Survivor In Death (2020)

Survivor In Death J.D. Robb Survivor In Death The newest in the number one New York Times bestselling In Death series featuring Lieutenant Eve Dallas and Roarke Nora Roberts writing as J D Robb returns to the New York City of where Dallas wi
  • Title: Survivor In Death
  • Author: J.D. Robb
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Survivor In Death J.D. Robb The newest in the number one New York Times bestselling In Death series featuring Lieutenant Eve Dallas and Roarke Nora Roberts writing as J D Robb returns to the New York City of 2059 where Dallas will struggle to solve the murder of a seemingly ordinary family and to protect one small, terrified survivor The members of the Swisher family were murdered in their bedsThe newest in the number one New York Times bestselling In Death series featuring Lieutenant Eve Dallas and Roarke Nora Roberts writing as J D Robb returns to the New York City of 2059 where Dallas will struggle to solve the murder of a seemingly ordinary family and to protect one small, terrified survivor The members of the Swisher family were murdered in their beds with brutal, military precision The state of the art security was breached, and the killers used night vision equipment to find their way through the cozy, middle class house Clearly, Dallas is dealing with pros It seems the only mistake they made was to overlook the nine year old girl cowering in the darkened kitchen Now Nixie Swisher is an orphan and the sole eyewitness to a seemingly inexplicable crime Kids are not Dallas s strong suit But Nixie needs a safe place to stay, and Dallas needs to solve this case With her partner, Peabody, back on the job and her husband, Roarke, providing the kind of help that only he can give Lieutenant Eve Dallas is running after shadows, and dead set on finding out who s behind them.
Survivor In Death J.D. Robb

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One thought on “Survivor In Death

  1. Mo

    20 books in and still riveted by Eve and Roarke This one hits a bit close to home for Eve It s a tough one to take But she has her support Roarke, of course, Peabody, Feeney, all the gang I love all of them.We all love Eve, don t we Nixie is now an orphan and Eve needs to protect her and find the killers that murdered her family But kids and Eve don t mix She worked her way up, shifted to straddle him And from across the room a child s voice demanded, Where is Dallas Shit Shit a brick LMAO Yep, [...]

  2. Phrynne

    Even in a series of over 40 books which are consistently good, one or two have to stand out as being exceptional and Survivor In Death is probably one of them Maybe because Nixie s story gives it extra emotional depth, maybe because J.D Robb was in top form with her one liners, but it certainly had a little extra edge.The crime itself was very nasty and the police work was a long hard slog but of course our wonderful team plus Roarke solved it in the end The best parts of the book as usual came [...]

  3. Jilly

    But I want children with you, my lovely Eve One day One day being far, far in the future Like, I don t know, say a decade whenHold on Children is plural He eased back, grinned Why, so it is nothing slips by my canny cop You really think if I ever actually let you plant something in me they re like aliens in there, growing little hands and feet She shuddered Creepy If I ever did that, popped a kid out which I think is probably as pleasant a process as having your eyeballs pierced by burning, pois [...]

  4. Alex ♈

    Suspense 4.5 stars Romance 4.5 starsA perfect loving family was brutally murdered, 9 year old girl survived One small broken, but brave child A warrior, a future strong Woman Interesting plot, as always, tough case I love how Eve handled the girl, I guess for those, who adore children, it could be too harsh but I think Eve s attitude was exactly what the girl needed.Romance Roarke and Eve spoke about kids Not the usual romance point of view, but it s what they are I hope some day we read about t [...]

  5. Karla

    4.5 Stars I continue to enjoy this intriguing series An intense, heartbreaking story Eve struggles with this case emotionally, and nearly cracks when the circumstances surrounding the tragedy hit a little too close to home for her She had to reach out to her support system, Roarke and Mira, to re gain her footing and put her own issues and feelings aside to solve this case Although the formula in this series is generally the same, each book brings about growth in the characters In this one I cou [...]

  6. Mei

    Now Eve turned her head My pride in you bubbles in my heart Unless it s that soy dog you talked me into earlier Gosh, Dallas, a blush rises to my cheeks Unless that, too, is the soy dog She thumped a fist on her chest, gave a small, somehow ladylike belch Guess it was the dog Now that we ve established that, let s have the next on the list His skinny frame was festooned Eve figured that was the word for it in a neon orange skin tank with sizzling blue pants that had some sort of silver clamps ru [...]

