The Monster of Florence (2020)

The Monster of Florence Douglas Preston Mario Spezi The Monster of Florence In the tradition of John Berendt s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and Erik Larson s The Devil in the White City Douglas Preston weaves a captivating account of crime and punishment in the lu
  • Title: The Monster of Florence
  • Author: Douglas Preston Mario Spezi
  • ISBN: 9780446581271
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
The Monster of Florence Douglas Preston Mario Spezi In the tradition of John Berendt s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and Erik Larson s The Devil in the White City, Douglas Preston weaves a captivating account of crime and punishment in the lush hills of Florence, Italy Douglas Preston fulfilled a lifelong dream when he moved with his family to a villa in Florence Upon meeting celebrated journalist Mario Spezi, PIn the tradition of John Berendt s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and Erik Larson s The Devil in the White City, Douglas Preston weaves a captivating account of crime and punishment in the lush hills of Florence, Italy Douglas Preston fulfilled a lifelong dream when he moved with his family to a villa in Florence Upon meeting celebrated journalist Mario Spezi, Preston was stunned to learn that the olive grove next to his home had been the scene of a horrific double murder committed by one of the most infamous figures in Italian history A serial killer who ritually murdered fourteen young lovers, he has never been caught He is known as the Monster of Florence Fascinated by the tale, Preston began to work with Spezi on the case Here is the true story of their search to uncover and confront the man they believe is the Monster In an ironic twist of fate that echoes the dark traditions of the city s bloody history, Preston and Spezi themselves became targets of a bizarre police investigation With the gripping suspense of Preston s bestselling novels, THE MONSTER OF FLORENCE tells a remarkable and harrowing chronicle of murder, mutilation, suicide, and vengeance with Preston and Spezi caught in the middle.
The Monster of Florence Douglas Preston Mario Spezi

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One thought on “The Monster of Florence

  1. Jeffrey Keeten

    This is the nature of the evil of the Monster of Florence And this is the nature of the evil in each and every one of us We all have a Monster within the difference is in degree, not in kind The number of victims involving the Monster of Florence are staggering, those murdered and those accused.We are all potential killers Each and every one of us is capable of killing someone, usually that would be while protecting ourselves or protecting someone we love Then there are those who live in a world [...]

  2. Brooke

    Despite my criminal justice background, I m not a huge fan of true crime books It s not that I dislike them, but unless the author has a personal connection to the case ie The Stranger Beside Me,Helter Skelter they often just end up being a recitation of the facts without much going for them.When I first caught wind ofDouglas Preston s debacle with an Italian serial killer, The Monster of Florence, I couldn t wait to read the resulting book How often does one of my favorite bestselling authors [...]

  3. Dan Schwent

    Thriller writer Douglas Preston moved to Italy, only to find out the nearby olive grove was the scene of a ghasty double murder Preston and the journalist originally covering the investigation, Mario Spezi, dig into the case of the Monster of Florence, even winding up being investigated themselvesI know I made the synopsis sound like a thriller but this is non fiction, the account of an Italian serial killer and his murders It s a fascinating journey into a reign of terror that lasted decades an [...]

  4. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)*

    You know you are a bookaholic when you find yourself in a quaint little bookshop in Venice staring at a copy of The Monster of Florence CQ convinced me, by way of saying he would pack it in his own luggage, that I was not leaving the shop without this book My boyfriend is better than your boyfriend P.

  5. Nick Pageant

    Dolci colline di sangue That s a corruption of an Italian phrase about the rolling hills of Florence it means Rolling hills of blood It s also the title of an Italian version of this book and probably a better one.This book details the investigation into a series of murders that began in 1968 and finally ended in 1985 16 people were shot to death in the hills surrounding Florence, Italy during that time All the victims were killed with the same gun I do not, as a rule, go in for true crime books [...]

  6. Kristin

    I am stunned by how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book Serial Podcast invoked an old and underlying interest in me that has now become an obsession unsolved mysteries It is a morbid confession to say how much I enjoy reading about serial killers and spooky mysteries because not only are serial killers the most disappointed and tortured souls to walk the Earth, they usually torment and torture their victims, leaving a path of destruction in their wake However, their tragic tales sure do tell one [...]

  7. Barbara

    From the late 1960 s to the 1980 s a serial killer sporadically stalked the countryside around Florence, murdering young couples and mutilating the female victims Over the years, numerous men became suspects, many were jailed, and some were put on trial To this day, however, the true killer, dubbed the monster of Florence has not been identified Douglas Preston, an author of crime novels, moved to Florence with his family to write a novel Once there he decided to write a non fiction book about t [...]

