Diego: Bigger Than Life (2020)

Diego: Bigger Than Life Carmen T. Bernier-Grand David Díaz Diego Bigger Than Life Carmen T Bernier Grand s inspiring free verse and David Diaz s vivid paintings capture the defining moments and emotions of Diego Rivera s tumultuous life including his stormy relationship with artis
  • Title: Diego: Bigger Than Life
  • Author: Carmen T. Bernier-Grand David Díaz
  • ISBN: 9780761453833
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
Diego: Bigger Than Life Carmen T. Bernier-Grand David Díaz Carmen T Bernier Grand s inspiring free verse and David Diaz s vivid paintings capture the defining moments and emotions of Diego Rivera s tumultuous life, including his stormy relationship with artist Frida Kahlo and his passion for his art Rivera s energy, physique, love for women, and work were all bigger than life A biography, chronology, glossary, sources, notes,Carmen T Bernier Grand s inspiring free verse and David Diaz s vivid paintings capture the defining moments and emotions of Diego Rivera s tumultuous life, including his stormy relationship with artist Frida Kahlo and his passion for his art Rivera s energy, physique, love for women, and work were all bigger than life A biography, chronology, glossary, sources, notes, and famous quotations are included.
Diego: Bigger Than Life Carmen T. Bernier-Grand David Díaz

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    487 Carmen T. Bernier-Grand David Díaz
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  1. Nicole

    Bernier Grand s work follows the life of Diego Rivera In poem form, we learn about Diego s early life, all the way through his painting career and death Readers learn a lot about his back story, experiencing things like trips up mountains with his nurse, boats and passages from country to country We feel the heartbreak of losing a son, and can see how Diego copes The poetry allows the reader to have a deeper look into the artist s life and thoughts It was eye opening to see how his experiences l [...]

  2. Q_Ayana

    Through free verse poems and colorful illustrations, the life of Diego Rivera is shared, from birth to death Rivera was a Mexican artist, famous for fighting for social justice through his mural paintings of common, working people Each poem, told through the eyes of the Rivera, explores a moment in the artist s life, which includes his accomplishments and indiscretions The illustrations which illuminate with a light around the characters exhibit the energy and power of the Mexican culture and al [...]

  3. Lauren

    This book tells the poetic life of Mexican artist Diego Rivera While the verses paint an almost rosy picture, the final pages of the book include The True Life of Diego Rivera, Glossary, Chronology, and quotes In His Own Words As is the case with many artists, Rivera had a tumultuous life as he worked to find his own style By far, the best parts in the book are where Rivera s actual pieces are mixed in This book would be a great read aloud for older grade especially high school due to the adult [...]

  4. Bernadette

    In Diego Bigger Than Life 2010 Pura Belpre Author and Illustrator Honor Award , Carmen T Bernier Grand memorializes the life of muralist Diego Rivera through a series of biographical poems Colorful mixed media artwork contributed by illustrator David Diaz accompanies each of the poems detailing Diego s rich but sometimes controversial life Students in grades 7 12 would benefit most learning via poetry about people, places, and political movements of Latin America.

  5. Allie Maas

    Title Diego Bigger Than LifeAuthor Carmen T Bernier GrandIllustrator David DiazGenre Biography 3 5 Theme s Painters, BiographyOpening Line sentence Fabulous StorytellerWhat is life but a story I choose to embellish my life story.Brief Book Summary If not moved by the artwork, the poetic verse of this book surely will make you relish the life of Diego de Rivera Written in individual poems that mark the chapters of Rivera s life, this book shares the tale of how Diego became the famous artist he i [...]

  6. Shel

    Bernier Grand, C.T 2009 Diego Bigger Than Life Marshall Cavendish Children.978076145383364 pagesAppetizer Diego shares the biography of Mexican muralist Diego Rivera through thirty four ish poems Starting with his birth, the poems follow Rivera s life including a lot of interesting details like how as a newborn, his pale body was dumped in a dung bucket The poems also include a lot of Spanish words and draw attention to the beautiful sounds like a Mexican town whose name sounds like singing frog [...]

  7. Creising

    Audience A good audience for this book would be middle to lower high school because poetry can be tricky to understand Also some of these poems talk about death and other difficult times in life.Appeal The appeal of this book is that it tells the biography of an authors life through free verse poems and all the beautiful illustrations It is also a book a student could pick up and flip to anypage just to read one or two poems without having to read the entire book Application I would use this boo [...]

  8. Kimberly

    This is a collection of poems for older children about the life of Diego Rivera I have read picture book biographies of him before but they glossed over some of the scandalous tragic aspects of his life I feel like Rivera and Hemingway would have gotten along two big man babies who couldn t function without at least two women in their orbit.

