The Less-Dead (2020)

The Less-Dead April Lurie The Less Dead Noah Nordstrom has been dissing the religious beliefs of his father who hosts a popular Christian radio show and whom Noah accuses of spreading hate When two local gay teens are murdered Noah s anti
  • Title: The Less-Dead
  • Author: April Lurie
  • ISBN: 9780385736756
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
The Less-Dead April Lurie Noah Nordstrom has been dissing the religious beliefs of his father, who hosts a popular Christian radio show and whom Noah accuses of spreading hate When two local gay teens are murdered, Noah s anti evangelism intensifies he s convinced that the killer is a caller on his dad s program.Then Noah meets Will Reed, a cool guy But when he learns that Will is gay, Noah getsNoah Nordstrom has been dissing the religious beliefs of his father, who hosts a popular Christian radio show and whom Noah accuses of spreading hate When two local gay teens are murdered, Noah s anti evangelism intensifies he s convinced that the killer is a caller on his dad s program.Then Noah meets Will Reed, a cool guy But when he learns that Will is gay, Noah gets a little weirded out Especially since Will seems really into him Noah gives Will the brush off Meanwhile, the killer is still at large and soon Noah finds the next victim It s Will.Racked with guilt, Noah decides to investigate He knows the serial killer is targeting gay teens, but only those who live in foster homes, whose deaths are not that important to society they are the less dead Noah, however, is determined to prove that someone cares With the help of Will s journal, which he pocketed at the scene of the crime and in which the killer has written clues, Noah closes in on an opponent dangerous than he can guess.
The Less-Dead April Lurie

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One thought on “The Less-Dead

  1. Jennifer

    So I am the first person to be write a review of this book in and am still thinking about how I felt There are lots of good things about this book and a few not so great things This is going to be long But first the basic premise, it is a murder mystery set in and around Austin involving a serial murderer who is killing gay, homeless teens in the name of god It is as relevant and topical as it sounds The Good It is a pretty creepy mystery for most of the book, I thought it had good build up for [...]

  2. The Rainbow Zebra

    I am so pleased that I had the opportunity to read The Less Dead I enjoy Young Adult books, but even so for the subject matter the struggles between Christianity and the GLBT community.Noah s father is a famous radio broadcaster who preaches mainlline Christianity, especially the message that homosexuality is a sin When 2 gay foster youth are murdered, Noah becomes concerned for a new friend, Will, who is living on the streets.Although some of the book had that afterschool special touch to it, o [...]

  3. Kitty Sassafras

    This is a solid murder mystery light on gory details, but engaging Even though only a month or so passes in the story, the friendships and bonds between the characters felt believable to me It also didn t rely on two dimensional stereotypes if you re worried that it will cast all Christians as villains on the level of Westboro Baptist Church, it doesn t work out like that But it does challenge with citations in the author s note the conservative interpretation of the Bible that condemns homosexu [...]

  4. Michael

    An interesting read about hate crimes, homeless people, foster kids, religion dealing with homosexuality, and a mystery I had no clue who the killer was until close to the end of the novel I liked how most of the characters were a bit enlightened by the end of the book and willing to make a change Sad that it took a catalyst like the deaths of three young men to accomplish it When Westboro Baptist Church was mentioned, I felt hate They are the epitome of hatred toward so many people that they ca [...]

  5. Jennifer

    I started reading the book this morning, and was done with it in less than four hours I m a college student with a busy schedule, but I didn t want to put the book down Now, the book is not without flaws no creative work, written or otherwise, is , and I will outline what I felt could have used a little polish, but in my opinion, it wasn t enough to detract from the story line, or from the rating As a reader, I try my best to ignore the writer inside, and the reader in me enjoyed the book for w [...]

  6. Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooRaised in a strict evangelical home, author April Lurie explains in her author s note how closely she can relate to Noah Nordstrom, the main character in her latest book THE LESS DEAD is a compelling story of drama, religious frustrations, and murder.Noah Nordstrom has been raised from birth to view religion and the Bible as the road map of life His father is the well known Bible Answer Guy whose radio talk show is extremely popular in th [...]

  7. Anna

    I Finally Finished After like a month It was a tough one to read, not because of the content, but because of the poorly conceived mystery, characters that were not developed well enough, and irritating writing style Still, I did not hate it enough to give it one star Oh, and if I rant and act rudely, pardon my behaviour I just want to point out some flaws that hindered my enjoyment Let s start with the good I appreciate the author s efforts in writing about such a topic, which isn t the easiest [...]