  8. John Wiswell

    The Monster of Florence is amongst the most disturbing cases I ve heard of, much less read a full book detailing, but if you re like me you can t help but want insight into what would make people do such things, or at least know how a town would deal with them The Monster was a serial killer who stalked, murdered and mutilated young couples in Florence, Italy He had the disturbing habit of jamming items into the female victims, and cutting off parts of their erogenous zones as souvenirs Serial m [...]

  9. Kay

    The Dark Side of Italy or An Innocent AbroadDouglas Preston and co author Mario Spezi undertook their own investigation into an unsolved string of serial killings seven couples brutally murdered in near identical fashion in a period beginning in 1968 and stretching up to 1985 Spezi, a journalist who first caught wind of the case, is its most noted chronicler and was responsible for the appellation, The Monster of Florence to describe the killer The first half of the book reads like a straightfor [...]

  10. Char

    I listened to this book on audio It was a fairly interesting listen, the narrator had a nice Italian accent that contributed a lot to my enjoyment of this novel It s the horrible story of a serial killer in Florence, Italy One whose identity remains a mystery to this day I learned that Italian police procedures are not reliable and they are unlike anything that we hear about in the U.S I also learned that the Italian police and investigators do not require the same types of evidence that we do t [...]

  11. Layla

    Wow I had to actually force myself to read the last half at least of this book It started really well, and the story about the Monster was really interesting The story on the investigation I found kinda tiresome It just went on and on and on and there are only so many times I can roll my eyes without bringing on a migraine the ridiculous antics of the tinfoil hat wearing Italian Police and their legal counterparts got extremely old very fast Ditto the Preston Spezi show The entire last half of t [...]

  12. Carol

    I m a bit behind on my thoughts on what I ve read so am going to give this a quick get go If you re a fan of true crime then this is a must read I ve read a few of the Preston Child Pendergast books and love that character I m appreciative of the detail he can provide to his novels from his background with the Natural History Museum of New York Somehow I missed Monster of Florence but I m so glad I picked it up on audio for a recent road trip with my husband We were both mesmerized by this story [...]

  13. Glenn Sumi

    Perhaps I ll come back to it later After a great beginning, Preston lost me Didn t have the tension or storytelling verve of an Erik Larson book, which I was expecting.

  14. Xysea

    I found this book good at the start, but slightly dry and disappointing The story is compelling enough be then it meanders off into nowhere, really, and ends with the investigation stalling So, basically they went through all of that for nothing Sometimes, real life is stranger than fiction but in this case, it s probably boring than fiction would be At the end of a fictional novel, the killer would have been unmasked and good will have triumphed over evil In this version, the evil was split be [...]

  15. Vera Brandão

    N o costumo dar muito 5 estrelas pelos livros e pe o desculpa ser uma unhas de fome P Mas o facto que este livro me agradou mesmo muito N o s pelo relato ver dico e quase cient fico do modus operandi do Monstro de Floren a mas tamb m a forma como o governo italiano me chocou ao tentar abafar o caso Sou f de Douglas Preston, acho o mais do que um mero entertainer de literatura thriller e aflige me ter passado por um conjunto de situa es que me deixaram simplesmente incr dula.Muito, muito bom este [...]

  16. Carlos Azevedo

    N o um romance uma descri o bem feita sobre um conjunto de crimes nos arredores de Floren a.At aqui tudo seria normal, n o fosse o caso do outro Monstro que emerge do livro ser o da justi a italiana, e a forma como a investiga o descamba em ataques pessoais, teorias rocambolescas e jogos de poder na magistratura E, helas uma enorme semelhan a com a justi a portuguesa e a sua promiscuidade com os jornalistas estou a escrever isto num dia em que se soube que uma audi ncia porta fechada de uma cria [...]

  17. Krissy

    What a freaking ride This story is so fantastical it s difficult to believe this actually happened I was sucked in from the very first word spoken by the narrator Because the narrator Dennis Boutsikaris happens to be the narrator of Child 44 which was one of my favorite reads of 2015 So it was like being squeezed into the best kind of hug by a favorite family member you haven t seen in a long time So that added to such an engrossing tale equaled one happy Krissy The only reason I rated it 4 inst [...]

