For All Eternity (2020)

For All Eternity Linda Lael Miller For All Eternity She is a creature of the night Beautiful Seductive Immortal Her kiss brings the mercy of death to wounded soldiers at Gettysburg Her courage defies the darkest schemes of the queen of the vampires Her
  • Title: For All Eternity
  • Author: Linda Lael Miller
  • ISBN: 9780425144565
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
For All Eternity Linda Lael Miller She is a creature of the night Beautiful Seductive Immortal Her kiss brings the mercy of death to wounded soldiers at Gettysburg Her courage defies the darkest schemes of the queen of the vampires Her soul struggles for peace in a war that is brewing with angels and warlocks.
For All Eternity Linda Lael Miller

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    336 Linda Lael Miller
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One thought on “For All Eternity

  1. Alex is The Romance Fox

    I love this vampire series by Linda Lael Miller.The first book was Forever and the Night, the story of Aidan Tremayne see my review here book show 6.For All Eternity, the 2nd book is Maeve Tremayne, Aidan s sister s story I loved Maeve from the very beginning and I was looking forward to her finding her very own HEA.The story takes place over centuries Maeve meets the mortal Dr Calder Holdbrook during the American Civil War, where they are tending to the sick and injured in the battlefields They [...]

  2. TheGeekyBlogger

    Listened for Review Read for Fun Tantor Physical Book Overall Rating 4.75Character Rating 5.00Story Rating 4.50Nostalgic Rating OFF THE CHARTS Audio Rating 4.50 not part of overall rating Quick Thoughts This is a reread for me This series is one of the first paranormal romances I fell in love with Maeve is perhaps my favorite female vampire ever and her romance with Calder is fantastic I loved everything about this story from the Civil War to the war for Vampires There was action, romance, and a [...]

  3. Sandra Dagg

    Have just finished this one, and once again, it was like reading for the first time It is many years since my first reading, so I am thoroughly enjoying this series This book was as good as the first, telling the story of one of the secondary characters from the first book They are definitely interconnected and need to be read in order, but they are great books Highly recommend to anyone who loves Vampire romance story line, wonderful characters, and I am going to start the third book right away [...]

  4. Robin

    Maeve Tremayne is a vampire capable of traveling through time When she visits a Civil War battlefield to feed off of the dying soldiers, she is discovered by Dr Calder Holbrook Calder believes he is seeing an angel tending to the wounded When he finds out she is a vampire, he asks her to change him into one too He longs to be able to travel through time and discover the advances in medicine in the twentieth century Maeve refuses She will not be the person he eventually blames for a never ending [...]

  5. Judy

    Read 2nd time 2 12 2011Maeve must go on with her vampire life and forget her beloved brother, Aiden He was now a mortal who married his true love and Valerian had told her they were expecting a child She seen the flowers he left for her to let her know he survived transformation.Now she faces a war Valerian tells her she will be the Queen of the Vampyres but she don t know that she wants that job While wandering over the fields of war, relieving some of the young men from the pain and death awai [...]

  6. Stephanie

    I thought I wasn t going to like this one as much as the first one because some of the characters from the 1st one were not in this one But it was really good Can t wait to read the third.

  7. John

    An improvement over the first book While I liked the characters and such from book one, I just didn t find myself absorbed into the story I was just reading it to finish The story wasn t bad but.I found this book to be much interesting for some reason I got caught up in what was going on and wanted to see what happened next Even so, I didn t care as much for the characters They were interesting but less appealing and I was less concerned about what happened to them.That being said, the increas [...]

  8. Jason w Lindsey

    This trilogy is one of my all time favorites and would love to see it be made into a movie.ilight pales in comparison.

  9. Morpheus Reads

    This is the second in Linda Lael Miller s vampire series Features Maeve Tremayne and Dr Calder Holbrook This was not one of my favorite books by Miller Immortal vampire Maeve and mortal man come across each other on a battlefield during the American Civil War They fall in love at first sight no lines, no waiting, folks and hardly spend any time together except for the random moments which can be counted on one hand that Maeve pops in to see him from various continents and centuries She is busy b [...]

  10. Jennifer Gelert

    I have a weakness for romance books This one involves a vampire and a mortal Maeve and Calder and their love passes times and periods Meuve is a vampire who wanted nothing than all the benefits being a vampire can offer Her world changes as she comes upon Calder, a doctor during the Civil War In the midst of their romance, a rouge vampire is out to destroy all Nemesis, God s head angel is determined to destroy all evil unless Liestte is destroyed Greatght reading.

  11. Annette Summerfield

    I don t read many vampire romance books, but this one I liked I ve read other books by Linda Lael Miller and I ve enjoyed them, so I gave this one a try It kept drawing me back to it I missed the first one though, Forever and a Night I am going to check the library for a continuation to this one.

  12. Jennifer Kronk

    I like Miller s vamps a lot They time travel, they can do magic, they can even influence people s minds It is pretty fun and Maeve is one of the most powerful of them The romance is very melodramatic but it works for me And it makes sense, to me at least, that vamps and all other sorts of supernatural creatures would haunt battlefields.

  13. Jennifer

    I guess I m just not a vampire romance kind of gal The book was okay It was full of every bit of paranormal you can put in a romance vampire, warlocks, angels, time travel but I just didn t buy Maeve as the great and all powerful Vampire Queen She just wasn t strong enough for me and so the rest of the book suffered for my disbelief.

  14. gayda dahl

    Better than the Anne Rice vampire series thankyouI don t ever bother with reviews since I am not a writer and cannot express myself with words but I was so very much expressed with this Black Rose Chronicles that I had to leave my view Better than the Anne Rice vampire series Thankyou

  15. Shelly Jacobs

    Excellent bookThis is the 2nd book out of the 4 book series I have the original printed set and I still love it and was thrilled to find it here I love Maeve and Valerian and would love to have the series continue with other characters Great book

  16. Amy Freese

    Linda s awesomeness continues with this 2nd book These characters are fast becoming a part of my heart, I hope for them and weep with them Such a classic based tale on the un dead that is just brimming with LIFE on every page.

  17. Ann Noell

    I liked this book up to the very end, but the ending ruined it for me It was not believable at all I know the book is about vampires and vampires are all fantasy and make believe, but within the context of the book things should make since and the ending made no since at all.

  18. Bonnie

    I absolutely LOVE Linda Lael Miller s Vampire Series and I m the proud owner of all 4 of them This series is fabulous and definitely worth the read One of the very few books that I found worth re reading.

  19. lk

    same book compilation as forever the night finally finished reading it the first book was better this one was ok still not big into vampire books.

  20. Kelly

    So very disappointed the very beginning I m sorry to say BUT don t think she doesn t write goode i have loved everything else she s written

  21. Laura Boyd

    ExcellentBetter than the first , this book was just awesome I hope the siblings find a way to each other in future books.

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