Farscape Vol. 1: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning (2020)

Farscape Vol. 1: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning Rockne S. O'Bannon Keith R.A. DeCandido Tommy Patterson Farscape Vol The Beginning of the End of the Beginning Features the first four issues of the first arc of the Farscape comic series This title is suitable for hard core scapers and new fans alike
  • Title: Farscape Vol. 1: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning
  • Author: Rockne S. O'Bannon Keith R.A. DeCandido Tommy Patterson
  • ISBN: 9781934506752
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
Farscape Vol. 1: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning Rockne S. O'Bannon Keith R.A. DeCandido Tommy Patterson Features the first four issues of the first arc of the Farscape comic series This title is suitable for hard core scapers and new fans alike.
Farscape Vol. 1: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning Rockne S. O'Bannon Keith R.A. DeCandido Tommy Patterson

  • BEST E-Book "☆ Farscape Vol. 1: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning" || UNLIMITED (EPUB) â
    214 Rockne S. O'Bannon Keith R.A. DeCandido Tommy Patterson
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    Posted by:Rockne S. O'Bannon Keith R.A. DeCandido Tommy Patterson
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One thought on “Farscape Vol. 1: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

  1. Mitticus

    After Peacekeeper Wars All Scapers miss this serie, a wild ride in space, with eccentric characters and many last minute plot twists.John and Aeryn try to continue with their lives, and find a nice home for their family and live in peace yep, that s John for you Still hoping and naive Rygel receive a message from his homeworld, and have action Hynerian style And that is just the start.Good The style of the series is preserved.Strange not Farscape strange but still Jothee looks too much like Ka D [...]

  2. Nicolo Yu

    Cancelled television series have found new life in recent years in comic books These are not the usual adaptations that comic publishers license from networks but new stories that pick up from the series finale and starting a new season in printed form with participation from its original creators and writers One of the earliest adapters and best examples and best example of creator participation is Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 with Joss Whedon with a central role in plotting the direction [...]

  3. Aaron

    The crew of the Leviathan starship Moya former Earth astronaut John Crichton, former Peacekeeper Aeryn Sun, their baby D Argo Deke Sun Crichton, along with Rygel, Chiana, Jothee, Noranti, and Pilot finally get Rygel back to the Hynerian Empire, where he once ruled 130 years ago before being deposed by his cousin Trying to restore Rygel to power is predictably difficult, made much so by the re appearance of John s nemesis, Scorpius John and Aeryn learn the ins and outs of intergalactic parenting [...]

  4. Steve

    The ultimate collection FARSCAPE fans have been waiting for This handsome hardcover features the first four issues of the first arc of the Farscape comic series as written by series creatorRockne S O Bannon Includes a bevy of bonus materials that make this a must have item for hard core Scapers and new fans alike First I have to admit when this TV series first premiered I was unable to really get involved in the story At the time of its release I wasn t watching much of any real TV to think of I [...]

  5. D'Argo Agathon

    I think O Bannon tried just a tad too hard to make John seem like John with of his Earthisms than ever , and not quite hard enough to make Aeryn seem like Aeryn she s hard in situations that don t really work like not talking to John during the assault.The art design takes a while to get used to, especially the action scenes Jothee looks too much like D Argo and not enough like himself, action scenes really aren t clear and don t flow together, and Chiana looks too skinny.But other than these n [...]

  6. Sarah

    I really enjoyed this, the characterisation felt like genuine Farscape as did the plot antics, and it transferred well to the comic book medium Looking forward to reading the rest

  7. Kandice

    I ve been missing the show, so was pleased to see this graphic novel glorified comic It s always comforting to revisit old friends, especially when their personalities, relationships, ticks and idiosyncracies have been kept intact The witty quips, arguments, and uncurrent of friendship were well preserved here.The story revolves around Moya and crew helping Rigel reclaim his rightful throne as Dominar At first only Chiana and D Argo s son accompany him to his home planet Those two have entered a [...]

