Switch (2020)

Switch Claire Thompson Switch Dane is reigning king in the Austin BDSM scene Nathan sees beyond Dane s swaggering persona to the hidden submissive beneath Can Nathan convince Dane of his place at his feet As the two come together
  • Title: Switch
  • Author: Claire Thompson
  • ISBN: 9781934531785
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
Switch Claire Thompson Dane is reigning king in the Austin BDSM scene Nathan sees beyond Dane s swaggering persona to the hidden submissive beneath Can Nathan convince Dane of his place at his feet As the two come together, the sexual sparks fly It s only a matter of time before a spark catches and bursts into flame.
Switch Claire Thompson

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    132 Claire Thompson
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One thought on “Switch

  1. Gigi

    Delightful re read If you like super hot BDSM between men with strong emotions, don t pass up this classic You can t help but fall in love with clueless Dane at first anyway and super patient Nathan They are dreamy together.

  2. Emma Sea

    Nathan and Dane were a nice couple I thought Nathan was a little smug sometimes, and Dane going on and on about finding freedom through submission got on my nerves The end was sooo sugary which made it a 3.5 stars for me, rounded down These guys only knew each other for a month, have no experience with having a D s relationship as part of a regular working life, but suddenly it s forever and always.Also, is this really picky , I didn t like the characterisation of Dane s assistant I don t like b [...]

  3. Trio

    Well I do really enjoy this author She goes so deep into every character she writes and these are two of the best I ve read so far.Quite an interesting study into SM, and I love the relationship between Levi and Dane The alternating points of view work really well here since I could see where each man was coming from even though Levi really doesn t change too much over the course of the story, just seeing how he s feeling about Dane, and how he thinks Dane is developing was very enjoyable for me [...]

  4. Bev

    Hot little BDSM number about two guys who both thought they were Domsd you knew that there would only be one winner It certainly pushed all the right buttons for me 5 stars and several cold showers hehe.

  5. Breann

    Dane is sure he s a Dom, he s been a Dom for years in the clubs he s frequented He admits to himself that he s had some fantasies of being a Sub in the past but would never dare to voice those out loud When Nathan meets Dane, he immediately senses the submissive natures in Dane and slowly but surely pulls that side out of him.I really liked Nathan and his easy going nature Yeah, he a Dom, but he s not your typical one, very laid back, goes with the flow Until the bedroom, of course Dane was not [...]

  6. Joseph Tonlet

    Gah This one has all the feels Low angst, steamy BDSM Ds scenes, and oh so flippin romantic I badly want of Nathan and Dane contented sigh

  7. ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

    Well damn My mind is all twisted up reading this story Here s why I didn t really like Dane He s a pretentious prick playing at Dom Yes, he s playing I totally understand Nathan s point of view Still, this growth and discovery from the experimentation endeared Dane to me just a little bit I understand Nathan s method and frankly, I m impressed and kind of wet reading about it Everything Nathan did, I thought, oh dear lord, I wish I had a dom like this His sensuality, carefree manner yet dominan [...]

  8. Nic

    This was a fascinating story that I read cover to cover in one sitting, eager to discover how that relationship between Dane and Nathan would evolve Nathan is a strong and calm character and remains this way throughout the book The author does allow us to see some vulnerability in regards to his growing feelings for Dane but this does not diminish his strength or stability.Dane, at the commencement of the book, is emotional and displays strong reactions Although a self proclaimed Dom with a lar [...]

  9. Leah

    Great read Switch identities are rarely tackled in BDSM erotica so I was intrigued Oh and there s electrosex s YUM Thompson rules I was a little annoyed with Dane s repetitive epiphanies, but I get got it Maybe I don t construe being a Switch as contentious as Dane did I rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars honestly because I wished the book was longer.

  10. Janna

    Genre Keywords Gay, M M , Bdsm, Bondage, switching DomI never read one of Claire Thompson s stories before, Switch is the first I d heard some positive things about her work, mainly about the psychological depth of her characters The protags of Switch, Nathan and Dane, were indeed multilayered characters Claire Thompson wrote with Switch a strong M M story, about the struggle of two men for dominance, which involves bondage and extreme sexual pain I must say, it s not for the faint of heart But [...]

  11. Awilk -never sleeps-

    A Story of self discoveryThis quick, interesting read about Dane, who thought he was a dominant lover, and Nathan who knew better.Dane meets Nathan one night on his way to a BDSM club Dane is very comfortable in the knowledge that he is a Dom Nathan is sure he isn t Over a very short period of time, the two of them experiment to see just what Dane really is Others have mentioned that this book is full of sex scenes, but as they seemed such an important part of the story line, not only didn t it [...]

  12. Adara

    I don t know what it was, but this story just didn t seem very realistic to me I guess I find it hard to believe that a guy who believed himself to be a Dom for the past 9 years would so quickly within a month find himself so immersed as a sub I have no idea whether or not that s a likely scenario, so I can t say it couldn t happen, I just find myself having difficulty believing it I felt it needed time, and that the story is way far from over.I get that Nathan was supposed to be shown as wanti [...]

  13. Silkeeeeee

    I enjoyed this book I especially loved how it allowed you to peer into the workings of a sane D s relationship The sex was not hot, hot, hot, but that may be because I don t take much to the s m side of these relationships I can say that Nathan is right up there with my favorite doms for 2013.

