Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary (2020)

Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary Justin Green Art Spiegelman Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary A lost classic of underground cartooning Binky Brown Meets the Holy VirginMary is Justin Green s autobiographical portrayal of his struggle withreligion and his own neuroses Binky Brown is a young Ca
  • Title: Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary
  • Author: Justin Green Art Spiegelman
  • ISBN: 9781934781555
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Hardcover
Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary Justin Green Art Spiegelman A lost classic of underground cartooning, Binky Brown Meets the Holy VirginMary is Justin Green s autobiographical portrayal of his struggle withreligion and his own neuroses Binky Brown is a young Catholic battling allthe usual problems of adolescence puberty, parents, and the fear that thestrange ray of energy emanating from his private parts will strike a pictureof thA lost classic of underground cartooning, Binky Brown Meets the Holy VirginMary is Justin Green s autobiographical portrayal of his struggle withreligion and his own neuroses Binky Brown is a young Catholic battling allthe usual problems of adolescence puberty, parents, and the fear that thestrange ray of energy emanating from his private parts will strike a pictureof the Virgin Mary Deeply confessional, with artwork that veers wildlybetween formalist and hallucinogenic, Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Maryis the controversial masterpiece that invented the autobiographical graphicnovel.
Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary Justin Green Art Spiegelman

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One thought on “Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary

  1. David Schaafsma

    This is a memoir from 1972 that is in the territory of Crumb and Seth, by which I mean it is how about sexuality, male sexuality, male adolescent sexuality, which may be nostalgic for men and eh, or annoying gross for women readers It s in part about the pervasive dominance of fantasy in every day life, but also about the ways religion and particularly the Catholic religions created for him almost surreal guilt and anxiety obsessions It s pretty funny in places And feels very much like a late fi [...]

  2. Printable Tire

    A funny exploration of the weird perversions of puberty and the obsessive compulsions inherent to religious practice McSweeney s version is big and fancy, and includes a lengthy afterward by the creator.

  3. Lizzie

    This is a reprint of a 1972 comic I have the original in the garage, but when I first read it I was kind of put off by it It s an autobiographical story of a young boy and his struggles with sexual urges and Catholicism Now I find his scrupulosity and neuroses interesting but then I just thought he was kind of weird I just didn t get it I was thoroughly in the late 60s 70s mindset of sex is groovy, guilt is for squares, if it feels good do it, and couldn t understand the shame and conflicting ur [...]

  4. Dominick

    Originally published in 1972, this classic of underground cartooning and pioneering work in autobiographical comics is given a deluxe treatment here, including an afterword by Green that takes up almost half the book Disturbing, funny, profound, this work offers amazing and groundbreaking, at the time insight into OCD Evidence of the seriousness of purpose that can underlie the apparent iconoclasm of the undergrounds Every serious comics reader should own this book This edition offers the origin [...]

  5. MariNaomi

    This is a gorgeous reprint McSweeney s decision to print this black and white story in color, white out warts and all, had magnificent results, appealing particularly to a nerd like me obsessively poring over the artists techniques as I do.The story was bizarre and brilliant It being the first autobiographical comic ever made, I couldn t stop thinking about how this thing in my hands was directly responsible for pretty much my entire career.

  6. David Schwan

    An early auto biographical cartoon early graphic novel The author describes his neurotic issues with his sexuality and the Catholic church The extensive essay at the end puts this work in context of the counter culture of the 1960 s.

  7. Jeff

    9 Nov 2016 Maybe the only thing i can say with certainty this morning is that we shouldn t make any claims that Catholicism caused Binky s obsessive compulsive disorder.

  8. Dave Riley

    Raw Obsessed Crude Shocking Blasphemous Brilliant Such pain inked out to the page Confessional frankness than any religious upbrought person can relate to.Ah adolescence Spare us the religious perversities we are forced to inhabit Save us from these religions and their warped lifestyles Mind you Binky Brown does have issues but then he channels what he gets served up Binky si from 1972 and suggested a future for autobiographical comicsbut few since are as intimate or as savage as this one Justin [...]

  9. Niki

    Tortured and hilarious If one ever wanted to know what it was like to grow up Catholic, this is a great portrait It s a visit to Rome and what the Pope s private rooms must be like Binky provides an examination of what living with OCD, irrational and forces of psychic oppression, and the daily fight with his own mind BBMTHVM is a rough cut and imperfect frames which lend the reader a sense of the hell the writer must have gone through to create his story Some of my favorite frames are where the [...]

  10. Alex Scales

    Outside of Crumb s Weirdo, I have never read much in the way of underground comics I think because I mostly perceive it as being a time full self deprecating cartoonists that like to talk about their dicks That s true of this book especially, in which Art Spiegelman claims in the introduction that Justin Green invented the self deprecating cartoonists talking about their dicks genre here.Catholic guilt isn t a particular interest of mine, so there isn t much for me here I do think Green is a fan [...]