  18. Patrick Collins

    Boy, did I waste money on this best seller Other than finding out where Thomas Harris stole his story for Hannibal, and who Lector s crimes in Florence were based on, you really have to like true crime police procedurals for this to be as entertaining as advertised But I worry for that American college student in Perugia an honor student from Seattle who s accused of murdering her British roommate after reading the duplicitous nature of Perugia public prosecutor and his reliance on the occult to [...]

  19. Dagny

    I don t read a lot of non fiction and when I do it s usually either biographies or travel This may be the first true crime book I ve ever read It was fascinating and riveting a real page turner Kudos to Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi for presenting it in such a highly readable manner.

  20. Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten*

    Feeling an urge to reread this in the wake of seeing the Amanda Knox trial come to a close.

  21. Nichole (DirrtyH)

    First half of the book 5 stars It s a really fascinating serial killer story, and the way the story was organized and all the details presented was perfect I was completely glued to the story, and when the author revealed his suspect, it had just the right impact.Second half of the story 3 starsSome crazy shit happened after Douglas Preston got involved in the whole thing Turns out the Italian justice system isn t any better or ethical than the US one The way they twisted and contorted facts to [...]

  22. Romie

    This book especially the second half is a primary source in the investigation of an unsolved serial murder case and the odd behavior of an Italian prosecutor in the decades following It s irreplaceable if it s a case you find interesting, and it s an account which has direct bearing on the Amanda Knox case from a few years ago.Unfortunately, it s not a very good book, partly because it doesn t know what it wants to be a thriller about the murders An exploration of the Italian legal system A firs [...]

  23. Yaya

    A lot of this book centered around Mario Spezi, not so much The Monster I grew bored when the author went into detail about Italy and the people of Italy and his own personal narrative And jeez Louise the incompetence of the Italian criminal justice system and police was getting on my nerves Not enough meat in this book, and if I hear the word carabinieri one time I M gonna kill somebody.

  24. Meave

    Sweet mother of mercy, no wonder Amanda Knox had such an insanely bad time of it This is the best true crime it happened to me behold, the horrors of the Italian justice system story I ve read in forever It s INSANE.

  25. Katherine Addison

    library Okay, so I m going to start with something catty, for which I apologize, but it also serves as a pretty good tl dr This book would be greatly improved by about 80% less Douglas Preston and a concomitant 80% Mario Spezi.I am NOT INTERESTED in Preston s story of the American naif whose romantic vision of Florence is ripped apart by his investigation of the Monster of Florence This is a tired old plot John Clute dissects it in The Darkening Garden A Short Lexicon of Horror and I don t thin [...]

  26. Iris

    Si no supiera que la historia es real pensar a que fue una tomadura de pelo Complementarlo con las fotos e historia del caso en Internet ayud bastante y lo volvi m s interesante A pesar de tantos personajes los autores desarrollaron tan bien la historia que no cre confusiones ni cay en el aburrimiento.

  27. Jill

    There are frequently days when the crappiness of the world is too awful to even contemplate and I struggle not to simply fall to the ground, wrap my head in my hands, and give up But after reading The Monster of Florence, no not any, because I have a talisman, a mantra of sorts, to repeat and cling to in these moments of darkness I have a reminder that even if things are bad, they are not and could never be as uncomprehendingly inefficient, vile, pathetic, medieval, and, yes, even evil, as the I [...]

  28. Mike

    No matter what I read this year, I seem to notice at least one of a few common threads It s not really on purpose, and perhaps it s just my imagination But in the case of this book, the themes include the witch hunt mentality, the danger of conspiracy theories, and the general inability of human beings to think critically and question their own beliefs.This is a story about madness I don t mean the killings themselves, although they qualify, but the logical contortions Giutarri and Mignini neede [...]

  29. Claudia

    In fiction, crimes are explained, solved, resolved In fiction Best selling author Douglas Preston finds himself drawn into a horrifying true crime story, and the results are catastrophic for him and his associate, Italian journalist, Mario Spezi A serial killer, loose in the hills around Florence, preying on couples parked in lovers lanes, for a quickie The males are killed quickly, and the women are killed and dismembered Years may pass between one killing and the next Authorities are both baff [...]

  30. Lena

    The Monster s crimes were so horrific that mere man could not possibly have committed them Satan, in the end, had to be invoked After all, this is Italy I first heard about Il Monstro on an episode of Hannibal, if it was in the books I had forgotten It wasn t until I saw this book at the used book story, one of my favorite places , that I understood it to be real Couples murdered on the hills of Tuscany, sex organs taken It was shocking but it didn t end up being as outrageous and unbelievable a [...]

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