Plenty Enough Suck to Go Around (2020)

Plenty Enough Suck to Go Around CherylWagner Plenty Enough Suck to Go Around Print and public radio journalist Wagner describes rebuilding after Hurricane KatrinaDespite Kafkaesque experiences with the infamous bureaucratic mess that threatened to undo New Orleans once and for
  • Title: Plenty Enough Suck to Go Around
  • Author: CherylWagner
  • ISBN: 9780806531038
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
Plenty Enough Suck to Go Around CherylWagner Print and public radio journalist Wagner describes rebuilding after Hurricane KatrinaDespite Kafkaesque experiences with the infamous bureaucratic mess that threatened to undo New Orleans once and for all, the couple held on to their optimism for the city and their little piece of it Wagner captures the nostalgia, the heartbreak and the friendships spawned in Katrina sPrint and public radio journalist Wagner describes rebuilding after Hurricane KatrinaDespite Kafkaesque experiences with the infamous bureaucratic mess that threatened to undo New Orleans once and for all, the couple held on to their optimism for the city and their little piece of it Wagner captures the nostalgia, the heartbreak and the friendships spawned in Katrina s turbulent aftermath with raw emotional honesty free of sentimentality Unflinching, humorous and heartfelt Kirkus ReviewsThe cliche New Orleans gets into people s blood happens to be very true just not always convenient For Cheryl Wagner, along with her indie band boyfriend, a few eccentric pals, and two aging basset hounds, abandoning the city she loved wasn t an option.This is the story of Cheryl s disturbing surprise view from her front porch after she moved back home to find everything she treasured in shamblesd her determined, absurd, and darkly funny three year journey of trying to piece it all back together.In the same heartfelt and hilarious voice that has drawn thousands of listeners to her broadcasts on Public Radio International s This American Life, Wagner shares her unique yet universal story of rebuilding a life after it s been flooded, dried, and died Dark, funny, generous and jarring occasionally tragic but never sentimental Paul Tough, author of Whatever It Takes Geoffrey Canada s Quest to Change Harlem and America A wonderful, touching, thoughtful, crazy, loving book Frederick Barthelme, author of Waveland and eleven other works of fiction including Elroy Nights, a finalist for the PEN Faulkner Awardand a New York Times Notable Book A wild, blood and guts lived to tell all memoir Porochista Khakpour, author of Sons and Other Flammable Objects The book would be heartbreaking if it weren t so funny, so clear eyed, and so beautifully fierce James Whorton Jr author of Frankland I love it Pete Jordan, author of Dishwasher One Man s Quest to Wash Dishes in Fifty States Imagine if Jack Kerouac had lived through the flood and wrote you a long, personal letter from the wreckage Jonathan Goldstein, author of Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible and Host of CBC s and PRI s radio show WireTap Wagner writes with honesty and humor Annie Choi, author of Happy Birthday or Whatever A work of art, unsparing of everything, including itself Jack Pendarvis, author of AwesomeThe Times Picayune Wagner s is a distinctive and funny voice, with that tone of the committed and at times should be committed New Orleanian.The title comes, as if you can t guess, from those infuriating stories of comparative loss post Katrina, when those who had lost everything were subjected to the litanies of minor inconvenience by the fortunate Everyone s loss is big to them, Wagner kept telling herself And so it was I was not interested in sifting and weighing suck on a bunch of tiny scales, she continued Suck was too hard to quantify There was plenty enough suck to go around Sitting around measuring it wasn t going to fix anything What makes this story uniquely memorable is Wagner s wise and wisecracking voice, the broken heart beneath the bravado Working on a survey of gutted non gutted buildings, she writes, By the time you finished hearing people s problems, you wished you were a professional busybody or the mayor or the governor or a city inspector or anyone who could and would actually do something And who hasn t had that feeling, way back then or as recently as yesterday Finally, Wagner and her boyfriend end up with the dogs, sanity and each other And we end up with this fine book, with its searing honesty, its gallows humor and its survivor spirit.
Plenty Enough Suck to Go Around CherylWagner

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One thought on “Plenty Enough Suck to Go Around

  1. Rashaan

    Every year, Saint Mary s College chooses a text for Freshmen to read, a narrative that unites the incoming class with a common frame of reference, joining students in a shared discovery of learning This year s pick was Cheryl Wagner s memoir Plenty Enough Suck to Go Around At the time Wagner wrote her book, our students were thirteen years old They were familiar with the footage, and they knew Katrina was bad, but Wagner s story turns, what many of us might have experienced as an abstract nation [...]

