The Book of Heroes (2020)

The Book of Heroes Miyuki Miyabe Alexander O. Smith The Book of Heroes A young girl travels into a magical world to save her brother from real world bullies When her brother Hiroki disappears after a violent altercation with school bullies the young Yuriko finds a magic
  • Title: The Book of Heroes
  • Author: Miyuki Miyabe Alexander O. Smith
  • ISBN: 9781421527758
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover
The Book of Heroes Miyuki Miyabe Alexander O. Smith A young girl travels into a magical world to save her brother from real world bullies.When her brother Hiroki disappears after a violent altercation with school bullies, the young Yuriko finds a magical book in his room The book leads her to another world where she learns that Hiroki has been possessed by a spirit from the Book of Heroes She visits the magical Nameless LA young girl travels into a magical world to save her brother from real world bullies.When her brother Hiroki disappears after a violent altercation with school bullies, the young Yuriko finds a magical book in his room The book leads her to another world where she learns that Hiroki has been possessed by a spirit from the Book of Heroes She visits the magical Nameless Land, where she is told how to save her brother, and is sent back to Earth with a young monk named Sora and the magical book, now a mouse named Azu Yuri has to piece together the mystery of Horiko, and has a library of powerful magic books at her disposal to do so
The Book of Heroes Miyuki Miyabe Alexander O. Smith

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    259 Miyuki Miyabe Alexander O. Smith
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One thought on “The Book of Heroes

  1. Snarktastic Sonja

    This is a very interesting story The premise is intriguing The prose is beautiful And, it is a translation This book is a credit to both the author and the translator And, that is all I know to say.

  2. Seth T.

    Let me get this out of the way at the outset the antagonist is story jaw drops Now, back to your regularly scheduled review.It s pretty easy to see why fans of Miyabe s Brave Story could be disappointed in The Book of Heroes The former was a winsome, compulsive read Miyabe played with familiar fantasy and JRPG tropes using a wholly believable protagonist and did so with beauty and confidence It was almost impossible not to enjoy her 800 page entry into young adult fantasy Heroes has likewise bee [...]

  3. Bonnie (A Backwards Story)

    Every now and then, it s good to break away from the mold and try something different I don t often read adult sci fi fantasy, but walking through the aisle one day, Miyuki Miyabe s The Book of Heroes caught my eye The novel s concept intrigued me Plus, it had something else going for it from the get go I always enjoy a good hero story.Eleven year old Yuriko Morisaki is an ordinary fifth grade student until her older brother Hiroki does the unthinkable After a bad altercation at school results i [...]

  4. Eric

    What we have here is 350 pages of information dump A couple of monsters show up to keep things lively the giant eyeball is especially cool , but everything else is backstory, exposition, and endless lecturing Terrible.

  5. David

    The narrative arc and character development are strong and have a lot to offer The plot draws from the classic Hero s Journey archetype One of my favorite parts about the book is Yuriko s motivation for going on the quest She isn t dragged into it by destiny or being the chosen one or some ancient prophecy which she must fulfill or some other abstract plot device And in fact, there are numerous instances where she s given the option to turn back She goes on the journey though because she wants t [...]

  6. Matt

    The beginning of this book was charming, despite being about violence in a school a situation that was perhaps not treated as gravely as it should have been As the main character deals with her brothers terrible action, a new world unfolds around her echoes of The Book of Lost Things which is a top book for me But the execution was not phenomenal The author has a penchant for long exposition rather than description, and much of the detail felt unnecessary and could have been left on the cutting [...]

  7. Murray Horne

    Very similar in tone to Brave Story You follow a young girl, Yuriko, after her brother of 14 years old kills another student in school Her brother is missing and there is evidence that the brother has been possessed by the man in yellow The story creats a world where books are alive and magic is real The ending is what you would expect from Miyabe, drowned in realism with a touch of fantasy I will most likely pick up the sequel, the Gate of Sorrows when it comes out in paperback.