  7. ♥Sharon♥

    Another solid read in what I am deeming THE BEST SERIES I have read to date J.D Robb never fails to draw my emotions out while reading one of these books.The case that Eve and her team is working on strikes close to home for both Eve and Roarke In their own way they each battle back their past to protect the young person at the center of the chaos When Nixie Swisher s life is turned upside down Eve does whatever it takes to protect this little girl and find the evil people who took her family aw [...]

  8. Shawna

    5 stars Romantic Suspense Futuristic Mystery Romantic Thriller20 books in and this series is still just as remarkable, compelling, and addictive as ever, if not so My love for these characters grows stronger with every book, and I don t see myself ever tiring of them or the brilliantly crafted stories.Survivor in Death is one of my favorites of the series, so far This time the case hits really close to home for both Eve and Roarke, but they re there for each other, as always Watching them tryin [...]

  9. Obsidian

    Honestly there is not a lot to say here except that this is one of my favorite In Death books There are a couple of scenes that I found too outrageous to be believed the ending with Nixie , anyone allowing Dallas to take a kid to live with her and Roarke instead of having her in foster care, etc But I found that there were some wonderful callbacks to earlier cases that Eve had worked Survivor in Death opens up on a loving and happy family being murdered in their beds Nixie Swisher, who is 9, end [...]

  10. Tina

    This is the 20th book in the In Death series.It is late Autumn Early winter in the year 2059 Nine year old Nixie Swisher awakens in the middle of the night to get an orange fizzy Form her hiding place in the kitchen, Nixie witnesses intruders in her home who methodically and quickly murder her entire family including their housekeeper and her friend Lennie who was staying the night for a sleep over.Eve Dallas gets the call and quickly realizes that this was not a simple B and E But a targeted as [...]

  11. Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥

    11 6 17 Finished another reread of Survivor another of my favorites Love, love, love this book and these characters Original Review Just pure raw emotionheart wrenching, heart breaking, heart touching Character relationship development is superb as always the characters carry this story to a higher level The plot development is brilliant per vintage JD Robbe never lets me down Nothing else to say except this is a Must Read, not only for In Death series fans but also fans of suspense, murder myst [...]

  12. Robin

    Lt Eve Dallas is called to the Swisher Residence The family members have been murdered in their beds The youngest child, Nixie Swisher, is an eyewitness Eve and her detectives are looking for clues Why was this family targeted How was the security breached And why will the killers do anything to get their hands on nine year old Nixie When Eve takes her only witness home with her, Child Protective Services are not happy But Eve knows the killers will find it nearly impossible to breach the securi [...]

  13. Reen

    I have to say this is my favourite so far Heartbreaking and intense Funny and sweet Eve struggles with the young victim and her circumstances that hit a vulnerable spot for Eve and she turns to Roarke and the rest of her acquired family for support It s nice to see Eve and Roarke thinking about a child sometime in the future and Eve s reaction to Mavis s kicking tummy is hilarious Eve s horror when Nixie hero worships her and turns to her for answers shows just how skilled Robb Roberts is in her [...]

  14. Caro

    A good kick a book Great characters some throw back and some new , some hi ya moments, definitely some hold your breath parts, humor, some scariness for ER anyway , truly evil bad guys, woo hoo parts, some good down time in the holoroom, some sweet and sad scenes, holding your breath, and a great ending Packed full to bursting and had me turning pages like a mad person I was diggin the dojo too Don t see that part of Eve much and I liked it even if it was a small part Can t wait to dig into the [...]

  15. Diane

    My favourite ID book love all the emotions in this one, some really good bantering, and the story line is just excellent If anyone can have a dry eye while reading the part where Nixie is in the morgue, I don t understand you.The re introduction of past characters bodes well with this book and leads one to wonder if they will surface again down the road.Love this book every time I read it.2 thumbs up, 5 stars

  16. Kjen

    Just gets better every time I haven t re read Survivor for awhile Sometimes with re reads, there is some skim Not here, not this time There are so many good parts poignant scenes nuances that you pick up with each read Gearing up for Echoes In Death.g soon

  17. Ann Lou

    Another brilliant addition I am running out of words to express my feelings for this series A nine year old girl is the only survivor in the massacre of her entire family I cried buckets in this one Who would kill an entire family in their sleep Who would slit the throats of a nine year old and twelve year old kids Inhuman Evil at its core I thought the perpetrators should be tortured first of the worst pain devices invented by men Let them suffer before putting them in electric chairs Bloodthi [...]

