Jetlag (2020)

Jetlag Etgar Keret Actus Tragicus Jetlag This collection of five graphic novellas features a drab salesman who falls in love with a Romanian circus aerialist a young woman who lives next to the entrance to Hell a magician who loses control o
  • Title: Jetlag
  • Author: Etgar Keret Actus Tragicus
  • ISBN: 9781592641550
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
Jetlag Etgar Keret Actus Tragicus This collection of five graphic novellas features a drab salesman who falls in love with a Romanian circus aerialist a young woman who lives next to the entrance to Hell a magician who loses control of his magic a piggy bank named Margolis and a young girl who claims that she is a porn obsessed dwarf on a flight to nowhere.
Jetlag Etgar Keret Actus Tragicus

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    Etgar Keret Actus Tragicus

One thought on “Jetlag

  1. Will

    I hate this guy for the simple reason that he makes writing engrossing stories about everyday life seem as easy as tying your shoe Seriously A boy falls in love with his piggy bank That s the premise of one of these stories Yeah, and it s tragic and wonderful.

  2. Leif Erik

    As you have probably gathered from the title this is five stories of Egan Keret set to pictures All are excellent interpretations of his frankly bizarre fiction Go get a copy.

  3. Christian McKay

    Wonderfully strange short stories with well designed pictures to enhance My favorite was Margolis , where the boy falls in love with his piggy bank.

  4. Dan

    This is a collection of five short stories by Etgar Keret, each one illustrated by different artists All the artists and the author are Israeli.There are 5 stories in total in this book HaTrick A magician s favorite trick becomes a horrible surprise every time he performs it.Margolis A kid is given a piggy bank to save up for a toy However, he becomes attached to the piggy bank.Jetlag A surreal story of a transatlantic flight where a guy is being wooed by a stewardess while being seated next to [...]

  5. Helen

    Five surreal stories fables by Etgar Keret, drawn by five graphic artists I loved Margolis about the misunderstood child and his toy sort of the never ending world of a kid whose parents eternally argue over him Of course the kid turns to his toy in the end rescues it, just as he would want to be rescued HaTrick was somewhat disturbing, no doubt was meant to be I loved Romanian Circus could see the denouement coming but still enjoyed the final image of the guy probably happier and freer with the [...]

  6. Matt

    I m re reading this as part of this month s extra curricular writing project that s supposed to sound flip, not pretnetious I hope it comes across that way It s really good, if slightly uneven mix I like Keret, and I really like the Actus Tragicus folks The winner here is Modan s Romanian Circus, which I think might be closer to a collaboration than an adaptation, since I can t find an original prose version of the story But this is really good, and read alongside the originals, there s a lot to [...]

  7. John

    I m beginning to think Etgar Keret s work can be just as effective in any medium While the art wasn t in the styles I gravitate toward the story telling is the reason to read this book The artist pick up on what is essential Keret and make his work translate into images Overall a nice quick read But it did want to make me read Keret instead of search out the illustrators.

  8. Bonnie Stufflebeam

    I love Etgar Keret, but the stories in this book didn t reflect what I feel are his best works As for the graphic aspect, it felt as though the stories were just split into segments which were then displayed above or beside the graphics I didn t feel as though the graphics were well integrated with the words I also noticed quite a few typos in my copy.

  9. Abraham

    5 illustrators interpret etgar keret stories, rendering them shorter and even surreal than they originally were Something strange about reading this right after reading James Tate They have similar minds, the thread of events in their narratives wanders in haphazard, surreal, and wonderful ways.

  10. Ярослава

    I expected this to be a comic book written by Etgar Keret instead, it s of an illustrated version of a bunch of his short stories which I ve already read , where sometimes the illustrations do not even have an independent role.

  11. Sarah

    I think I was spoiled by loving The Nimrod Flipout In Jetlag , I found myself distracted by the graphics Instead of the story being enhanced by the pictures, for me, I lost the rhythm and tone and sometimes even the story One exception was the story Margolis.

  12. Richard

    Most of these novellas read like illustrated stories than comics There all pretty good although I kind of wish they were better It seems like they should have been better.

  13. Katrina

    Very bizarre Really expressive and loose illustration styles from Actus Tragicus, the group of comic artists who illustrated.

  14. Steve

    I bought this graphic novel because it contains stories by Contemporary Israeli author Etgar Kerat A good read.

  15. Yossi Pinhas

    israil toplumuna bir bak atarken insanl k halini ger ek st zorluklarla de erlendiren asl nda h z nl bir izgi yk ler dizisi her bir yk farkl bir izer taraf ndan resimlenmi.

  16. Jim Talbott

    This is a really enjoyable collection I d read all of the stories before, but it s great to see what different artists do with them.

  17. Maureen

    Wry, depressing but funny comics from Israel Rutu Modan illustrated the last story, which was a nice surprise.

  18. Neven

    My tolerance for quirky serious Lynchian stories with woodcut style art is currently at an all time low.

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