  8. Mike Jozic

    Having finally come to the end of watching the television series I immediately jumped into the comic books to see what craziness happens next for Moya and her intrepid crew The series picks up with the final scenes of The Peacekeeper Wars and then jumping right to the gang embarking on a journey to return Rygel to his rightful seat of power They make the trip to the Hynerian homeworld and challenge Rygel s traitorous cousin Bishan s claim to the throne Naturally, everything that could go wrong d [...]

  9. Jp36

    Having become aware of the continuation of this series in this format I was delighted That delight somewhat faded as comics aren t my typical medium Graphic novels have their appeal and to me that is the artwork, the others vary such as the cost and freedom to tell a story that might not get made in other forms But these stories could have been told as short stories or even brought to a novel neither of which would have been unattainable for the creator From there the worst thing about this new [...]

  10. Natalie

    I was almost tearing up while reading this I still am, to be honest Farscape holds such a dear place in my heart, I m so glad that its creator, Rockne S O Bannon was involved in the writing of this continuation It picks up right where the story finished at the end of The Peacekeeper Wars and this 4 part collection concerns itself mainly with Rygel regaining his long sought after throne on Hyneria The whole storyline was utterly believable and in keeping with the tv show I could hear the voices o [...]

  11. Bry

    It has been a long time since I have watched Farscape so I am not gonna lie I totally had to wiki the damn thing to remember the characters names Thankfully though the book did a good job of trying to bring readers up to speed by hitting the major highlights of the tv show, so I wasn t too lost for too long.The art was pretty good I enjoyed the colors especially which were super jewel toned The characters and backgrounds also had a great amount of detail which was nice So for the most part I was [...]

  12. Rick

    When the Sci Fi Channel canceled Farscape, I almost swore off science fiction television The unique show full of puppets, bodily functions, and sex offered intelligent scripts combined with good acting and quality special effects O Bannon returns to the universe he created with Farscape The Beginning of the End of the Beginning, a well crafted direct sequel to the original series Picking up soon after the conclusion of Peacekeeper Wars, the surviving crew helps Rigel regain his throne As expecte [...]

  13. Michelle

    This first volume of the Farscape comic series rejoins the Moya crew not long after the conclusion of the events of The Peacekeeper Wars For fans of the series, it is a welcome return to a beloved world and friends, who are as distinctive in voice and action as they were on screen.In an afterword contained within this volume, Rockne S O Bannon notes that he may have tried to cram too much into the tale in his excitement to revisit this world, and this is a fairly accurate statement While the cha [...]

  14. Michael

    The story was a worthy continuation from where The Peacekeeper Wars left off, but not particularly well written I d be interested in reading an actual novel of this story, but from a better author than DeCandido It was O Bannon s story, but DeCandido was responsible for fleshing it out The way they speak on the show is great for the screen, but in print, it reads pretty corny at times I m not a comic reader, so I m perhaps not the best judge, but the artwork looked a little too messy and hastil [...]

  15. Sarah Crawford

    This takes place right after the end of the Peacekeeper s War movie As expected, John and Aeryn are not going to find peace Moya and her crew are going to return Rygel to his homeworld so he can ovethrow the cousin that had taken his place As to be expected, this doesn t go well at all and several of the crew end up in the palace dungeon.Meanwhile there s some strange character following Aeryn, John and Deke their baby and he may be after the baby Rygel is taken elsewhere to be sold into slavery [...]

  16. Gary

    This is an excellent continuation to the series Farscape If you haven t ever watched the series you should check it out on Netflix, they have the whole series streaming This graphic novel plays like four episodes of the series telling this one overall arc The major storyline is putting Rygel back on the throne of Hyneria While the secondary story has a mysterious figure with red eyes following John, Aeryn, Deke John and Aeryn s son Amazingly drawn it captures the heart and soul of the television [...]