  8. Steve Duong

    Hm.I am not sure what to say about this book So I ll start meagerly with the plot.It s a mystery novel And I d like to point out that this is probably the first book that I ve read revolving around homosexuality Religion because I just never bothered picking a book like this The plot, simply put is boy a meets boy b, boy a is at a disposition, rejecting his somewhat subconscious awkwardness around boy b, but boy b somewhere along the line is murdered so boy a, with all his cooped up guilt finds [...]

  9. Lyn

    It s not easy being the Bible Answer Guy s son His dad s famous Christian radio show is just one reason why Noah Nordstrom is rebelling against his parents, religion, and the church.At a youth church retreat, Noah and his girlfriend Aubrey slip away into the woods to further their sex education They re only making out, but Aubrey is the pastor s daughter and when they re caught, she s forbidden to see or talk to him again This is made easier because Noah and his best friend Carson are sent to t [...]

  10. Jason Brown (Toastx2)

    50 word review Teen Literature A serial killer murdering homeless gay males A Hetero rebellious youth fighting against bible thumping father The killer begins communicating with said rebel Interestingly, teaches tolerance, acceptance, introspection, and that today s youth can change dogma.Morality tale, semi christian, wasn t sure what I was getting into, enjoyed it though Reblurb Not needed, origination blurb was well written as was the novel.Publishers description Noah Nordstrom has been dissi [...]

  11. Alicia

    What a unique and well told story The intersection of sexuality and religion mixed with murder and family is so rich with detail, vagueness when necessary, and evocative that I really couldn t put it down and if I had to, I was thinking about it not so much the mystery of who the murderer of these gay foster kids but of the religious fanatacism, family values, and caring Will, the third boy to be murdered in the Austin, TX area, is befriended by Noah, who s father is the Bible answer guy on loca [...]

  12. Sarah Rosenberger

    Noah s beliefs couldn t be different than his conservative father s While his father is Bible Answer Man , the host of a popular religious radio show, Noah isn t sure he believes all or even most of what the bible says He goes to church because he has to, and hangs out with the youth group because it s the only time he gets to see the girl he has a crush on, but he can t stand the hypocrisy of evangelical Christians, especially when it comes to gay rights Noah thinks he s totally okay with homo [...]

  13. Andres

    Another reviewer on here has a detailed but similar opinion than what I ll put down, but I ll drop my two cents worth anyhow I don t read too many books aimed at the YA crowd, but this one struck me as different than the usual type of YA fiction that passes through my hands at work vampires, fairies, girls with summer boy troubles, boys with summer girl problems, or even ones with weightier issues like anorexia, drug abuse, or teen pregnancy At first glance this a gay story but really it s a mu [...]

  14. Audrey

    Noah s been raised in an Evangelical household His father is the host of a popular conservative Christian radio show However, Noah s rebellion against his upbringing has resulted in being placed in a special school for troubled teens Lately, teen homeless gay boys have been turning up murdered, and Noah suspects one of the callers to his father s radio show as being the murderer Noah has also met a new friend, Will, who is a young gay teen living on the streets After Will is murdered you find th [...]

  15. Elaine

    Oh My God I don t think I have ever read a book that is awesome Inspiring Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious I dunno But whatever it is, it s the best book I have ever read The Less Dead is about Noah Nordstrom, who s father is this big Evangelical radio host, famous across the country But lately, the station has been getting calls from a disguised voice, saying how much he hates gay people Then, gay teenagers start showing up dead But not just any gay teens gay teens in foster homes, who don t [...]

  16. Saleena Davidson

    The Less Dead was a thrilling suspenseful ride Noah stumbles on clues to a serial killer who is targeting LGBT teens who are less dead due to having no family to care if they are gone Lurie tackles some heavy issues along the way, mostly dealing with the evangelical community and their views of homosexuality I usually avoid books with religion in them like the plaguebut the main character being angry and unhappy with his upbringing he calls it brainwashing many times struck a chord for me I too [...]

  17. Vanesa

    Fantastic I felt like I was running out of air in this book.I wanted to jump in the story and help Noah resolved the whole plot.Perfectly executed and with a pace that is beyond smooth the Less Dead is incredible with characters with so many different colors and emotions some you will love, some will creep you out and a few time you might want to smack them just kidding I enjoyed the music and poetry reference in the book.I adore the surprise factor in the end and how during the entire book you [...]

