Saving Juliet (2020)

Saving Juliet Suzanne Selfors Saving Juliet Mimi Wallingford is a teen actress from a famous Broadway family Unfortunately she wants no part of a life in theatre nor can she stand Troy the teen pop idol who is cast to play Romeo opposite her
  • Title: Saving Juliet
  • Author: Suzanne Selfors
  • ISBN: 9780802798312
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
Saving Juliet Suzanne Selfors Mimi Wallingford is a teen actress from a famous Broadway family Unfortunately, she wants no part of a life in theatre, nor can she stand Troy, the teen pop idol who is cast to play Romeo opposite her as Juliet When she and Troy are suddenly thrust back into Shakespeare s Verona, Mimi meets and befriends Juliet, seeing that they have in common than just Shakespeare.Mimi Wallingford is a teen actress from a famous Broadway family Unfortunately, she wants no part of a life in theatre, nor can she stand Troy, the teen pop idol who is cast to play Romeo opposite her as Juliet When she and Troy are suddenly thrust back into Shakespeare s Verona, Mimi meets and befriends Juliet, seeing that they have in common than just Shakespeare With Troy s help, she saves Juliet and her Romeo from their tragic destiny, bringing both pairs of star crossed lovers a happy ending.
Saving Juliet Suzanne Selfors

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One thought on “Saving Juliet

  1. Jacqueline

    Ok so this story is about a girl name Mimi She is an actress for theatre, even though she hates it She plays Juliet in Romeo and Juliet Troy is her dreamy and cocky costar He plays Romeo Mimi gets these magic ashes from her aunt, and to make a long story short she and Troy ends up in the play Romeo and Juliet Oh and even if you haven t read Romeo and Juliet like me that s just fine, the play doesn t exactly go its original course She meets Romeo, Juliet who is just the cutest and spunkiest girl [...]

  2. Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Marta Morrison for TeensReadToo This above all to thine own self be true Shakespeare This was the underlying theme in this excellent story about growing up Mimi Wallingford is the last in line of a Shakespearean acting family All her mother wants her to do is be a Shakespearean actress in New York at the family theater All 17 year old Mimi wants is to be a normal teenager She wants to go to college in Los Angeles and study medicine She wants to see the world When we first meet Mimi, [...]

  3. Manybooks

    As a story in and of itself, as a time travel or perhaps in this case, one should say a play travel novel, Suzanne Selfors Saving Juliet is really and truly a massively fun romp, a bit chick literature like perhaps and definitely conceptualised for and specifically geared towards teenaged girls , but I have very much enjoyed the entire premise of Mimi finding herself in William Shakespeare s Verona, in William Shakespeare s story of Romeo Monatgue and Juliet Capulet, and absolutely love the voi [...]

  4. Namratha

    Saving Juliet is a book that is loaded with platitudes and wise homilies and never, not once you want to tell the author that she should mind her sanctimonious beeswax and get on with the plot already So kudos to Suzanne Selfors for getting it right yet again Seventeen year old Mimi Wallingford is last in the line of the legendary Wallingford actors Thrust onto the stage from the age of three, Mimi s life has been a whirl of grease paint, dead weight costumes, mouthy dialogues, unpalatable healt [...]

  5. Mimi Valentine

    Rating 4.5First, let me just say that you shouldn t pass up this book just because the cover isn t admittedly the prettiest I honestly adored everything about this novel and it s not just because the main girl s name is Mimi Saving Juliet is like a modern spin on Romeo and Juliet but not at the same time It s about a girl who is accidentally finds herself stuck in the world s greatest love story, where Shakespeare s version is about as similar to it as a baby chick is to a hawk It s fun and swe [...]

  6. Bethany

    The plot line teenager struggles to form her own identity, plunges into a magical trial by fire, emerges victorious doesn t leave the reader in much suspense, and the characters are flat even after their public facades are dropped , but this is still an enjoyable foray into the well known story of Romeo and Juliet Best for beach reading or similarly lazy days, the story moves predictably and without much innovation or surprise The characters don t develop much and, when they do, the alterations [...]

  7. Diamond

    This is the first review I have ever posted so I just want to say that I don t want to hurt anyone s feelings I ve been told very often that I m extremely blunt, although I think it s like I m just honest Anyway I ll start with the cover.CoverThe cover isn t very striking It s not enchantingly beautiful or devastatingly ugly It s kind of plain and I probably won t remember it in a few days It s just a photo of a girl in a Juliet costume chewing gum I will say that it is relevant to the story Th [...]

