Thanos: Infinity Abyss (2020)

Thanos: Infinity Abyss Jim Starlin Thanos Infinity Abyss Five classic costumed champions whose combined strength can move planets and change the course of time itself What threat could be dire enough to bring these heroes together Only the most feared vill
  • Title: Thanos: Infinity Abyss
  • Author: Jim Starlin
  • ISBN: 9780785109853
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
Thanos: Infinity Abyss Jim Starlin Five classic costumed champions, whose combined strength can move planets and change the course of time itself What threat could be dire enough to bring these heroes together Only the most feared villian in the entire cosmos Thanos Ages 12
Thanos: Infinity Abyss Jim Starlin

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    306 Jim Starlin
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One thought on “Thanos: Infinity Abyss

  1. Derek

    Jim Starlin is an awesome writer how he combined all those superheroes togrthrr and produced a story that isn t just coherent but fluid is one hell of a marvel Thanks and his five replicants, Gamora, Strange, Adam, Spiderman, Captain Marvel, Pip the troll, Moondragon, all vome together to give a beautiful storyis was a fun delightful read.

  2. The_Mad_Swede

    After the third part of his Infinity Saga The Infinity Crusade Vol 1 and Vol 2 , Jim Starlin continued his association with Adam Warlock et al a while longer through the remaining issues of The Warlock Chronicles, the Silver Surfer and Warlock Resurrection mini series which he also drew and up until issue 31 I believe it was of Warlock and the Infinity Watch which then went on for another 11 issues before cancellation , before leaving Marvel behind for a while, yet again.In 2002, he once return [...]

  3. John

    Disappointing would be an understatement It was just not good A plodding plot with no surprises, overwrought dialogue, and empty characters It would get one star but the art had some bright spots This book reminds me of the things I don t like about comic books.

  4. Pedro

    A estas alturas, el nico v nculo con la saga Infinity, son los personajes centrales, porque ya el tema de las gemas infinity est olvidado Lo que menos me gusta de esta saga son esas mega entidades c smicas que son a la vez tan poderosas y tan vulnerables Al final son el Deus Ex Machina de la historia, pero tambi n son constantemente manipulables por los personajes.

  5. Roman Colombo

    I think this is the first thing by Starlin that I didn t like The art was great, but the story was a bit of a mess But I m still glad I read it He still writes Warlock well, and I liked his developments.

  6. Devero

    Dopo la sequenza dell Infinity Gauntlet, War, Crusade, Starlin ci riprova a porre sotto i riflettori i suoi personaggi preferiti.Ne risulta una storia gradevole, ma nulla di pi.Due stelle e mezza.

  7. Rob McMonigal

    Every once in awhile, Jim Starlin wants to play with the toys he s known best for It s always a lot of fun This was no exception I read it in singles ages ago, so can t speak for the details What I remember is Thanos, ever the arrogant ass, creates versions of himself based on other Marvel characters Some great tongue in cheek moments, of course, as comics are always copying themselves The only way to stop them is to bring together a very peculiar set of heroes, each of whom Starlin uses brillia [...]

  8. Adan

    As much as I love Starlin, Warlock, and Thanos, this was way too wordy Warlock narrates the whole story, and it s almost entirely unnecessary I did like the weird Thanos clones, though the Omega was dispatched much too quickly for my liking.Not Starlin s best work, and not Warlock or Thanos best adventure.

  9. Nathan Holic

    I love Starlin, but this was just irritating, so dense with expositional dialogue, so little in the way of real stakes, he s writing a 70s comic, but doesn t seem aware that the medium is capable of so much now

  10. Steve Magay

    The shittiest story in the Infinity Series Unlike the Infinity War and Infinity Crusade, this book falls far from the tree C mon Marvel, you can come up a better plot than a bunch of Thanos Clones trying to rip this galaxy apart.

  11. Patrickderaaff

    The Infinity Saga Episode IV Attack of the Clones More doppelgangers, but with a different twist this time The story is fine, though not as great as the previous Infinity volumes This time Jim Starlin is on penciling duty as well, which is why I grant this series 3 stars instead of 2.

  12. Josh Freeman

    beginning was promising, and another look the inner darkness of Thanos is always fun But Starlin started to get out of hand Pip the troll as a significant player in a battle that had a place even beyond reality And spiderman

  13. Pablo Martinez

    Good pop corn comic by Starlin Nothing to be amazed but cool if you like Starlin and his characters Thanos, Warlock, Pip, etc.

  14. Timothy Boyd

    Another installment in the Infinity mini series Fantastic art and story by two greats Very recommended

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