  14. Alina

    I shouldn t have wasted time trying to finish this.I didn t like either Dane or Nathan, I felt like they were playing at BDSM, and the whole relationship between them felt a little ridiculous, especially with their expectations of each other.

  15. Amanda

    4 starsI really enjoyed this a lot than I thought I would I m not big on the physical side of BDSM, but I do enjoy the whole mental emotional submission so I think that s why I enjoyed this than a regular BDSM novel novella.

  16. Emily Moore

    Dane Bishop is headed to the BDSM club Boot Camp to show off his skills as a Dom He decides to stop at the bar The Iguana for a drink and there he meets Nathan Levi Dane and Nathan couldn t be different Dane is a real estate banker who devotes a large part of his life to his career while Nathan is an artist with a charming Southern accent and a laid back approach to life Dane immediately feels a tug in his gut and the power and quiet strength that Nathan exudes draws him in, the recognition he [...]

  17. Tere

    I m a little torn with this one I was battling with the first part, really, I felt terribly dense not that I am not but I was having a really hard time swallowing the plot I blame my preconceptions, I was expecting something different given the title, and that s my fault, not the author s I also needed some time to sympathize with the characters, especially Nathan I don t particularly care for the I know exactly what you want, even better than yourself character, especially dom s, the idea of th [...]

  18. Lori

    I loved this book It s really a 4 1 2 star read but since we don t have 1 2 stars The only reason I didn t give it 5 stars is because it didn t meet the angst requirement I have for 5 star books A book has to elicit a strong emotional response in order to get the coveted 5 stars.I would have liked a little insight into Dane We never learned anything about his family, his upbringing or what really made him tick I actually liked him though, unlike some other reviewers I think he s fairly typical [...]

  19. Camilla

    Right above where you write your review here on GR, it says What did you think So Yeah What did I think I really have no idea but since I ended up with a 4 star review, I guess I really liked itIt was the first BDSM book that explained things to me The flying the Subs feel, the way they flow with it until the pleasure and pain is just one feeling I really like Nathan and Dane s relationship Dane was a hardcore Dom before he met Nathan, who could see that there were some Sub qualities hidden in D [...]

  20. Beck

    I have read probably hundreds of erotica books and a good number of them contain elements of BDSM This is the first book to make me truly understand the mind set of people in the scene A lot of books of this genre have left me wondering why Why subjugate yourself Why demean youself why allow someone to punish you like a child I think I understand better now that those books were simply trying to depict the eroticism of BDSM without delving into the psych of the situation OR they eroticised abuse [...]

  21. Shanna

    This book had a lot of potential and most of it was unfulfilled Both characters were intriguing and their relationship had great potential for some wonderful conflict and passion but it just wasn t there Dane spent a lot of time proclaiming that he was a dom and Nate spent a lot of time trying to show Dane his true nature as a sub But we didn t get to see the trust being built, it apparently happened but as a reader I felt I was being told rather than shown Dane and Nate spent a week together wh [...]

  22. Dreamer

    Satisfying m m bdsm romance, pressed all the right buttons Dane and Nathan feel a strong connection when they first meet up in a bar The problem is that they are both Doms While my head tells me I m a Dom, when I m with you, my body tells me something else I m not ready to say I m a submissive, but I m willing to experiment, to use your words To push to boundaries of my own experience.

  23. Liz Blue

    3.5 stars although I like to round up.I like a long, drawn out romance and although Dane s move from Dom to sub was drawn out though not quite enough, I felt the instant emotional connection between the characters was too fast for my tastes.I liked this loving, responsive account of a BDSM relationship, though.If you haven t noticed, I pretty much want every book I read to be about 20% longer.

  24. Catherine

    4.25 Stars Despite the tenor of my last two status updates, I REALLY liked this book I liked that there was so much emphasis put on building the mental and emotional bond between the main characters and the fact that BDSM practices should be rooted in trust, love, acceptance, etc I think the author did a fabulous job of having Nathan push Dane while utterly supporting him and it was sexy as hell This was my first by this author, but it definitely won t be my last.

  25. Serena Yates

    This is an absolutely fascinating story about a man who thinks he s a Dom until he learns through experience that he s actually a sub The man who teaches him has a lot of patience and explores different aspects of submission as the story develops.Claire did a great job at taking me along on their journey of discovery.

  26. Gina

    This is like Deviations series Power Play series a bottleful of romance all mixed together Love it so much, want to see of them, but I know it was best to cut it there Ps It kept me until 4 30am on a work night God i have to wake up in 3 hours But it was worth it

  27. Sue bowdley

    I love it when a guy realises he s not who he thinks he isNathan brings out Danes submissive side and they are absolutely perfect togetherNo angst just an easy read as Dane and Nathan learn each other x

  28. Tammy

    I really liked the idea of two Doms switching I just didn t get a good feel for Dane He seemed a little whinny at times Nathan was great Has the patience and understanding to deal with Dane.

  29. Faye

    Oh gosh I love this book, Dane and Nathan are gorgeous together from the first moment the sought eye contact with each other in the bar Love the emotions that go thought Dane as he evaluates what he s always believed Being a Dom and labels that go with it is not always easy as Dane finds out.Dane 29 yrs was checking out a new pub before he wonders to the bdsm club named Boot Camp His eyes caught on a man as he enters the pub are locked and his Dom feelings are going berserk Nathan is 26 and was [...]

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