The Spell of the Sorcerer's Skull (2020)

The Spell of the Sorcerer's Skull John Bellairs The Spell of the Sorcerer s Skull When Johnny Dixon and his friend Professor Childermass discover an old heirloom clock the terror begins The professor suddenly vanishes and Johnny is left to solve the mystery alone Inside the clock
  • Title: The Spell of the Sorcerer's Skull
  • Author: John Bellairs
  • ISBN: 9780553157260
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
The Spell of the Sorcerer's Skull John Bellairs When Johnny Dixon and his friend Professor Childermass discover an old heirloom clock, the terror begins The professor suddenly vanishes, and Johnny is left to solve the mystery alone.Inside the clock Johnny discovers a miniature room, a room exactly like the one in which a murder took place long ago And from the inside the little room Johnny pockets a tiny skull with mWhen Johnny Dixon and his friend Professor Childermass discover an old heirloom clock, the terror begins The professor suddenly vanishes, and Johnny is left to solve the mystery alone.Inside the clock Johnny discovers a miniature room, a room exactly like the one in which a murder took place long ago And from the inside the little room Johnny pockets a tiny skull with magical powers But taking the skull is a terrible mistake for dark demonic forces are unleashed the minute he picks it up.Enlisting the aid of his friends Fergie and Father Higgins, Johnny embarks on a harrowing chase to a deserted island off the coast of Maine where he must confront something terrifying than his worst nightmares.
The Spell of the Sorcerer's Skull John Bellairs

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    John Bellairs

One thought on “The Spell of the Sorcerer's Skull

  1. Richard Denney

    5 STARS Re read for JohnBellairsMonth This is one of my favorites from John s books, scary, fantastical, and thrilling as hell If you still haven t picked up a John Bellairs book, do it now His books are scary, thrilling, full of mystery, and will have you not wanting to put them down.

  2. Calista

    This was my favorite of the Johnny Dixon Series so far I love John Bellairs clear dialogue and quirky characters I also like the setting of New England John explores all over the area and I want to visit some of those islands now.Johnny and Prof Childermass are staying at a hotel where there is a clock with a room inside it that is made by Childermass s father A skull falls out of it and Johnny takes it home Then Prof Childermass disappears and no one knows what happened Johnny gets the help of [...]

  3. Becky

    The bar exam is causing my brain to regress to second grade level I used to love John Bellairs scary books when I was a kid, and this one discovered in a used bookstore for 2 comforted me through the unpleasantness of studying There are many delights to be had in it, not least of which being the fact that there is a lot of smoking and drinking for a kids book I mean, it takes place in the 50s, but still Love the Edward Gorey illustrations More religious stuff than I remember from reading it many [...]

  4. Qt

    Nicely spooky I think I m really getting to like the Johnny Dixon books I had a hard time deciding between 3 and 4 stars the style seems a bit detached at times, and at the end I was still confused over some points However, I really liked the story and the characters are good, so I went with 4 stars.

  5. Tricia Harrild

    I like that the characters in John Bellairs books are a bit nerdy and unpopular They like to read and eat cookies and relax at home I like the evil wizards that cast spells of doom and murder and the ghosts they have become Plus there is artwork by Edward Gorey

  6. D.M. Dutcher

    A book that could no longer be written today, sadly Johnny Dixon is a friend of the eccentric Professor Childermass One day when his car breaks down, the two lodge at an inn, and they discover an ornate clock made by one of the Professor s ancestors It s reputed to be haunted, and on impulse, Johnny takes a tiny skull from it That triggers a lot of events leading into the abduction of the Professor and an ancient mystery.Like I said, this book could never be written today A few reasons are 1 Cat [...]

  7. Particle_Person

    This was my favorite book as a kid The rainy night on the ferry where Johnny goes outside to throw the tiny skull from the dollhouse overboard still scares me Something about the geographical scope of this book also made me love it Almost every New England state except Rhode Island gets at least a mention, if not a whole scene, and the bulk of the book is set in Vinalhaven off the coast of Maine This is quite possibly Bellairs best book If you can, get an old copy with the cover art by Edward Go [...]

  8. Ea Solinas

    John Bellairs books have a certain style that you come to expect it s got to have lots of humor, a cheesy title that sounds like a B movie, dark visions, weird dreams, and a shapeless supernatural evil that can destroy us all One outstanding example would be Spell of the Sorcerer s Skull, a genuinely creepy little horror story tinged with clever humor.Professor Childermass s car breaks down in a small town While he waits for it to be repaired, he and his young friend Johnny Dixon are shown a dol [...]

  9. Scott

    Travel back to 1952, when an older man could befriend an adolescent boy and there wasn t anything untoward about it Johnny Dixon and Professor Childermass are waylaid in an inn by a snowstorm when they discover a clock with an elaborate and unsettling vignette display Soon afterwards, the professor magically vanishes and Johnny must enlist the aid of his friend Byron Fergie Ferguson and an Irish Catholic priest named Father Higgins to help track him down.As with his Lewis Barnavelt trilogy, Bell [...]

