An Introduction to Language (2020)

An Introduction to Language Victoria A. Fromkin Robert Rodman Nina Hyams An Introduction to Language An Introduction to Language is ideal for use at all levels and in many different areas of instruction including education languages psychology anthropology teaching English as a Second Language TE
  • Title: An Introduction to Language
  • Author: Victoria A. Fromkin Robert Rodman Nina Hyams
  • ISBN: 9780155084810
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
An Introduction to Language Victoria A. Fromkin Robert Rodman Nina Hyams An Introduction to Language is ideal for use at all levels and in many different areas of instruction including education, languages, psychology, anthropology, teaching English as a Second Language TESL , and linguistics All chapters in this best seller have been substantially revised to reflect recent discoveries and new understanding of linguistics and languages.
An Introduction to Language Victoria A. Fromkin Robert Rodman Nina Hyams

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    Victoria A. Fromkin Robert Rodman Nina Hyams

One thought on “An Introduction to Language

  1. Kim

    Oh my holy interesting Everything you ever wanted to know about language, and much, much Keep in mind that this is a text book, so it s going to be dry But for a text book, it wasn t so bad If this is an area of interest to you, why not try looking up Steven Pinker s book The Language Instinct which paralled An Introduction to Language almost perfectly, yet was much enjoyable Another book to check out is The Unfolding of Language by Guy Deutscher By far the most interesting book I ve read on t [...]

  2. Hanna

    I had to buy this book for a linguistics course that I had to take way back when I started studying English at the University The linguistics course was extremely dull and one of the many reasons I decided to switch to another branch of study I never even started reading An Introduction to Language and it was stuck in a pile of educational books that I wanted to give to charity Since I am always having a hard time getting rid of books, I flicked through it one last time and thought Hmm, actually [...]

  3. Amanda

    I read this book for the class The English Language, which was maybe the most generally interesting class I have ever taken This book is absolutely fascinating and very easy to read, especially considering that at times it s dealing with complicated ideas It covers everything from the basics of what makes up words and sounds to how children develop language to dialects and hispanic and black english It really will change the way you think about words and speaking.

  4. حياة الياقوت

    One of my favourite college textbooks I lost my copy and had to buy another one, can t stand the fact that it does not exist in bookcase.

  5. Monica

    I usually find introductory texts to be either lacking in content or boring and this one was neither This book was a pleasure to read.

  6. Shadi Saleh

    This book is a must read for anyone who is interested in languages in general and linguistics in special.

  7. Soroosh Akef

    If you re looking for a thorough book in introductory linguistics, you need look no further than this book The 13th edition of 600 page Introduction to Language covers topics as recent as computational linguistics and forensic linguistics However, if you re studying for an exam, and you re pressed for time, you may not appreciate the verbosely explained examples, which provide a language aficionado with plenty of content for showing off their linguistics knowledge through fun facts at social eve [...]

  8. Amanda

    I used this textbook in my intro to linguistics class as an undergrad and reread it in preparation for grad school I remembered this text as being better than it really is I certainly would not have developed a love for linguistics if I had not had a passionate teacher to supplement the text It is a decent overview of the subject and I did appreciate the comic strips included throughout, but the text was often unnecessarily repetitive and dry For example, in the chapter on language acquisition t [...]

  9. SofiaSevero

    What a dreadful little thing linguistics are There were some interesting bits but way too repetitive in my opinion I had to push myself through it most of the time I had to read this book for class, but now that I am done with it I can finally say goodbye to this thank heavens May the Linguistics God be with you and help you pass.

  10. Joseph

    Personally, I didn t really enjoy reading this However, it s very well structured, intelligible, and a little quirky making the learning experience all the less boring Overall, if you re interested in studying the foundations of linguistics in an academic or recreational setting, I d definitely recommend picking this book up.

  11. David

    Definitely an interesting read, but my brain hurts Everything one would want to know about language and a lot I don t is found in this well organized textbook.

