If All The Sand Were Pearl (2020)

If All The Sand Were Pearl Pepper Espinoza If All The Sand Were Pearl Love or freedom A Calling of Souls story this story was also published as part of the A Calling of Souls anthologyAs a youngest son Jag Martin has eagerly walked a life long path toward the priesthoo
  • Title: If All The Sand Were Pearl
  • Author: Pepper Espinoza
  • ISBN: 9781605041995
  • Page: 338
  • Format: ebook
If All The Sand Were Pearl Pepper Espinoza Love or freedom A Calling of Souls story this story was also published as part of the A Calling of Souls anthologyAs a youngest son, Jag Martin has eagerly walked a life long path toward the priesthood Then his once great family falters under a mountain of debt Their only hope marry Jag off to an appropriately wealthy suitor.Brace Rivers desperately wants than jusLove or freedom A Calling of Souls story this story was also published as part of the A Calling of Souls anthologyAs a youngest son, Jag Martin has eagerly walked a life long path toward the priesthood Then his once great family falters under a mountain of debt Their only hope marry Jag off to an appropriately wealthy suitor.Brace Rivers desperately wants than just a short fling However, his economic and political reality makes finding an appropriate male partner next to impossible When the Martin family offers Jag s hand, it s a dream come true But his suspicions mount that the young man is being forced into an unwanted marriage.Compassion wins out over loneliness, and Brace offers Jag a pearl ring valuable enough to both save his family s fortunes and give him freedom There s just one thing Brace wants in return twenty four hours together.Brace can only pray it s long enough to convince Jag that a life together is worth than all the pearls in the sea.Product WarningsExplicit M M content, use of toys, outdoor sex.
If All The Sand Were Pearl Pepper Espinoza

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    338 Pepper Espinoza
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One thought on “If All The Sand Were Pearl

  1. Ava

    I quite liked this book If it were a bit longer, I would have given it a 5 The book occurs over 24 hours, and the author did a great job generating genuine emotion between the 2 men But I would have loved to see a bit of Brace and Jag together Just one scene with them would have been perfect Not necessarily a sex scene, but a scene with the 2 men together Brace is so lonely, his heart so ready to find someone to love him and be with him He never thought he d have the opportunity to find a mate [...]

  2. Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*

    3.5 starsThis was a nice, cute story I thought the concept of the story was great One man pretty much the bride being forced into marrying another to get his family out of debt While the other man the groom marrying because he s lonely and will never marry a woman I enjoyed the acceptance of same sex marriages and how much both these characters, Brace and Jag, actually end up liking each others company The whole religious and traditional approach was fascinating and something that had me interes [...]

  3. JustJen "Miss Conduct"

    Very sweet story Jag had planned since he was 12 to become a priest, but his family ended up having to betroth him to Brace, who was a very nice, but very lonely guy who never had any hopes of being married to another guy They spend 24 hours together before they agreed to choose to go through with it This was a very enjoyable read, though I would have liked a little longer version.

  4. Elisa Rolle

    First of all the setting I would say a fantasy world there are not high tech elements to make it a futurist novel, and the only modern intrusion, is the presence of some plastic dildos in the past there were dildos but they are made of wood, I believe So yes, I will go for the fantasy.Anyway, in this fantasy world, same sex marriage is not forbidden, even if it is not common for the simplest reason wealthy families needs heirs and in a same sex marriage a natural heir is not possible Jag is the [...]

  5. Susan65

    A short story that i would have loved to have been longer The entire story almost entirely takes place in a 24 hour time frame Jag and Brace are betrothed but have never met and spend 24 hours learning each other and then Jag has to decide whether he wants to keep Brace or take the money and run I think we all know what he decided Very sweet, very little angst.

  6. Ami

    It s like reading a Harlequin historical romance about a mail order bride except change the gender of the female bride into male bride It was nice but not exactly one that will stay on top of my favorite list Something lacking, I dunno, in terms of emotion, maybe.

  7. Susan

    Jag and Brace were two very different men Jag had trained since he was a boy to be a priest, he s a virgin and he never expected to get married Brace is rich and lonely and looking for someone to share his life with Circumstances bring them together and neither knows quite what to expect This was a very short and sweet story and I loved how considerate Brace was Both men have something missing in their lives and this story offers hope that with each other they have found what they were looking f [...]

  8. Ayanna

    It wasn t bad, but I agree with Adriana It felt like something was missing.I think it was the final push as to why they got together happily There was an HEA, which isn t altogether bad, but there was little by way of drama action in the plot It just kind ofwas.

  9. Milica

    4.5 starsWOW s been a while since the story this short had me captivated like this It s so,so goodHighly recommended

  10. Merith

    I read this a couple of years ago, and still think of it often and fondly Such a wonderfully sweet book I loved both MCs and the writer was truly able to make this reader see both sides clearly.

  11. Paul Jr.

    Originally reviewed for Uniquely Pleasurable.One of the potential problems with will they or won t they in m m erotica is that in a genre where a happily ever after endings are nearly mandatory nine times out of ten, the reader already knows that they will The result is that any tension between the characters vis vis the future of their relationship is lost, and the author must make that journey to that HEA intriguing, different and utterly enjoyable in order to keep the reader hooked until the [...]

