Sir Nigel (2020)

Sir Nigel Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Nigel Sir Nigel is a historical novel set during the Hundred Years War by the British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Written in it is a fore runner to Doyle s earlier novel The White Company and desc
  • Title: Sir Nigel
  • Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
  • ISBN: 9781598186031
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
Sir Nigel Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Nigel is a historical novel set during the Hundred Years War, by the British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Written in 1906, it is a fore runner to Doyle s earlier novel The White Company, and describes the early life of that book s hero Sir Nigel Loring in the service of King Edward III at the start of the Hundred Years War.Dame History is so austere a lady that ifSir Nigel is a historical novel set during the Hundred Years War, by the British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Written in 1906, it is a fore runner to Doyle s earlier novel The White Company, and describes the early life of that book s hero Sir Nigel Loring in the service of King Edward III at the start of the Hundred Years War.Dame History is so austere a lady that if one has been so ill advised as to take a liberty with her one should hasten to make amends by repentance and confession Events have been transposed to the extent of some few months in this narrative in order to preserve the continuity and evenness of the story Arthur Conan Doyle Undershaw, November 30, 1905
Sir Nigel Arthur Conan Doyle

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One thought on “Sir Nigel

  1. Alissa

    Chivalric deeds, bloody battles, bouts with ships, deeds of arms, chevauch es, robber barons and clever archers Samkin Aylward abound in this nice prequel to The White Company which follows the younger years of Sir Nigel, a minor noble of a house of great renown for the bravery of his knights, now down on its fortune after the premature death of its Lord whose memory of heroic deeds is humorously capped by a I slipped on a bar of soap kind of demise and plagued by greedy men of the cloth brandis [...]

  2. Debbie Zapata

    It is in the heart of the great Cistercian monastery that this chronicle of old days must take its start, as we trace the feud betwixt the monks and the house of Loring, with those events to which it gave birth, ending with the coming of Chandos, the strange spear running of Tilford Bridge and the deeds with which Nigel won fame in the wars Elsewhere, in the chronicle of the White Company, it has been set forth what manner of man was Nigel Loring Those who love him may read herein those things w [...]

  3. Bukk

    A book of the rarest quality Everything about Sir Nigel is incredible, from prose to characterization and setting and visualization and imagery, to timing and rhythm, to the story itself It s an epic of high adventure, violent chivalry, purely satisfying medieval aestheticism, and not once hits a lull or lackluster moment, but without heavy handedness or too densely packed excitement The pacing is perfect, the show of a master The book is colorful and endlessly quotable, driven forward by amusin [...]

  4. Marquise

    A nicely entertaining little novel for a weekend, but rather stereotypically told and with the usual honourable knight that s good at everything and gets the lady, a plot full of chivalry topics and quite unsubstantial Just like cotton candy.

  5. Michael W.

    A delightful tale giving the back story to The White Company and Sir Nigel Loring Arthur Conan Doyle pens a historical fiction that covers the years between 1350 1357, an early period in the Hundred Years War The page turning, captivating narrative follows the way in which Nigel Loring went from near poverty to Knighthood It is a tale filled with adventure and daring, overcoming obstacles and impossibilities, and maintaining chivalry and honor This is a read fit for the young and young at heart [...]

  6. Abigail Hartman

    At the end of it, I still couldn t determine whether this book was Hurrah, chivalry or Ha ha, chivalry On the one hand, I felt that the reader was meant to root for Nigel and his knight errant dreams, and that the storyline followed the romantic pattern pretty closely on the other, Nigel s dreams frequently go awry or are criticized by knowledgeable characters, and chivalry doesn t emerge as a highly attractive code In fact, it was this latter and, I felt, realistic trend that made me enjoy th [...]

  7. Guy Winter

    An entertaining romp rendered in slightly schizophrenic fashion by Conan Doyle, who at times strikes the pose of a contemporary bard and devotee of chivalry, at times an arch modern commentator The book always seems to be on the point of denouncing the farce of knight errantry and the hero s boyish enthusiasm to worshipfully advance his worship through quixotically endangering himself and all around him but never quite comes clean and does it At the same time there are some interesting reflectio [...]