  12. Tjahja

    I will recommend this book to anyone interested in language topics but without or with limited linguistic background This book was on the recommendation list during my early year in university, partly because the language is easy to follow since it is an introduction and also the scope is comprehensive not only covering grammar morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, phonetics, and phonology , but also psycolinguistics, sociolinguistics, computational linguistics, historical linguistics, and [...]

  13. seba~

    Studied half of it in a linguistics course with another book that had the same information but this one was fun similar to the Dummies book series that have a sense of humor nicely put the information into your brain which makes it an option for autonomous learners

  14. Laura

    This textbook was fascinating The chapters about how our brains process language information and why we speak a certain way were completely intriguing I didn t realize how in depth language acquisition was It was interesting to see the ways people s brains develop and how cultures might process grammar in a different way I also loved seeing the differences in how people pronounce words and how grammar is varied based on where you life I found most of the information in this textbook relevant and [...]

  15. Sandra

    Serves its purpose as an introduction to linguistics by covering a vast amount of necessary subjects, such as morphology syntaxis Every new bit was accompanied by a relevant quote, which maybe wasn t necessary but made it fun, and the same goes for the comics which were added here and there A book that s very up to date includes references to Harry Potter Twitter and names Obama as president, for example and therefore still very relevant Something that I liked a bit less however was that it most [...]

  16. Mikael Lind

    A pretty decent introduction to linguistics which deals with most general topics in the field However, I don t like how they consider Chomsky s theories on language in an almost dogmatic way It sounds as if they were simple truths, known to everybody, but they really are not There s a widespread discussion on the topic, and opposing views which this book doesn t cover at all can be found within followers of Wittgenstein on a philosophical level and cultural linguists like Daniel Everett and Guy [...]

  17. Mel

    Last year I had to get this book for my Phonetics class Luckily I hold on to it, because this book is also the textbook for Introduction to Linguistics, which I m taking this trimester.First Round Term February May 2012Class PhoneticsProfessor Millie CommanderDate Feb 27, 2012 to May 10, 2012 Second Round Term February May 2013 Class Introduction to LinguisticsProfessor Millie Commander Date March 8, 2013 to Present

  18. Antariksa Akhmadi

    A concise and accessible guide to understanding linguistics While the book put an emphasis on English such as in morpho syntax and phonetics phonology , it made examples of many languages The presentation is sometimes inconsistent, though I think it is mainly because the authors want to retain the clarity as the book progresses on each chapter Also bonus for the occasionally funny comic strips and authorial jokes.

  19. Agnieszka

    Definitely a good book for people who have no or little linguistic background and would like to know about language and for this group of readers four stars would be appropriate However, if you have some idea about linguistics and related topics most of the issues are too obvious and some subjects are treated too superficially e.g the notion of women s language It is useful as reference book when you need to revise the basics quickly.

  20. Abutalal

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  21. Kathleen

    The did not finish is not a marker of how good or bad the book was it s just that it s a textbook, and I don t feel like reading hundreds of extra pages about phonemes and whatnot.Very interesting I think this book is actually a pretty good one for linguistics One note Fromkin, don t call the Harry Potter movies old YEESH

  22. Sina Shafiyan

    I haven t read any academic book about linguistics as thorough and comprehensive as this book Every chapter is consisted of today s issues in conjunction with old school oriented ideas and perceptions.I m obliged to say that linguistic and non linguistic jokes were splendid and made the book radiant and intriguing.

  23. Mei Hua

    Amazingly I did not feel tired reading this book All chapters are interesting and it has been a great source for anyone learning to understand the history of Indo European languages as well as English, German and Dutch learner like me

  24. Heather Moore

    This textbook was OK I enjoyed the quotes that were put in throughout it, it helped to maintain curiosity and adds a new level of understanding The actual text wasn t too bad, it was very basic, but this was an entry level course.

  25. Tricia M Foster

    Changed my perspective of language After reading this book, I recognized language was a tool There is no right or wrong Language is a method of delivery a message whose only measure is whether it works or not.

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