Essential Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1 (2020)

Essential Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1 Stan Lee Roy Thomas Essential Uncanny X Men Vol Collects the first twenty four issues
  • Title: Essential Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1
  • Author: Stan Lee Roy Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781904159636
  • Page: 175
  • Format: None
Essential Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1 Stan Lee Roy Thomas Collects the first twenty four issues.
Essential Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1 Stan Lee Roy Thomas

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    175 Stan Lee Roy Thomas
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One thought on “Essential Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1

  1. Laura

    3.8 starsFor someone who hasn t read the 60s version of the X Men, I enjoyed it a lot It pretty much tells us how the original team was created as Marvel Girl is introduced Jean kicking ass from the very first moment we meet her is amazing, okay I really liked how the characters progressed through the issues such as Beast and Cyclops.It s also pretty cool to see how the art developed to what we all know today A lot of people complains about the graphics but I didn t mind them all It wasn t a rev [...]

  2. Chris

    Bitch all you want about the crappy quality of the Essential line, its still 24 comics for 14, and genre forming issues that I ve known of my entire life but never otherwise would have a chance to read For some bizzare reason, Marvel titled the collection of the earliest issues Uncanny X Men, even though the title was merely X Men back in those days, then switch to the simple X Men for the latter issues when the book did have the Uncanny adjective Whatver These comics are pure pulp brilliance Th [...]

  3. James Hold

    I prefer the 60s X men to what s been around since It was simpler The Angel was useless, but he served as Jean s boy toy Beast was much interesting They ran out of ideas for what to do with him so somebody said, let s make him a REAL beast How original The entire concept of Cyclops was ridiculous in it violated Newton s Laws he should have broken his neck the first time he fired off his eyebeams , while Marvel Girl was there for the adolescent boys and Iceman was what everyone said, a frozen ve [...]

  4. Adam Graham

    This book collects Issues 1 24 of the original X men series, first lauched in 1963, a very different version from the one that was revived by Chris Claremont that are most common today, but the fundamental plot remains a school for mutants led by Charles Xavier in New York because people fear and hate mutants because humans are fearful and think mutants can t be trusted.The X men are a far less complex group than their modern incarnations where only Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, and Marvel Girl [...]

  5. The_Mad_Swede

    This volume collects the first 24 issues of Marvel s X Men from their debut in the 60s at the hands of maestros Lee and Kirby.As a long time X Men fan it has been immensely fun to finally read the first stories involving Marvel s merry mutants and certainly than interesting to see what has changed over the years Most notably, the key element to mutants starting to pop up being radiation causing mutation in unborn children rather than the pure genetic strands that s been relied on much later on [...]

  6. Variaciones Enrojo

    Rese a de Arturo Porras para Zona Negativa zonanegativa la esenciHubo un tiempo en que nadie sab a qui nes eran los mutantes Solo unos pocos afortunados que decidieron poner su punto de mira en una colecci n donde hac an gala de sus poderes los superh roes m s extra os de todos Cinco adolescentes y su severo profesor luchando en solitario contra amenazas de lo m s variadas Decimos unos pocos porque X Men no es una de las cabeceras m s recordadas del inicio de la Era Marvel Ideada por Stan Lee y [...]

  7. Andrew

    It should first be noted that I kinda grew up on checking out silver age comic volumes from the library, so my enjoyment of 60 s comics is generally much higher than your average fellow However, with that said, X men is not the best of silver age comics There s good reason this title eventually got cancelled, though it was actually decent at the time of cancellation However, this did lay the groundwork for what was to come when the series would get revisited in 75 It also has a bit of the New Mu [...]

  8. Joey Hines

    Wow, this book got a lot better as it went along I d heard that the 60s X Men barely resemble the modern ones I know and love people make it sound like basically everything good about them was invented in the Claremont era, but that isn t exactly true In fact, it s amazing how many of the pieces were in place right from the beginning Magneto starts causing trouble in the very first issue, and he s back in 4 for a long arc with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Toad, and [...]

  9. Andrew

    I bought this book not knowing much about the pre 1975 X Men but ended up liking it quite a bit I had read a re print of the first issue years ago but had very little idea about what happened in any issue after that Watching the evolution of the X Men is kind of neat in the very beginning Beast was a dime a dozen type dumb jock character, but within a few issues they turned him into the intellectual he s been ever since Additionally in the first few issues the X Men were loved superhero celebrit [...]

  10. Helmut

    Blass im VergleichIn diesem Band wird einem typische 60er Jahre Marvel Standardwahre geboten Die X Men waren zu dem Zeitpunkt letztlich nur eine weitere Superheldengruppe, und die ganzen Konflikte, die sie ausstehen m ssen, seien es psychische Probleme oder die Frage nach der berlegenheit einer Rasse, die die sp teren X Men so vervorstechen lie en, kommen hier nur extrem untergeordnet vor Die Geschichten sind eher leicht und locker Die Zeichnungen, naja, was kann man ber Kirby negatives sagen in [...]

  11. East Bay J

    Righteous I decided to re read Essential Uncanny X Men Vol 1, having recently read Wolverine Origin What incredible fun The team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby is phenomenal Their work in the 60 s completely revolutionized comics and set a precedence that still resonates today Lee s cheesy yet witty dialogue and narration combined with attempts to incorporate cultural changes and social issues of the time adds interesting sociological overtones to these stories The light chauvinism of the male membe [...]

  12. Kevruzz

    There s nothing quite like reading the old stuff It s dated and often facepalmingly silly, but it s not much different from watching an old genre show like Star Trek or He Man Like any other long running series, X Men went through its share of growing pains On the one hand, there are random moments of strangeness that crop up every so often, like Iceman s ice can heal injuries, or Magneto doing astral projection The good news is that this first volume is packed with some fantastic adventures One [...]