  8. Jessica

    Mimi Wallingford is the latest in a long line of famous Wallingford actors, starring in Shakespearean productions nightly at the now rather shabby Wallingford Theatre on Broadway Mimi s latest role is to die for starring as Juliet opposite popstar Troy Summers as Romeo But Mimi doesn t care for the role in fact, for reasons unknown, it s causing her to have totally debilitating stage fright Is it because Troy is so handsome, and so stuck up Is it because the fate of their family and the theater [...]

  9. Janine

    This was probably the funniest book I have ever read in my life I read this a few years ago when my sister raved about it and we STILL make jokes about it to this day First off, the usage of Shakespeare is genius in this story Selfors is able to stick to the original characters while adding her own touch For once I actually liked Mercutio, especially with his fanstic lines Girl Come and Hither and we will Dither and my favorite, Girl Come and Handle My Candle The characters kind of mess with the [...]

  10. Holly

    I love it when a book surprises you It seemed like many people who had read Saving Juliet thought it was okay, but really not the greatest So that s what I went into it thinking I was so wrong.Mimi is an actress by force It s been a part of her family since her great grandmother started acting a century before She s stuck doing Romeo and Juliet with a snobby Troy Summer, who thinks the world revolves around him and couldn t act himself out of a monkey cage After an accident involving a charm, sh [...]

  11. Kira

    1 out of 5 StarsMimi Wallingford is destined to be an actress against her will Mimi would prefer to be a doctor, but her overbearing mother won t hear of it She s stuck performing in Romeo and Juliet with teen heartthrob Troy Summers until she and Troy are magically transported to Shakespeare s Verona There Mimi meets the real Juliet and realizes they both have in common than she realized.I studied Shakespeare in college and even did an independent study on the guy I probably re read Much Ado A [...]

  12. Andrea

    Original post at The Little BookwormMimi is playing Juliet at her family s renowned theater, The Wallingford Theatre though she is suffering from stage fright She s been acting ever since she was 3 so this sudden onset of stage fright is causing her big problems Also causing her problems is her mother who wants to control Mimi s life and dictate where Mimi should go to college On the night of the final performance of Romeo Juliet, Mimi is magically transported, with her gorgeous co star Troy Sum [...]

  13. Cathleen

    Loved it If you ever read Romeo and Juliet and thought They deserve each other They re too stupid to live then this book is for you It gives an interesting and much honest and clear depiction of all of the characters from the famous love story Most of us forget these two were REALLY young teenagers This story reminds us If Juliet were alive today she d only be in Jr High and would be one of the numerous teens talking about the Jonas Brothers and Twilight Gives you a whole new perspective on the [...]

  14. Carolynne

    A charming idea gone awry Mimi, a reluctant young Shakespearean actress, travels with her co star Troy not only back in time, but into Shakespeare s Verona Her well intended plan is to prevent the senseless suicide of Juliet and Romeo, and instead she nearly prevents their meeting Selfors struggles between the language appropriate to the period and Mimi and Troy s 21st century vernacular, and settles on an unappealing modern mish mash for the inhabitants of Verona.

  15. Jenn Estepp

    okay as lunchtime break reading, but not especially great featuring a modern girl plopped down into romeo and juliet the characters were a bit flat and i didn t especially care about any of them and thus had no vested interest in what happened to them.

  16. Abi

    So happy I could get this from the library This was a cute story about a girl and a boy who got sucked into the story of Romeo and Juliet, and had to help them It was wonderful, and I really enjoyed seeing Mimi make her way from stuck teen to confident, successful young woman there s nothing like a jaunt in fair Verona to make a girl realize how to get what she wants from life, no 4.5 stars.

  17. Christina

    Rating 3.5 Stars There may be some spoilers so read at your own discretion I found this book to be a delightful escape into the world of Shakespeare What makes this escape even better were the two young actors who accidentally get transported into Verona and must now live out the Romeo Juliet storyline for real The book is very fast paced, which I liked because I couldn t put the book down I just had to know what was going to happen next Mimi comes from a long line of renowned, distinguished the [...]

  18. Ellen Ekstrom

    I had one great, enormous, fun, time reading Ms Selfors book, Saving Juliet The cover grabbed me first, and then her prologue had me cracking up I LOVE THIS STORY Not since Anne Fortier s treatment of the legend the medieval story line in her book, Juliet , not the modern story line that runs parallel have I enjoyed a story this much This is my favorite legend of all time and so far, Ms Selfors treatment of the characters and the plot is exquisite I m already envisioning Molly Quinn from ABC s C [...]

