Purses and Poison (2020)

Purses and Poison Dorothy Howell Purses and Poison Fashion sleuth Haley Randolph is back for another murderous romp with the stylish set at Holt s Department StoreWhen Haley arrives at the Holt employee luncheon and fashion show she spies a sick serv
  • Title: Purses and Poison
  • Author: Dorothy Howell
  • ISBN: 9780758223760
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
Purses and Poison Dorothy Howell Fashion sleuth Haley Randolph is back for another murderous romp with the stylish set at Holt s Department StoreWhen Haley arrives at the Holt employee luncheon and fashion show, she spies a sick server hiding in a back room Deciding to help out, Haley grabs a uniform The catered array of food and personalized fruit bouquets from Edible Elegance is a hit until top fasFashion sleuth Haley Randolph is back for another murderous romp with the stylish set at Holt s Department StoreWhen Haley arrives at the Holt employee luncheon and fashion show, she spies a sick server hiding in a back room Deciding to help out, Haley grabs a uniform The catered array of food and personalized fruit bouquets from Edible Elegance is a hit until top fashion model Claudia Gray is found dead in the ladies room Now, it s going to take than a Chanel sample sale to ease Haley s panic once she learns Claudia s been poisoned This title is suitable for someone thinks murder is the height of fashion with Haley s name on the label.
Purses and Poison Dorothy Howell

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    419 Dorothy Howell
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One thought on “Purses and Poison

  1. Catherine

    A quick read But did not like the main character Haley It is hard to get interested in such a selfish person who only did things for herself She lied all the time, because she felt she was too important to bother Don t think I will read any about her Too many good books out there to read.

  2. Amy

    A fun read in this second installment of the Hayley Randolph series Although I am no fashionista and I usually consider a bargain to be a great purse found at a yard sale or at thrift shop, I enjoy reading about her mis adventures Finding who poisoned her possible romantic rival is not easy and there are as many as there are designer handbags The romantic tension between her and Ty escalates, almost a bit too much for me, but not enough to sidetrack the mystery I look forward to the next book

  3. Annette Drake

    I finished this book last night I think the author, Dorothy Howell, did not like the protagonist she created I wonder if she was under some sort of a deadline and didn t have the time to craft a mystery, but just wrote verbatim what the voices in her head dictated to her I found the protagonist unlikeable She was a silly, spoiled girl who cared only for herself This is the second cozy mystery I have reviewed where I use those words to describe the main character Is that a feature of this genre S [...]

  4. Jenn

    This bookwas pretty bad Haley Randolph is a horrible human being who very occasionally does something nice If you like those insipid Shopaholic books, you ll love Haleye makes the same stupid mistakes and tells the same type of lies The who in whodunit was pretty transparent The ending was sad and pathetic, without meaning to be Just, blech It gets an extra star because it was very readable and I didn t give up on it No, really I m feeling generous.

  5. Connie

    Sigh where to begin I found myself rooting against Haley For one hot minute I actually thought Ty had a brain and would drop her She is in her 20s and my 16 year old son is mature than her I find it difficult to believe that she was smarter than the cops once again.

  6. Ferne

    I read the first novel in the series earlier this year I don t recall the exact time frame and decided I would try another title in the series I classify this type of book as light and fluffy and I sometimes can enjoy the fun moments in a light read However, I didn t enjoy this novel beginning on the opening page of Chapter 2 and unfortunately retain that opinion as I finished it.A few paragraphs into Chapter 2, the main character, Haley Randolph says, I pointed to a heavyset woman wearing jeans [...]

  7. Cecilia

    Another protagonist narrator in the chick lit genre that makes me want to bang my head against the wall.ough I suppose that s the point I have to believe the author was self aware when writing such a flawed character, perhaps a relatable one that we can t help rooting for and loving despite being frustrated with all her short comings and terrible, honestly terrible decisions.I m not one of those people who tries to solve the mystery before the answer is revealed I like to just go along with the [...]

  8. Dalene

    Original review posted at A Date with a BookI am enjoying this series There s not a lot of depth with the characters, but definitely a lot of humor in the story Haley is a perfect sleuth As ditzy as she may seem because of her love of purses and not wanting to pay attention at times, she is able to settle down and solve the crime She also is connected with her resources to assist her in getting what she need I loved how Haley got wrapped up with the cat and kittens escapade.The murder in this st [...]

  9. Cecelia

    I wasn t expecting a lot from this book And in the end, I didn t get much Pretty much a clich book with it s never ending foreshadowing and thoughtless cliffhangers The characters were pretty bland and remained pretty two dimensional throughout the whole thing I especially disliked the way the main character was portrayed she seemed like a totally independent stereotypical female that likes to solve crimes Sort of leaning towards the Nancy Drew side of this Surprisingly I didn t hate her mother [...]

