Cotton in My Sack (2020)

Cotton in My Sack Lois Lenski Cotton in My Sack A Yearling Book originally
  • Title: Cotton in My Sack
  • Author: Lois Lenski
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
Cotton in My Sack Lois Lenski A Yearling Book originally 95
Cotton in My Sack Lois Lenski

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    212 Lois Lenski
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One thought on “Cotton in My Sack

  1. Howard

    This is a children s book that I first read when I was in the second grade I have never forgotten it or the long days in which there was cotton in my sack A couple of years ago I purchased a copy on Ebay, thinking that perhaps my grand children might want to read it someday, but I don t think there is much chance of that.

  2. Book Club Mom

    Realistic fiction about young Joanda Hutley and her sharecropper family, cotton pickers in Arkansas during the late 1940s The Hutleys endure many ups and downs and live from payday to payday, often squandering their money in town every Saturday, and leaving little for groceries and coal to heat their house Tractor accidents, illness, stolen cotton and other problems keep the Hutleys locked in place, until Uncle Shine Morse shows them how they must pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.Despi [...]

  3. Judy

    This is the sixth book in Lois Lenski s American Regional Series I missed it when reading the list of books from 1949, so I am adding it now I also missed posting The Family Read yesterday, but since today is a school holiday, I am getting away with it Joanda s family are white share croppers in the cotton fields of Louisiana The cotton grows almost right up to the walls of their tiny shack To keep their lives going, the whole family picks cotton or helps in some way appropriate to their size an [...]

  4. Taylor

    Lois Lenski did this wonderful series about working children in America They are somewhat out of date they usually take place in the first half of the 20th century but that doesn t make them less moving Also, issues of poverty and class are ALWAYS relevant, and books like Cotton in My Sack and Strawberry Girl do a wonderful job of getting that conversation going with a young person.I read this at the same time as Nickle and Dimed and there were plenty of disturbing parallels It was very interest [...]

  5. Latharia

    My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs Rothgeb, gave me this book It s been ages since I read it when I was debating putting it out in my book exchange, I realized I wanted to read it again It s a wonderful story, set in the late 1940 s in Arkansas cotton picking country The children in the story work hard learn lots of valuable life lessons, but it never feels like a moral tale Although it has some dated references, it s a wonderful retrospective on life during this era, and I d recommend it to kids who are [...]

  6. Brian Bates

    loved this book every bit as much or than the strawberry girl a classic story of a working class family finding joy in every day toil and hardships.

  7. RocknRobn

    I read this book at a pre teen back in the 70s and adored it I probably re read it 5 times I remember being so enthralled with the story and how this little girl lived different from me I have never forgotten the story despite 40 years having passed And I count this book as one of the ones that made me fall in love with ready.

  8. Gale

    EVEYONE INVOLVED IN COTTON IS POOREncouraged by the invitation of Arkansas children who enjoyed her STRAWBERRY GIRL, Lois Lenksi responded to the literary call to visit and study life in the cotton fields of Eastern Arkansas Rich in alluvial soil from the Mississippi and bayou this region provided an unreliable living for bosses, tenant farmers and sharecroppers, for it required grit and the faith of desperation to stick it out one miserable year after another How can folks plan to get ahead if [...]

  9. Courtney

    I wish I had read this while my grandparents were still living This would have been akin to their experiences growing up and I wish I could inquire for further details for comparison s sake They both grew up on Arkansas cotton farms, not too far the setting of the book, and I know my grandpa grew up living the tenant farming existence as described in the story My grandma told me she liked to ride on top of the cotton in the wagon when they took it to the gin just like Joanda and her siblings did [...]

  10. Lesa

    One of the few books that I have read over and over other than any Dr Seuss book I could get my hands on in 1st grade As a 10 year old little girl, I discovered Lowis Lenski and she wrote of real worlds rather than the idealized one that was in most children s books I could relate to the characters and read many of her books, but this was the one that I returned to over and over If the book is still in the Sydney Deener Elementary School Library, it probably still has a card in it with my name o [...]

  11. Cruse

    I enjoyed the book because the author put so much time into getting the details accurate The story she tells is exactly like the ones my Daddy told about hand picking cotton, weighing up and the contests to see who could pick the most in a day Also Daddy told about everybody going to town on Saturday and the men all getting drunk She got the share croppers and the tenant farmers right as well as the general mentality of the people of that time I used this book as a teaching tool in social studie [...]

  12. Steve Hemmeke

    A children s story set in Arkansas, written in 1949.A sharecropper family learns the value of saving money, neighborly help, and caring for their possessions, in spite of setbacks like fires, heart attacks and near drownings They move from apathy, indulgence and despair to the dignity of ownership and self improvement.All this is put in language children can understand, which is its strength.Lenski is weak in smooth and engaging prose and dialogue Transitions are choppy.4 stars for content, two [...]

  13. Kari

    Now this is about the lowest kind of book I like to read There s serious stuff in here, but through the whole thing the direction is looking up It still kind of depressed me to read, but this is in a whole different class from too many other kid books It did seem to meander than other Lenski books I ve read, with several stories all being told at the same time instead of everything wrapping up nicely in one incident That s usually okay with me, but here it did seem a little stranger than normal [...]

  14. Robin

    I don t remember too much about his one other than that I liked it a lot and when it seemed like everyone else was reading Strawberry Girl to the point that I felt I may have haven t yet but I do have a copy I read this one instead If you like trying other books that are somewhat like Side B of the record Think I dated myself with that wording Anyway, if you re up for some nostalgia or need something different for your kids or grandkids I suggest giving this one a try.

  15. Lobstergirl

    This is one of Lois Lenski s American Regional Series, about a dirt poor, cotton picking white sharecropper family in Arkansas After writing Strawberry Girl, Lenski was invited by Arkansas children who had heard it dramatized on the radio to come to cotton country She spent time there in 1947 and wrote and illustrated this fictionalized account of the hardscrabble life.

  16. Elizabeth S

    Again, we learn a little about cotton picking sharecroppers and what it takes to get ahead A 10 year old girl is the focus of the story While we learn about her, she learns about rich folk who may also have debts and troubles.

  17. carrietracy

    This is a completely fascinating look at Arkansas cotton workers in the forties that comes complete with numerous lessons on economics How Lenski managed to pack all this into a children s book that is still actually accessible to children is beyond me.

  18. Jasmine Roberson

    has to do with picking cotton the story of a little girl story of a family and independence

  19. Granne52

    I thoroughly enjoyed this well written portrayal of the life of an Arkansas family of cotton pickers.

  20. Laura Harrison

    Another gem by Lois Lasky How I wish today s kids were made aware of her titles A true tragedy.

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