  8. Katerina

    A different book of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, totally different from Sherlock Holmes that everybody knows about This book is about Nigel the last of a noble family of England around the 14th century His family is not so rich any and his property is mostly taken by the adjusting church But the king happens to pass from the area and Nigel s fate is totally changed An old story of a knight to be and a different atmosphere compared to the contemporary historical and other novels No striking love story [...]

  9. Sylvester

    The White Company impressed me so much that I was sure I would like Sir Nigel too But it was an entirely different experience White washed and squeaky clean It was all the nobility of fighting a good fight against famous and honourable knights I must be terribly jaded, because that doesn t sound quite right to me This felt like a boy s fantasy of knights and battles than anything I know A.C.D loved all that, and it comes across clear as day, but he left anything that felt real out of the story [...]

  10. Zubair Habib

    This is really a book for kids It reminded me a bit of The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay A young lad sets out to gain fame and honor I bought it at a second hand bookstore on account of the good looking cover, one the inside was a note, it was awarded to a kid in Grade 3 in 1932 That should have been the hint to me that it was targeted at a younger audience, but the vintage cover, prestigious author name hooked me.

  11. Grond

    Arthur Conan Doyle clearly had a good time researching and writing his two Sir Nigel books working hard at evoking the 14th century as an age of High Romance and Chivalry The style clearly calls back to the work of Walter Scott and the hyperbolic, quasi breathless recounting of tales from an earlier age.Occasional asides help to reassure the reader that this bone crunching time of high adventure was just the way life was back then and that they shouldn t judge the people too harshly if their beh [...]

  12. Jefferson

    Winning Knightly Glory During the 100 Years WarYou can t blame Nigel Loring for hating Waverly Abbey Its smug and rapacious monks have snatched most of his ancestral land, leaving his grandmother and him with but a handful of acres and aging servitors and without enough money to equip the 22 year old would be knight with armor with which to adventure for fame and honor But perhaps Nigel has gone too far when, in the first chapter of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s episodic historical novel Sir Nigel 19 [...]

  13. Carol Arce

    Sir Nigel is a historical novel based on real characters who followed King Edward III into war against France to support his claim to the French throne at the start of the 100 Years War But really, they re less interested in Edward s claim to the French throne and interested in winning honor, a name and a knighthood for themselves It really highlights the change in the times people today just want to live ,but these guys just WANTED to fight When a truce was called between the English and the F [...]

  14. Zazel

    I love the book for the way Arthur told the story and how he built the medieval world through the dialog and actions that took place The only reason I don t give the book a 5 star rating is because Nigel is always taken out of a fight by being knocked unconscious and really the fight scenes are a little confusing I do have to say that my favorite scene has to either be when he jousts with the knights in the beginning or when he literally tackles a knight in full armor when he has none.

  15. Gerlinde

    Really liked this romping tale of gallantry and honour set during the Hundred Years War Visually like a movie, linguistically easy to follow and simply organised Fun and fantastic, yet it throws light onto the state of mind of the gentry and the servant class living during that era Recommended as good light entertainment.

  16. Tom Lloyd

    A good and enjoyable read, I think I preferred the White Company but this is a worthy addition to it There s a very skewed view presented and specific style that is all entirely deliberate, but makes it perhaps less endearing to my modern eye, but there s a lot of good there too.

  17. Emiel

    Excellent story, where the writing style takes you back in time, and the story keeps you hooked I really wanted to keep reading

  18. Brian Stacey

    A fascinating insight into a much earlier period in our history Has some parallels with Follett s work, but the characterization is so very different.

  19. Paula

    This was an amazing gem If I had found this earlier, this would have been a definite read aloud as bedtime stories to my children Each chapter has just the right amount of heroism and pluck and adventure sure to inspire nightly dreams of times long gone of knights errant.But, for the real reason I picked this up this book is a chronicle of what I have identified to be an ancestor of my husband The names and dates and actions are all based in history It brought to life a glimpse of a real individ [...]

