Trying To Save Piggy Sneed (2020)

Trying To Save Piggy Sneed John Irving Trying To Save Piggy Sneed In a spirited opening piece John Irving explains how he became a writer There follow six scintillating stories written over the past twenty years inlcuding The Pension Grillparzer previously only t
  • Title: Trying To Save Piggy Sneed
  • Author: John Irving
  • ISBN: 9780552995733
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
Trying To Save Piggy Sneed John Irving In a spirited opening piece, John Irving explains how he became a writer There follow six scintillating stories written over the past twenty years, inlcuding The Pension Grillparzer, previously only to be found inside The World According to Garp, and now given its first independent airing.
Trying To Save Piggy Sneed John Irving

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    315 John Irving
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One thought on “Trying To Save Piggy Sneed

  1. Snotchocheez

    I m ahuge fan of at least half of John Irving s fiction titles, so it pains me greatly to say I can t think of any compelling reason to partake of the Irving salad Trying to Save Piggy Sneed, a mishmash of memoir, short stories and fawning lit crit that just doesn t do anything for me except wish I was reading one of his novels His excruciatingly detailed look back on his wrestling career both as participant and as coach entitled, perversely, The Imaginary Girlfriend , is dull as dishwater yeah, [...]

  2. Sharyl

    Trying to Save Piggy Sneed is a most interesting assortment of memoir, short stories, and essays I enjoyed Irving s stories about wrestling and being a referee for that sport, his intriguing short stories, and the explanations of them that followed Also, he has quite a few interesting anecdotes, especially the one about meeting Thomas Mann s daughter on a plane, quite by coincidence Elizabeth Mann Borgese was an oceanographer who had trained her dog, Claudio, to play piano I am not making this u [...]

  3. Emilia

    Buddy of mine gave me this at a party last spring I d never read Irving and wanted to give him a shot This book is a collection of short works, split into three sections The first is memoir This section concludes with an interminable tale of every wrestling match that Irving had either competed in, presided over as an official or even heard a story about Scores and moves and competitors names that draw out into the most specifically uninteresting writing imaginable After being bogged down in tha [...]

  4. Paula Dembeck

    Irving has put together a selection of fiction and non fiction in this collection of short stories and essays from his literary career He has divided the volume into three parts Memoirs, Fiction and Homage Each piece is followed by a section in which Irving comments on the piece, placing it in an historical context, providing insightful and often funny comments on how the story began as well other interesting personal thoughts Irving begins the Memoir section, with the piece that graces the titl [...]

  5. Brandy Bacala

    I m sorry to say I did not love this book I thought reading the memoir of such a creative and talented fiction author would be at least somewhat entertaining Instead I got a blow by blow recap of every wrestling match John Irving has ever been in or refereedor that his sons were inor that some guy he met in college but can t remember his name was in This continues to a point of absurdity, and I m not even sure hardcore wrestling fans could stay interested If you pick up this book I highly recomm [...]

  6. Brent

    For Irving completists like me Some memoir, some short stories, some works praising Dickens and Gunter Grass The stories range from good Almost In Iowa to terrific The Pension Grillparzer The memoirs are mostly interesting, with a very, very detailed account of his love of wrestling and his wrestling career The Imaginary Girlfriend , his politics My Dinner at the White House , and the wonderful title memoir detailing why he became a writer The last third of the book praising Charles Dickens and [...]

  7. Darcy

    I was almost finished with this book of short stories and essays and then decided not to finish I liked elements of this collection of tales and disliked others So ultimately ambivalent Worth reading not worth finishing Haha

  8. Robert Day

    There are two versions of this book this version contains 8 pieces of work Memoirs Trying to Save Piggy Sneed Fiction Interior Space Almost in Iowa Weary Kingdom Brennbar s Rant Other People s Dreams The Pension Grillparzer Homage The King of the Novel The other volume, of the same name, is longer and contains 12 pieces of work, including The Imaginary Girlfriend, which is available under separate cover Memoirs Trying to Save Piggy Sneed The Imaginary Girlfriend My Dinner at the Whitehouse Ficti [...]

  9. Easha

    Average rating 2.75My first Irving experience and was a mixed bag A couple of stories were great, but most of them were disappointing A positive that came out of this, though, is that it really made me want to read of Irving s books I loved his style of writing, but some of the subjects here were simply boring Despite this, I enjoyed the book overall It felt like a literary version of a sketch book a book of short, beautifully written works of art.Below are some short comments about each indivi [...]

  10. Jeff

    I came across this collection a few months ago After reading it I think it is safe to say that this is a collection best suited for those who would call themselves super fans of the author s work And, although I do not know if I ever realized it, I might well be one of these people I, at least, have to say that his collection of eighties books from The Hotel New Hampshire, Garp, The Cider House Rules, and everybody s favorite A Prayer for Owen Meany, is, it itself a grouping that is than any au [...]

  11. Simon Bendle

    John Irving tells us at the start of this collection that his grandmother, who helped raise him, never read his work with much pleasure I know how she feels This book left me cold The first part was interesting enough, where he talks about the job of being an author, how writing is a strenuous marriage between careful observation and just as carefully imagining the truths you haven t had the opportunity to see The last chapter, a homage to Charles Dickens, was also a good read, particularly with [...]

