Do You Love Me? (2020)

Do You Love Me? Joost Elffers Do You Love Me do you love me always dear you need me ever near would you leave me never ever you want me only forever
  • Title: Do You Love Me?
  • Author: Joost Elffers
  • ISBN: 9780061667992
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Hardcover
Do You Love Me? Joost Elffers do you love me always, dear you need me ever near.would you leave me never ever you want me only forever.
Do You Love Me? Joost Elffers

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    479 Joost Elffers
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One thought on “Do You Love Me?

  1. Christine

    Simply put, this book was weird The illustrations were weird, and some of the author s choices for words were weird I think kids would appreciate the bright colors, but the bloblike people esque creatures were just strange to me.

  2. Liza Gilbert

    There are many books about children being wanted by their parents that are better done than this one The pared down text comes off as uninspired and the illustrations at times can be a bit creepy.

  3. Tricia

    these little creatures freaked me out while it is intended as a parent child message, the text feels strangely co dependent somehow ick.

  4. Suebee

    A waste of time Returned it to the library right away My sons and I have LOVED Joost Elffers other books How are you peeling etc with photographs of vegetables and fruits made to have human faces This was computerized illustrations that mimicked the real life photos, and it just fell flat.

  5. Suzanne Kunz Williams

    The pictures in this book are so darling Even the littlest children will love them Great book for those just learning to read as there are few words per page Talking points love, parents always come back when they leave

  6. Terry

    Our 7 year old instantly tried to set the text to the tune Do You Love Me by the Contours She also liked taking turns reading where she asked the questions and we read the parent part.To read our full review, go to The Reading Tub.

  7. Andi

    This is a book about love for very young readers, so it was a little hard for me to appreciate the extremely simple story However, the illustrations are nice, and the color saturation is stunning I sort of felt like I was falling into the pictures.

  8. Molly

    I just used this in a storytime and it was really cute Anytimes adults and children can talk about loving each other is fun I also love this illustration style It is so simple yet says so much An example of what we will be seeing as books are getting a computer illustration Ages 2

  9. Kayla

    Not sure why so many people are describing this book as creepy We picked it up at the library because the cover was intriguing, and my 2 year old loves it It s simple and sweet, with cute maybe somewhat quirky illustrations.

  10. Dee

    Strange little book Strange questions for a child to ask, I thought anyway I didn t like the creepy little people whatever they were either.

  11. Amanda

    Frankly this book creeped me out I think the author could have comeup with different ways of addressing the question do you love me

  12. Margie

    Every being wants reassurance it is cared about and noses are used in this book to convey love The simple story but sincere expressions of love will be enjoyed readers young and old alike.

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