The Life You Want (2020)

The Life You Want Emily Barr The Life You Want Tansy feels trapped in her marriage to Max and the looks she receives from parents in the playground suggest she s not doing a great job at being a mother to her two sons either So Tansy decides to t
  • Title: The Life You Want
  • Author: Emily Barr
  • ISBN: 9780755335596
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
The Life You Want Emily Barr Tansy feels trapped in her marriage to Max, and the looks she receives from parents in the playground suggest she s not doing a great job at being a mother to her two sons either So Tansy decides to take a trip to India, to visit an old friend and sort her head out But life is about to get a whole lot complicated, and as she uncovers a shocking secret she begins toTansy feels trapped in her marriage to Max, and the looks she receives from parents in the playground suggest she s not doing a great job at being a mother to her two sons either So Tansy decides to take a trip to India, to visit an old friend and sort her head out But life is about to get a whole lot complicated, and as she uncovers a shocking secret she begins to long for the normality of family life.
The Life You Want Emily Barr

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One thought on “The Life You Want

  1. Leah

    The Life You Want is Emily Barr s eighth novel and the sequel to her first novel Backpack Now I haven t actually read Backpack because I just couldn t get into it but I wanted to read The Life You Want so went ahead and read it anyway.We pick up with Tansy a decade after Backpack and find out she s married to Max and has two children Toby and Joe In her opening sentence she tells us she thinks she s having a breakdown Not only that but she drinks a lot, forgets to pick up her children and contem [...]

  2. Danielle

    It was the cover, title and vaguely Indian theme that attracted me, but this book is hard to like Are London mums really as self absorbed as portrayed here I wanted to shake the main character the others are barely characters at all, they are so bland and unemotional called Tansy Though she is a mother of two and has a pleasant husband she met while backpacking in India, she seems childish, na ve, ridiculous and incapable of connecting with people Its hard to believe she is a grown woman.The wri [...]

  3. Mahaluck Ganesh

    This book exposed the human trafficking of children who became orphans during the Tsunami that hit South India in 2004.It was just a good read and nothing great though the theme was a bit unique Foriegners who come to India on the pretext of doing social service instead did harm than any good and in the due course made innocent children suffer and in this case, the protaganist, who is herself a foriegner I feel the story must have been taken from some real life incidents.But the fact in one pla [...]

  4. Sadaf Hassan

    I bought this book trusting on the blurb at the back which made it sound thrilling and something you would get hold of and would not want to put down I must say I was let down The story was alright, most of the characters seemed bland, and there was no balance in the book It started off way too slowly, and the ending was rushed into There were not many parts in the book that I can say I really liked, but there were couple of parts which I found ridiculous The twist did not come until the near en [...]

  5. Niki

    Een absolute aanrader voor al diegenen die een voorkeur hebben voor spannende thrillers, kicken op verhalen die je meezuigen en dan KNALHARD teleurgesteld willen zijn.Zin in een feel bad day als thrillerverslinder Lees dan aub dit boek Iets genuanceerdere commentaar voor de liefhebbers van romans over vrouwen die zichzelf opnieuw willen ontdekken na het hebben van huisje, tuintje, boompje en 2.3 kids en dan totaal onverwacht zich de vraag stellen ben ik nu wel gelukkig go for it Voor de mensen d [...]

  6. Viola80

    I libri della Barr riescono sempre a rapirmi totalmente E proprio il suo stile di scrittura, ma anche il fatto che non buonista, infatti in questo libro la protagonista, che poi la Tansy di Backpacker, una VERA madre, ossia una che ne ha due scatole cos dei figli e della famiglia, che vuole ancora innamorarsi, viaggiare, pensare per s e basta Liberatoria e reale rispetto a tutte quelle madre invasate che scrivono su vari forum che vivono e respirano esclusivamente per i figli scomparendo totalme [...]

  7. Bookguide

    I chose this to read during a weekend when I knew I would probably be constantly interrupted so needed something light It wasn t quite what I d expected and it fell rather flat So I have to ask myself what went wrong It probably comes down to the expectations which were provoked by the book cover and blurb 1 Cover design looked like chick lit Wasn t.Recommend heading for the pink section in your local bookstore Sophie Kinsella for fluff or alter ego Madeleine Wickham for a bit plot.2 Back cover [...]

  8. Lyn Battersby

    A couple of years ago, in the face of having read every Sophie Kinsella and Lionel Shriver in the book shop, I happened upon Cuban Heels Thus began my Emily Barr period I read everything of hers I could get my hands on and bought up big.Six weeks later, I stopped Just like that Cold turkey She d become well samey The books ran into one another and I couldn t remember who had the stalky sister and who had the stalky brother So I put Barr s work down and continued on my merry way Jodi Picoult took [...]