  8. Michelle Kee

    FINALLY FINISHED READING THIS BOOK To be honest, it wasn t an easy read for me Took me almost 2 months to finish reading The storyline is good and interesting but maybe the way of writing kinda made me lost interest slowly Overall, I would say read at your own risk

  9. Erin

    I wanted to like, I really did But it just didn t hold my attention I love the premise, but there s so much build up to nothing much happening 100 pages was enough.

  10. Educating Drew

    Consider a person s life, the Sage continued over her objection no matter that great deeds they might accomplish, they are merely creating a relaity, nothing Only when we have thoughts, and the telling of thoughts, and those thoughts become stories is the Hero first born What we think, we tell, and are told all are stories But the Hero is the story that is the source of all the greatest deeds The heroes who exist in your Circle all spring from this original story They are like copies The story [...]

  11. Sophie Kihm

    The Book of Heroes Who is the Hero What would you do if you were told that your brother was possessed in a magical land, and only you could save him In The Book of Heroes by Miyuki Miyabe, a five star book, Yuriko comes home one day to her house in Japan to find that her brother Hiroki has stabbed two boys, and now has disappeared When Yuriko meets Aju, a magical dictionary mouse, he tells her that Hiroki has been possessed by The King in Yellow, or The Hero Aju tells Yuriko she is the only one [...]

  12. Paula

    First off, let me apologize for my absence on the blog So far 2012 has been light on the reading front, I think I may have burned myself out a bit last year and so I m trying not to over read now I know that s not an excuse to all you lovely readers, but merely an explanation Anyway on to what you are actually here for.The story is thus Yuriko is a normal elementary school girl Her family is average, etc etc Then one day she is called out of class because an incident has occurred It turns out th [...]

  13. Andrew

    A very strange book I didn t connect with it, but I can t tell where the blame falls between me, the author, and the translator.I only know the author from her novel inspired by or tie in to, if you re ungenerous the game _Ico_ This felt weirdly like a tie in to that a great deal of the book s imagery reminded me strongly of either _Ico_ or _Shadow of the Colossus_ Not the story, mind you, that s new But when you start with a cursed nameless land and a giant tower in the middle, with nameless ro [...]

  14. Steven

    This is a solid fantasy book While the main character may be a fifth grader this is in no way to be considered young adult literature.This story revolves around a little girl searching for her missing brother who has been corrupted by the dark side of the Hero, The King in Yellow For those familiar, the King in Yellow is either a direct reference to or an allusion to the stories that inspired Lovecraft It is a thing focused on chaos and destruction and it has taken Yuriko s brother What follows [...]

  15. Marine_maiden

    This book is a story about a girl who want to save her brother accompanied by a mouse dictionary, monk, and a wolf Before you roll your eyes, no, it s not werewolf Thank God this book has nothing of sort I m going to bang my head if I found another book with werewolf and vampire Asking for romance is a too high of expectation of course Traveling to different world is not unfamiliar concept, also the idea of saving the world But don t let them make you put this book back to shelf yet The story co [...]

  16. Clare

    Book of Heroes is the same as Brave Story in which a young child has to travel to an entirely new world full of rich sceneries and characters Like Brave Story had a lesson in it, so does Book of Heroes It might seem abstract than Brave Story, but its still there what the lesson iswell, you ll have to read this to find out The worlds realms whateveryoucallthem that Yuriko, the main character, travels through on her quest to save her brother, are easy enough to visualize, but the universe that th [...]

  17. Kim

    There is a lot of explanations of different regions, what Yuriko has to do as an allcaste, etc in this book, which made the first half a bit slow compared to other fantasy novels that I have read so far However for some reason, I was very much into this book The questions of what names and titles are, whether both told and lost stories are fake, and what right and wrong are ventured out with the fifth grade character Yuriko Meeting different people at different places made her adventure fantasti [...]

  18. Victoria

    This review is going to be a bit of a mess, but this is one of the greatest books I have ever read I rarely give books five stars, but this is definitely one of them I liked a lot of Miyabe s other books, especially Brave Story, but The Book of Heroes was a cut above the rest in my opinion The main character of Yuri U ri goes through a lot of character development, becoming wise beyond her years as you get into the book It has a lot of cool, complex lore about the origins and nature of stories, [...]