  11. Hans

    I m wavering between 3 4 stars The book is beautiful not a surprise from McSweeney s It lovingly reproduces the original pages of this lost classic of comics From first glance even at the title , it seems like this will be about the character s inner conflicts with the Catholic Church But in a short 44 pages, we learn where the real struggle lies A 44 page comic that retells the author s life would now seem like a warm up act But all the recent powerhouse graphic memoirs in some part started fro [...]

  12. Clark Knowles

    It s rare that one finds albeit nearly forty years after it was first published something as original and raw and ground breaking as this book by Justin Green I was introduced to Green s work through this McSweeney s edition a lovely oversized volume with a glowing introduction by Art Spielgelman and I couldn t help feeling that I was reading something secret, images and words beamed directly into my head by a tremendously courageous and exacting artist This edition also has a perceptive afterwa [...]

  13. Manish

    When BBMTHVM was written in the 70s, OCD was yet to be identified as a distinct psychological trait But in spite of this, Green s phenomenal work during the Underground Comics phase in the United States is largely based on his own experience of growing up with OCD and his confused confrontation with Catholicism The protagonist Binky Brown grapples with his mental conflict with his new found sexuality, the instructions of the Church and the all pervading temptations around him With graphic illust [...]

  14. Twan

    Autobiographical comic about a a young lads fears of religion and some sort of crazy OCD which made rays shoot out of his penis and turn lots of household objects into cocks.From 1972, it is meant to be the first autobiog comic and is raved about by some of the big players like Crumb and Spiegleman, the latter stating that without this book, MAUS would never have been written ShockedThis edition is printed from the original artwork and all the pencil lines and tippex marks are there to see The h [...]

  15. Charles Crouch

    Reading this soul baring graphic memoir, one must bear in mind that this was very much the first of that genre a truly new form of graphic literature As Art Speigelman says in the introduction, without Binky Brown, there would be no Maus As self indulgent many modern iterations of this genre are and as off putting as that has become, Binky Brown s strength lies exactly in that un guarded self indulgence This is the reason that the work is not only one of the accessible of its kind, but the most [...]

  16. Kirsten

    I thought I d reviewed this, but I guess I never did I ended up reading this book largely because another library staff member brought it to me, concerned about the content And not without reason there are a LOT of phalluses on these pages Once I started reading, though, I realized that the illustrations are not actually gratuitous or rather, they are, but their gratuity is meant to convey the strength of the protagonist s obsessive compulsive thoughts It s actually a wonderful, funny, and heart [...]

  17. Seth

    Note that my five star rating for this book is subjective far beyond the usual degree, because I have OCD, and BBMtHVM is the best depiction of personal suffering from OCD that I ve ever read It s amazing that Justin Green wrote it over a decade before the disease was understood All OCD sufferers should read this book, because they ll recognize themselves in Binky to a degree that s both comforting and disturbing Anyone who wants to know what those sufferers experience should also give it a go A [...]

  18. George Marshall

    This book has to be on the shelf of any serious comics collector back in 1971 it opened up new opportunities that comics could be intensely autobiographical, revaeling intimate confessions, screwed up childhoods, sexual deviance and powerlessness So many great people follow from this point Seth, Joe Matt, Gloeckner, Bechdel, Spiegelman, Ware, Clowes Sometimes is it excruciatingly funny, sometimes black, and sometimes, to be honest, rather puerile but throughout it is fresh, daring and beautifull [...]

  19. Katie Knight

    R Crumb fans take note the similarities are clear though Green isn t as goofy as Crumb I m no comic historian, but I m fairly sure that this started the long bio based comics that we re all now pretty familiar with The very first panel full page, and with nudity will tell you if you can handle the whole thing some 40 pages , which is a raw account of sexual shame stemming from a Catholic upbringing Green withholds nothing.

  20. Matt

    I don t have a great knowledge of 20th century underground comics, so I can t speak for its context, but this book was a great example of autobiographical cartooning, which is a distinction Green discusses at length in his afterword His attention to detail, composition, and figure work makes his art shine as he depicts adolescent anxiety at the emergence of sexuality Great stuff.

  21. sweet pea

    a neurotic graphic memoir from an OCD ex Catholic this brings a whole new level to coming of age stories with sexual awakenings the book is very much a hand made comic, so it has a healthy dose of misspellings the story of both religion and adolescence is entertaining, sad, and perhaps liberating.

  22. Wendy

    OCD, religious guilt, psychosexuality the comic itself is great, as is the afterword by the author artist, which shows how truly autobiographical the work is.

  23. Linda

    Loved the illustrations Green s disclosure of his imagination of sins, especially lust for the Virgin Mary, is brave.

  24. Sarah

    Harry borrowed this from the library, so I thought I d take a look at after hearing him talk about So very, very weird Not for everyone.

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