  20. Simon Mcleish

    Originally published on my blog here in March 1998.Of all Arthur Conan Doyle s works, this one has perhaps aged least well It s set in the Middle Ages, or, rather, it s set in a world imitating that of Scott s Ivanhoe It seems today very in authentic, particularly in the speech and descriptions.Sir Nigel is the story of a young man, Nigel Loring, of noble birth but reduced circumstances, who sets out to win renown equal to his ancestors and to do three deeds worthy of his lady love He travels to [...]

  21. Bev

    Set in the middle of the 14th century, Sir Nigel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is what these days is known as a prequel to The White Company Written fifteen years later, it tells the story of how Nigel Loring, the near destitute squire of the Manor of Tilford, went off to seek his fortune and win the hand of his lady love in the early years of the Hundred Years War Nigel leaves home a squire and returns home as an honorable knight through many brave adventures on the battlefield and abroad Nigel is [...]

  22. Julian Cribb

    I just loved Sir Nigel my favourite Conan Doyle novel including the Holmes books It is a jaunty romp through the Age of Chivalry, historically accurate and written in Doyle s peerless English prose Just read the opening stanza on the Black Death, it will chill your spine Nigel himself, a diminutive but brave knight who cleaves to a higher code of chivalry that most of his bloodsoaked contemporaries sets out on a quest to win his large ladylove an act that provokes derision from a number of coars [...]

  23. Bill

    This is a prequel to Doyle s 1891 work, The White Company, which I had enjoyed previously Sir Nigel tells of his life before he lead the White Company in battle, when he was a stripling squire trying to obtain honours for his lady love Set in the 1300 s, Doyle has portrayed a grim era, but one that also demonstrated honour among knights Unfortunately, if you weren t of that class, life seems to have been grim and depressing indeed War criss crossed France and peasants starved, land was destroyed [...]

  24. Dan

    d they sang as they slew part 2.I still find it somewhat disconcerting juxtaposition of the flower of European chivalry against carnage and brutal disregard of human life I suppose that back in the time of the Crusades, that aspect of life was fact than fiction My hope is that Doyle is not necessarily trying to paint an entirely sympathetic picture of the principal characters and their ways, but instead just reveling in the tale telling And at that, he is a master as Sir Nigel is rife with glor [...]

  25. Rebecca

    Content wise this book had an interesting plot and larger than life characters It is set in the fourteenth century and is about Knights and squires and bowmen and such and so there is a lot of fighting and lots of battles and action Doyle has a keen sense of humor which lightens the story It is well researched I did a small refresher course for myself in English history which helped, but wasn t necessary As far as mechanics go this book is well written and I have no complaints As far as squeaky [...]

  26. Stephen Brooke

    In the spirit of some other notable British writers, Doyle manages to be simultaneously satirical and sympathetic toward his subject, in this case, the Age of Chivalry The story wanders a bit and eventually wanders back to Nigel s true love, waiting for him to finish his three deeds before feeling worthy to wed her No big surprises nor a compelling plot here, just a nicely told little tale of a young man trying to live up to his own rather large ideals.

  27. Elin

    I really enjoyed reading this book It s sheer boy s own escapism with an ironical twist in that one knows that what the heros get up to is pretty reprehensible by modern, or even Conan Doyle s, standards but at the time was considered to be utterly heroic.There are some solid characters and amusing episodes amidst the heroics to give a change of pace.I m reviewing the large print version purely so I can poke fun at the ridiculous cover What WERE the publishers thinking

  28. Daniel

    Conan Doyle is better known for Sherlock Holmes than his historical fiction, yet he always considered the historical works to be his greater ones Having read both, I have to say that I prefer the world s greatest detective, but Sir Nigel is worth reading by anyone who enjoys reading Doyle s works.

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