The Devil's Storybook (2020)

The Devil's Storybook Natalie Babbitt The Devil s Storybook The Devil s Storybook is a New York Times Book Review Notable Children s Book of the Year and a National Book Award Finalist for Children s Books An ALA Notable BookChosen by School Library
  • Title: The Devil's Storybook
  • Author: Natalie Babbitt
  • ISBN: 9780374417086
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
The Devil's Storybook Natalie Babbitt The Devil s Storybook is a 1974 New York Times Book Review Notable Children s Book of the Year and a 1975 National Book Award Finalist for Children s Books An ALA Notable BookChosen by School Library Journal as one of the Best of the Best Books
The Devil's Storybook Natalie Babbitt

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One thought on “The Devil's Storybook

  1. Cheryl

    I ve loved this my whole life I still like creative fables, and flash fiction And of course Babbitt is the best these could be told as anecdotes, even concisely, but then we wouldn t get the sly humor, the interesting metaphors, the hints at larger philosophies I dropped this on the kitchen table and, sure enough, my 20 yo son picked it up and started giggling right away, and is going to read the whole thing.

  2. Katy

    NPR did a recent feature on children s literature which piqued my interest because I wasn t aware children read any I listened as a children s book author reviewed her favorite books from childhood and reveled in her choices, which included The Boxcar Children series which I read over a summer in grade school probably between 2nd and 3rd grade and Roald Dahl s entire catalog of work I realized that what this children s author and I had in common was that as kids we clearly both valued being spok [...]

  3. Ann

    I spent two weeks reading all of Natalie Babbit s books I am better for it, and this was a stand out even among such exceptional works To quote Jean Stafford s review The Devil is not dire he is a scheming practical joker and comes to earth often when he is restless, to play tricks on clergymen, goodwives, poets, and pretty girls A books for bright children why not and their parents to share I would say this book is like I.B Singer for young readers, but he wrote wonderful books for children and [...]

  4. Shannon O'Hara

    The Devil s Storybook is banned due to religious beliefs and overall personal beliefs This book is about different stories of the devil entering the real world and his adventures and tricks It also brings up the subject hell and which some families believe and don t This book was banned due too parents not wanting their kids to hear stories of the devil or hell and teachers may have beliefs and don t feel comfortable reading it aloud or don t support what content is in the book.I personally feel [...]

  5. Caroline

    I found this discarded library book at a garage sale and I m so glad I picked it up It s a truly unique book of tales featuring the Devil in various adventures and plots to pull one over on someone else Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes he fails Another reviewer said that it s usually the character with the least common sense that loses in the end, and I agree with this Sometimes he s the sensible one who s stuck with incompetent minions and I end up feeling bad for him This book is unique becaus [...]

  6. Dionisia

    Entertaining, light read Each of the ten stories revolve around the Devil himself in some way or other.ContentsWishesThe Very Pretty LadyThe Harps of HeavenThe Imp in the Basket NutsA Palindrome AshesPerfection The Rose and the Minor DemonThe Power of Speech This was my favorite story of the bunch I loved the ambiguity of it all A close second for favorite story The ending clinched it as a standout This one sticks with me as well Even when the Devil doesn t get his way, we can still lose.

  7. Daniel

    These very brief stories were actually a delight to read The come across as fables, each with a short moral My daugher had requested the book from the library because she wanted to read as much Natalie Babbitt as she could, after watching Tuck Everlasting on television My daughter, too, enjoyed these stories It only takes about an hour to read through the entire book, but the writing flows nicely and most of the stories were quite enjoyable to read.

  8. Summer

    A short collection of young adult stories about the dealings of the Devil in and out of Hell and the poor ones he tries to torture or just decides to make their lives a living hell This is a book written with great humor and irony If only the Devil would learn from his own mistakes Clever and well written Same author as Tuck Everlasting.

  9. Young At Heart Reader

    A cute little storybook about the Devil getting into shenanigans Some are kind of structured like fables or morality tales and others are just silly little anecdotes I was surprised that this is the same woman who wrote Tuck Everlasting, but the prose and pictures have a distinct charm to them I definitely laughed every once in a while at the odd humor It s just an extremely quick and simple read that I needed in between books right now.

  10. Richard

    For some reason, stories in this genre have always tickled me I adored this and have read it twice over the years.

  11. Doug

    Used this as a read aloud in my library many moons ago The stories are as funny, thought provoking, and stylishly written as ever Very glad I purchased my own copy and re read these tales.

  12. Kendra

    Something made me remember this book that I read so long ago when I was perhaps 9 I remember the librarian at the local branch recommending it to me, with no parents around I am sure I rode my bike there myself , and I just laughed out loud at how ridiculously impossible this scenario might be these dayst only because of the Title, but also for a 9 year old biking anywhere by herself, and talking to a stranger this date me, or what I didn t even know who the Devil was, so this gave me a beautifu [...]

  13. Eden

    The Devil s Storybook is a book of short stories featuring the devil being Well, devilish He starts to make someone s day miserable, but ends up failing the first few tries He takes a goat that he has wanted for ever so long, but ends up giving it back and there are many other tales.This is the second book I ve read by Natalie Babbitt The first being Tuck Everlasting I read that a few summers ago and it became one of my all time favorites I decided to try another book by Natalie Babbitt and The [...]

