Dead Men's Dust (2020)

Dead Men's Dust Matt Hilton Dead Men s Dust The electrifying debut of ex military officer and all around tough guy Joe Hunter who is on the trail of his missing and estranged brother and the madman who may have taken him Joe Hunter solves prob
  • Title: Dead Men's Dust
  • Author: Matt Hilton
  • ISBN: 9780061717147
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Hardcover
Dead Men's Dust Matt Hilton The electrifying debut of ex military officer and all around tough guy Joe Hunter, who is on the trail of his missing and estranged brother and the madman who may have taken him.Joe Hunter solves problems Or, as he likes to put it, he s the weapon sent in when all the planning is done and all that s left is the ass kicking And as a former military operative and eThe electrifying debut of ex military officer and all around tough guy Joe Hunter, who is on the trail of his missing and estranged brother and the madman who may have taken him.Joe Hunter solves problems Or, as he likes to put it, he s the weapon sent in when all the planning is done and all that s left is the ass kicking And as a former military operative and ex CIA agent, he s good at what he does But when he s told that his brother with whom he hasn t been on the best of terms has disappeared, he learns that everything he s faced before is child s play compared to what s coming.Tubal Cain is a killer smart, stealthy, and arrogant but he s also sentimental His most precious possession is the set of knives he uses, and when one of them his favorite Bowie is stolen along a deserted stretch of highway, Cain will stop at nothing to get it back.Unfortunately for Hunter, the thief is his brother, a man who has been on the run from his own mistakes but is now in the cross hairs of a seriously deranged man To find his brother, Hunter must find Cain, and the chase takes all three men on a hair raising journey across the country to a barren spot in the American Southwest, where bones have become nothing than dead men s dust.With its cinematic pacing, nonstop thrills, and strong, charismatic hero, Dead Men s Dust introduces Matt Hilton as a powerful and irresistible new voice in thriller fiction.
Dead Men's Dust Matt Hilton

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    Matt Hilton

One thought on “Dead Men's Dust

  1. Patricia

    Joe Hunter goes right to the top of my list of someone I would want in my corner if things go wrong Lee Child s Jack Reacher held that spot for a long time but there is a new man in town and he s a tough one.Joe is ex military and separated from his wife When Joe learns that his sister in law Jennifer is in trouble he rushes to her aid Jennifer was married to Joe s half brother John Telfer John and Joe had a disagreement and have been out of touch for sometime Now Jennifer implores Joe to find h [...]

  2. James

    Someone else, maybe even someone who reviewed this book, used the term brain candy in relation to a book Now, having heard that description, I can t get it out of my head and it fits perfectly here It may not be a classy, intelligent read but it is chock full of action, intrigue, action, adrenaline and everything that an action junkie could want In short, it s brain candy Unrefined, rough brain candy Three Stars Plot Three Stars Ex Special Forces with a messed up life goes in search of his missi [...]

  3. Pamela

    An incredibly engrossing five star thriller Matt Hilton s first installment in the Joe Hunter series is unequivocally the scariest high octane novel I have ever read This series has not gotten the press or praise it so deserves, and the reason for that eludes this reader the storyline is original and spellbinding, the characters are authentic and bewitching ,and the non stop action is utterly edge of your seat riveting Mr Hilton s well honed author s craft is outstanding, especially in his use o [...]

  4. Maureen DeLuca

    This book story line reminded me very much like the Jack Reacher books storylines I really enjoyed it looking forward to picking up book number 2 in this series

  5. Kay Robinson

    At first, reading the words Special Forces , I thought that this book wasn t my type Blind patriotism, superhero and drawing a line short of killing are usually associated with this description However, I persisted and kept on reading, and was glad I did so Joe Hunter s foes here are initially vicious criminals, but the narrative of Joe s brother s story, running parallel, throws up a character of the type I thrive on, an anti hero that can chill the blood, that has no concience, no morals, and, [...]

  6. Julie Failla Earhart

    Meet Joe Hunter He s a new kind of action hero, or maybe anti hero, depending on your point of view Joe claims that some people call me a vigilante I d rather think of myself as a problem solver In Matt Hilton s debut thriller, Dead Men s Dust, Joe is out to solve all the problems His half brother John is missing and it s up to Joe to find him John is known to be a bit of a scalawag His vice is gambling Joe and John s estranged wife are sure that his gambling has gotten him into a lot of trouble [...]

