Winter Wheat (2020)

Winter Wheat Mildred Walker James Welch Winter Wheat For this Bison Books edition James Welch the acclaimed author of Winter in the Blood and other novels introduces Mildred Walker s vivid heroine Ellen Webb who lives in the dryland wheat coun
  • Title: Winter Wheat
  • Author: Mildred Walker James Welch
  • ISBN: 9780803297418
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
Winter Wheat Mildred Walker James Welch For this Bison Books edition, James Welch, the acclaimed author of Winter in the Blood 1986 and other novels, introduces Mildred Walker s vivid heroine, Ellen Webb, who lives in the dryland wheat country of central Montana during the early 1940s He writes, It is a story about growing up, becoming a woman, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, within the space of a year aFor this Bison Books edition, James Welch, the acclaimed author of Winter in the Blood 1986 and other novels, introduces Mildred Walker s vivid heroine, Ellen Webb, who lives in the dryland wheat country of central Montana during the early 1940s He writes, It is a story about growing up, becoming a woman, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, within the space of a year and a half But what a year and a half it is Welch offers a brief biography of Walker, who wrote nine of her thirteen novels while living in Montana.
Winter Wheat Mildred Walker James Welch

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    Mildred Walker James Welch

One thought on “Winter Wheat

  1. Renee Porter

    Written over sixty years ago about ranchers living in remote parts of Montana, this old fashioned coming of age novel has a surprising currency Its bittersweet portrayal of human relationships has a deep ring of emotional truth, and its understanding of the constantly shifting nature of identity makes it almost postmodern Meanwhile, it can be read with a kind of page turning breathlessness that keeps readers hoping that everything against all odds will somehow turn out for the best Most remarkab [...]

  2. Heleen

    Very Willa Cather esque novel of a young girl coming of age in Montana At first I was frustrated with the pace of the novel, but later came to appreciate it Amazing how great authors can take some ordinary people in ordinary circumstances and turn them into something beautiful I was in tears through almost all of Part Three Spoiler alert I loved how Ellen came around to appreciating her parents, even with their flaws and fallibility And who doesn t love a great opening sentence September is like [...]

  3. Jeanette

    It s closer to 3.5 star and if you are in love with wheat country wide plains Montana solitude, it will be a 4 star plus for you.Beautiful, lyrical almost to mystic chapter upon chapter of the Wheat Ranchers lives in the harrows rut to rut The daughter of this household is 19 and the year is 1940 The father Vermont raised is old daughter s descriptive adjective at 40 and her Mother is from Russia The Mother married him when she was 17 while he was a soldier in the former war within her own count [...]

  4. Denise

    An interesting look at the life of a young girl in Montana and dry land farming in the 1940 s I felt that the book was an ode to the land and lifestyle, and a coming of age story There is a lot said about the beauty of the different seasons on the farm, and about the main character s Ellen struggle to decide if she wants to accept her parents with all their perceived flaws and her life there, or leave for love and a different life In the end, she learns to see her parents as they really are and [...]

  5. Sheila

    It took a while for this book to grab me, but once it did I was hooked I loved the metaphor throughout the story of winter wheat and its comparisons to love and life As Ellen s mom said, That don t mean nothing We get mad, sure Like ice an snow an thunder an lightning storm, but they don t hurt the wheat down in the ground any The strong, good wheat can still grow through the toughest of times.

  6. Jennifer Hughes

    Mildred Walker s writing is deceptively simple It moves at the pace of life, so slowly that it s almost imperceptible until we can look at it in hindsight You have to keep reading and trust that the plot movement and character evolution will come It will Be patient Walker s writing reminds me of Willa Cather or Edith Wharton Her imagery is haunting She used the metaphor of winter wheat in ways I d never think of This coming of age story is of a young woman newly off to college in 1940, but it wi [...]