  18. Sara

    The positive Genuinely moving at times, and a well done ending unusual for the things I ve been reading lately, which tend to falter at the end.The negative Man, I had such high hopes for this A murder mystery involving evangelical Christians and the GLBTQ teen community And the foster program and the homeless and Austin Such potential But the writing was so clunky, and the characterization so heavy handed, and the band references so overtly chosen to be cool, that it couldn t stand up under the [...]

  19. Diane Ferbrache

    Noah is the son of the Bible guy on the radio, but he doesn t agree with his father s conservative interpretations When someone begins murdering gay teenagers, Noah begins to think that it s one of his father s listeners This is an interesting story with lots of thought provoking ideas There is a great deal of discussion about being gay and a great deal of criticism for the conservative religious positions But in the end, it s a great story of questioning, friendship, growing up and making one s [...]

  20. Jason

    Not my favorite April Lurie book, but still a delight to read if murder mysteries can be described as delightful I particularly love that it s set in Austin, so I know almost every scene s setting quite wellI wouldn t recommend that a person start with this one if they ve never read Lurie start with Dylan Fontaine or Brothers, Boyfriends, Other Criminal Minds , but I d still recommend it to anyone who likes the murder mystery thing, particularly some of my former 8th gradersI wish it would have [...]

  21. Ms W

    MsW I so appreciated this story set in Austin, believable, centered around themes I believe are relevant and worth pondering Why would Will, a likeable, gentle young street kid be brutally strangled What is meant by less dead in a realistic novel How are the two closely tied to the religious zeal and dogma that so many parents drill into their children If these themes intrigue you, you ll really enjoy this one WHS_lib call Mystery_F_LUR.

  22. D Nine

    I m glad I read this book What I really liked and would give it 4 stars is for the approach and handling of a subject so many avoid to read How gently yet realistically the story unfolds to make a reader assess their own judgments This is a story about homosexuality without displaying it Ev

  23. Forever Young Adult

    Graded By MeghanCover Story The Less BadBFF Charm YeahSwoonworthy Scale 2Talky Talk Preach It, Sister Bonus Factors ATX, LGBTQAnti Bonus Bonus Factor PoetryRelationship Status Show BuddyRead the full book report here.

  24. Amanda

    Creepy, mysterious and bittersweet with a hint of religion, it s a definite spin on all of these especially when sex orientation is involved I read this book non stop for 4 hours and Noah the son of the Bible answer guy brings it together from the poems to figuring it out and to the finale finding the culprit Full of details and verses full of the bible it s a book to read.

  25. Michael

    Noah s friend Will is one of the less dead , an outcast with no family, no home, a gay teen on the outside No one will really care for a nobody in a pauper s grave once the headlines about his murder have passed But Noah won t have it He ll put it all on the line, his freedom, his family, even his life to acknowledge the bright light that was his friend, and maybe stop the next murder.

  26. Stephanie A.

    Disturbing and upsetting in all the best ways I loved the way it opened, perfect for grabbing my attention, but then as we got to know Will who was the most likable character of all , those words really sank in I had to read it again at the midpoint, whereupon I actually felt sick The unraveling of the mystery was just as fascinating as the setup.

  27. Cem Nesiri

    It s really exciting and this book hooks you to read I really liked the mystery and the topic of the book The end and also the main idea of the book is different than the other mystery novels This is why I think whoever likes to read mystery books should read this book I recommend this book to Zorbey, Zeynep and Kerem E because I think that they would like to read an interesting book.

  28. Emma Grey

    It was a bit unusual in the beginning, but once you meet Will you re hooked In the end you must remember and I quote Jesus was betrayed by a friend The main character Noah s father is The Bible Answer Guy and Noah must set out to find the killer of the less Dead

  29. Jennifer

    I liked this book, and read it fairly quickly, but at times it was just too much I felt like it was a little too preachy to be completely enjoyable, and I even agree with much of what was said It just felt as if the author was trying far too hard to gett her point across.

  30. Sarah K.

    I couldn t put this book down The storyline is great and well written I ve gone to some straight laced churches and I thought this book did a really good job at looking at some of the problems that happen in these types of churches.

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