A Year of Cats and Dogs (2020)

A Year of Cats and Dogs Margaret Hawkins A Year of Cats and Dogs What happens when nothing happens Maryanne wonders in A Year of Cats and Dogs a darkly funny yet hopeful novel about a woman in midlife who feels surrounded by death She answers her own question by d
  • Title: A Year of Cats and Dogs
  • Author: Margaret Hawkins
  • ISBN: 9781579621896
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Hardcover
A Year of Cats and Dogs Margaret Hawkins What happens when nothing happens Maryanne wonders in A Year of Cats and Dogs, a darkly funny yet hopeful novel about a woman in midlife who feels surrounded by death She answers her own question by deciding to find out I wanted to embrace entropy, to stop working so hard at keeping things up, to go AWOL from the productive world I d so long been a part of, she tells uWhat happens when nothing happens Maryanne wonders in A Year of Cats and Dogs, a darkly funny yet hopeful novel about a woman in midlife who feels surrounded by death She answers her own question by deciding to find out I wanted to embrace entropy, to stop working so hard at keeping things up, to go AWOL from the productive world I d so long been a part of, she tells us at the beginning of the novel The clearer it became that Phillip wasn t coming back the I wanted to hurry up and let things go just to see what would happen As it turns out, a lot happens Even as Maryanne s world slows down and comes apart, curious revelations begin to emerge about the daily life she s formerly taken for granted She discovers she can hear the thoughts of animals, starting with her own opinionated dog and cat Then the veterinarian at the animal shelter where she volunteers offers her a job as a dog whisperer and asks her on a date to his mother s funeral When her father falls ill she is reunited with her estranged sister and when he dies they learn about his secret life The book contains recipes for the consoling, if plain, foods Maryanne cooks for her family and friends, along with the inner dialog that accompanies them, and each chapter is linked to a corresponding chapter in the I Ching, reflecting that book s age old wisdom that says that sometimes no action is the best action of all.
A Year of Cats and Dogs Margaret Hawkins

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One thought on “A Year of Cats and Dogs

  1. Allison Campbell

    Original and ambitious can mean almost anything in a review, depending on context Original ideas may be ill advised, and an ambitious premise can be ineptly executed But when I call Margaret Hawkins s debut novel, A YEAR OF CATS AND DOGS, original and ambitious, it is the highest praise I can give, because not only has Hawkins produced one of the most enjoyable and thought provoking novels I ve read, she s done so using a premise that is utterly fresh and interesting The first person narration c [...]

  2. Carissa

    This book was forgettable overall the main character, Maryanne, is like a blank faced proxy of either the author or the intended readership or both, and seems to passively observe her way through the events of the book without ever being shaken from her neutral state There is no strong emotion to connect the reader to her Things are observed and stated matter of factly, and her actions are offered as objective narrative with not much interpretation of her thought process or motivations return re [...]

  3. Amy

    When I left my job five years ago, feeling like the walls were closing in on me, I immediately started taking classes toward a nursing degree Basically I segued from one unhappy situation to a highly stressful situation and nearly had a mental breakdown In A Year of Cats and Dogs, Maryanne leaves her rather dreary day job with every intention of living off her savings and doing nothing for a while She s 49 years old and recently divorced, which has proved rather stressful of late, and she feels [...]

  4. Sara

    ARC received through the First Reads giveaway program.This quiet, meditative novel follows Maryanne as she struggles to come to grips with the loss of her boyfriend and job, her father s illness, a new relationship, and the fact that she finds she can mentally communicate with dogs and cats It sounds cheesy, but it really really works.This is the sort of book where it feels like not much is happening, while at the same time it feels like a whole lot is happening It s a little hard to explain Fol [...]

  5. Melissa

    I had absolutely no expectations when A Year of Cats and Dogs arrived on my doorstep, I m not sure whether that was a good thing or not I ll readily admit that as I chugged through the first few chapters I found myself disliking Maryanne I found her sad sack personality a bit off putting though that s one of my own character flaws, as I feel this way whether the person in question be on the page or moping before me I was starting to get worried that this book would forever be a glimpse into the [...]

  6. Margee

    Middle aged Maryanne s relationship with Phillip has ended after ten years, and he has moved out, leaving her in the care of Clement and Bob, her cat and dog At loose ends, Maryanne drops away from the world, quitting her job, and filling her time by tending her aging father, her house, and her animals At the urging of a friend, she accepts work at a local veterinary practice, gravitating naturally to using her talent for communicating with dogs and cats With the appearance of a handful of quirk [...]

