Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (2020)

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure Paul Gallico Beyond the Poseidon Adventure None
  • Title: Beyond the Poseidon Adventure
  • Author: Paul Gallico
  • ISBN: 9780440104971
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
Beyond the Poseidon Adventure Paul Gallico None
Beyond the Poseidon Adventure Paul Gallico

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    442 Paul Gallico
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One thought on “Beyond the Poseidon Adventure

  1. Dann

    A sequel, not to the original novel but the Irwin Allen film, Beyond the Poseidon Adventure is an atrociously bad piece of pulp fiction Picking up where the film left off, Mike Rogo forces the rescue helicopter to return him to the wreck of the S.S Poseidon and reveals that he was on an undercover mission to protect a shipment of gold and plans to stay with the wreck until the US can send a salvage vessel meanwhile three ships make their way to the Poseidon to claim salvage rights and end up in [...]

  2. Jeff Correll

    I really liked the book I like getting to a couple old friends again Far fetched, in the extreme, yes, of course But for me, it was a fun read.I will say that unlike several of the reviewers, it was not the appearance of the tiger that was the most unbelievable aspect For me it was the sex scene The idea that a couple, on a sinking ship, on the run from thugs, would slip away and have a quick roll aroundAT was the thing that was too over the top for me.Again though, on the whole, it was a fun wa [...]

  3. Tony Fidanza

    The first book The Poseidon Adventure which I rated was an entertaining and plausible disaster story where a group of mostly interesting characters struggle to escape from a capsized ship This sequel was totally unnecessary and implausible Perhaps author Paul Gallico had lucrative movie rights in his sights Still the film was worse which I rated.

  4. P.S. Winn

    If you haven t read the first book, I highly recommend that you read it The Poseidon is a cruise ship that in book one sank when it overturned This book is a return to that ship by those hoping treasures can still be found I liked the first book better, but still loved this adventure.

  5. Ilze

    Gallico took that sinking of this ship a little too far for me I m still haunted by this young girl who stayed behind simply to steal the jewels off the guests on the Poseidon

  6. Jamie Rose

    This is ok Totally different to the original book as it was written to follow up the film, not the novelme parts are far fetched to say the least But can t explain why without spoilers

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