure, I eventually got over the fact that it wasn t really her singing voice, but I never forgot about her talent as an actress or her attributes as a wonderful human being Though it s a shame the real Audrey never wrote a [...]

  3. Nicci

    I am in love with this remarkable woman What an incredible life she led It isn t age or even death that one fears as much as loneliness and lack of affectionI think I d never worry about age if I knew I could go on being loved or having the possibility of love Audrey Hepburn 3 Stars Biographer could have done a better job The writing was not the strongest, but still a fascinating read.

  4. Tenielle Thompson

    I enjoyed this book for its glamorous perspective of a glamorous woman However, I felt at times that she was glamorised a bit too much It s written as if Alexander Walker has some paternal attachment to Audrey which is ironic considering her estrangement from her real father He writes with a pervading pride about her achievements both on screen and as part of the UNICEF team and strongly defends her flaws, often trying to validate them by depicting others in Hollywood as villains Thus, the disti [...]

  5. Sarah Steward

    For my biography, I read about Audrey Hepburn I was really interested in finding out about her, but this book was really disappointing When I was choosing which one to read, I chose this one because the prologue was very interesting But I could barely bring myself to read the rest of the book because it was so boring I think that Alexander Walker could have done a much better job of making Audrey s life as fascinating as it actually was It was interesting to read about all the things Audrey wen [...]

  6. Alondra Maldonado

    Audrey Kathleen Ruston Hepburn dancer, actress, model, fashion icon, humanitarian, friend, mother, the list goes on One of the most recognized faces to be hit the silver screen of the Hollywood Golden Age She brought beauty, grace, and charm She is adored around the world to this day and has remained one of the worlds most iconic actresses and fashion icon I myself have only been a fan for a short amount of time, but can say that this being the first biography I read of her, I had known most of [...]

  7. C.S. Burrough

    Another great job by Alexander Walker, this story covers the life an intriguing, beautiful and talented woman.Not the easiest of subjects for anyone to document, Ms Hepburn had something almost indescribable I disagree that she broke through on acting ability alone, but then few of her calibre have She was breathtakingly beautiful and had a rare persona of innocence, naivety and sincerity that moviegoers found jawdroppingly enigmatic.Audrey had many lingering demons to live with and held them of [...]

  8. Melanie

    This book, for me, was a journey It took me a long time to read There were things I really liked about it There were things I really disliked I really felt that I came to know the Fair Lady intimately through this book than I have any other biographies about her Although perhaps unintentional, Walker shares a lot of his opinions about Audrey and those who knew her Sometimes I felt his opinions were inconsequential and unnecessary And he seemed to have quite a fascination to know about the quie [...]

  9. Suzanne

    She is beautiful Yes, she is She was beautiful in her looks, she was amuch beautiful in her social work.Beautiful best word.The world is missing such persons The world needs such persons She was not only an actress, she was a person with a good mind She loved and she feared, she had problems we all may have and worked on solving She was REAL, not an image.Reading this book was fantastic I loved to see her in some movies Sabrina, How to steel a Million and others.And I remember War and Peace , s [...]

  10. Rachel

    As a lifelong Audrey Hepburn fan, I ve always wanted to read a biography on her, but I could never decide which one, as there are so many I settled on this one because it had a slightly higher average rating than others and also for the shallow reason that I liked the cover design.This biography is over twenty years old and it shows Walker writes in a old fashioned, dated way that reminds me of the narrators of Golden Age movie trailers It s not exactly a problem, but it is a little striking whe [...]

  11. Laura

    Audrey Hepburn had a name and a face that everyone recognized, but very few know the woman behind the icon Over the course of her life, going from movie star to devoted charity worker, Alexander Walker deconstructs each period of Audrey s life Juxtaposing her always shifting public image with her behind the scenes struggles, the author does a terrific job of sort of grounding the fairy tale like story of Audrey Hepburn One aspect of the book I enjoyed was the author s analysis of the effects on [...]

  12. Northern Light

    This book purports to tell the story of Audrey Hepburn from wartorn Europe to University ambassador via her films As such it does a good job and I enjoyed the telling At times she does come across as someone who got her own way and could be difficult to work with but this was often glossed over and I feel could have been gone into in depth I would have liked about her early life rather than what felt at times like an endless cycle of who she was filming with.A great book for any fan

  13. Michael

    Don t think this was the Audrey bio I should have read It was kind of boring Decided to put it down when the author said something like Audrey talked to her extremely close friend, who was a well known actor And I just thought, why haven t we read about their extremely close friendship until now THAT would have been interesting than half the things we have read about in this book Sigh.

  14. Jill Talbert

    I have loved Audrey Hepburn since I was a small child, but I wasn t crazy about this book It was hard to read and there were too many facts listed that I really didn t care about I wanted to read about her as a person and not how much money she made per movie Maybe some people care about that, but I m not one of them I gave 3 stars because it was about Audrey Hepburn, otherwise, I would ve probably given only 1.

  15. Ladan F

    this book is a very well written book about the one and only Audrey Hepburn, even though it does take a little while to get into it as the author does carry on a bit it tells us a grate deal about Audrey the only problem with this book is that you don t get to feel as though you do actually know her as i have found with other books, but it does tell you an awful lot about the actress.

  16. Jessica

    One of many that I own and have read about Audrey Hepburn I loved this book, even though I don t feel like I learned anything new or different about this icon that I adore Still, while I m not sure how real this is do you have to qualify a statement like Her Real Story when writing a biography , I did enjoy it.

  17. Sullyfitz

    started out well I was unaware that Audrey Hepburn was originally dutch and barely survived ww2 in Europe as a young girl once she became a film star the book became a bit wordy With that being said she was a remarkable woman her late in life efforts to raise money for the starving war torn children of the world are inspiring.

  18. Tyler

    She was a most elegant and enchanting woman of the screen, and what this book gives is an insight into what her real life was like Glamour for sure, but with a constant heartbreak from failed romances and a desire to do something real with her life By the end of this book, I felt her a friend and was even sad about her passing.

  19. Aneta

    As a complete Audrey fan, this book gives you a great insight into her real life not the one in front of the cameras, but the one of a Belgian girl, the most sincere person with the biggest heart If you don t love Audrey already, you certainly will after reading this book

  20. Jodie Thill

    I found the subject fascinating, but the writing abysmal I usually do not get hung up on word usage, but this time it was a roadblock to reading There must be better options out there for capturing the essence of Audrey.

  21. Gemma

    I am a big Audrey Hepburn fan and would have liked to give this book a higher rating but I didn t enjoy the writing style and at times found there was too much detail on trivial or uninteresting points.That said I learnt a lot about her life that I didn t know and on the whole enjoyed reading.

  22. Marie

    I love this woman and her films, so this was an interesting book, if you love Audrey I suggest you take a look

  23. Sharon

    I learned quite a bit about her life but it went too indepth with the movies she appeared in and skipped about a bit.

  24. Mr C

    A well written biography on a wonderful woman blessed with beauty and talent yet struggled to find happiness in her life.

  25. Anissa Villegas

    This made me learn new things about one of the women that I idolized and adore This book shows not only Audrey as an actress but as a person as well.

  26. Steph Foster

    Audrey Hepburn was remarkable in so many ways that I didn t know Was really touched by her story and would highly recommend reading it

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