  7. Sharon

    A year in the life of a middle aged woman, left by her long time lover She is left with a dog named Bob, and a cat named Clement She quits her job and just lets entopy happen.She walks her dog, cooks Sunday dinner for her eighty two year old father every week, and volunteers at an animal shelter Which then leads to a part time job at a veternary clinic But her life drifts on.This a dark, but hopeful novel that despite the loss that happens in all lives, leave one with a warm glow at the end of t [...]

  8. Marsha

    This was a first reads book for me and to be completely honest, I wasn t impressed with it at the beginning However, I was committed to finishing it and posting a review because I had entered the drawing I m so glad that I read through the book because it began growing on me chapter by short chapter In its own quiet way, it was a touching little book that was quietly inspiring I was sad when it was over Find yourself a quiet corner and go enjoy this book I know I did.

  9. Magdalena

    Maryanne has had a difficult year Her boyfriend of ten years, Phillip, has just left her as she edges towards her fiftieth birthday She deals with the transition by throwing the I Ching, and leaving her job as poetry writer at Keepsake Cottage, a firm that specialises in kitschy collectables Objectively speaking, Maryanne s life appears sad and empty as she spends her days bathing and walking her pet dog Bob and cat Clement, but the animals close in to keep her from being lonely as she begins to [...]

  10. Jan

    At 49 Maryanne Draper feels she has earned the right to let things go and decides it is her turn to be irresponsible Her live in boyfriend of 10 years has departed, her job is than tiresome, and she has savings to support herself, so she opts to let things fall apart, just to see what would happen I guess you call this a mid life crisis.Helped along by the wisdom of the I Ching, which encourages her to wait and to deepen the stillness within, and by the calming behaviors of her pet dog and cat, [...]

  11. Pam Morse

    Reading this book was like taking a roller coaster ride with a woman coming to terms with herself Maryanne has come to a place in her life where she steps back to take a look at her life when her partner leaves She seemed at some points to quit life entirely and at others to seize it with both hands I could completly relate to this feeling Humor and dry wit abounds in this book, she learns she can telepatically talk to animals and lightly sprinkles in recipes in the book with titles like Fried C [...]

  12. Anastasia Hobbet

    The first half of this quirky first person POV debut novel delighted me so much that I sent a note to the author through the publisher telling her I took it with me to the doctor s office and hoped the doctor would be running late so I could read and read and read in the waiting room The main character, an under achieving middle aged woman, puts her past behind her and finds that she can read the minds of her pets, and vice versa That sounds corny, I know, but this writer pulls it off, so convin [...]

  13. Cheryl

    Actually, there was only one cat And to talk about the less effective things first , the chapter headings from the I Ching were annoying, as were the recipes kind of gimmicky and distracting At the end, I wished that Maryanne had found her groove, that her life had found a story and she opened her heart to a new human love, but the narrator s voice remained the same However, it was a good, satisfying book in many ways because it addressed head on and didn t trivialize some of the big questions o [...]

  14. Shannon Arehart

    Just finished this and not entirely sure how I feel about it I did like many of the ideas, particularly the main character s ability to hear the thoughts of animals wow would I love to do that I liked the idea, too, of following one s passion, and discovering what one likes by just letting things happen and going with the flow not that I m any good at that Anyway, I literally just finished this 30 minutes ago and I m still digesting I would definitely recommend though, it s a quick read with sho [...]

  15. Dottie

    It arrived yesterday and I began this morning I think I like it already but will hold off on the whys and wherefores until I m further into it.Looking foward to this Just learned that I m getting a copy of this from Firstreads book giveaways on and am anxious to dive into it.It sounds interesting to me for several reasons not least of which as I just reread the synopsis, is a spark of relationship to The Elegance of the Hedgehog, which book is high on my list of best reading thus far in 2009 I m [...]

  16. Jena Gardner

    Not sure if I liked it because it was good or because it confirmed some privately held beliefs about animalsgardless I enjoyed it When Maryann s long time love leaves her, she quits her job and discovers her ability to hear the thoughts of her domesticated animals Most interesting is her animals abilities to diagnose illness in others This leads to her following her bliss , which involves volunteering and then working for an animal shelter and planning funerals, as well as meeting her new love i [...]

  17. Janetlee

    This is not the typcial type of book I usually read and I wasn t sure I would really like it Turns out that I truly enjoyed reading this book Some books I read I can t remember the title 2 days after I ve finished it, but I ve found this book to provoke reflection The main character decides to let her self go after her husband leaves her She finds someone else in the most unexpected place, does things she never would have done had her life not changed, and finds she can talk to dogs and cats the [...]

