Frost Dancers (2020)

Frost Dancers Garry Douglas Kilworth Frost Dancers In the Highlands Skelter the hare led a wonderful life browsing among the heathers taking in the scenery and chatting up females Until one day he and several of his fellows are trapped in a net and
  • Title: Frost Dancers
  • Author: Garry Douglas Kilworth
  • ISBN: 9780246139153
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Hardcover
Frost Dancers Garry Douglas Kilworth In the Highlands, Skelter the hare led a wonderful life browsing among the heathers, taking in the scenery and chatting up females Until one day he and several of his fellows are trapped in a net and transported south, for hare coursing.
Frost Dancers Garry Douglas Kilworth

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    317 Garry Douglas Kilworth
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One thought on “Frost Dancers

  1. Mariel

    If you have ever clubbed a hare on its wonderful rabbity dreaming head, or wiped your satisfied mouth after some disgusting English delicacy heathens , or were a Austrian farmer deforming a rabbit to giant proportions just so you wouldn t have to get your lazy ass up from the table for thirds, then you are a horrible person and quite monstrous I hate you if you have ever thought yourself looking quite fine on a night on the town in your rabbit fur coat What kind of a sick person goes about stuff [...]

  2. Lauren

    Frost Dancers is about a blue mountain hare named Skelter whose plucked from his highland mountains and forced to run a hare coursing event He escapes and struggles to make do with finding a new community for himself among field hares He briefly stays in a rabbit warren and we re treated to the prejudices and differences a lot of humans wouldn t realise were there A coworker of mine accused me of lying that hares were even different than rabbits.Frost Dancers wasn t judgmental or preachy that hu [...]

  3. Claire

    REVIEW WIPI seriously thought for a while that the title of this book was Frost Dangers because those damn hare ears cover up the important lower half of the letter C in the title So I kept trying to google Frost Dangers and I thought to myself, What a dumb title for a book , and until I finally got a closer look at the cover and realized it said Frost Dancers Apparently, I m not alone in this confusion Had my sister, dad, and mom fooled too_ Also, I d like to thank this awesome documentary narr [...]

  4. Marc

    I don t really know what to think of this oneFor starters, it certainly isn t a bad book, that s for sure And I must have enjoyed it to at least some extent, otherwise what s the point of finishing it But it s far from the best books I ve read, heck, it s not even one of the better books I ve read.There are a few sections that are really good, and by that I mean the kind that want you to keep on reading until you realize it s 3 AM But there are just a few of those sections, and short ones at tha [...]

  5. Kirsti

    THIS was the book I thought I d imagined for many years I was off school sick with a terrible cold, and visited the TAFE library in town with my father I read this during my time off school, loved it and my father returned it to the library When I went back next, the entire fiction section had been sold off, and they had no records of what had been there or they didn t have to tell a devastated ten year old I looked at ever library after that I spoke to second hand book shop owners I asked every [...]

  6. Daisy

    i really don t like what happened to rushie she was just used to further the plot line it was evident she didn t really want to say goodbye to skelter but he was too numbskulled to realise she really wanted him to want her they were each other s last connection to the highlands and had a long history together as close friends then when he disappears she goes looking for him only to wind up dead searching for a boy who couldn t really give much of a crap about her and what s is she is killed by [...]

  7. Kerrie

    Not 2 pages into it and I was already thinking, Why do you do this to yourself Whhhhyyyyy Animal stories Death Death Death and More DeathHowever, I did enjoy this book I was expecting a total Watership Down knockoff, and although there were similarities, overall it felt like a book that could stand entirely on its own The reader gets a thorough look at the lives of hares and the differences between the mountain hares and their lowland cousins, their strict social structure with leaders of the cl [...]

  8. Thistle

    While I had a number of issues with this book, all in all, I liked it quite a bit.I love talking animal stories, and this was a perfect example of them I believed every animal in the book as an animal, not a human in animal shape More than that, each of his animal species were so different it was just so enjoyable to see how he handled otter characters compared to hedgehogs Their speech patterns and personalities were just so different.The main character was a hare, born in the highlands of some [...]

  9. Lorraine Baker

    Amongst the gorse and heather of his native highlands, Skelter the mountain hare enjoys an idyllic life until he and several of his friends are trapped, netted and taken hundreds of miles to the strange lands of the south There, amidst a hell of screaming men and howling greyhounds, Skelter witnesses the nightmare of hare coursing before making a miraculous escape But it is an escape into an unfamiliar world The local animals shun him and he cannot understand his habitat But Skelter is a remarka [...]

  10. Donna

    I chose this book because I am very fond of Watership Down by Richard Adams I found it engaging, but not quite as intricate and engrossing as Watership Down is It was a quick read I learned a lot about hares And I was dumbfounded to discover that the hare s biggest threat actually exists in real life, but not where mountain and brown hares are likely to reside I was very disappointed that one heroine was dispatched with rather early I liked her character and felt it could have been developed .It [...]

  11. Tamara Hull

    As a gifted reader this was my first grown up book with topics that were a little adult than the books in my school library As a result I ve read this book at least 50 times over the years, it s my go to when things are going completely wrong, Skelter s indomitable spirit is enough to remind me that if a circumstance can t be overcome, adapt and improvise to make the best of it.I would highly recommend this book for younger readers with an interest in wildlife so long as they don t baulk at a l [...]

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