TheProsperous Few and the Restless Many (Real Story) (2020)

TheProsperous Few and the Restless Many (Real Story) Noam Chomsky David Barsamian TheProsperous Few and the Restless Many Real Story These wide ranging interviews from and cover everything from Bosnia and Somalia to biotechnology and nonviolence with particular attention to the Third Worldization of the United States
  • Title: TheProsperous Few and the Restless Many (Real Story)
  • Author: Noam Chomsky David Barsamian
  • ISBN: 9781878825032
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
TheProsperous Few and the Restless Many (Real Story) Noam Chomsky David Barsamian These wide ranging interviews, from 1992 and 1993, cover everything from Bosnia and Somalia to biotechnology and nonviolence, with particular attention to the Third Worldization of the United States.
TheProsperous Few and the Restless Many (Real Story) Noam Chomsky David Barsamian

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    148 Noam Chomsky David Barsamian
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One thought on “TheProsperous Few and the Restless Many (Real Story)

  1. Guy

    A gentle introduction to Chomsky, as it is a series of short questions and answers in an interview with David Barsamian And by gentle I don t mean soft or empty of hard truths Not at all In very few words it is full of clear examples of the brutality of America s foreign policies and the role of the media in disseminating delusion Even though I am very familiar with Chomsky s critiques of American global hegemony, I still came across some new gems For example, here is an American intellectual s [...]

  2. Kony

    Truth be told, I was poised to give this 3 stars until I hit the latter sections The first half consists of mile a minute punditry on bad behavior by US state corporate entities, at home abroad It might be brilliant, but you need intimate familiarity with 1980s 90s politics to fathom what he s saying This I lack So I felt like I was dog paddling through a sea of vaguely familiar references In the second half, I woke up and enjoyed myself Here, Chomsky riffs on class, racism, and human nature, an [...]

  3. Aron Kerpel-Fronius

    A great introduction to Chomsky, discovering a wide range of topics, although not getting into too much depth on anything an easy an interesting read although we think fundamentally different things about how the world works.

  4. Franks V.

    A fascinating state of the world report from the man the New York Times called arguably the most important intellectual alive Here are a few excerpts We now have an international economy and we re moving towards the international state creating , to quote the business press, a new imperial age with a de facto world government NAFTA is a secret document whose decisions will override those od Congress, states, localities It s a real success in the long term project of depriving democratic structur [...]

  5. Sehar

    Everything happening in the world around me makes so much sense after reading Chomsky The question and answer format of this book makes very heavy topics palatable Very informative read

  6. Jeremy Townsend

    This short interview can be read in a couple hours Gives a short interesting layout of Professor Chomsky s views on Domestic and international relations and spins Race and class relations into the mix.

  7. Matt Sautman

    Chomsky is a writer that is often polarizing, at least in regards to his political views Classified as being a member of the New Left, his philosophy of government at times resembles the ranting of a conspiracy theorist, e.g the claim that globalization is transforming America into a Third World Nation for example Although he seems to ignore, disagree, or not be aware of concepts such as creative destruction, specialization through diversification, and behaviorist experiments that could deflate [...]

  8. Thomas Pfaff

    Read it, liked it but I have to admit this is the book that made a conservative out of me It pushed me from being a moderate into taking a side generally anyway towards conservative views.Chomsky s attitude is heavy handed Although he addresses issues that both conservatives and liberals could have real discussions about, he kind of comes up short, polarizing both sides against each other.You could argue that Chomsky was in this regard a pioneer, since now it is ever popular to be extremely po [...]

  9. Belinda Lorenzana

    Entrevistado por David Barsamian a principios de los noventa, Noam Chomsky habla del Tratado de Libre Comercio, de la relaci n entre Estados Unidos e Israel, de la invasi n brit nica en India y del racismo entre otros temas.Para adjetivar l cido, esclarecedor, observador y agudo Aqu un par de citas Sobre el hecho de que, durante el dominio brit nico en India, nunca hubo m s de 150 mil ingleses en el pa s asi tico Si Estados Unidos hubiese sido conquistado por Rusia, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, E [...]

  10. Jesse Liddell

    Like a lot of political books, it really makes you want to take action A lot is covered in this small book, some of which include free market exploitation, U.S aided genocides, to racism Overall, a lot of Chomsky s evidence and remarks on some of these topics are brief and blunt I wish he d use foot endnotes to denote some of his sources Not the best political book I ve ever read, but it was alright.

  11. Jake

    This little Chomsky is a bit dated, but also prescient Some of his warnings about NAFTA have come true since this was published, and there are warnings that may still come true like referencing Huey Long s saying that if fascism comes to the USA it will be wrapped in an American flag His transcribed interview books, like this one, are a little bit half assed but I still learn from them all.

  12. Bloblo

    Also, one of the first Chomsky books for me to read Great for beginners on what he has to say Short in length and small could fit in your pocket Like some other books with Chomsky, this is done in a sort of qa format This and two others in the series are highly recommended for Chomsky beginners.

  13. Eric

    Essential Set up in interview format, and VERY accessable Good stuff The dated elements discussions of how the conflicts in the Blakans were unfolding at the time are not something that detracts from this Really great I hadn t read this stuff for years, and it s as good or better than I remember

  14. Benjamin Irvin Paul

    All interviews which makes him easy to understand but I really prefer reading his actual writing and having to work to understand and apply it It was really interesting though to read about issues in the not so distant past as current issues It certainly shows that we should actually listen to this guy.

  15. Patrick

    Acts as a pretty good introduction, I suppose The interview format allows for a nice colloquial feel, but ultimately I wish everything covered were gone into with greater depth Definitely some interesting stuff in there, but then the subject is changed before you know it I d probably rather read something actually written than just a transcription of an interview.

  16. Nick Martin

    Chomsky details how US foreign policy and globalization convalesce into a world where wealth flows upward, limiting opportunity for the majority of the world s population A good, fast, detailed read.

  17. Katie

    Short and a bit outdated It seems to me nearly impossible to condense Chomsky in such a tiny book, and I don t think it does the topics enough justice Interesting criticisms, easy introductory read.

  18. Bradley Hanson

    Like most of what Chomsky has written decades ago, this is truer today than ever before The 1% is enjoying record profits, while the rest of us fight for the scraps Anyone who still doesn t laugh at the farce of trickle down is deliberately putting their head in the sand.

  19. Nativeabuse

    Another generic Chomsky interview book from the 90s, I m about over the guy, at least in terms of these interview books, I feel like I d much rather try reading some of his composed books than this stuff.

  20. T J

    This is 3 interviews by David Barsamian of Noam Chomsky It covers several topics from economic to USA way of thinking This is an interesting read if you like this kind of book I found some info disturbing, some frustrating and some interesting.

  21. Victoria

    this series of interviews brings some good energy to the chomsky legacy i was glad to hear chomsky s spoken voice maintained in these interview excerpts.

  22. Baihaqi Saharun

    a good and quick introductory read for novice in IR and chomsky, he is one hell of unamerican american.

  23. Jon Hurd

    More of aninterview with David Barsamian than essays, I found this book extremely interesting Even though it was written in the 1990 s all of the text could apply today as well.

  24. Travis

    I have read many of Chomsky s small books, and can t remember the details of each one, but they are easier for me to read entirely than his bigger books.

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