A Girl Called Dusty (2020)

A Girl Called Dusty Sharon Davis A Girl Called Dusty Dusty Springfield is a pop music legend Goddess of the sixties reluctant recluse of the seventies enigmatic icon of the eighties and nineties she attracted a passionate following A perfectionist in
  • Title: A Girl Called Dusty
  • Author: Sharon Davis
  • ISBN: 9780233002378
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Hardcover
A Girl Called Dusty Sharon Davis Dusty Springfield is a pop music legend Goddess of the sixties, reluctant recluse of the seventies, enigmatic icon of the eighties and nineties, she attracted a passionate following A perfectionist in her work, she was a shy, awkward girl off stage But who really knew her Who was the real lady behind the black mascara and backcombed hair
A Girl Called Dusty Sharon Davis

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    Sharon Davis

One thought on “A Girl Called Dusty

  1. Dave Schwensen

    Dusty Springfield is my favorite female singer and has been since I first heard her soulful voice I ve watched her black and white TV appearances from England s Ready, Steady, Go in the 1960 s with her high hair, heavy makeup and wondered what she was really like This book gave me some of the answers, but wasn t as definitive as I d hoped.It goes into detail about her recordings and song choices, and also her deep love for Motown and soul music But I would have loved to know about the girl and [...]

  2. Pete daPixie

    The sub title of this biography purports it to be An intimate portrait of Dusty Springfield I m not too sure that this book by Sharon Davis quite reaches the mark of any intimate portrait Or at least one that penetrates below the surface of the make up and mascara To be fair to the author, Dusty Springfield, or Mary O Brien, was always something of a puzzling enigma Always somewhat reticent from her earliest days when stardom arrived in the early sixties with brother Tom in The Springfields Quiz [...]

  3. Jennifer Lafferty

    This book is interesting It was focused on her music and celebrity than her personal life, which will be disappointing to some readers I personally liked the fact that the author didn t spend as much time as other writers have on the dark period of Dusty s life and her self destructive behavior She did explore these topics to some extent without dwelling on them I felt that it s one of the balanced and respectful books about her to come along so far There are also some really intriguing detail [...]

  4. Jeremy

    If you are a fan, go ahead and read it If you re not a fan you might decide to never be one after reading this I don t know Read it and make your own decisions Don t ask me to form your view of the world, Dusty didn t ask anyone to form hers Is it an intimate expose NO A blow by blow of sometimes messy celebrity Not really.It does go over her music hit by hit, refers to her friends, her producers, label mates, managers there were many , plates smashed there were many , and lovers no one knows ho [...]

  5. Chris Wood

    An interesting read, but not really a biography of Dusty the person Was of a lengthened discography in many ways.

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