  19. Julie

    I first saw this book when I was going through books here on and it caught my eye, not only because Romeo and Juliet is one of my favorite books, but also because my friends like to call me Juliet I read through tthe summary and decided that it looked like a really good book I decided to give it a try and ordered it online The plot, in my opinion was a really good one This book is about Mimi, a seventeen year old Shakespearen actress who wishes to become a doctor When she and her heart throb co [...]

  20. Stephanie

    Yet another awesome Suzanne novel I LOVED this book It was amazing, everything I had expected and .The characters were adorable and I love them to death especially Troy and Romeo For Troy, I had expected him to be like a douchebag and completely spoiled but he s not, at least, not really And the times when he wants to make Mimi jealous is just a show of his insecurity and that he s just a normal human being, like us Of course, there were times when I wavered between deciding if he was being a je [...]

  21. Soph - Lock&Key

    This book was not what I expected and that is a very good thing, honestly I picked it up by fluke in a library and well I didn t really want to read it but once I got half way through there was no turning back This book is about a girl called Mimi who wants to escape her life as an actor, she wants to get away from her controlling mother and her stage, a charm magically sends her to Shakespeare land where she meets Romeo and Juliet in the flesh, on her journey there she finds things out about he [...]

  22. Alison Lin

    Mimi Wallingford is the great granddaughter of a famous Shakespeare actor She might have the acting blood but she doesn t like acting at all her dream is the go to L.A to stay with her aunt and go to UCLA Her mom wants her to go to the Theater Institute Mimi has terrible stage fright She threw up on the stage and everyone saw it On the night that she was suppose to preform for Theater Institute admissions committee, she was transported to Shakespeare s Verona I think that it was totally wrong th [...]

  23. Mith

    I m beginning to worry every time I have to review a book which has already been reviewed by Namz there s no way I can top her So, go read her take on the book if you want to know about the fun plot and the charming characters I m going to skip the synopsis and get right ahead to my thoughts on the story Saving Juliet was yet another cutesy YA romcom by Suzanne Selfors I loved Selfors version of Juliet she wasn t the swooning on the balcony or trying to kill self because her lover killed himself [...]

  24. Allison (The Allure of Books)

    William Shakespeare might have given his young lovers all sorts of sophisticated things to say, but in this version, my crazy version, they were just a couple of kids.This book was actually a lot than I expected it to be I assumed that once Troy and Mimi went back in time, it would be a huge cheesy mess I was wrong The story created in 16th century Verona was actually very captivating Juliet s character, especially, resonated with me I ll probably think of this Juliet from now on when the origi [...]

  25. Sarah Cross

    SavingJuliet By Suzanne SelforsTwo Juliets,both alike in desperation The story is about 17 year old Mimi Wallingford, of the famous Wallingford actors, wishes to be anywhere but onstage for the final performance of Romeo and Juliet Acting isn t for her, even if her family s future relies on it Being transported to Shakespeare s Verona wasn t what she had in mind either, but when the magical ashes clear, she s suddenly not in Manhattan any and her heartthrob costar, Troy Summer, is along for th [...]

  26. Sevania

    Ok So how do I start This is a very VERY good book It is about a 17 year old girl named Mimi who is an actress playing Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, but she doesn t want to be an actress One day, she is transported back to Shakespeare s Verona, where she meets the real Juliet Juliet in the flesh is a spunky, 13 year old girl with a likable nature However, Mimi likes her so much that she can t bear the thought of Juliet killing herself, which, of course, is how the play ends So she sets herself out [...]

  27. Kiki Corgi

    OMG I LOVED THIS BOOK 5 STARS 1 star because of the author, she s my favorite 2 stars because of the characters and character bios and stuff,and 3 stars because of the plotline I absolutely love this book again, 5 stars if I could, I would rate it 10, because of it s pure awesomeness I also love suzanne selfors, and I love to read her books i m looking forward to read it can t wait to open a new book, set my paws on the page and READ I CANT WAIT please, you have to read this, or your life will [...]

  28. joy *the clean-reader extraordinaire*

    fun clever writing, with interesting intersections of modernity and shakespeare much better than the average teeny bopper novel i think most kids reading RJ would enjoy this little side trip13 green for a mostly clean read passing reference to virginity, and a non graphic attempted rape some shakespearian era cursing, but not much really, this is cleaner than the original, i suppose.

  29. Rachel Kidwell

    I was very pleasantly surprised by this book I had never read anything like it, what with the idea of going back in time in a shakespeare play I thought it was extremely intriguing and genius While the relationships were extremely predictable, the overall feel and plot line of the novel make up for it A great read

  30. Anuja

    I loved it I had expected it to be an average book where I will not like the main pairing However, this one surprised me I loved it The author has timed the twists and turns accurately and even with the cliche ending the book wins you over

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