  14. Heather Colacurcio

    Natalie Babbitt is one of the great Children s authors, and she succeeds once again in this gem of a book When the Devil gets bored in Hell, he comes to the World to play around with humans In ten short stories, each of them darkly humorous, the Devil is up to no good Some stories prove the sheer stupidity and selfish nature of humanity Wishes , Ashes , The Harps of Heaven , others portray the good natured, big hearted spirit of the pious The Imp in the Basket , The Power of Speech This is Juven [...]

  15. Lisa

    My computer flipped out on a Sunday, and I had to wait til the next day to get it fixed I couldn t manage a day without my computer, so I went to the library I had a long wait for a computer, so I went to look for Newbery books As is always the case at the Multnomah County Library, what I really wanted was checked out So I ended up with a lot of books that weren t Newbery award winners honorees, but were written by authors that had won or been honored.That s the long version of how I ended up re [...]

  16. Lisa Scott

    I came across this odd little collection of tales because my school has a Literature Circle set of it in its bookroom The book s Devil is a trickster figure who meddles on Earth when he gets bored My favorite story is The Imp in the Basket, which I read to my sixth graders to teach them about short story elements but which wound up sparking a debate on the nature of good and evil I just read that the book was challenged by parents of students in New Jersey and Pennsylvania because of its occult [...]

  17. Barbara

    The first sentence reads One day when things were dull in Hell, the Devil fished around in his bag of disguises, dressed himself as a fairy godmother, and came up into the World to find someone to bother I was hooked from the start This is a light hearted fun read there is nothing scary It s ten short stories that do not have to be read in any specific order The first two are very funny, but my personal favorite that I want to recommend to every mother and or parent is Perfection.

  18. Amy

    This is a wicked little book starring Old Scratch I especially liked the Dorian Gray element of the story A Palindrome, but they re all pretty good Includes several memorable characters besides the Devil himself such as Walpurgis the foulmouthed goat, and a nameless minor demon who wants to be a rose gardener I read Perfection, the story of a sickeningly good little girl, aloud to my mother She got a good laugh out of it, because she s never really liked good girls Or boys of any sort, now that [...]

  19. Lars Guthrie

    I hesitate to say than this is an enchanting little collection of short fable like stories whose morals are invariably ambiguous, because there was such a joy for me in the unexpectedness of each of them I was particularly fond of A Palindrome, which starts with a kind man who paints pictures filled with cruelty, and ends with a cruel man who paints pictures filled with kindness, but every story is delightfully humrous, and completely unusual And you can read it in no time Highly recommended.

  20. Catherine

    My first five star review, and it s a Natalie Babbitt book who I ve mentioned I worry I don t appreciate as much as I should These stories are utterly charming, and I loved how the Devil was portrayed, as someone who can be complacent at times, and pushy at others, and as someone who on occasion misreads the situation he s in It certainly gives kids reading it grounds to see the adults in their lives in the same light don t hate on me for that, anti Devil people My favorite story in the book is [...]

  21. Maureen Milton

    This book of thought provoking stories, published in 1974, is a gem Each pithy tale of the Devil, slightly portly and a little bored in Hell, tells of his forays into the World, seeking diversion and perhaps a new recruit to join him These tales vary in length, employ simple, sturdy language, but all are dense with meaning, examining human foibles with sympathy, humor, and or surprise They merit re reading and discussion This is a slim volume of great richness, accessible to all readers Highly r [...]

  22. Travis

    I remember stumbling upon this book when I was a kid and having my young mind blown.It s a series of short stories starring the devil in some of the stories, he wins and despite being the guy in charge of hell, he doesn t come across as particularly evil.The stories themselves are clever, most have a moral, but even as a kid, it never felt like I was being hit over the head with a lesson and it had a nice dry sense of humor.

  23. Kaycie Hall

    One day when things were dull in Hell, the Devil fished around in his bag of disguises, dressed himself as a fairy godmother, and came up into the World to find someone to bother Why would I not want to read a book that starts out in this way I personally love the idea of the Devil as a rogue who schemes to steal pet goats and make other people open his walnuts for him This little book made me laugh, and I love it for that.

  24. James Howald

    I d read this before and was looking for some quick reads to amuse me for a day This fit the bill From the devil making deals for a woman s beauty, to his love of goats, to his hatred of roses, it s a fun light read No theology here, just cute little stories Think Devil Went Down to Georgia, but written instead of sung.

  25. Paul Hasbrouck

    Nice little collection of Devil stories, were Old Nick tries to have some fun with us mere humans My favorite is THE HARPS OF HEAVEN, a screwball caper with The Devil sending two hard headed thieves on the rocky road to heaven Their object Stealing the angels harps.This collection left me with a nice smile and the Devil would not like that.

  26. Karen

    Hilarious and wonderful These stories of the Devil visiting the earth to tempt mortals was such a treat I m sure some readers will avoid this out of superstitious terror of the Devil, but this Devil seems strangely human and the writing style is delightful My favorite children s book in some time And thanks to I have just found out there s a sequel Hooray

  27. Lauren

    Openly admitting that I have been reading a lot of children s books lately Natalie Babbitt, why did I not read of your books as a child This is a delightful collection of short stories about the devil and the not so fair games he can play Babbitt has a light touch, the morals don t always hit you over the head Nuts is my favorite.

  28. Victoria Law

    After reading The Power of Speech in Sympathy for the Devil, I decided to see what other scrapes Natalie Babbitt could put the devil in Definitely an entertaining read

  29. Komal

    it was an innovative story for the 1970s its interesting how the author see s the devil in the book and how hell looks the stories themselves were okay, i was expecting when i read the description of it all and all i dont regret reading it

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