  7. Darren Sant

    I enjoyed this novel from the very start Matt Hilton s fast paced narrative drew me in and hooked me immediately The banter between the main characters Joe Hunter and Jared Rington was humourous and fun However, at times it was a little forced but never enough to turn me off.I believe this was Matt Hilton s debut novel and for a debut it s very accomplished The action scenes worked very well and anyone who has ever tried to write an action sequence will know that it s tougher than the reader wou [...]

  8. Jo

    The first in a new series following the adventures of Joe Hunter, ex British Forces and now working as a vigilante in the US In this instalment he s on the trail of his wayward brother who s skipped out on his mistress after first leaving his wife and children in England Throw in a serial killer, some lowlife ganglanders and government agents and you ve got a pretty interesting mix Oh, and naturally there are some cool gunfights and explosions Good but not great so let s see if the next in the s [...]

  9. James

    The running man conspiracy continues No, not really I am not going to discuss the cover artwork for Matt Hilton s Dead Men s Dust The running man has already had a good run sorry about that in the blogosphere I thought it was time to actually delve inside, and I am pleased to report that Dead Men s Dust is a cracking good thriller.The opening is a ball tearer, with the character Joe Hunter, from the outset proving that he has the skill set to help the small people of the world Because that is wh [...]

  10. Christian, Kelanth, Scala

    Tiro su con il naso prima di cominciare Chiedo scusa, ma in questa mirabolante opera letteraria, ogni circa un paio di capitoli qualche personaggio tira su con il naso, non si sa bene perch , forse l influenza suina ha colpito il mio libro e ne sono stato contagiato, scusate, tiro su con il naso Mi ricordo un altra opera stratosferica I libri di Luca dove i personaggi ogni venti pagine scrocchiavano le dita, insomma sembra che ultimamente negli autori anglosassoni i tic si sprecano, che siano ar [...]

  11. Book Addict Shaun

    This book proves why I should learn to just ignore other reviewers and make my own opinion I read so many not bad but not raving reviews for this book that it put me off wanting to read it, when in actual fact it turned out to be a very enjoyable read that moved at breakneck speed I thought the book was written very well and it wasn t the usual British author trying to write a book in America and failing, I really felt like I was there when I was reading the book and it felt very authentic Anywa [...]

  12. Jacki (Julia Flyte)

    I hated pretty much everything about this book It was only sheer stubbornness that kept me going to the end The characters are unbelievable, the storyline is totally implausible and the descriptions of violence are sickening It s extremely formulaic and predictable, with no major twists or turns to keep the reader on their toes.The storyline concerns Joe Hunter, a man who has spent 14 years in counter terrorism He s the sort of guy who spouts pearls of wisdom like the scream of a victim sounds t [...]

  13. Michael

    Joe Hunter is a problem solver As the story opens, he arrives in Florida and helps his sister in law, Jennifer, who is being threatened by a criminal nicknamed Shank Shank was trying to intimidate Jenn into giving him money that he said her former husband owed him.When Joe removes the threat, Jenn asks him to find his half brother, John John had left Jenn for another woman and she doesn t love him any but he is the father of her two sons and she doesn t want harm to come to him She tells Joe tha [...]

  14. Toni Osborne

    Book 1 in the Joe Hunter seriesTake a deep breath before starting you are in for an exciting ride From the start you will be plunged into an intense thriller that will grab you attention and hold it till the very end.In this first installment we follow Joe Hunter on a journey across the USA in search of his missing brother John John is deep in trouble, he owes money to very dangerous people and has several enemies in hot pursue of his hide Joe is a former military man, a tough and skilled scrapp [...]

  15. Miles

    A couple of weeks ago, on the anniversary of Elvis s death as it happens, I reviewed the fourth book in Matt Hilton s Joe Hunter series Cut and Run Thanks to the publishers at Hodder, not only had they sent me the fourth book they also included books 1, 2 and 3 Hunter series with the aim to get to them when time allowed.With that in mind I made the slightly disjointed decision to read the Cut and Run Joe Hunter 4 and then continue the journey with Dead Men s Dust Joe Hunter 1 I would then be bac [...]