  12. Saritza

    This ficlet by Pepper Espinoza was my introduction to her works and I must say it was a good one I will admit to being drawn to this book by the cover as I m a huge fan of Gael Garcia Bernal and one of the men on the cover has a striking resemblance to the Mexican actor of Y Tu Mam Tambien fame as well as the mention of the priesthood What can I say I have a real Hot Priest kink streak What kept me reading was Espinoza s lyric prose and distinctive plot line.Summary Love or freedom A Calling of [...]

  13. Brenda Maldonado

    Jag is the youngest son of a family down on their luck Though he was destined for priesthood and prepared for it since he was twelve, he now faces marriage to a man he has never met Brace is a wealthy, mature man, who never expected to find a man to share his life, because most families want to marry their sons to women who can have children and extend the line But Jag s family wants him to be happy, as happy as possible given his change in circumstance He is allowed to choose whether to be bet [...]

  14. J'aime

    I really like gay romances where two men are forced together from circumstances beyond their control only to fall in love This story was exactly that, but was also delivered with beauty and elegance.The setting is never specifically revealed, but has a medieval feel to it which I liked Jag was destined for the priesthood, but when his parents find themselves in dire financial straights, they must marry him off to save the family Brace has always wanted a loving spouse, but despite his nobility, [...]

  15. Sierra

    This was a lovely, short novella with just the right amount of sex and emotion While it s easy to see how the story will go, the author does a good job of conveying Jag s turmoil and uncertainty, building the suspense up I appreciated the fact that we were able to see inside both their heads with the 3rd person omniscient viewpoint Each of them was such a beautiful and vulnerable person Brace really touched me with his loneliness and simple desire for a true life partner It seems that Jag will h [...]

  16. Serena Yates

    If it were possible to give than 5 stars, this would be one of the books I think deserves it The story was absolutely spellbinding and emotionally so intense I was literally breathless by the end of it I ve already re read it once since I first came across it in September 2008 and imagine I will do so again.It starts with a very interesting premise a young man, Jag, goes into a marriage arranged with a rich nobleman so his parents can pay off their debts Jag has never met his groom and is very [...]

  17. Yuu Sasih

    well, I like this one It didn t seem rushed, written with the flow I accepted, and the sex scenes weren t written in a vulgar words What made me actually sick of the load of sex scenes in m m romance was because it s described with vulgar way While true, it s hot and passionate, when you got too much hotness, you ll get a fever and it didn t suit well with me But this story didn t like that When Brace and Jag having sex, it was always described with slow description and emotion flow that made yo [...]

  18. Charly

    Warning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 8 10PROS Nice little setting a combination of fantasy and historical and contemporary realism I especially like that Jag s parents ask him so matter of factly whether he wants his spouse to be male or female The rules dictated by society for the two men s interactions are amusing, particularly because Jag and Brace are so unwilling to follow those rulesNS Ending seems a little cut off sudden we re left with the impressio [...]

  19. Matimate

    This novela was what I would avoid but once bought I had no choice to read what screwed my money The plot was as simple as it could be for porn even if author tried to put some psychological insights in it Hey keep with sex and do not spoil it with talks, I would say The setting of the story was some fantasy realm with plastic dildos, do not ask me why plastic was included Young man who wanted to be priest is married off to the older man who is as good as is humanly possible and gently coax him [...]

  20. Xandra

    One of the guys wants to get laid because he s a frustrated virgin who was supposed to be a priest the other one is lonely and has an obsession to get married They meet, they fuck like bunnies for 24h, they get married and, I assume, they live happily ever after.Way too much sex for such a short book one sex scene at the end would have been plenty Not a complete waste of time, but there are better alternatives.

  21. Beck

    Meh Improbable insta love with a virgin who was slutty enough to make the non con forced aspect laughable Smex was nicely written which raised this from a 2 star read to 3 stars I wouldn t bother buying it but if you can borrow it or it ever appears free, then it s probably worth reading onceybeh

  22. Oco

    Pepper Espinoza can usually be counted on to spin a solid, enjoyable tale Funny that this one hit all my buttons, since I don t usually like such sweet stories that are so fairy tale ish But this was done so nicely, both men being so strong, yet with a compelling and believable vulnerability So nicely done Wish it d been a little bit longer not novel, I don t think, but a little .

  23. Chancey Knowles

    I try really hard not to compare short stories to full length It s like comparing apples to oranges That being said, I liked this story when I should have loved it It was nice, but I never really got pulled into the story It was a nice average short story It neither irritated or enthralled It was sweet A nice way to pass some time.

  24. Methosdeb

    I read some of the reviews before I bought the kindle ebook and I agree with them that this was a bit short.I would have enjoyed it if it was longer,maybe we can hope for a sequelat being said I enjoyed it and it was well worth the price.

  25. CB

    I love fiction This is a typical het story but here it is in m m genre which makes it so much hotter and way interesting I love the way they talked about the future it leaves the reader with plenty to dream on

  26. Martina Hargrove

    This book was good but it was to short it ended to fast and come on 76 pages for just that one night really.

  27. Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆

    Very sweet I was shocked I read it due to it being on a list for Demons There are no demons in this book But I m glad I read it Very enjoyable.

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