  18. Nancy

    I frankly don t know how I feel about this book, and I am not sure how widely distributed it will be It is about a woman in midlife crisis who decides to give up the life she has known Her lover has left her, she quits her mundane job, and simply lets life happen to her She soon learns to communicate with her cat and dog, and takes a volunteer job as a vets assistant There is an I Ching element to the entire book, but I am not sure she lives up to that development I can usually tell how a book w [...]

  19. Jed

    An endearing, honest novel Hawkins has an eye for detail and a sense for transforming the seemingly inconsequential into greater spiritual truths, then turning them back again An almost 50 woman gives up her job writing verse for a memento factory with no clear plan as to why or what s next and learns she has a gift for dog whispering It s like a coming of age story for a middle aged woman I was deeply moved by the relationship of the protagonist to her elderly father near the end of his life.

  20. Jenk

    This is a typical midlife crisis novel that throws in an interesting twist when the narrator becomes a pet whisperer of sorts Animal lovers will enjoy this book, for sure For others, there is enough about life, death, and family to keep readers satisfied I didn t really get the whole I Ching that was supposed to tie the novel together I did appreciate the short, journal like chapters The novel was a quick, enjoyable read, but nothing earth shattering here.

  21. Marisa

    I got this book as a giveaway it was sweet, engaging, and odd despite some difficulty suspending my disbelief and getting into the strange perspective of the main character, i found myself caring about the people, animals, and narrative after awhile, the bizarre experiences of the narrator mattered less and her relationships with and understanding of the people and animals in her life mattered a quick and enjoyable read.

  22. Melanie

    I really, really enjoyed this book I read it over the course of an afternoon It is a quick and easy read, yet it really moved me with its details of relationships between people and their animals It is not sappy think Marley and Me , but tells it like it is, which to me is so much meaningful It is also laugh out loud funny in some parts, yet other parts made me cry All in all, a great read I m looking forward to the author s next novel

  23. T

    30% in, and this book is very not good Laundry lists of foods eaten, insipid dialogue, and a description of dog vomit And these are the high points A recipe for meatloaf given in prose interrupted by an uninspired and unconvincing explanation why she eats cows and not dogs or something like that Even the theme of her ESP with dogs was dull If it gets good, I ll humbly eat crow but not dogs or something like that.Update Book returned, unfinished What a relief.

  24. Pam Cipkowski

    Kept waiting for this one to get better, but it didn t really until the last 35 pages or sojust kept ramblinglot of minor characters introduced and then all of a sudden they were out of the storydidn t like the author s style I m no prude, but some of the sexual references made my skin crawl she had a crude and gross way of describing some thingshard to root for the new love interest as he was painted as a very unattractive and sloppy individualok was just ok.

  25. Miko Lee

    This quirky novel focuses on 49year old Maryann who following a breakup, begins to hear and understand dogs and cats Maryann aimlessly figures out her path in life along the way Each chapter begins with a inexplicable I Ching quote and most end with a convoluted recipe I didn t love this book and yet I read it straight through Also meditation on death and how dogs can smell cancer or sickness Interesting.

  26. Kirsten

    This is an odd but strangely endearing book about a middle aged woman remaking her life Animals and issues of death predominate, and somehow she comes through all that to a pleasant and happy ending The characters are quirky but believable, and I wanted to keep reading The interspersed recipes are hilarious I wish there had been of them Short chapters make this easy to read in little chunks, but the book flies by.

  27. Bonnie

    Tender, loving, sad, happy, painful, generous, and I loved it As an animal lover and firm believer that they know than we think, I found this book compelling and I couldn t wait to find out what happened I like the short chapters as I sometimes have to read in short spurts I look forward to reading books by Margaret Hawkins.

  28. Ellen

    Certainly not powerful literature, but an enjoyable read nonetheless I m not a dog person, as i ve admitted before, so it says something that i kept reading a book that has a lot of doggie information I find it very interesting to wonder about how people communicate with animals and this book has something to say about that.

  29. Tish

    I really enjoyed this cute, short, healing little book I like the animal theme, the psychic theme and the woman picking herself up after a breakup theme The book also talked about the I Ching, which I have not been too interested in, but intrigued me after reading this Soothing tonic and highly recommended Tender but not sappy Comforting.

  30. Amanda

    I liked the narrator in this book and wish she lived nearby so we could walk our dogs together, and she could tell me what they are thinking.Really, one day I may just stop with all the striving in my life and just see what happens I m sure it won t be as sad and funny as what happens in this novel, but it might be worth seeing.

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