Winterheim (2020)

Winterheim Douglas Niles Winterheim Strongwind Whalebone king of the Highlanders is a captive within the ogre fortress while outside his allies plot his rescue and within the fortress Grimwar Bane the ogre king confronts treache
  • Title: Winterheim
  • Author: Douglas Niles
  • ISBN: 9780786929115
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
Winterheim Douglas Niles Strongwind Whalebone, king of the Highlanders, is a captive within the ogre fortress, while outside, his allies plot his rescue, and within the fortress, Grimwar Bane, the ogre king, confronts treachery and possible revolt.
Winterheim Douglas Niles

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    Douglas Niles

One thought on “Winterheim

  1. Dave

    This was a somewhat mediocre conclusion to the trilogy Far too predictable I get the feeling that Niles may have been a bit too constrained by the Dragonlance novel formula, which is particularly unfortunate, as the story itself of the entire trilogy has very few ties to the Dragonlance world It takes place in a remote part of the world and has no important references to characters or events of that world It borrows a few stock races from that world kender, gnomes, gully dwarves , which I think [...]

  2. Jim C

    This is part of the Dragonlance world This book is the third book of a trilogy and the other two must be read before this one In this novel, the humans decide to travel to Winterheim in an attempt to rescue the king who was captured during the ending of the second book.I have enjoyed this author s other works in this universe but I felt like this trilogy was under par I believe the problem was there wasn t enough material for a trilogy This book suffered the most from that aspect as the first ha [...]

  3. James

    I gave this a 2 because the writer has a habit of popping up new characters or items at crucial events to get around obstacles in the storyline Example at the end of the second book, a gnome just happens to be at the very spot where the main characters are floundering He helps them with a major task, then, at the beginning of the third book, Niles kills him off because he nor his tools are no longer needed very cheap writing if you ask me But, what disturbed me was when the main character lost [...]

  4. Elizabeth

    I finally finished this trilogy it seems to have taken forever since I ve been way too tired to read lately but I really liked it The story was interesting and eventful the entire time I really loved all the characters and it kept me guessing until the end I thought the slave betrayal was by someone else I d definitely be interested in looking into some works by this author.

  5. TL Jeffcoat

    Amazing trilogy, I m going to rate and review all three books the exact same, because they were one of the best DD based stories I ever read I love Douglas Niles work at putting this story together, and the character development and growth was amazing The richness of the setting, and the adrenaline of the action was astounding I loved the protagonist and the antagonist.

  6. Ashley

    This book was a good ending to the trilogy I felt the ending itself was a little rushed and some stuff that could ve been spread out or left out where given extra time in the storyline Overall a good series and found it very interesting how he chose to tell the story before the cataclysm.

  7. Emily White

    Douglas Niles completes the telling of the Icewall Trilogy story There is a brave or crazy rescue attempt made by the Arktos and Highlanders that brings them into the heart of the Ogre Kingdom Another good book filled with difficult choices and fast paced action.

  8. Fumphwoog, Lady of all Sorrows

    Not as good as Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman of course, but still very enjoyable.

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