  2. kate

    got an advanced reading copy of this through the bookstore LOVED it by that i mean this book is difficult true heartbreaking hilarious wagner makes me simultaneously feel pretty much like a jerk for leaving the south also a little grateful that at least some folk with a sense of humor a deep, abiding love for the city stamina for bullshit are still there, piecing their homes lives back togetheris book is filled with gorgeous moments at one point, wagner her boyfriend jake are recovering from a c [...]

  3. Catherine

    Wagner, a contributor on NPR s This American Life, writes about the long process of recovery personally, as well as sharing the changes within her community, after Hurricane Katrina.The tone of her memoir is conversational and provides an excellent account of living through an enormous natural disaster, and literally and figuratively rebuilding her life despite unending obstacles and bureaucracy Her story is engaging and honest and includes a great deal of humor.

  4. Dianne

    As you might imagine, this memoir is pretty depressing It s a Katrina memoir, written by a woman who s in the vicinity of my age group, and tells the story of her and her partner s endless, miserable work to clean and restore their flooded home The question she keeps asking herself besides should we run like hell is, can New Orleans ever be the community it was, or did it drown and rot away with the stinking flood waters I really enjoyed the author s voice it s not a funny story but she manages [...]

  5. Debbie Howell

    Post Katrina New Orleans from the point of view of someone who returned to repair and live in her flooded Mid City home Cheryl Wagner writes conversationally she s a radio commentator and very personally about the what it was like to return with her boyfriend to their almost deserted neighborhood and to do the exhausting work physical and emotional of restoring their home Reading this book made me realize the incredible amount of energy and commitment it would have taken to return to New Orleans [...]

  6. Emma

    Though there are some writing eccentricities here a couple of places where perhaps the narrative jumps through time than the reader is given cues for this memoir completely captivated me I learned a great deal about the New Orleans flood and its aftermath, and Wagner s tone really invited me in Her focus is tight on her own neighborhood and experience, and yet her story reveals much about the whole disaster, without explicitly doing so I am impressed by all she got this memoir of flood recovery [...]

  7. Tawny

    I wanted a book to give me an idea of what Katrina was like, and also what Nola felt like to a native Wagner s story than delivers on that, and with a writing style that makes the book feel like a different place I was amazed at how long their personal cleanup took, and a little bit miffed by the total damage Especially when I thought about buying this in the garden district last weekend finding the city to be in good shape for those who don t know, as I didn t pre visit, the garden district wa [...]

  8. J

    A good, but tough book to read It s the kind of book you struggle through not because it s poorly written, but because the author does such a good job of making you feel her anxiety, frustration and zillion other emotions It still blows my mind how colossally the government federal, state and local screwed up on Katrina and the rippling effects, even years later, that has had on the people of New Orleans and the other hard hit Gulf coast regions effected by this massive storm Nothing like this s [...]

  9. Teresa

    This book made me really angry at times mainly because it revealed so starkly the gross failure of our government to protect and serve its citizens during a crisis, but also because it showed just how screwed you are if you are poor or mentally ill in America Parts were also quite funny or touching or both at the same time Wagner has a clear, honest voice and offers an important portrait of what rebuilding after Katrina has really meant for New Orleans.

  10. Anne Phyfe Palmer

    Whipped through this terrific memoir about the years after Cheryl Wagner s Mid City New Orleans home was flooded in Hurricane Katrina She captures, with the perfect amount of closeness, the trauma and endless challenge she and her boyfriend Jake encountered and overcame in their dedication to NOLA and the things about it that exists nowhere else.

  11. Joy

    A raw real account about what it must have been like to live through and rebuild after Katrina For those of us who lived far away, we had absolutely no idea This author tells the story with truth and humor and I found myself rooting for her and her friends all the way through I love NOLA and would live to go back to find her renewed neighborhood.

  12. Ellen

    I know its contrite to say that a book is honest But, that is really the only word I can come up with to describe this one Wagner is funny, blunt, and completely aware of her relative luck It shifts this from being another raw look at this tragedy into something deeper and longer lasting Pretty amazing.

  13. Angela

    schedule 3 hours, sit down and discuss with your friend what happened in New Orleans post Katerina this is what reading Cheryl feels like a great story, cutting words and a format that feels like home.

  14. Amanda

    Pretty good Some cunning language This is the story of a sort of young white couple of freelancers who live in New Orleans and dutifully and painfully and triumphantly and slowly rebuild the house they own in Mid City after Hurricane Katrina There are some lovely dog anecdotes, some real live disaster inspired bickering, death of future planning and stuff based economies lost to the flood, death of humans and friends and violence, family dynamics, pests, garbage and unknown toxic waste The peopl [...]

