The Work and the Glory9 volumes (2020)

The Work and the Glory9 volumes Gerald N. Lund The Work and the Glory volumes Historical Fiction
  • Title: The Work and the Glory9 volumes
  • Author: Gerald N. Lund
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 287
  • Format: None
The Work and the Glory9 volumes Gerald N. Lund Historical Fiction
The Work and the Glory9 volumes Gerald N. Lund

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    287 Gerald N. Lund
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One thought on “The Work and the Glory9 volumes

  1. Lauren Wilde

    I read this series in 7th grade Probably a lot of what drew me into the books were the love stories, and if I reread them again, I might find the love stories simplistic and similar, but I love these books, and I learned SO much about Church history reading them I ve retained a lot of that knowledge and have had reason to be grateful to have learned Church history in a memorable and safe way meaning the author is a faithful, believing member who didn t shy away from delicate topics but explained [...]

  2. Lacey

    The Work and Glory and I go way back I first read volumes 1 6 as a young teenager As an older teenager I reread volumes 1 6 then read volumes 7 and 8 I then received volume 9 as a gift, but I just never got around to reading it So, 15 years later I decide to finally read it, but you can t just read the last volume after than a decade, so I had to REREAD all 8 volumes and then finish it up with the final volume I m so glad I did I must give you my pet peeve about Lund s writing however No charac [...]

  3. Cherie

    I read all 9 volumes of this set probably 15 years ago, but just now realized that I have never included them in my book list They were wonderful books to familiarize myself with the history of the LDS Church Although the Steeds were a fictional family, I am sure that their experiences were the experiences of many early Church members Actual Church History was woven into the story of the Steed family These books have been so widely read and internalized, that I have heard it said, that when some [...]

  4. Paula Wright

    I started reading this series in anticipation of our big Midwest Mormon Church History trip we took in July I m a slow reader so it took me five months to get through all nine books in the series and that included listening to the audio book for most of six and the beginning of seven on a solo road trip to California The good I m so glad I picked up this series in anticipation of the trip I made it to the point of the story of the Martyrdom on the day we left Nauvoo and stopped at Carthage The g [...]

  5. Grant

    These are wonderful books, engaging, uplifting, and edifying I have heard complaints about the liberties the author is wont, on occasion, to take with the historical facts, but such liberties are clearly spelled out in the notes at the end of each chapter and thus bothered me not at all, perhaps if I knew the subject matter better I would see liberties taken that were not documented Regardless I highly recommend The Work and the Glory, they are worth reading for the clean uplifting entertainment [...]

  6. Marla Gale

    The Work and the Glory Series I can truly call my favorite Lund completely drew me into the series with the characters, plot, romances, conflict, etc I also loved that I was learning loads of church history as I was reading I feel like I know so much about the time period and all that the Saints experienced because of this series My testimony of the church grew through reading the books as well One of the influential books I ve read.

  7. Alisa Lambertsen

    I loved these books It took me forever to decide to read them, but as soon as I started, I could not put them down I loved the way the author included real stories from the LDS history The main characters in the book interact with the families and people from history to share the story As I got further into the books, I was connected with the characters I honestly cried, laughed, and felt every other emotion the characters felt.

  8. Anne

    The books are well researched, and if not well written literature, they do a good job of introducing LDS church history I was a little uncomfortable sometimes with the fictional stretches that were made to tell the history But I liked most of the characters well enough Reading the footnotes at the end of each chapter was what I enjoyed best It was here that the real history could be gleaned from the storytelling.

  9. Emily Nelson

    While I loved this series, there were quite a few times I really had to push myself through some dark and dreary passages Is it wrong that I completely adored the first movie Probably This series is a great way to acquaint yourself with some Church history

  10. Rob

    Fantastic series I learned so much about LDS Church history It helped my understanding bringing historical figures to life The third book was the first book to ever make me cry, and it happened twice in that book A definite must read.

  11. Camille Young

    Loved these books I would love to read them again although I would start with book 2 book 1 is all about chopping down a tree.

  12. Dustin Heap

    Very cool to learn about Church history through the eyes of a fictional family A little chick flickish but enjoyed the series.

  13. Erin

    i can t believe i made it through the whole series.I was kind of done after about book 6, but I kept going to see what happened

  14. Amanda Lamb

    I started the series ten years ago and just finished Wonderful, especially for LDS historical purposes.

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