  17. Candice Bundy

    For fans of the Farscape series, these graphic novels are a welcome continuation to the plot and characters otherwise unavailable.This first book is dedicated to Rygel and his attempt to regain his former throne Crichton and Aeryn also come to terms with becoming parents, Chiana and Jothee deal with D Argo s death, and Scorpius deals with life without Scarrans Overall this could have fit into 2 3 show episodes, and it makes sense that it feels like television because that s what Rockne s used to [...]

  18. Denise

    I just finished re watching the entire Farscape series, so I needed something to combat the severe withdrawal symptoms looks like I found the perfect remedy Picking up right where The Peacekeeper Wars left off, the first volume of the graphic novel series sees Rygel attempt to finally reclaim his crown, Chiana and Jothee try to come to terms with D Argo s death and John and Aeryn dealing with their new state of parenthood And of course Scorpius is up to something again Great entertainment for fa [...]

  19. John

    Solid fun for fans of the TV series This picks up right during the final scene from the Peacekeeper Wars, and shows us the start of Crichton and Aeryn s lives as parents, and how they cope with that while being dragged, unsurprisingly, into dangerous messes Story wise, this doesn t quite measure up to the series at its best although it s very good , but the characters ring true, and the writing is spot on It s great that we can get of this story than the SciFi channel let us have.

  20. Aja

    Farscape is back Ahhh how I ve missed all the outer space fun and frolics This volume sets up the continuation of the series nicely offering a smooth transition from the TV series and the end of the Peacekeeper Wars It can be enjoyed as a complete story reminiscent of a two part episode and yet has some mysterious goings on that leave you anticipating volume 2 If you are a fan of the show then I recommend this, if not, then go treat yourself to a Farscape marathon then come back and read it

  21. Jamie

    A very enjoyable return to the the Farscape Universe which picks up right where the mini series left off The story of this first arc largely focuses on Rygel, but John, Aeryn and the baby still take center stage The story and art are both good but the art doesn t script the action scenes that well There were a number of panels where I had to ask myself What is that supposed to be Aside from that minor issue, this is a great return to one of my most loved franchises.

  22. Amanda

    I re read all of these in the summer while blitzkrieging for a game I still find myself feeling about the same for the Farscape franchize comics graphic novels as I ever did They are sometimes well written, but the art is really sad because I just love the show and actors so much Some of the stories meander too much, and Aeryn s ending still gets to me in a way where I don t absolutely agree that s where she should have ended up But it was a fun summer reread.

  23. Romana1

    You know it s good when you can hear the character s voices as you read the comic I absolutely loved this continuation of Farscape, picking up right after the events in The Peacekeeper Wars The only question I have is why did it take me so long to start reading this Looking forward to volume 2

  24. Joy

    Farscape has become one of my favorite scifi series and it was so sad when it ended I am glad that they started it up again in comics, and it s the same off the wall series it was before.In the first installment, we see Rygel trying to take back Hyneria Aeryn and John are having problems with Deke crying all the time and Chiana is having problems dealing with D Argo s death.

  25. Colleen

    I read the individual comic books, not the TPB, after all 4 were released.This is an excellent comic series from Boom Studios and written by the creators of the TV series All the stories are considered to be official canon and deal with events following The Peacekeeper Wars.

  26. Kerri

    This was good enough My main complaint was how Aeryn was portrayed as a new mother She seemed weaker, insecure, and less capable than she was in the TV show These traits were not part of her character before I did like how realistic the characters were illustrated.

  27. Meredith Kaupp

    I m not a comic book fan, but I just treat he d the TV series and really wanted to know what happens next Wish they d write a novelization, but I ll keep reading the comics since that s my only option.

  28. Michelle Wardhaugh

    Fun but not brilliant There were a lot of character moments expressions and actions that made the characters on the page seem very like the characters on the screen that I enjoyed at first, but by the end it felt like that was almost all there was.

  29. Kathleen

    Review from interlibrary loan copyI m going to cry and cry and cry and cry are there any That first image just got me, and then okay, as River Song would say, spoilers.

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