Bug-Jargal (2020)

Bug-Jargal Victor Hugo Bug Jargal Bug Jargal is one of the most important works of nineteenth century colonial fiction and quite possibly the most sustained novelistic treatment of the Haitian Revolution by a major European author
  • Title: Bug-Jargal
  • Author: Victor Hugo
  • ISBN: 9781551114460
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
Bug-Jargal Victor Hugo Bug Jargal is one of the most important works of nineteenth century colonial fiction, and quite possibly the most sustained novelistic treatment of the Haitian Revolution by a major European author.
Bug-Jargal Victor Hugo

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One thought on “Bug-Jargal

  1. Rodrigo

    An unexpected Hugo s novel One can tell this is one of his first works Not because it is not well written or so As in every Hugo s novel, the language is just exquisit, but he doesn t get as deep as he later got describing human emotions and feelings, as you can see, for instance, in Notre Dame de Paris Beside, the subject, the place, the characters, didn t seem to me what I would expect from Hugo So different but yet so good One thing sometimes, during the reading, I couldn t tell whether Hugo [...]

  2. classic reverie

    When I saw that Victor Hugo s first novel written in 1818 was Bug Jargal, I did not know it would be on my list of favorites Last year I read Les Miserables which ended up on my ultimate favorites so I should not have been that surprised The Haitian Revolution is the driving force of the story but in no means the main story which is of two men different in skin tone but with in common than not Slavery has been going on since time began but only recently over the last centuries has the inhumanit [...]

  3. Ben

    Night and the day, when united,Bring forth the light.I am an addict.Yet I do not scrounge for my fix, nor do I hope for it But when I find it, I harken back to all the previous times when it satisfied me and shiver at the shock of its course Then again, my drug fills everything and everytime My needle and my pipe neither inject nor bellow smoke but rather peel away the layers of exhaustive thinking which blanket the brilliance of my drug When concluding a book, certain last sentences release the [...]

  4. Shawn

    IntroductionIntrigued by my recent reading of Victor Hugo s biography, I was compelled to read some of his less remembered works I was especially drawn to Bug jargal because it deals with the Haitian revolution, a place I have visited and read much about In many respects, the tale of Bug jargal is similar to Guy Endore s Babouk Voices of Resistance , which is also a relatively obscure novel, set amidst the Haitian revolutionary upheavals Endore s character, Babouk, is based on the rebellious Hai [...]

  5. Neelam Babul

    This is a wonderful story woven around the colonial era and entails a friendship between a master and his revolting slave It shows how a king robbed of his throne struggles to maintain his freedom and free his fellows from the harsh conditions bestowed by their colonial masters.Being Victor Hugo s first novel you can actually see how remarkable his works are as a writer His words unravel your emotions and actually make you feel the anticipation of the events occurring in the story The story take [...]

  6. Jesse Rice

    First person makes Hugo s tangents much tolerable, and the epilogue casts a whole new light on the story Mildly racist, but not nearly as bad as some material from this time Right up there next to Les Miserables.

  7. Olivia

    Depuis que mes yeux sont tomb s sur Demain D s L Aube , Hugo est devenu le point vers lequel je tends dans l criture J ai entrepris de lire tous ses ouvrages par ordre croissant Ce roman est donc reconnu comme le premier de sa plume Ce que j ai particuli rement aim J ignore si cet ge l Victor s tait d j rendu sur les terres qu il d crit, mais il les peint avec une vivacit et un r alisme prenant qui nous projette d s les premi res pages dans ce climat chaud, sous ces rayons dor s et dans les plan [...]

  8. Helen Lombard

    Bien, bien, bien Donc pour le premier jet de cette oeuvre, Hugo avait 16 ans A 16 ans moi c tait plut t mon cher journal la vie c est trop pas cool Le niveau du ma tre n tait pas prouver mais bon, a en rajoute une couche Tr s bonne lecture, sur un th me qui plus que divisait l poque Le synopsis me laissait croire que Bug Jargal serait le personnage central, il en est plut t l un des pilotes, m me si c est le grand fabuleux h ro du texte Je le recommande absolument, de un c est un classique, de d [...]

  9. Gláucia Renata

    Escrito em 1818 quando o autor tinha apenas 16 anos, s foi publicado em 1825 quando foi reescrito Fruto de uma aposta onde Victor Hugo foi desafiado a escrever uma hist ria em 15 dias, tendo sido seu primeiro romance mas o segundo a ser publicado.A a o se passa em 1791 e narra a revolta dos negros escravizados de S o Domingos contra os colonos europeus O capit o L opold d Auverney parece guardar uma grande m goa e durante um ser o levado por seus soldados a revelar o que teria vivido naquele loc [...]

  10. Doyle

    I don t know how to give a ratingto this book.It s very racist, colonialist and conservative.It s also one of the first Hugo s writing, one ofthe only french fiction book of 19th century about the Haitian revoltsand revolution against french colonial domination The book gives a very interesting demonstration of the colonialview of a black slaves revolt how only european values can give a great black hero, how the distinction is madebetween a black noble hero and a coward cruel metis is made,how [...]

  11. Ronald Morton

    Don t let my rating sway you too heavily here The text of the Hugo novel and accompanying story are good they show signs of where Hugo would eventually go as a writer but what really buoys this book is like almost everything that broadview publishes the wealth of supplemental material But, if you re buying a broadview book then you almost certainly already know this.The story itself is good though, set at the beginning of the Haitian slave revolt, you have here a well crafted story about friends [...]

  12. Yves

    Victor Hugo a crit le livre Bug Jargal 16 ans apr s une gageure avec ses amis Je dois avouer que c est un livre qui ne d montre en rien l ge de l auteur Il traite avec une grande maturit de la r volte des esclaves d Ha ti En plus, il r ussi cr un monde ou les bons et les mauvais sont des deux c t s Comme quoi tout n est pas toujours tout noir ou tout blancut n est pas parfait L criture n est pas toujours au point mais on ne peut pas blamer un jeune homme de 16 ans pour cela, surtout en sachant c [...]

  13. Iga

    I d give it than 3.5 but less than 4 stars if only I could By accident I downloaded not a book I wanted so in fact Bug Jargal wasn t my choice Nevertheless I found myself really into it As the first work of Hugo is a surprisingly good piece of literature Adventurous and emotional when needed Shows power of friendship and respect for an honor Also perfect description of colonialism and colonial tyranny.

  14. Stacy

    This is the first novel of Victor Hugo It was written when the author was sixteen SoIt has no long descriptions, only action The ending is tragic and you know it from the beginning of the story It is the main differecne Reading other books of monsieur Hugo you cannot predcit the ending, it is always a cliff hanger Bug Jargal is clear and simple But it worth to be read

  15. Ray

    I read this on my kindle It was the first book of the complete works of Victor Hugo It said in the intro he wrote this when he was sixteen It was a very suspenseful and action packed story of the slave revolt in Haiti.

  16. Karen Sofarin

    Would rather give 2.5 stars, but it is Victor Hugo A bit flat in the telling, bit still very French Not as brutal or as vivid as Hans of Iceland, but okay Ending was better than I expected based on the rest.

  17. Dalton Blue

    Nowhere near as lyrically beautiful as any of his later novels For being written by a 16 year old this is a good novel Hugo obviously had contradictory and troubling ideas about black people at this point in his life.

  18. Pony

    Overall, Bongie s is a truly excellent translation and what s , it comes with a wealth of historical information surrounding the events that Hugo recounts Really wonderful footnoting.

  19. Shelly

    Not bad considering Hugo originally wrote it at 16 I quite enjoyed it and will probably enjoy it once I get to discuss it in class.

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