  7. Valerie Petersen

    This novel has a descriptive quality that is truly remarkable The story focuses on a young woman who grows up on a Montana wheat farm, goes off to college in Minnesota for one year where she falls in love She gets engaged and brings her fiance home to Montana where she sees her roots through his eyes stark, barren and without love He breaks off their engagement.Ellen then begins to see her past through her own eyes again and recognizes what she loved about it She has many questions about her par [...]

  8. Stephany

    This was a beautiful, enjoyable read that I could not put down The description a girl from a dry wheat ranch in Montana goes to college, can t afford to attend the next year, becomes a teacher didn t prepare me to like it as much as I did, but Mildred Walker s writing is a treat It s one of those books in which you pause to reread certain sentences purely for how beautiful they are.I thought the end became a little earnest and precious, and that it went on for a bit too long, but don t let these [...]

  9. Jill

    Reminds me of an adult version of the Laura Ingalls Wilder stories, set at the cusp of the United States entry into WWII As such, it has much nuance and focus on characters and their inner lives than just plot and adventure But if you liked that setting, reading about the difficulty and triumph of their lives on the prairie, you might also enjoy this book.

  10. Bronson

    I loved this book from the first page The characters are so real and honest, you feel like you know them right away Ellen takes us on a journey and we see the world through her eyes as she leaves her home and goes to college When she returns, she sees things in a new light Her home, her parents, her town, all that she came from seems different as she moves out of childhood and becomes an adult I don t know that I ve ever read a book that created such a clear picture of the people and the place I [...]

  11. Bethany

    This is a book that is meant to be owned, loved, read and re read As soon as I read the last lines I wanted to start all over again It s beautifully written and I have never read anything that reminded me so much of the time when I was 18 19 years old Many of my friends during high school worked and lived on farms and we spent many afternoons driving back country roads with nothing but corn fields and blue skies in sight Walker s descriptions of the work and worry of farm life are at once vivid [...]

  12. Nancee

    The title makes this book sound very boring However, the author is a pretty decent writer and makes an extremely boring book be a little exciting I would have given this book 3 stars if I were to base it on the writing, character development and descriptions It reminded me of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn a little bit However, the story itself was quite uneventful Not a whole lot happens She loves a boy, he dies in the war Another guy likes her, but she doesn t like him She thinks her parents don t [...]

  13. Lissa

    September is like a quiet day after a whole week of wind, The opening line of Mildred Walker s most popular novel, Winter Wheat, sets the tone for the metaphors of the farming and natural worlds that bring this book to life.After selling the dry land wheat crop in the early 1940 s at a decent price, Ellen Webb s parents can afford to send her away for her first year of college She goes back east to school Minnesota is east of Montana anyway, and falls in love with Gil, a wealthy and cultured sen [...]

  14. Nancy

    Winter Wheat by Mildred Walker is a book told through the eyes of Ellen, a young woman who grew up on a wheat ranch in Montana In 1940 the family ranch provided a bumper crop that allowed her to start college in Minnesota, by far the furthest she had ever been from her parents and the ranch Several months after arriving for her freshman year Gil, a fellow student who has noticed her in the library, introduces himself Soon they feel they are in love and plan to marry some day Gil and Ellen are ve [...]

  15. Rene

    Squeaky clean book dealing with the reason for being, beauty, hands, seasons, times when one feels trapped in his her circumstances, disappointments in parents and the resolution of those feelings ,being free from anyone else good bad p 164 , and an interesting Walt Whitman poem p 141 There was a child went forth every day Finally, the comparison of how love grows like winter wheat, susceptible to cold, wind, temperatures and the affects of strong and week roots Ellen explores her love and her p [...]

  16. Bethany

    I can t decide if this book is three or four stars This is longer than usual as book club is three weeks off and I need to remember what I m thinking The language is beautiful, but the writing has some substantial problems to me On one hand, the descriptions of the setting are lovely it reminds mw of My Antonia in its love for the landscape, but it s less boring and repetitious The three main characters are beautifully drawn But the metaphors are heavy handed And I don t know why Ellen loved Gil [...]

