The Propheteers (2020)

The Propheteers Max Apple The Propheteers The acclaimed author of Free Agents presents a brilliant satire involving a struggle for land in central Florida between three commercial giants Walt Disney Howard Johnson and Margery Post
  • Title: The Propheteers
  • Author: Max Apple
  • ISBN: 9780060961589
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
The Propheteers Max Apple The acclaimed author of Free Agents presents a brilliant satire involving a struggle for land in central Florida between three commercial giants Walt Disney, Howard Johnson, and Margery Post.
The Propheteers Max Apple

  • UNLIMITED BOOK ✓ The Propheteers - by Max Apple
    127 Max Apple
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One thought on “The Propheteers

  1. Nicole

    When V R Erlinsky returned to Tashkent to rejoin the cereal queen on her journey through Central Asia, he met Clarence Birdseye and became the third person to taste a fresh one year old strawberry The man was unmoved by the historical event Fruit, by its nature, he said, is against the interests of the working class it is expensive to transport and has a high spoilage rate The only workers truly able to enjoy it are the growers or those close to the market Yet they rarely taste this fruit of the [...]

  2. Holly

    Three wealthy, self made Americans, Walt led by Will Disney, Margery Merriweather Post, and Howard Johnson, converge on Florida at a late stage in their lives Walt and Will Disney are planning to build the next Disney theme park, Howard Johnson wants to capitalize on the future tourism by building hotels and restaurants, and Margery Post wants to be left alone in the southern mansion built by her enigmatic father.This book is both very clever and a great story, which is a rather rare combinatio [...]

  3. Kathryn Born

    Only 17 reviews It s just because this book is pre crowd It s fantastic, it s these imagined histories of major corporate leaders, like Howard Johnson He has the whole biography, the vision of the orange roofs in the setting sky The asked the author how he knew all this stuff, and he said he didn t even know if there even was a Howard Johnson, or it was just a made up corporate name.

  4. Austin

    More of a slice of life book than I was expecting, but still really enjoyable Reminded me a lot of Steinbeck and how he chronicles the lives of families in order to explain how a main character thinks and acts Loved how it was a book about success and capitalism but didn t beat the reader over the head about why those things are good or bad.

  5. Rex

    A lovely satiric mash up of the motivations of Walt Disney and Howard Johnson.The ending vignette is perfect.

  6. Bill Faris

    A novel about the development of Florida that pits Walt Disney vs Howard Johnson Funny, interesting, compelling, imaginative, great

  7. Steven

    If I were rating this just on Apple as a prose stylist, stars because he is such a supple satirist But this novel just feels so dated now, on par with reading 19th century English literature.

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