  12. Michal

    OK, pov dkov knihy nejsou zrovna m j lek k vy P esto jsem dal knize anci, proto e jsem pot eboval n jakou malou knihu, kter by se mi ve la do bag e na hory A taky je to IrvingZe esti pov dek se mi l bily dv , hned prvn Vnit n prostor dal bych 4 a pak Penzion Grillparzer 5 Ta m tak asnou atmosf ru, e jsem si pov dku s chut p e etl vlastn u podruh poprv jsem ji etl p edloni ve Sv te podle Garpa, kde se pov dka objevila poprv Pov dku pak Irving rozvinul ve sv dal knize, Hotel New Hampshire.Ostatn p [...]

  13. Janet

    I gave this book a three star only because I truly enjoy reading John Irving This book however was somewhat of a letdown Trying to Save Piggy Sneed is a compilation of Short Stories by John Irving along with his reviews of his writings, his personal memoirs, critical reviews of his favorite authors, as well as his meeting with the daughter of Thomas Mann It just seemed like a mish mash of writings and thoughts that would have been better done individually I love Charles Dickens too, but didn t e [...]

  14. Christopher Roberts

    This is Irving s only collection of short work The memoir The Imaginary Girlfriend covers the same ground as most of his novels but is still must read for Irving fans The title memoir is also fantastic, though I have my doubts about how factual it is His memoir about having dinner with President Reagan is hilarious The short stories, made up of works that Irving completed while getting his MFA, are interesting but not his best work It isn t hard to figure out why Irving gave up on short pieces F [...]

  15. Samia Ahmed

    Now I know where Garp comes from This is an essential book to know Irving and his life True, there is a bit too much on the wrestling bits The short stories are nice I knew Grillsparzer from before and in this book I really loved Interior Space and Other People s Dreams Interior Space is a germ of a short story many lives, many stories and he beautifully crafted everything in I want to read it again, I think Did not read into the last bits of the book where its about Irving s homage to other aut [...]

  16. Carrie

    I would call this collection so so The memoir The Invisible Girlfriend was a a tedious read It is 80% blow by blow accounts of wrestling matches Not being a wrestling fan, I had trouble keeping with it The first memoir piece in the collection, which shares the book s title, Trying to Save Piggy Sneed, was a lot enjoyable, as were the short stories and essays that followed them.Also interesting are the author s notes that follow each piece, in which Irving reflects on the work, the context of wh [...]

  17. Jeanne Mixon

    I really liked a great deal of this book It is a collection of short memoir pieces, short fiction, and essays The memoir pieces are nice although there is quite a bit about wrestling in there, my son wrestled and I didn t mind so much although there was QUITE A BIT about wrestling The short fiction pieces were mostly good with a couple of exceptions that Irving himself didn t seem to like too much I didn t like the one about politically correct people because I am tired of people taking potshots [...]

  18. Todd R. Gunderson

    This is a decent collection of Irving s shorter work, for sure I thought that many of the short stories were fantastic, great fiction, perfect Irving appetizers, not to replace the longer novels I adore but to offer smaller bits for readers with shorter amounts of time Interior Space and the title story Trying to Save Piggy Sneed were standouts I was sorry I hadn t read this collection decades ago.I can certainly understand how some readers will be a bit overloaded by the detailed wrestling his [...]

  19. Annie Chuiton

    Dans un tat proche de l Iowa Les buts du petits matins font partie de ces illusions qu il faut entretenir si l on compte arriver o que ce soit Quand on entreprend quelque chose deux, la priorit des priorit s est de se partager quitablement les preuves Nous sommes pr ts tout pour faire accroire que nous n avons rien qui nous tracasse Il faut bien le savoir le pire est toujours s r Il faut souvent perdre nos priorit s de vue pour mieux les distinguer Le courage est une lutte de tous les instants, [...]

  20. Kate

    Well, I learned that I don t like Irving s short pieces as much as I like his novels I think his novels give the space required for all of his weird specific details to breathe and intertwine I did like having the author s notes after each piece to see his perspective and process.I admit that I didn t finish the last three essays in the book, which are in homage to writers he admires and which I haven t read myself.

  21. Peter B

    Have to say that this one caught me off guard.I love John Irving and the slightly quirky way he does business and now I know how he came to it Each of these short stories is unique and to look for a plot is pointless The characters who people these stories are as pointless as the stories and that is what makes the whole thing such fun.

  22. Erocchio

    I really enjoyed the first short stories and I especially liked reading the author s comments after each story Each of these had characters that interested me I thought the intro for Dickens was informative The last short story was about an author I did not know so wasn t as involved.

  23. Peter

    So I didn t actually read the whole thing In this collection of memoirs, short stories, and essays, I skipped out on some of the essay and memoirs I tried reading some of them, but they just didn t interest me at all.John Irving is one of my favorite authors I absolutely adore his novels This collection is mostly amateurish by comparison Irving s own notes after the stories mention that for the most part, he agrees There were only a few stories that I actually liked I liked The Pension Grillparz [...]

  24. Sujin Stone

    I always recommend this one to everyone who wants to get to know John Irving s writing style Even though it s not my favorite my least as matter of fact or his best either However, it s very useful for understanding his earlier writing style.

  25. Addison Braendel

    Granted, I m a fan, but this is a very likable book even if you are not although it helps to be a fan of wrestling The author end notes following each nonfiction piece provide added context and depth One of my fastest reads of the year, I liked it so much.

  26. Neena

    One of my favorite writers Cider House Rules, World According to Garp, etc A collection of memoirs and short stories and essays.

  27. Jeff

    A memoir with too much wrestling for most of the population, six short stories including a couple Irving admits to being embarrassed by, as well as The Pension Grillparzer from The World According to Garp and a few interesting if meandering essays about two of his favorite writers, Dickens and G nter Grass For Irving completists only.

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