Spiritual Leadership (2020)

Spiritual Leadership J. Oswald Sanders Spiritual Leadership The biblical call to leadership must not be taken lightly And with than sold Spiritual Leadership has proven itself a timeless classic in teaching the key principles of leadership J Oswald Sa
  • Title: Spiritual Leadership
  • Author: J. Oswald Sanders
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
Spiritual Leadership J. Oswald Sanders The biblical call to leadership must not be taken lightly And with than 750,000 sold, Spiritual Leadership has proven itself a timeless classic in teaching the key principles of leadership J Oswald Sanders presents and illustrates several magnifying principles through the lives of some prolific men men such as Moses, Nehemiah, Paul, David Livingstone, and Charles SThe biblical call to leadership must not be taken lightly And with than 750,000 sold, Spiritual Leadership has proven itself a timeless classic in teaching the key principles of leadership J Oswald Sanders presents and illustrates several magnifying principles through the lives of some prolific men men such as Moses, Nehemiah, Paul, David Livingstone, and Charles Spurgeon Spiritual Leadership will encourage you to place your talents and powers at God s disposal so you can become a leader used for his glory An updated, modern flavor and a growth empowering study guide allow Spiritual Leadership to forge ahead, forming the next generation of leaders.
Spiritual Leadership J. Oswald Sanders

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    J. Oswald Sanders

One thought on “Spiritual Leadership

  1. midnightfaerie

    An excellent book on principles that every Christian should strive for, not just those wanting to be leaders Christians will always be held to a higher standard whether we like it or not, because we represent all Christians in our actions So if you re looking for guidance as a Christian, searching for an answer, or even just entertaining the idea of being a leader, this book will help Sanders gives each chapter a clear cut quality and how to obtain it and what to look for No excessive preaching [...]

  2. Jimmy

    I have heard of this classic previously but have not had the opportunity to read it until now Having thus finished the book, there were parts of the book that was profitable for me spiritually.Among the thing that convicted me was the chapter on The Leader and His Time , particularly this quote We have each been entrusted with sufficient time to do the whole will of God and to fill out His perfect plan for our lives 114 The author Oswald Sanders gave examples of Godly men whose greatness also me [...]

  3. Jason

    First of all, this book isn t horrible because the things it says aren t true I think that the things in here are generally ok in terms of what s said it s a collection of 1 2 page observations or meditations on small leadership principles If you re looking for a sort of devotional book or a vague book about how to apply some generally true regardless of religious affiliation ideas with biblical language behind them, this book is fine.But it s precisely that vagueness that kills me It takes piec [...]

  4. Jacob Wischoff

    Spiritual leadership is an amazing book with tremendous insight on what a Spiritual Leader is It also shows what temptations are present with leadership and how a Leader must uphold himself in the context of his Church, Life Ministry As you work thru the book you start with how being a Spiritual Leader is an honorable ambition and work thru qualifications and then lifestyle choices and imperatives that should be the ear mark of a Spiritual Leader It s a great book that challenges the reader to c [...]

  5. Johnny

    This little devotional book is full of gems that sparkle, catch God s light and cause one to reevaluate one s attitude toward spiritual leadership in general and church leadership in specific It isn t deep, scholarly, or philosophical, but it is practical and inspiring Two matters which really jumped out at me were, of course, areas where I was predisposed to resonate with Sanders I believe in the value of study and I think the biblical character named Nehemiah is a phenomenal model for good lea [...]

  6. Cory

    I am really enjoying going through this book with my Pastor as a type of discpileship training, but the one thing that I really do not like is that Moody Publishers take the liberty to add, subtract, and even completely change the content I would much prefer to read what Oswald Sanders originally wrote They preface the changes with the hope of making the book understandable via modernazation, but in some cases they just completely change what was said I love the book, but would love to have acc [...]

  7. Barnabas Piper

    A leadership classic I had never read it before, and it is fantastic Anyone in ministry or business leadership would benefit from this book.

  8. Brenda

    I LOVE THIS BOOK This book is an excellent resource for leadership Every serious Christian should read this This was a library book But I am going to buy it.

  9. Patrick Chester

    Spiritual Leadership was recommended to me by a friend in Christian ministry It presents a series of speeches given by J Oswald Sanders on the topic of leadership from a Christian perspective Though I am not a minister, I found the book to be challenging and engaging At the end of each chapter, there are a few questions that help you to reflect on what you just read and apply it to your own life This is the kind of book that needs to be read slowly, preferably not than 1 chapter a day, as the t [...]

  10. Friday Otuya

    Spiritual leadership is one of the best books I have ever read on Christian leadership This book is special to me because it draws its guiding principles and precepts from the Holy Bible not from worldly standards The vital scriptural values and convictions it puts forward can make a true spiritual leader out of anyone who is willing The author xrays the life of great christian leaders, showing the aspiring leader that it is possible to be great by following after the steps of the great Hebrews [...]

