An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming (2020)

An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming Al Gore An Inconvenient Truth The Crisis of Global Warming Gore s bestselling book is now adapted for perhaps the most important audience of all today s youth who have no choice but to confront the planetary emergency head on Bursting with color photos this
  • Title: An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming
  • Author: Al Gore
  • ISBN: 9781606861622
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Hardcover
An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming Al Gore Gore s bestselling book is now adapted for perhaps the most important audience of all today s youth, who have no choice but to confront the planetary emergency head on Bursting with color photos, this book clearly explains global warming Environmental Studies
An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming Al Gore

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One thought on “An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming

  1. Bettie☯

    Pretty sure that Al Gore s books are on a soon to be banned list in a drawer somewhere in 37v2 s malfeasant gumment Climate scientists preempt possible suppression from White House Read all you can before this happens.

  2. Colin Price

    An accessible text for younger readers, relying far on pictures and text feature than actual words cumbersome words, who needs them anyway I m sure for anyone who has been living in a cave and doesn t know even the basics of the climate crisis, this would be an okay primer, but it stops short of having any real teeth to motivate change Okay Mr Gore, I won t stand with the refrigerator door open so I can conserve energy Now let me get back to listening to my iPod while playing Xbox Live Overall, [...]

  3. Phuongpham

    An Inconvenient Truth the Crisis of Global Warming by Al GorePg 1 to Pg 187 Question 10 As i read today, many things supprised me that our global is threatened very seriously I really supprised by how much Co2 you are emitting each year We release CO2 in the atmosphere when we burn fossil fuels_oil, natureal gas, and coal used in cars, homes, factories, and power plants Also the book talks about the rainstorms in India, the droughts in Asia and America It is so dangerous for our Earth After i re [...]

  4. Cynda

    I read this book about 2006, shortly after it was published.As a person who lives on the Texas Gulf Coast and who loves the Earth, I so took to heart the images of Louisiana barrier islands before and after Hurricanes Rita and Katherina Loss of Estuaries to promote life and Loss of Barrier Islands to protect the land and people inland The book presents a consist, concise, illustrated message Charts, images of shorelkne, graphs of heat building, and .I need to re read this book.Thank you Al Gore [...]

  5. Clifford

    A typical book written by a politician Gore does not refute opposing opinions to his claims, but instead portrays them as misguided or bought and paid for by big oil If this is the best argument that those who support anthropogenic climate change, then it is no wonder that people are starting to jump ship and abandon the religious fervor of man made global warming To support such a theory, you must embrace the detractors and demonstrate with evidence why their argument is wrong Gore presents his [...]

  6. Kate

    Having just read a plethora of religious environmental books, I wasn t impressed by the scare tactics and doom and gloom of this message There are lots of charts and graphs that were hard to understand, and it was mostly scientific points I missed an underlying ethic or worldview that helps frame this crisis in a manageable way It s fine to show us that a lot of bad things are happening, but we can t re freeze the glaciers Tell us the next step the pro active things we can do other than close th [...]

  7. Alison Lake

    I just wasn t that into this book The pictures and the graphics were very interesting and made the text make sense, especially for teen readers I just thought that his arguments in this edition were a bit oversimplified and certainly one sided I m not saying that global warming is not a threat nor am I saying that I disagree with everything he writes in this book, I just didn t really enjoy the way he wrote it.

  8. MarieAsh-Evans

    An very unscientific scientific book I only recommend this book as an exercise in wish fulfillment A wish to be a scientist can be fulfilled without the discipline of a scientific education or experience if you have enough money I think he wrote his facts they way he wished them to be and certainly in no way proved his thesis.

  9. Meredith Ritchie

    Found this book on my high school s shelf while doing inventory and I am impressed by how approachable it is It is written for kids teens The text is minimal there are lots of charts and pictures He references many outside resources Although I had a basic understanding of climate change and yes, I did already believe in climate change before reading the book , this books clarified some questions It is a quick read I could have probably read it in just a couple hours Overall, I would recommend

  10. Connie T.

    A well written overview of the global warming crisis As others have mentioned this is not a text heavy tome but I feel that works to the book s advantage An abundance of photos, graphs, and diagrams, along with brief explanations, bring home the scary message that climate change is real.

  11. Rebecca McNutt

    Al Gore, let me count the ways in which you ve scared meHas Big Brother turned green Why was this biased book in my school library I ve never read a biased book, not to mention it s expensive glossy full color paper is a monument to Al Gore s hypocrisy I looked up what was in the paper and ink of this book loads of bleach, dyes, non biodegradable acids and other little industrial time bombs Al Gore, you sure are one hell of a loser Is it just me, or is it pathetic that humanitarian enviro freak [...]

  12. Lídia

    One problem shown in the book is how global warming affects seasons and by that alters animals reproduction life and ecosystem An example, birds used to put eggs on April and crack on June, with warms who would also come out at that time, with global warming alteration warms will came out earlier at May but birds reproduction life won t, this will affect on the difficulty to find warms at June causing the new born bird to die from hunger This situation made me think of how will it be for us in a [...]

  13. Tyler Chute

    Have you ever wondered about our world and its problems Well as you read An Inconvenient Truth you will learn all about global warming Al Gore explains global warming to the reader in a marvelous way You will learn anything you need to know about global warming and how it affects are world This book starts off by telling us about how our Earth came to be and how we first got pictures of it Then it goes into talking about greenhouse gases and how we are making the amount of them larger Once you l [...]