  15. Kyla

    I admit, I have a particular soft spot for this book because of how often it references Helen Hill the New Orleans filmmaker I so admired who was murdered after Katrina And it felt like the Katrina story told by someone I could relate to thirty ish, gainfully employed but not in the usual way, no extra resources to help her out of the my house just got flooded jam I especially liked the prologue about her knowing the kind of people who come up with crazy schemes and say what a good idea versus t [...]

  16. Nathalie

    Got this one with a Valentine s day GC, and unfortunately, I have to say it s been pretty much a rip so far The author s style is not as terse as I tend to go for, and so far the story s pretty boring It s also kinda funny how people reacted differently to the people who were stuck in NO after Katrina Wagner and her partner complain non stop about their friends who didn t leave by choice and now need help, but so far they stay right where they are in Gainesville, FL.We ll seee jury s still out.E [...]

  17. Vy

    This was a difficult book It s a very gritty memoir about one couple s experiences in the wake of Katrina I thought that Wagner s use of email snippets to paint a picture of what she and her friends were thinking and feeling in the first days was especially powerful Some parts are funny, but mostly it s about how Wagner and her boyfriend trudged through the recovery process I only had to experience the hurricane peripherally because of how it affected immediate family members I suspect that if [...]

  18. Susan

    Excellent, probably 4.5 stars rating Wagner has a conversational tone that made me feel like I was listening to a friend or eavesdropping on a therapy session It was equal parts dark and hopeful, weird and introspective I think this perfectly encapsulates the battling emotions and reactions to living in New Orleans, pre and post Katrina There is a love for the city that can t be understood by outsiders and a need to see through even the worst of the aftermath I think Wagner hits on all of this i [...]

  19. Janet

    As an adopted New Orleanian and lover of the city, there was much in this book that resonated with me Many of my friends faced the same dilemmas as Cheryl in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and we all shared the doubts, the concerns, the love, and the suck as we went through many rough years She captures what it was to be in that indescribable space and time with clarity and humor and a true perspective Worth the read.

  20. Heather Hewson

    Funny, clever, sad From the first threat of Hurricane Katrina s descent into New Orleans and for two years after, Wagner describes government bureaucracy, frustration, misery, and loss of everything in a way that you feel guilty for smiling, and share the absolute chaos of post Katrina recovery If you can even call it that This doesn t fall into the misery memoir category it goes into high adventure against all odds.

  21. Laurie

    I really enjoyed this memoir of one woman s experiences during and immediately after Hurricane Katrina Wagner is a person I can imagine being friends with, and this really visceral account of how she and her boyfriend and community re built after Katrina is very engagingly written and really personalized the story of that disaster for me Recommended.

  22. Suezq

    A book by Cheryl Wagner of the This American Life radio program about living through hurricane Katrina and it s aftermath The book describes what it s like to like in a flooded house, fight with insurance companies, fight with FEMA, and lose friends to the crime wave that spread throughout the city, all while trying to rebuild your damaged home.

  23. Kim

    A memoir about surviving after hurricane katrina Cheryl and her boyfriend and two basset hounds live in mid city in New Orleans and their house is devestated in the flood They are amazing people There is no way I could have done what they did Amazing story about human spirit.

  24. Danette

    Really good loved the author s voice Interesting perspective, especially between the folks in New Orleans who DID flood and those who did NOT Best Katrina book I ve read other than Chris Rose s heart wrenching collection of Times Picayune articles, One Dead in the Attic.

  25. Ali

    Almost finished with this book Its a quick, easy read Its one couple s experience through Hurricane Katrina and rebuilding after Its pretty interesting and hey, their lives are way crappier than mine.

  26. Ida

    Certainly not high literature , but a very personal and well written account on the author s experiences with Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath in New Orleans I found it deeply moving and insightful.

  27. Doug Gruse

    To be fair, the author is one of my best friends from high school, but I think this memoir does a really good job of capturing life in New Orleans post Katrina Funny at times, but often disturbing.

  28. Stephanie

    This one crossed my desk today evidently she s a public radio contributor say, like, Sarah Vowell, David Sedaris This one is about Hurricane Kaatrina The prologue reads a lot like Marion Winik Makes me love her and want to buy the book RIGHT NOW

  29. Dennis

    Sad and funny at the same time Good memoire of a couple who lived through the aftermath of Katrina and their trials and tribulations trying to restore their home after the flood Brought New Orleans tragedy home

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