  13. Ashley

    I was initially excited by this book I mean, it s X men, comon but I ended up being kind of disappointed No, very disappointed If you want some good X men, I d recommend the later era, the New X men, Astonishing X Men, the Dark Phoenix Saga, etc The original comics suck.The art is just ok, nothing super eye catching granted, this version has no color.Jean Grey did not have much action AT ALL and for a lot of the comics just wheeled Professor X around while the guys were fighting, and while I can [...]

  14. Katy

    How much leeway so you give conics from this decade I pushed through the first 30 or so issues but as stories they honestly cannot hold a candle to even the 90s cartoon In terms of the worst element of the writing, Lee s cheesy dialogue competes with a surprising amount of sexism for the honour, and it is difficult to put aside the bland, shallow nature of the characters, scenes, and stories of these comics What little plot characterisation we get is blunt and unimaginative Fans, especially fema [...]

  15. RonnyPooReadsBooks

    This bind up puts the original movie series to shame, like there are so many things they cut out when creating the movies Its seriously ridiculous the movies could have started from the original books, I don t see why they didn t The X men movie series could have been so much longer and explained instead of just a regular super hero movie series, they could have turned it into something extraordinary And I mean X1 and X2 and X men the last stand before they decided to restart the series I can t [...]

  16. Elizabeth

    Okay, I m gonna say a few sacrilegious things I must say I did like it, and it was worth it to me to see the X Men s origins But this teeters on being boring at times Not because it doesn t have enough action, but because it has too much You read up to the fight scene and then I found myself flicking pages, going fight scene, fight scene, fight scene Ah talking I enjoyed it all the same Especially to see Magneto shaking his fists all the time Jean Grey establishes herself early on as annoying by [...]

  17. Mike McAdam

    I love the X men I grew up reading the comics but that was in the 80s and I, on a whim, got curious to read the original comic books from the 60s and found this volume at the library It was interesting to see how they started but, to be honest, the beginning issues aren t good The stories are corny and the dialogue was cringe worthy I liked the creativity that went into the stories and some of the villains Some of the subplots Cyclop s crush on Jean Grey move at a glacial pace and go nowhere eve [...]

  18. Stephen

    I liked these The idea that you could be a superhero in the 1960s by throwing a snowball is simply amazing to me This was the first group book I ever started reading Their perspectives and quirks were much endearing than other groups of the day such as the Justice League or the Avengers or the Defenders They also seemed to be than realistic other teen groups such as the Teen Titans, because as a reader you always knew those kids could call Batman or Superman if they ever got in over their head [...]

  19. Megan

    As an avid X Men fan, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to read these early issues where the X Universe first began As a fan of the X Men during Chris Claremont s reign, it was very interesting to go back and see what the original five X Men were like when Stan Lee was at the helm The issues are mostly episodic with a few story arcs here and there And, as with most comics, some issues are better than others Regardless, this is a wonderful collection and a must have for any hard core Marvel Comics X M [...]

  20. M

    These early stories are generally pretty fun It s interesting to see the characters develop over the course of the first few issues it takes a little while for the Beast to become a long winded intellectual, for example It s also nice to see the variety of villains the X Men face From the expected evil mutants to mad scientists and evil aliens, there doesn t seem to be much of an overarching theme to their villains, though that isn t necessarily an issue It is somewhat annoying to see the casual [...]

  21. William Clemens

    I like the X men, I appreciate what Stan Lee created, but seriously, these are hard to read.The genesis of the X men is disappointing considering where they are now Dopey teenagers scuffling with each other, and a fairly creepy sad professor X leading them Characters are given personalities at a whim, text bubbles overflow to cover character s faces, and powers develop on an as needed basis The art does stand up well, and they are fun to look at, but overall I think I d rather read the entries t [...]

  22. Bradley

    First read these in the original comic form I was an avid reader of the X Men series and had collected the old back issues to see what had gone before If I must be honest, Stan Lee s writing was terrible His plots were poorly researched His characterisation, particularly of women, was insulting If I didn t know better, I d think he was 10 when he wrote this Bad as it was, though, it laid the ground work for the brilliant writing of Chris Claremont in later years This is where it all begins, and [...]

  23. Sadie-jane (sj) nunis

    I enjoyed this finding out and filling in the blanks about the xmen I read a few earlier ones but never in sequence I do wish that the guys didn t just treat Jean as some mere chick they wanted to get with cyclops whining about not being able to be with Jean and her pining for him starts to get annoying However considering the time this was written at least they added a decent enough female to the mix enjoyable I love reading the old stuff fun fun fun

  24. Chris Witt

    Black White Story Telling is pretty much comical Eek, pun I was a big X Men reader starting around issue 190 or so So it was kinda neat to finally go back and get to see a few things I never knew like how the Sentinels came about or how Professor X lost the use of his legs That latter story is pretty lame, actually Anyhow, just didn t really enjoy this collection of the first 24 issues Comics have come a long way.

  25. Max Ostrovsky

    I ve been catching up on the comics at the urging of a friend for quite some time now The first few years of the comic, I had to dredge through Now that I m rapidly approaching the Dark Phoenix saga, I ve gotten pretty into it I m trying to get caught up to the modern era so I can go ahead and read House of M and the Civil War series.

  26. Eliran

    The artwork is rather simple, along with the story lines I find it amusing reading through the old works and I m very glad that the industry has evolved greatly since then.

  27. Tara Calaby

    While it s interesting to read the origin stories of the X Men, these earliest titles have a way to go before reaching their peak.

  28. Jesse

    Part of me would have liked color, which is silly really, but you can t beat the price for what you get.

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