  18. Anna Serene

    I really can t seem to stop with this series I just get a craving to spend time with Eve and Roarke, so what is a girl to do This one particularly broke my heart Eve and Roarke are clearly not ready to have children of their own, but seeing them with a child who had gone through so much trauma was kind of important for them I m looking forward to see them grow into the idea, which I think will happen once Mavis has her baby.

  19. ⚜️Trea

    I was very impressed by this story It threw Eve way the heck out of her comfort zone, and forced her to take a good, hard look at motherhood It was interesting to see her reactions to it, even outside what she had experienced through Mavis The characters in this one were very believable, even little Nixie, and the action and pacing were both well timed and brutally swift What I loved most about this case was that it tied back to an earlier case in the series, specifically the story in Loyalty in [...]

  20. İlkim

    En sevdi im iftime s rekli d n yorum elimde de il Bu seferki kitab bir ncekine g re birazc k daha ba ar s z buldum ama bizim ikilinin 9 ya ndaki bir k z ocu uyla rp nmalar n g rmek biraz komikti de D Hele hele Roarke I want children diyip de Eve in bunun o ul oldu unu anlad an iyi g ld m diyebilirim.

  21. Eve

    Survivor in Death by J.D RobbSeries In Death, 20Suspense futuristic romance mysteryMURDER WAS ALWAYS AN INSULT, AND HAD been since the first human hand had smashed a stone into the first human skull But the murder, bloody and brutal, of an entire family in their own home, in their own beds, was a different form of evil.The only thing that kept nine year old Nixie Swisher from suffering the same fate as her parents, brother, housekeeper, and young sleepover companion was her desire for an illicit [...]

  22. Amanda

    Book 59 of 2011I ve taken quite a break from the In Death series, so there were a couple of references that I d forgotten about But then again, this is how many books into the series no seriously, how many Oh I see 20 So that s not all that surprising.What I found interesting about this particular book was the introduction of a child into Eve and Roarke and Summerset s lives, even if only temporarily Roarke has made not secret of the fact that he wants children and Eve has made no secret of the [...]

  23. Katie Reus

    Another great read listen I wish there had been an epilogue to this one because I had some questions and felt it ended a little abruptly but the mystery and action in this one were great I also loved that Eve s character stayed true and that she didn t start acting all maternal The way she interacted with Nixie was spot on to who she is and hilarious at times.

  24. Charlotte (Buried in Books)

    Another excellent installment in the series.A horrible crime, the murder of a family or at least nearly the whole family there is one survivor a little girl named Nixie A little girl who had her best friend over for a sleep over Her best friend was killed in her stead, but Nixie saw the shadows moving through her house, saw the blood they left behind and she s counting on Eve Dallas to find the men who killed her family.Eve does the only thing she can in order to keep Nixie safe she takes her in [...]

  25. Lindap

    5 StarsAfter the death of Nixie s parents, brother and best friend Eve takes her home to protect her from the assassins that are determined to wipe out the whole Swishers family It was fun to see how Eve and Roarke react to a 9 y o Thank goodness for Summerset, who once had a daughter and knows how to handle it This story also brought in the whole team, including Webster We also the the reappearance of Richard and Elizabeth, the ones who adopted the street kid Kevin I sometimes to forget to say [...]

  26. Steve

    The premise that this book started with was rather interesting, in that we saw part of the crime, whereas we usually only experience the aftermath The action picked up from there with plot twists and turns, and it didn t let up until the climax, which while delicious was a little predictable, and I could see it coming I appreciated the supporting cast taking on a larger roll in the book, and I hope the trend continues Can t wait until I read the next book.

  27. Felicia

    I really enjoyed this installation The cases with an emotional connection to Eve s past and present are definitely the most addictive to read This one had some lovely moments One of my faves so far for the case solely.

  28. CatBookMom

    So many bells ring for Eve Dallas in this book, and she manages to deal very well with a young girl who survives the mass murder of the rest of her family.

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