The Death Ship (2020)

The Death Ship B. Traven The Death Ship The Death Ship tells the story of an American sailor stateless and penniless because he has lost his passport who is harassed by police and hounded across Europe until he finds an illegal job shovel
  • Title: The Death Ship
  • Author: B. Traven
  • ISBN: 9781556521102
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
The Death Ship B. Traven The Death Ship tells the story of an American sailor, stateless and penniless because he has lost his passport, who is harassed by police and hounded across Europe until he finds an illegal job shoveling coal in the hold of a steamer bound for destruction.The Death Ship is the first of B Traven s politically charged novels about life among the downtrodden, which have soThe Death Ship tells the story of an American sailor, stateless and penniless because he has lost his passport, who is harassed by police and hounded across Europe until he finds an illegal job shoveling coal in the hold of a steamer bound for destruction.The Death Ship is the first of B Traven s politically charged novels about life among the downtrodden, which have sold than thirty million copies in thirty six languages Next to The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, it is his most celebrated work
The Death Ship B. Traven The Death Ship The Death Ship German title Das Totenschiff is a novel by the pseudonymous author known as B Traven.Originally published in German in , and in English in , it was Traven s first major success and is still the author s second best known work after The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.Owing to its scathing criticism of bureaucratic authority, nationalism, and abusive labor practices, it The Death Ship A Strange Story Russell, William Clark The Death Ship by William Clark Russell If only the last chapter of the book reflected the pace and tension of the earlier chapters, I would have given it stars I am a WCR addict and devour his books because of his literary style However, I found this epic tale a slow and laborious read. Death Ship film Death Ship is a horror film directed by Alvin Rakoff and starring Richard Crenna, George Kennedy, Nick Mancuso, Sally Ann Howes, Kate Reid, Victoria Burgoyne, and Saul Rubinek in an early role The screenplay by John Robins was based on a story by Jack Hill and David P Lewis. The Death Ship of the Platte River, Wyoming Legends of As the ship grows closer, witnesses report that its sails and masts are covered with frost Upon its deck stands the crew, also covered with frost, and huddled around a corpse lying on a canvas sheet The legend continues that the ship always foreshadows the death of Passengers on Death Ship Plead for Rescue as Virus Mar , Passengers on Death Ship Plead for Rescue as Virus Strikes By K Oanh Ha and Michael Smith, Passengers fear virus may spread on Holland How Death Ships Spread Disease Through the Ages May , The Black Death was also carried by rats on merchant ships through the trade routes of Europe It struck Europe in , when ships docked at the Sicilian port of Messina The people of Tournai bury victims of the Black Death Wikimedia Commons Subsequently called death ships , those on board were either dead or sick. The Death Ship Inner Sanctum Mysteries Thriller Old the death ship Air Date August , Plot Inner Sanctum August , Blue Network Death Ship Sponsored by Carter s Little Liver Pills The Death Ship is the story of a strange weird voyage that makes the ancient mariner look like one of the Rover Boys File the_death_ship File Size .Mb The Death Ship Libcom The Death Ship by B Traven Originally written in English in or , translated into German by B Traven himself and first published as Das Totenschiff.Die Geschichte eines amerikanischen Seemanns in Berlin, The first edition in English appeared in The death ship Russell, William Clark, Free The death ship by Russell, William Clark, Publication date Publisher London Chatto Collection cdl americana Digitizing sponsor MSN Contributor University of California Libraries Language English Addeddate Bookplateleaf Call number SRLF_UCLA LAGE Camera Canon D Death Ship Carnage Count YouTube Mar , A statistical count and review of all the deaths in Death Ship To watch our newest video To Watch this Film Death Ship Good Bad Flicks YouTube GoodBadFlicks takes a look at the evil boat movie Death Ship Directed by Alvin Rakoff PATREON TEE SHIRTS A Ghostly Death Ship Has Been Sailing This Wyoming River Jun , A Ghostly Death Ship Has Been Sailing This Wyoming River For More Than Years Wyoming has its share of ghost stories and tales of phantoms but one one lesser known legend is not only terrifying but also has a reputation for being an omen of death. The Death Ship by B Traven, Paperback Barnes Noble The Death Ship tells the story of an American sailor, stateless and penniless because he has lost his passport, who is harassed by police and hounded across Europe until he finds an illegal job shoveling coal in the hold of a steamer bound for destruction.The Death Ship is the first Beirut blast Lebanon probes procurement of death ship Aug , The state s line of inquiry is highly sensitive, as it risks connecting one piece of the puzzle the procurement of what is now known as the death ship to the Ministry of Energy and

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One thought on “The Death Ship

  1. Mainzer

    O my fucking christ, this is the most miserable, insufferable book I have ever read I could only continue reading because its fucking brilliant, and Traven is a genius The first part is an occassionally amusing odyssey of a man without a passport dealing with authorities, but mostly its just an painful journey of the absurd into the depths of bureaucratic and legal inanity The second part of the book is where it gets really gruesome Mr No passport gets a job working in the bowels of the Death Sh [...]