  10. Carrie

    Another Bellairs This one involves a mysterious clock with a miniature room in it In the room is a miniature skull, which, if you touch it INFECTS you will EVIL Wow What a story And, they go to Vinalhaven, so, you know, yay Maine Another fast, creepy story this one has a good priest working to save old Professor Childermass from the evil with a piece of the true cross Lucky that they had some around, no I was thinking when I was reading these books that they would make a pretty awesome juvenile [...]

  11. Kate

    You know how dollhouses are simultaneously awesome and a little creepy Just creepy enough to make The Dollhouse Murders somehow believable Bellairs feeds into that creepy in this Johnny Dixon mystery Johnny and Professor Childermass are stuck in a snowy town and discover a clock that actually belonged to the Prof s family Instead of a pendulum it has a perfect little room showing the Prof s uncle on the night of his death The only anomaly is the weird little skull that seems to zot you when you [...]

  12. Joanna

    I feel like I have been reading this book for months Wait I have been reading it for months I started reading it aloud to my son Cameron sometime a bit before Halloween As we agreed between us many times since then, it is a SPOOKY book Our attention span for the chapter book read aloud experience has proved a bit short, so we have really ambled through this We enjoyed it I was especially pleased by the narrative voice and ear for dialogue the conversations scanned well read aloud, even if some o [...]

  13. Stephanie Pennington

    This book is so intriguing even now as an adult, I find myself thinking about it It was a different type of read for me as a child, and I believe one of the first books to take my mind to that dark side, so to speak I believe this book is why I became interested in the dark things there are in the world Granted, the first time I read it, I was a little spooked and weirded out and I think it was quite a while before I picked it up for another go I loved it as a child, and as a teen and have read [...]

  14. Alison

    This was a re read I originally read this in the fifth grade and I have to admit that it was a lot scarier then.I was surprised at the level of Catholicism in this book It s not a problem in any way but I didn t remember that level of religion being a part of these books.I like father Higgins much than the Professor, I must admit There should have been either Fergie or none at all the amount that we were given felt very tacked on and pointless I m still debating re reading any of the other boo [...]

  15. JustinK. Rivers

    One of Bellairs best The stakes are high, and so is the amount of scare Johnny is deprived of his best friend and closest ally, Prof Childermass, and the personal, invasive nature of the enchanted skull really hits home Once again, Bellairs resolution of the climax is a bit dodgy, relying as usual on some Catholic mumbo jumbo But the weirdness factor of the strange Childermass clock, plus the tiny skull, and the abduction of the Prof make for a crackin good story.

  16. Lia

    I love Bellairs scary mysteries I loved them as a child, too They were just scary enough so I would make a running leap for the bed in the darkened room, but not scary enough to keep me awake I also feel like he takes his young characters seriously That even when the young mind is passionately irrational, it is still real.I read the copy with Edward Gorey s perfect illustrations Really, he s the perfect choice.

  17. Amy

    This book scared me a lot as a kid And while it isn t nearly as frightening reading it as an adult, there are still some disturbing events A few years ago, I bought several John Bellairs books at a used bookstore I wanted the original 80s cover art and those might be fun to read this summer

  18. Heather Jackson

    SpellboundI don t remember this one as well as I do the first two Johnny Dixon books, so it lost a star for its lack of staying power It was still an enjoyable story, and I m reminded why I loved these books as much as I did.

  19. Michael

    I read this in middle school as a part of a series of the same characters I remember really liking them They were intense and scary for an innocent 10 year old.I am going to read some of this series again to see if they might be something my 10 year old will like.

  20. Kris - My Novelesque Life

    3 STARS When Johnny Dixon takes a tiny skull from a haunted dollhouse, demonic forces are released, capturing Professor Childermass and leading Johnny on a harrowing chase to a deserted island off the coast of Maine From A great mystery paranormal children s novel.

  21. Miriam

    In this installment, it is the curmudgeonly professor Childermass himself who is the victim of a supernatural evil He disappears and Johnny must find him, with the help of of his best friend Fergie and parish priest Fr Higgins.

  22. Rachel

    FATHER HIGGINS I have always had a weird affection for Father Higgins I m not Catholic, but I appreciate the chanting and incense and witchy bits Also, hats off to Mr Bellairs for ditching one of his main characters in the third book in the series a pretty brave move for any author.

  23. Owen Curtsinger

    I absolutely loved all of the John Bellairs books that I could get my hands on as a kid Horrifyingly creepy and macabre, made all the creepy by the Gorey illustrations in previous editions These are still pretty fun reading them twenty years later.

  24. Kris

    By this time he has really hit his stride and the book cruises as fast as I can turn pages The ending was pretty tense and I actually like that it s an ambiguous ending as well.

  25. Marjanne

    Another fun Bellair s mystery with Johnny Dixion Nothing too exciting, though I still wish I had discovered this series when I was 8 or 9 years old.

  26. Yasmin

    Got a bit boring to read in the middle, but in general, its a good story However, the parts where religion was invloved would ve been better left out.

  27. Lisa Kucharski

    A curiously interesting story of black magic, mystery and dealing with the unknown I enjoyed the characters I met, all were unique and interesting.

  28. Arthur

    Just a hardy and fantastic book, of course an easy quick read for it s a YA adventure but a good deal is for entertaining worthy mature minds.

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