  9. Stephanie

    Bernier Grand, Carmen T Diego bigger than life illus by David Diaz Marshall Cavendish Trade ISBN 978 0 7614 5383 3 18.99 64p Glossary, timeline, bibliography, notes, illustrations In His Own Words Middle School 5 stars.Diego Rivera was best known for his large murals, member of the Mexican Communist Party and storyteller often making it difficult for biographers and historians to discern some of the real truths of his life Rivera was educated in Mexico during his childhood and later studied in E [...]

  10. Sarah

    Diego Rivera 1886 1957 was indeed larger than life His passion for life, love, and art drove him toward success A brilliant and hugely literally talented man, his passions often led to controversy and tumultuous relationships He is most famous for his large murals in Mexico and the United States depicting the history and plight of the working class people He is also well known for his fiery love affairs, especially with Frida Kahlo, to whom he was married twice Carmen T Bernier Grand s text refl [...]

  11. Diana Luna

    They say live your life in a unique way and leave your legacy behind That is exactly what Diego Rivera did In this book, author Carmen Bernier Grand tells the life story of artist Diego Rivera in sixty four pages of text and illustrations This is no ordinary structure, Diego s story is told by the creation of several short poems Each poem is titled with a major event or subject that took place in Diego s life From the day Diego was born to the day he passed away, the book continues to tell about [...]

  12. Teresa Scherping Moulton

    From his tenacious survival as a sickly baby to the controversial murals that were his greatest artistic achievements, Diego Rivera always defied expectations He hated Mexico s oppressive dictator and yet accepted an art scholarship financed by that very government He painted murals for the common people to see, depicting the beauty and dignity of the working class, but the Mexican Communist Party rejected him for accepting work from anti communist regimes He loved many women during his life, bu [...]

  13. Claire

    This book is an engaging read that bridges the gap between a variety of art forms Written as a chronological biography of Diego Rivera s life, it is a collection of titled poems that span from Diego s birth to his death Though I already had quite a bit of background knowledge on Rivera, I still learned things I did not know Surprisingly, a book about an artist does not depend on art to tell the story, though each poem is accompanied by a picture that is as small as a corner in the page or as lar [...]

  14. Jamie

    Main Character Diego RiveraSetting Various past POV First personGrade Level 4th and higherSummary This is a children s book that chronicles the life of artist Diego Rivera It is very honest in its delivery because it depicts the tumultuous relationship between Rivera and Frida Kahlo, his wife He is depicted as a very passionate artist who loves each piece of art that he produced Riveras family are introduced early in the book There is also a discussion of his infidelity, his socialist beliefs, a [...]

  15. Catherine Woodman

    THere are several things that I loved about this book the first is the illustrations my only complaint is that there is not enough of Rivera s mural work, in particular his history of native Indian populations in Mexico and I thought it would fit beautifully into the section about him being given to his Indian wet nurse after his twin died and his mother appeared to suffer from depression as a result THe ones that are included int he volume are well produced, and would have been gorgeous especi [...]

  16. Emma Hoyer

    Normally, when I have the chance to read poetry, I do not get to have a grouping of poetry that makes chronological sense This book was a special treat, and the illustrations add to deciphering the meaning of the poetry There are subtle details that are hinted at by the illustrations and the titles The words are crafted and formatted beautiful, and I m very impressed by this collections of poems as a whole to the point where I m going to buy this book This is a book that would work well to integ [...]

  17. Ally Copper

    Diego Bigger Than Life by Carmen T Bernier Grand uses free verse poetry to tell the life story of Mexican artist Diego Rivera In short, it is a fascinating portrayal of a fascinating life It captures Rivera s huge personality and appetites for food, women, and art It captures his frustrations with his home country and with himself It also captures the idea that Diego Rivera was not a saint but rather a real person who made both good and bad decisions This book provides an enchanting alternative [...]

  18. L13F_Jana Wilkening

    After reading, Frida Viva La Vida , I was excited to read this book by the same author This 2010 America s Award Commended book follows a similar format in that it uses biographical poetry to tell the story of Frida s husband, artist Diego Rivera Along with the biographical poems are photographs and colorful illustrations, some of which are by Rivera It showed me another side to Diego that I had not seen from only reading Frida s version This book would be an amazing resource for grades 7 12 pai [...]