  2. Rod

    I like sea stories, and I like stories about people who are down on their luck and downtrodden, so yeah, I was bound to like this Some complain that it gets boring in the middle with a lot of talk about furnaces hi, Maureen and boilers and such, and there definitely is a lot of time spent on the workaday drudgery of the firemen and coal drags working in the stoke hold of the titular ship, but I felt this was there for a reason Traven succeeds in making you feel the backbreaking toil, the filth, [...]

  3. Maureen

    b traven played me like a fiddle with this book i found myself muttering darkly about the bloodless bureaucracy that runs the world, piling up money that will never been seen by the poor, and the honest workers who do their best to stay afloat it is this kind of rhetoric that stoked my fire There is no getting used to pain and suffering You become only hard boiled, and you lose a certain capacity to be impressed by feelings Yet no human being will ever become used to sufferings to such an extent [...]

  4. Jordi Ortiz

    As es la vida, s lo lo que uno se dice interiormente hace de nosotros lo que somos Quiero decir que cuando uno es capaz de distinguir lo que es imaginaci n de lo que es realidad, empieza a darse cuenta de cosas muy notables B Traven aka Ret Marut aka Otto Feige aka tantos otros alias desempe los oficios de montador mec nico, actor, marino mercante, escritor, frutero, cerrajero y otras mil ocupaciones, pero fue, por encima de todo, un hombre l cido y comprometido Particip en el ef mero soviet ana [...]

  5. James

    The death ship it is I am in,All I have lost, nothing to winSo far off sunny New OrleansSo far off lovely Louisiana from Song of An American Sailor This was B Traven s first novel, published in 1934, and it is my favorite of his works It is a sea story unlike any other, being a story of men at sea as a metaphor for men against what Jack London infamously referred to as the Iron Heel of modern industrialism Gerard Gales misses his ship, the Tuscaloosa, in Antwerp and is picked up by the police Af [...]

  6. Andreac.

    Superato l esordio promettente, Traven ricade nella definizione mnemonica degli impianti navali della Yorikke, la cosiddetta nave morta, e ripete pi volte la personale invettiva contro le pratiche burocratiche Nell ultima parte, o almeno negli ultimi capitoli, il romanzo ha saputo riaccendere il mio interesse, anche se a parer mio non si aggiudica alcun merito Significativa la nozione di nave morta , che si allontana quanto pi possibile dalla costituzione tangibile del romanzo Infine, ho trovato [...]

  7. Osiris Oliphant

    the first english publication of death ship it was first translated by traven into german and that version was translated back into english by eric sutton traven s own english version was finally published several months later.

  8. Feliks

    Apart from Joseph Conrad no waitaminute forget what I was gonna say Forget Joseph Conrad When you see B Traven on the spine of a book, just pick it up Especially if it s B Traven writing anything containing a stream or a river or a sea in it, hurry home with it It is Traven alone I can t name any other author who can beat Conrad for sea writing I used to think that H.M Tomlinson made Conrad dim a little But now I ve read Traven So forget even Tomlinson Traven is the man The only one who can actu [...]


    Seelenverk uferSein Schiff ist fr her ausgelaufen als geplant und mit ihm seine Papiere Der aus New Orleans stammende Matrose Gale muss nun zusehen wie er weiterkommt Auf einem anderen Schiff anzuheuern, ist ohne Seemannsbuch nicht so leicht Ebensowenig wie ohne Seemannsbuch an einen Pass zu kommen Deshalb wird Gale erstmal von einem europ ischen Land ins andere abgeschoben Als quasi Staatenloser kann in niemand gebrauchen Erst auf der heruntergekommenen Yorikke findet der Seemann eine Stelle al [...]

  10. Blake

    Kind of an odd and ultimately unsuccessful book but so rich and prescient in moments it really does feel like a connective spirit between mindsets of the present and of the past written in 1926.Split up into 3 pretty different parts The first section follows a merchant mariner from New Orleans who oversleeps on a port stay at some European city and misses his boat Paper less and penniless, the sailor nonchalantly resigns himself to being shuffled between border checkpoints throughout Europe Lots [...]

  11. Emre

    3.5 Y zlerce Yorikke, y zlerce l m gemisi yollardad r, yedi denizde y zerler Her lkenin l m gemileri vard r Burunlar kaf da nda olan nice kumpanyalar bilirim, utanmadan erefli bayraklar n da bu l m gemilerine Sigorta primleri bo una m denir san rs n z No, Sir, her i in bir kar yan olmal , yoksa y r mez ok l oldu u i in bu kadar l m gemisi var zg rl k i in sava ld , ama lenler ok oldu zg rl k sava ndan sonra kt pasaportlar, kimlik ka tlar modas Devletlerin g c n anlayal m diye Zorbalar n, krallar [...]