  19. David

    The book cover illustration portrays a magical children s book But you must remember that this book was written by a Japanese author, so it will have a lot of Japanese influence on it They have a different measurement of what is children stories compared to Americans Typically it is a lot darker, violent, and scarier then your typical children stories The book starts off care free enough but you can feel the tension build, which is done really well You can feel the anxiety the character is going [...]

  20. Tiamat_the_red

    I m not really sure why this one keeps showing up in the graphic novel sections because it isn t one.I enjoyed this book and spent the last 50 or so pages lamenting the fact that the quest had really only just begun and thus would require a second book And then it didn t The end startled me but it was still a good book For the most part you didn t need to be in any way familiar with Japan to enjoy this book, though it would have helped to make sense of one comment That Aju and Ash sound too siml [...]

  21. Savannah

    Is it a sin to want to BECOME part of a story To wish you were the Hero of a tale, to save the day and triumph over evil According toThe Book of Heroes ,yes, it is Meet The Hero, aka, The King in Yellow Two sides of the same coin, one not existing without the other He can give you anything you want, including the power to overcome your enemies, to protect the ones you love, but for what price Yuriko s brother, Hiroki, has fallen prey to The King In Yellow and disappeared When Yuriko meets a youn [...]

  22. Voss Foster

    I m glad I read this book, but I will never read it again It was absolutely incredible plot, characters, twists and turns and all the wonderful things that make fiction such a beloved thing.Why won t I read it it s too much the emotion is so on edge, the story line so depressing not tearful depressing but hopelessly depressing it makes me nervous to open the book again.But, as it is, it s a marvelous piece of fiction it has to be to effect such emotion in someone, I think For someone reading th [...]

  23. William Clemens

    Admittedly, part of why I liked this book was just that it was Japanese It has that quality where everything feels a bit foreign, so even if I didn t like bits of it, I just assume I didn t understand them In fact, there was a lot that was confusing in this book.The basic plot is that the story of The Hero possesses a young girl s brother and she must travel to other worlds and into other stories to save him The concept of stories as entities is great, and intriguing, but it s also confusing and [...]

  24. Elsa

    So you see, it does not matter what form the books take here All that matters is what they hold I picked this book up expecting one thing and got something else completely Yes, this is a quest adventure but it is so much It is about the nature of story, how we as humans are intrinsically interwoven in our own and others stories and how that shapes our perception of our world It is about the duality of the hero and how from one perspective the view is of good and from another of evil love can he [...]

  25. Serena W. Sorrell

    Another beautiful and haunting story by Miyuki Miyabe Although it falls just a step beneath Brave Story for me it is still 5 star work Yuriko s desire to save her brother, to find him and help him are very human and heart wrenching moments It deals very closely to the real life bullying which occurs often in Japanese school systems and how staff and students treat the cases I ve seen it firsthand and secondhand A chilling narrative with great characters and a story that makes your heart cry.

  26. Christopher

    I loved Brave Story, but this book just didn t measure up for me The story took too long to get off the ground, and it became so mired in the rules and conventions of its world, we never actually get a chance to roam around and explore If you love reading exposition, this is certainly going to be up your alley For me, this 300 page book felt longer than its 1,000 page plus predecessor and I finally had to admit defeat and give up halfway through because I simply was not enjoying myself Disappoin [...]

  27. Ugoki

    I read this since I was such a fan of her Brave Story novel, expecting something like that And what I got is not really what I wanted.I understand the philosophy this book is all about But I don t think I like it It is too nihilist balance between good and evil Buddhist thing.Speaking of Buddhism, once again not Christianity gets a bad rep, just like in Brave Story Perhaps she s just mimicking generic Japanese western fantasy tropes but I still don t like it.This book feels less like a grand adv [...]

  28. Olivia

    So I know that I took a long time to read this book, but that wasn t because I didn t like it, I was just busy When I actually would sit down and read, I really enjoyed it I liked the whole idea of the circle , and the hero , it was interesting I also loved how the book was printed, with wavy text lines for the index, chapter titles, etc and in the corner, if you flipped through the pages quickly, it looked like the little image of the book was flying

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