  9. Vel

    Tansy s back from Backpack I generally liked this book on the whole and thought it was a good sequel to said title What I really love about all Emily Barr s books is that they are so addictive especially later on in the story I think I read 80 pages in one sitting in less than an hour , and I found The Life You Want was no exception I really liked learning about travel to India as I have never been before and have always wanted to do so, so I loved learning all about it from this book Secondly, [...]

  10. Sherree Gaskell

    First of all, I already loved Emily Barr I was interested in reading another of her books but excited when I realized it was linked to Backpacking This novel once again had everything I was looking for Adventure and travel, an interesting cast of characters and an unexpected subplot Although it didn t take me long to kind of get the feeling things were not quite right, I was still so deeply involved in the story that I had to finish it Emily would be easy to pop into the chick lit catagory and y [...]

  11. Rachel

    It took me a little while to get into this book, until Sam Amber appeared, but when I did I was hooked I m sure there ll be a follow up book at some point and I m hoping that the Delphine and Ethan somehow reappear.All the way through the name Tansy and the place Pondicherry rang a bell, but I didn t click that I d actually read the first book about Tansy years ago until I saw the book description for Backpack at the end D oh I m adding it to my wishlist to reread sometime.

  12. Pooja T

    This is the second Emily Barr book I read and this one was better than The Sister Though misleading in it s blurb, this is no thriller or fast paced read This is a well written book about a woman tired of her everyday life and wants to reclaim her backpacking past She lands up in India to help her friend run an orphanage and all hells sorta breaks loose An interesting read but could have been better.

  13. Nancy Foster

    Well, let me first say that I am the type of reader that needs to be pulled in within the first 30 pages Unfortunately, I kept waiting for a climatic point in this book It didn t even start to present itself until the last 100 pages The thing I did enjoy is that the story was set in India As I was reading I enjoyed visualizing the country Are the other books by the same author kind of anti climatic as well

  14. Sue W

    Hint read backpacker first Yes the main character is selfish but I d love to sometimes be like that But I m not, So I like to read her adventures As usual great story built around travelling and exciting to find out about places while enjoying a story rather than a boring Travel guide Can t beat this authors books for relatively simple but enjoyable stories set in exciting places.

  15. Alyson

    I love reading books set in India, although there is quite a bit of this set in London as well.Although I could empathise with the main character, I didn t necessarily like her hugely.The denouement in India was partially predictable, and slightly unrealistic elements However, I raced through this on a long train ride day, and it was a good read all in all.

  16. Shelleyrae at Book'd Out

    For three quarters of the book i was just irritated by Tansy s unceasing whining and selfinterest in fact it reminded me very much of Eat Love Pray I havn t read Backpack the prequel to this perhaps that would have made me sympathetic towards her I really just forced myself to finish it to say I had.

  17. Vera VB

    This book is suposed to be a thriller but there is no tension at all, it s not a pageturner, there is nothing that makes it a thriller It s about a woman in search for herself She goes to a friend in India who runs a fosterhome for children that have become orphans after the tsunami It s about adoption, legal or illegal, about giving children a better home.

  18. Ann

    Loved it made me think about so many issues slipping into excess drinking adopting children from abroad and most importantly how the grass is not always greener on the other side.Will be watching out for novels by Emily Barr.

  19. Sheri

    This was a great read from the author of Stranded I love how travel and adventure go together and I really feel like I am there when I read this author s books A couple of twists had me where I thought I had it figured out.

  20. Daphne

    While this book was entertaining, it failed to be very exciting The main character wasn t always likable and the plot in India was predictable I liked how some chapters were formatted as blog posts and that the two stories got entwined, but the resolution of the entire plot felt kind of weak.

  21. Lianne

    I liked this book which is a sequel to Backpack I loved the descriptions of India and the travelling themes, but the twist and the ending was a bit obvious Good story though.

  22. Vanessa

    Nothing really happened in his book until the end so I found it a little slow and not as good as Emily Barr s other books.

  23. Annalise

    This was a difficult book for me to get through I loathed the main character I suffered through this book and did not enjoy it.

  24. Gill

    A gripping story Despite my initial concern that this might just turn out to be one of those dreadful champagne bubble reads or chick lit monstrosities

  25. Linda

    The info on the back cover made this seem like a book that couldnt be put down WRONG its pretty much pointless nonsense but since its Summer and I had time on my hands I carried on anyway

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