  10. Lisa

    There has been another murder at Holt s department store, and of course, Haley Randolph just happens to be in the wrong place at the right time to be accused of murder With all this new craziness, it is becoming hard to balance her new college courses, her job, her boyfriend, and of course, her shopping But somehow, Haley will rise above it all, and might just solve the murder.Another super fun, light fluffy read All of the fun of the Shopaholic books, but without the swearing and sex.

  11. Ingrid Parker

    I enjoyed this book like the rest in the series I laughed almost on every page The mysteries to solve are very well plotted I could not guess the murderer and that being a mystery buff0 was is the best part I m almost finished with the series and am sad that it will come to an end I hope Dorothy continues to add Haley Randolph delightful adventures P.S to Dorothy, Please don t have Ty and Haley get together to soon That will spoil the fun with Sara Covington Oh Crap

  12. Rachel Baynard

    Hated it Hated Haley so so SO much Too materialistic, too into herself, proud to be a maniac on the road Fashion is not everything and acting like people aren t as good as you because their clothes and cars aren t name brand is horrible Never reading anything involving this chick again It was bad enough forcing myself to read it.

  13. Lisa

    Only about the second mystery I have read since my Nancy Drew days Kind of cute, mildly humorous, characters about as deep as a kiddie pool, a quick read Definitely a summer read It is apparently the 2nd book about the lead character, but I won t expend any energy in hunting down the first one If I stumble across it, I might pick it up.

  14. Susan

    Heiress Haley Randolph is still working in a Los Angeles discount store to keep herself in beer money and Snickers, when her boyfriend s ex girlfriend is murdered at an employees party Haley had filled in for an ailing server, and she lies to the police, for fear that she ll be suspected So she decides to investigate the death herself, finding herself under and suspicion.

  15. Dl Hood

    The second in this new series successfully continues the hilarious escapades of a self absorbed, but surprisingly savvy purse aholic She always knows just the perfect designer handbag to accessorize with, even solving a murder.

  16. Amber Jones

    Another cozy mystery Nothing gory, but the main character reminds me of Rebecca Bloomwood Kind of ditzy and goofy Easy read There is a third book in this series and another book coming out next July.

  17. Lisa

    Good gracious Are there people like Haley in real life I can t even fathom knowing someone like thatobsessed with purses, blind to the world around her, fixated on Cosmos quizzes so she can feign a relationship with Ty Could barely finish it.

  18. Lesley

    I liked this book.A bit cheesy and I didn t realize that it was 2 in a series so I had to catch up and figure out a little about book 1 And I am terrible at mysteries so I always look to the end to see who the murderer is before I get to it.

  19. Melodie

    This is the sopho entry in the Haley Randolph series and not as good as the first one Haley comes off as very unlikeable and a total airhead I ll wait for paperback on the next one I m glad I picked this up cheap on eBay and turned it back around for than I paid for it

  20. Lizzie

    Mysteries it is definitly the season for mysteries, though Im moving to another series for a while I still love Haley, I really did like this book better than the first one but I still think the best is yet to come

  21. Sarah Adamson

    Easy to read fun cozy mystery but just didn t interest me I am not into fashion and didn t appreciate any of the handbag talk I also didn t like the relationship between the main character and her boyfriend Just was not interesting to me.

  22. Chris

    This book is hilarious The terribly shallow, dishonest, self centered main character is so awful she s hilarious And once in a while she shocked me by doing something kind I liked this than the first one Its just great for a relaxing, funny, murder mystery

  23. Jaynan

    I absolutely love Hayley Randolph She s become the comic relief in my stressful life This is far from the typical thriller murder mystery Hayley s logic is laugh out loud funny I hope the author writes fast, because I can t wait for the next book.

  24. Katie

    It was ok for what it was Leading lady annoyed me at first then got to like her Probally would have been better if I read the first book first, but not hard to understand if you didn t But would of made characters likeable.

  25. Dina Black

    Light humor mystery She reminds me of a lot of people Means well, tries to do the right thing then it backfires on her.Gets in trouble but doesn t want to admit what she was doing so she becomes a sleuth trying to get to the bottom of the situation and clear her name.

  26. Christine

    I m not sure I can even finish itry predictable and not a lot of depth in the writing I didnwaste my time The old sayingDon t judge a book by the covertely applies Cover was attractive.ory not so much

  27. Linda

    Another good entry in the Haley Randolph series Haley gets into all sorts of trouble and solves the murder to get herself out of it and of course it ends in a cliffhanger Can t wait to see what happens next

  28. Clare Havens

    This book is an absolute riot Irreverent and fast paced it is a real breath of fresh air Can t wait to read

  29. Mila Said

    It s amusing, easy reading and kinda funny But I m not buying another book from this series Two is enough he3x,,,

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