  19. Kathy

    In this companion to Frida Viva La Vida Long Live Life 34 free verse poems chronicle the life of Diego Rivera, Mexican painter of frescos, lover of Frida Kahlo, revolutionary in his principles, and in his art which arose from his love of Mexico and especially the indigenous peoples David Diaz seems the perfect choice for illustrations, matching his technique to Bernier Grand s description of Rivera s art As naturally as I breathe, I painted in grand scale the colors of Mexico clearer, richer, f [...]

  20. Q_joanneknowles

    Diego is the story of the life of Diego Rivera Like Cesar Si, Se Puede , it is told through poetry however, Diego goes much in depth than Cesar Si, Se Puede I thought the illustrations in both books were kind of monotonous and looked too computer generated, like clip art I did like that in Diego, Bernier used some of his original work Diego goes very in depth into the subject s political beliefs and politics of the time, so I think it would be suitable for high school students Bernier does a be [...]

  21. David

    Written in free verse and vibrantly illustrated based on Ancient Aztec style and color, Diego Bigger Than Life captures the grand in both physical size and creative influence life of artist Diego Rivera Reflecting both Rivera s life experiences, as well as occasional snippets of Rivera s actual work, this biography combines and perfectly unites the narrative and illustrations to tell one, succinct story Included at the end of the book, which takes us through the childhood, emerging adulthood, ma [...]

  22. Julie

    It s hard to imagine how a cradle to grave presentation could be vigorous, compassionate, revealing and humorous than Carmen T Bernier Grand s Diego Bigger Than Life Through evocative free verse, readers learn about the king sized Rivera s life from a childhood marked by tragedy and exceptional gifts to his death shortly after the passing of the love of his tempestuous life, Frida Kahlo In glowing stylized portraits that compliment each first person poem, David Diaz evokes the Aztec imagery tha [...]

  23. Lorena Magallanes

    Carmen T Berlier Grands book, entitled Diego Bigger Than Life is a poetic biography Diego is filled with free verses, each one on a different aspect of Diego s life The contents page, helps to navigate the book, starting at Diego s early life until his death on November 24, 1957.Each poem is accompanied with art done by Caldeocott winner, David Diaz, with the exception of a few poems who were painted by Diego Rivera himself Diaz art is filled with colors, and while the images are not very intric [...]

  24. April Helms

    This book on Diego Riveras, well known artist, is told through colorful illustrations and free verse, a series of chronological poems The illustrations are colorful, stencil like, almost abstract at times It also includes a synopsis of Diego s life, childhood, his various relationships including with fellow artist Frida Kahlo and his art An excellent book for the older reluctant reader I would save this for older grade school at least fifth grade and middle school Diego s poetic voice is honest [...]

  25. Krista the Krazy Kataloguer

    This biography in poems left me wanting to read about Diego Rivera, the Mexican painter The author provides additional biographical information for clarification of some of her poems at the end of the book, however, and a list of sources of further information I must read his autobiography I had no idea he was such a revolutionary Normally I don t like David Diaz s illustrations, but this time he did it just right Also included are some not enough of Rivera s own paintings This book was a 2010 [...]

  26. Q_michelene Haggard

    Biography of Diego Rivera written in free verse poetry Includes useful Glossary, Chronology, Sources, Notes and In His Own Words at the end of the book Best for high school Good to show students that picture books are not only for small children Quick read format for a biography Also good for differentiation for a lower level reader, the poetry with illustrations might be a accessible biography format than a traditional novel biography Painting Lenin in his mural in NYC shows Rivera s courage a [...]

  27. Angie

    Diego Bigger than Life tells the story of Mexican artist Diego Rivera through a series of poems and illustrations The entirety of his life is illustrated in the poems from birth to death I loved that the poems conveyed all the emotion and actual situations of each subject I feel like I learned all about Diego Rivera through these few poems Everything from his upbringing, to his art to his many wives and mistresses were covered I really enjoyed the illustrations as well, but I do wish that of Ri [...]

  28. Rebecca Abrams

    Grade 3 7This book has the Pura Belpre AwardThis is a biography of Diego Rivera a talented artist Written in prose this story tell of the life of Diego as an artist who is from Mexico and travelled to europe to study The book has short stories about Diego s life that I think are interesting and will really capture the attention of upper elementary school students However the story is very deep and some kids may not understand the whole story The book also includes some pictures of Diego s work w [...]

  29. Kate MacMillan

    Carmen T Bernier Grand s inspiring free verse and David Dia s vivid paintings capture the defining moments and emotions of Rivera s tumultuous life, including his stormy relationship with artist Frida Kahlo and his passion for his art Rivera s energy, physique, love for women, and work were all bigger than life A biography, chronology, glossary, sources, notes, and famous quotations are included IL 3 6 RL 5.6

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