  16. Johnny

    I have a real soft spot for the men s adventure series books of the 1970s and 1980s You know, The Destroyer, The Executioner, The Death Merchant, etc So I do not in any way mean it as an insult when I say that this book belongs in the stack as a better example of the genre The action is well written and frequent The violence is over the top And it s just plain fun as hell.That said, with the strengths of the genre come the weaknesses, as well The dialogue can often be repetitive or expository, a [...]

  17. Mark Allen

    I didn t hate this book, didn t love it but the reason I didn t love I cannot pinpoint with any accuracy It seemed like it would be right up my literary alley a Special Forces trained assassin with a penchant for solving problems by pulling the trigger but while I breezed through the pages in just a few days, I was never really engaged Yes, Hunter was a cool, badass character in the Jack Reacher Bob Lee Swagger Mitch Rapp vein, but all the supporting personnel just seemed weakly written Also, th [...]

  18. Andrew

    Despite being the first book in the series this is the fourth book that I have read in this series and I have to say I have enjoyed them all If you enjoy reading about Jack Reacher or John Puller I think you will enjoy this series Joe is actually English, and ex special forces, but all the books I have read take place in the U.S He quite often operates alone, or with his ex forces colleague Jared Rington, and to quote the blurb some may call me a vigilante I think I ve just got problems to fix B [...]

  19. Robert

    For Lee Child fans that love to read the Jack Reacher series check out Matt Hilton and his character Joe Hunter This book is the beginning of a very promising series with a real kick ass type of character Where Reacher tends to stumble into the most unpredictable situations Hunter charges in with guns blazing While maybe not all that much of a real world plausible type of book this is a great escape, which is what books are for, into an action packed scenario played out by author Matt Hilton Som [...]

  20. Ubiquitousbastard

    Okay, I admit it The reason I liked the book so much was for the awesome serial killer Did I say awesome I meanahedamn I love that he s not a one dimensional Koontz like character Sometimes throughout the story I thought that he was the only one that knew what he was doing Thinking back on this book, I forget that there is supposed to be a protagonist and I was supposed to give a crap about what he did Because I didn t, and won t read the second book because really I just read this for the insan [...]

  21. Larry

    Matt Hilton has written six Joe Hunter books Hunter is a very tough piece of work and the plots of the novels this one is the first are quite serviceable The chief villain in the first book is fairly scary What is a weakness is the quality of the writing when compared to Mark Greaney or especially Lee Child.

  22. Richard

    Perhaps Mr Hilton needs experience with the US book market, but I did not think this book lived up to the reviews by Christopher Reich or Peter James.Yes, it is a disturbing tale, but too much of the dialogue and situation Joe Hunter finds himself in does not ring true Maybe his second book will be better.

  23. Christian

    Fairly solid writing but the similarities to Lee Child s Jack Reacher were a little bit to obvious I might give one of the later books another try to see how Matt Hiltons development as a writer improves.The bokk itself is a good thriller but not extraordinary.

  24. Jennifer

    Holiday reading only Recommended by Richard Hammond from Top Gear, who said it was taut, thrilling and tense I loved it Not enough to keep me awake at night though d as badly written as Patricia Cornwall.

  25. Paul

    Excellent, I can see the similarities to Reacher, faster pace, he seems to do everything in a hurry and I think he needs some eye candy, too much of a man s man but I suspect the character will be developed so I am looking forward to his next adventure.

  26. Alex

    Worst book I ve ever read Very badly written and full of clich s and so very predictable Hopefully this author will learn from his mistakes and any future books are better thought out Having said that it s horses for courses because my brother in law loves it

  27. Dee Haddrill

    A lot of people touted this character Joe Hunter as the new Jack Reacher, and maybe that clouded my judgement This guy is no Jack Reacher However in saying that, this was the first novel and things change It interested me enough to make me want to read .

  28. Peze

    This is most definately not in the Lee Child Jack reacher league, which is exactly what I was promised in a review I read that prompted me to purchase it originally I felt that the characters were less well drawn and the dialog between the various characters very superficial.

  29. Victoria

    Tried to enjoy this book but found it difficult to care about any of the characters The only one I found interesting was Tubal Cain The end scenes, whilst trying to be gripping and action packed, were incredibly dull.

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