  14. Jeanelle Seals

    I thought that this book was great It really showed me that everything we do to our earth, there is an impact even if it isn t near you I liked all of the pictures and diagreams The fact that it didn t have a lot of words, but instead it showed me with powerful pictures was exactly what I was looking for when it came to a book about the environment.The book was about the effects of global warming It shows and tells us that if we don t protect the planet we live on as soon as possible, then the r [...]

  15. William

    This book is paired with Ship Breaker I was hoping that Gore himself did the narration, but Beau Bridges has a great voice, too This book is a great introduction to global warming It is engaging, funny, and insightful, all the things you thought Gore wouldn t be I was actually shocked at some of the facts and hope that our children heed the warning Pairing this book with Ship Breaker lets the librarian sneak in some factual information to show that most science fiction has some science to inspir [...]

  16. Emma Beachy

    An Inconvenient Truth The Crisis of Global Warming by Al Gore explains the truth and reality of climate change using scientific data and uncovers its potentially disastrous consequences, while promoting awareness and action for the future Its subject matter not only describes how humans have contributed to climate change, but also how we can take steps to fix what we have done.Informative and effective in its presentation of both the causes and effects of climate change, I found An Inconvenient [...]

  17. Louie Hernandez

    This you can say is a debate in whether Global Warming is true, and if we should do something about it It shows recent Earthquakes, tsunamis and everything that has to do with natural disasters What Gore states that Global Warming is a fact and that we have to do something about it or there will be disasters to come He explains to us of the rising sea levels that may be a disaster for Florida and New York And well Gore may point out good point like the recent droughts, and the shrinking of Gree [...]

  18. Someone

    I m not too sure whether this is the version I got, but I ll write a review here anyways My book says on the bottom Young person s guide adapted from the award winning film I really enjoyed reading the book Has a lot of pictures to support his view I am concerned of global warming and I do wish the humanity relied on renewable resources like New Zealand.Anyways, the only major complain that I have is the lack of links to scientific documents and reports I guess I m just used to the APA referenc [...]

  19. Franziska

    At first I accidentally got the simplified version for younger kids Now that I read the real thing, I may as well have stayed with the dumbed down version There wasn t much difference The book was of a disappointment, since I expected a well written documentation or something It wasn t.It was of a picture book with some comments on simplified graphs and presentations The only reason why I gave this book still 3 stars is because I feel that despite of its simplicity and in my opinion lack of pr [...]

  20. Sabrina Jacobs

    This informational book geared towards middle school students really helped simplify the facts about global warming Filled with informational graphs and photos, it laid out all the questions and concerns about global warming At the very end there was also information and tips for readers to help preserve our planet.I think An Inconvenient Truth is a book that all students should be exposed to These days global warming is a hot topic, and not everybody even believes that it is really Students sho [...]

  21. Jonathan

    I thought that this book was very surprising and I think it s of an opinion book Don t get me wrong changes are happening but there are also some things that I was on a bit of an argument with my class about it being a big problem in our society that will really effect the life s of others because of global warming or if it is a change that happens every 100 200 years and we don t know about it But over all I gave this book 3 stars because of it being of an option book and not a fact book that [...]

  22. Hazel

    I have to say I liked this book The only thing I d say is that it is clear that some of the statistics have been manipulated to prove a point I realise this isn t a new concept and that the statistics probably are convincing in their own right but it seems like they ve tried to push it to the limit to make them just that bit convincing Anyway, politics aside, it is a good book, and definitely makes you think about your impact on the earth and what we can all do as individuals, and as nations, t [...]

  23. Caitlin

    I don t mind admitting that I ve read the middle school version of this book, because I m not all that into any kind of science and thus need very clear, relatively simple explanations of scientific things So thank you, Al Gore You ve explained to me something I already sort of understood, except this time with charts, numbers, and illustrations that make the situation a little immediate, comprehensible, and cogent.

  24. Tameika King

    This book explains what global warming is, what causes it, and the effects of global warming Global warming is a climate crisis that can be very difficult to explain to younger readers In this book, the language is at a level suitable for upper elementary students I loved all of the photographs and diagrams included in the book I think students can learn a lot from reading An Inconvenient Truth Teachers can use this book while teaching about the environment in science lessons.

  25. P.S. Winn

    I think the author has proven his case that yes there is global warming and climate change and also that we need to do something to stop the devastation to our world I am especially concerned about the melting of ice and glaciers I live near Glacier national park where they have all but disappeared I think the author has a lot of big oil companies and others fighting him on the theories and admire is integrity and tenacity to not give up the fight.

  26. Jennifer

    This was a great introduction to Al Gore s adult version of, An Inconvenient Truth I read it in one sitting and learned a lot about changes in our environment and some of the politics involved that have possibly kept our government from moving forward on making of an effort to alert the public on how they can help make positive contributions to creating a sustainable environment It will take you about an hour or so Read it, please

  27. Edwin Serpas

    This book presents facts on how we as humans are causing global warming It is interesting to read, but i cannot say that most of the information is accurate.I reccomend that anyone who wants to know facts about global warming or just want to see facts badly presented or not fully presented should read this Also some facts you have to consider a bt thoroughly t show that it isn t really shocking.

  28. Armando Diaz

    this book was great how al gore talks about global warming and shows the evidence on if it is or isnt man made.he shows picture and postcards showed how new york would look if we continue our leaving trash on the floor that the north ppole is going to melt and flood new york it is a great book

  29. Marco De La Rosa

    This nice book from Al Gore is the dangerous facts about Global Warming This book shows great, igh quality pictures about ho wearth is changing Al gore is trying to find out if global warming is being caused by earth it s self or is human kind us causin it Other realted problems to glabal warming related to global warming is floods, tornadoes, drouts,etc.

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