  17. Amy Haluptzok wagler

    Loved this book She describes living in Montana at the start of World War II and the difficulties of ranching and being dependent on the weather As I read I could picture the plants and flowers sage, lupine, etc and views she was describing I didn t realize until the end, the book was actually written in 1944 I also thought of the main character as being one of my grandmas s who were both about the same age at the time period in the book Times were so different then and what was expected of peop [...]

  18. Shirley

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book about the hardships of life on a Montana wheat farm during the 1940s It is a coming of age story told by the ninteen year old only daughter of a Russian immigrant married to an American soldier during WWI During the year and a half she experiences her first year at college, her first love, having to leave college because of a poor harvest and a year teaching at a very small isolated one room school house She experiences a range of emotions The writing like the coun [...]

  19. CarrieLyn

    I loved this book It reads like a classic I loved how we really got inside of Ellen Yelena s head I loved the themes of what makes a good marriage, how working side by side builds up a love that means than romantic love I loved learning about the time period, the farm life, the significance of the two world wars in so many people s lives Really glad someone else recommended this on , and I really recommend it to others.

  20. Gayle

    I really enjoyed this book It is about a young woman who has lived her life on a farm in Montana There is enough money to send her to college back east which allowed Ellen to spread her wings It is not boring, but it feels casual and easy to read I think I am reminded of Willa Cather s writing and that may be a reason I liked this book so much.

  21. Sarah

    A simple and beautiful story about finding love and yourself Mildred Walker is a talented writer her storytelling reminds me a lot of Wallace Stegner high praise from me and Willa Cather in My Antonia A true writer of the west, and I am glad to have discovered her Thank you, CarrieLyn, for suggesting this book

  22. Cheri

    A new favorite Gorgeously written, with characters who are so real that they make you mad and make you cry and make you turn for a fresh look at the wonderful, difficult, beautiful people in your own life Put Willa Cather in Montana at the start of WWII, and you might get something like this book a rich, lyrical coming of age story in which the land itself is also a character.

  23. Sue

    Amazing talented author She captured the rugged beauty of the plains, added in the endless work on a dry land farm and carefully crafted characters you immediately cared about Some may say it s a dark bookobably city slickers , but for those who lived thru ruthless heat and bone chilling winters, it s a book of reflection, memories and hope.

  24. Hilary

    2.5 stars I had a hard time getting into it It was a very slow moving book I liked the author s use of metaphors throughout the book and at my book club we had an interesting discussion, which is why I gave it 2.5 instead of the 2 stars I was going to originally give it.

  25. Rachel

    Thank you for this great recommendation Tami This is written in one of my favorite settings the Dust Bowl of the 1930 s However, the plot focuses on a young woman s perception of the strange relationship between her parents Very interesting.

  26. Carolyn Pina

    A simple story, and very well told, about farming the plains of Montana If I could, I would give it 3.5 stars Good characters, too I enjoyed it.

  27. Gloria

    In 1944, Winter Wheat was nominated for the National Book Award This title has been on my to read list for several years now and I m sorry I did not read it sooner Soft and gentle in tone, it vividly brings alive the lifestyle of the Great Plains in the years following World War I Without knowing it, Mildred Walker has written my own mother s story so it feels extraordinarily authentic.This is the story of a young girl ready for college and love Both turn out to be exciting and complicated tha [...]

  28. Debbie

    Ellen Webb tells us her story in Winter Wheat She is the only and much loved child of mixed heritage parents her father an American from the northeast and her mother a war bride from Russia who take up the rough, difficult life of ranching in Montana.As Ellen travels east for university, she is vibrant, full of life and eager to discover the world beyond the only small town, rural world she knows She falls deeply and blissfully in love but her dreams for the future take an unexpected turn.This s [...]

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