  12. Dan

    There are quite a few things going in favor of this novel it s funny, it doesn t romanticize the life of a high seas sailor, it has a playfully Kafkaesque view of governments and bureaucracy, and it has touches of the bizarre absurd that are entertaining What the novel lacks, however, is a character at least a human character the Yorkiee is fully realized than either our hero, Pipip we don t even know his real name even when he says it s something else , or Stanislav Both characters are so dist [...]

  13. Никола Ременски

    Great Fast read, intelligent book MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS Personally, I think that this book has two parts , well that this book is divided in two essentially different parts First part has focus on the social aspects of that time, and that aspect is same, even now Second part is personal, and actually moves focus from wider picture to little society of the Yorikke, Yorikke s crew, and especially at main protagonist.The term death ship refers to boat which is worth sunk than it would be worth afl [...]

  14. Lauri Manner

    Takakannessa luki ett t m kirja on kuin pannuhuoneiden Moby Dick Sain 12 vuotiaana iso idilt ni syntym p iv lahjaksi Moby Dickin, ja jokainen sen lukuyritys on p ttynyt jatkuvaan nukahteluun Kuolemanlaiva sen sijaan tuli luettua aika lailla herke m tt putkeen Kyseess on umpianarkistinen seikkailukirja joka yhdist lennokkaasti ja runsailla lapinlisill kerrottua merimiesjuttua eritt in purevaan yhteiskunnalliseen satiiriin Kertojana toimiva Gerard Gales on paperinsa hukannut merimies, joka ensi yr [...]

  15. Panagiotis

    The last time i caught my self searching for an epilogue that i knew it would not exist, just to find something that would make me feel better from what i had just read,was when i read 1984.By far one of the most depressing books i have ever read, the death ship is the story of a man who unable to prove his own identity after a series of unfortunate events, has no other choice than to embarg n a coffin ship, a ship where stranded people work as sailors, people with no home and no identity.Fortun [...]

  16. Rita

    What happens when it s World War I and countries are being divided up, and you are not in the city you belong to because you are serving on a ship What happens if the ship you work on took off in the middle of the night while you were sleeping in Port Now, both of you have no papers to prove where you belong, and no country will let you stay You get on a Death Ship This is a ship that no longer makes for its owners and so needs to be sunk for the insurance it will bring in This book is about two [...]

  17. Dave

    B Traven is the author of the book behind the famous movie Treasure of the Sierra Madre He also authored a series of books I ve read, on the Mexican revolution, that are now out of print B Traven is a mysterious personality who has been identified as being Rett Marue a German national Whatever he was, this book is memorable as a Kafka esque tale of a stateless sailor who is tossed across national borders and ends up on a death ship with the job of stoker in a hellish engine room I ve read it 3 t [...]

  18. Christian Krüger

    Die Hauptfigur, Matrose, wird bei einem Landgang durch vorzeitige Abreise des Schiffes aller ihrer Papiere verlustig und gilt in Folge als Staatenloser Wie ein Outlaw wird sie nun zwischen den L ndern hin und her geschickt Die Handlung spielt mit Nantes G ttlicher Kom die Sie zeigt wie absurd eine Gesellschaft ist, die einem Papier wie einem Pass so viel Bedeutung zukommen l sst Gleichzeitig finden sich im Rahmen des Syrienkonfliktes und fliehenden Bev lkerung auch aktuelle Bez ge Das Buch leide [...]

  19. Blair

    I was interested in this as it was a strong part of the inspiration for the JJ Abrams Doug Dorst novel S with all of its additional elements Traven was a mysterious figure and this novel, dating from the 1930s, is a mysterious work It has strong shades of Kafka as the narrator battles with bureaucracy through the first part of the novel before he finds himself on the death ship of the title, a torturous vessel that seems to have lasted millennia The descriptions of life on board the ship are as [...]

  20. Rich Martin

    B Traven may be the most mysterious author of all time, at least in modern days No one knows who he was, though most think he lived in Germany and was forced to live because of political turbulence Some think he was than one person Whatever, he wrote some great stuff Treasure of the Sierra Madre is a terrific book and a great movie Bogie was a perfect villain But Death Ship might be better Apparently Traven, whoever he was, worked on a ship that was marked for destruction by the owners for the [...]

  21. Sarah

    Um, wow How had I never heard of Traven before Apparently he s a big deal and I now see why I would not have expected to love a novel about sailors and bureaucracy as much as I did this book A brilliant novel of the interwar period, scathing socioeconomic critique, hilarious and heartbreaking And voice This book has got it.

  22. Tom

    Excellent I can see that the middle section might be a bit of an ordeal for some readers, and I ll cop to needing the occasional side trip into something a bit lighter But Traven keeps the energy high at all times, and I found myself engaged throughout.

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