  11. James

    Less successful as a book than as a patchwork of aphorisms, quotations, nuggets of wisdom, anecdotes, and whatnot Came from a series of addresses, and indeed reads as such Sometimes Sanders use of the biblical text is rather arbitrary and decontextualised, but his heart is definitely in the right place It was out of date when it was written back in the 60s, but that is as much a strength as a weakness whatever is in date is about to go off, anyhow One can find any number of fashionable books abo [...]

  12. Janet Pittman

    This book was recommended to me by my Bible Study Fellowship Teaching Leader, Lisa Bate, and it was very beneficial Even though it was originally published 50 years ago, the principles shared are timeless and very relevant A key message is that while leadership is challenging, spiritual leadership is even demanding Thanks to God s gift of the Holy Spirit, you can rely on Him to get through the tough times I especially appreciated the biblical references to inspirational leaders Moses, Nehemiah, [...]

  13. Wavey Cowpar

    I thought this was a very good, clear and readable book on Christian Leadership The author takes various topics and spends a few pages delving into each I would say that it is only introductory There is a wide range of topics covered in this book, but the price of a wide scope is a shallow depth Don t expect all the answers, and don t expect this book to revolutionize your life or your ministry However, what you will find in the pages is encouragement in leadership, rebuke in wrongdoing, and wri [...]

  14. Phillip Howell

    A Good Intro OverviewAll the chapters are short and sweet This is a good introduction and overview of the differences between a leader in the eyes of the world and a leader in the eyes of God Each chapter is a brief mediation on a passage of scripture that has profound implications on leadership It is a clear, easy to read and pretty straightforward book It could be a useful tool for discipling young people in leadership and in many areas they may have not considered.

  15. Lori

    Insightful and helpful book which describes characteristics of spiritual leaders with a lot of Scripture references to cast strong vision for leading God s people Just over halfway through, I had difficulty finishing as chapters grew longer and I began to wonder whether any could aspire to such lofty standards pulled from all Scripture I finished the book, by the grace of God with which I rely upon while leading others

  16. Jaymes Lauser

    This is a book to be invested in Not only in long, focused, hours of study and attention, but also in spiritual and emotional attentiveness It is rich in wisdom and deeply challenging If heeded, it will revolutionize your influence on those around you and on yourself Everyone is a leader because everyone has influence Therefore, everyone should read this book.

  17. Dave Rench

    This was a very good book At the end of the day, spiritual leadership is all about serving others This book explores how that plays itself out in many categories, including my motives, during prayer, obstacles faced as a leader, and how to delegate and train others to lead Produced some good discussion in our small group.

  18. Chelso Presto

    I had to restrain myself from underlining entire chapters throughout this book I ve heard this book is a classic, stands the test of time book on spiritual leadership and it lived up to that reputation

  19. Wayne

    Fantastic book on leadership While there may not be many paradigm shifting ideas in the book, it really helps focus in on what leadership looks like for a Christian, and how to develop that leadership in a biblical way Would definitely recommend.

  20. Kara

    One of the best books in particular best leadership life purpose be the change get in action books I ve read Can t recommend it enough.

  21. Geoff

    Cost of Leadership Quinton Hogg, founder of London Polytechnic Institute, devoted a great fortune to the enterprise Asked how much it had cost to build up such a great institution, Hogg replied Not very much, simple one man s lifeblood That is the cost of every great achievement, and it is not paid in a lump sum It is bought on the time payment plan, a further installment each new day Fresh drafts are constantly being made, and when the payment ceases, the leadership wanes That fact was taught b [...]

  22. Paul Vernon

    the most strategic and fruitful work of modern missionaries is to help leaders of tomorrow develop their spiritual potential.

  23. Mike Conroy

    All tasks and missions come with their own unique dangers The one who scales mountains for research has the unique danger of broken bones and death Police Officers risk their lives for the mission of protecting citizens and enforcing laws Pastoral ministry has its own dangers J Oswald Sanders in his book Spiritual Leadership helped me to realize that forgetting certain basic ideas, truths, and principles can be a danger in serving Christ.This book was originally a set of lectures delivered to le [...]

  24. Stevie

    I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to progress in holy leadershipPoignant Quotes In Paul s times, only deep love for Christ and genuine concern for His church would provide men with a sufficiently powerful motive to aspire to that office Those real qualities of leadership are to be found in those who are willing to suffer for the sake of objectives great enough to demand their wholehearted obedience Have you ever broken yourself of a bad habit To lead others, one must be master of [...]

  25. Josh Wilson

    J Oswald Sanders, Spiritual Leadership Oswald Sanders book on Christian leadership is a time tested classic for good reason Sanders leans on his personal leadership experience to challenge the Christian to take the mantle of leadership and run with endurance While the book is certainly appropriate for those in vocational ministry, Sanders has a broader audience in mind and regularly makes valuable application for any Christian who desires to be used of God in service In addition to the knowledge [...]

  26. Mark Vivian

    Very good challenge and instruction to help you sharpen servant hearted leadership I used this with a small group of men several years ago and the book gave us a platform to open up and work together to help one another.

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