Secret of the Attic (2020)

Secret of the Attic Sheri Cooper Sinykin Secret of the Attic Alison Heather Keisha and Megan find a golden key that turns out to unlock the attic in a neighbor s old Victorian house Once inside Keisha spots a trunk filled with wonderful costumes ball gowns
  • Title: Secret of the Attic
  • Author: Sheri Cooper Sinykin
  • ISBN: 9780785776147
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
Secret of the Attic Sheri Cooper Sinykin Alison, Heather, Keisha, and Megan find a golden key that turns out to unlock the attic in a neighbor s old Victorian house Once inside, Keisha spots a trunk filled with wonderful costumes ball gowns, a ballet tutu, and many, many .
Secret of the Attic Sheri Cooper Sinykin

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    Sheri Cooper Sinykin

One thought on “Secret of the Attic

  1. Kimberly Larreta

    This book was about 4 girls who were going to go sledding in the hills While they were walking they found a key that belonged to a new neighbor When they went to give the key back the neighbor Ellie invited them to her attic While the girls were in the attic they found a box full of nice clothes and shoes and other costumes They had a cool adventure I would recommend this book to ppl who like books about secret adventures.

  2. Kaila

    I was obsessed with American Girl dolls the historical ones when I was little This was a competitor with the exact same idea dolls with tie in novels, where you could read the book then buy the outfit Having already bought the redheaded American Girl doll, I couldn t justify buying the redhead from this world too I regretted that decision immediately The redhead here, Megan, was the bookworm I chose Alison, the blonde, who was the sporty tomboy Which has just.r been me.Anyway, this book is the i [...]

  3. Riley

    I just got done reading a good book called The Secret of the Attic, it was good The Secret of the Attic was written by Sheri Cooper Sinykin it takes place in Kansas close to Christmas time so there is a lot of snow on the ground and houses and it is really cold outside too One day four girls named Alison, Heather, Keisha, and Megan were playing outside in the snow when they find a golden key outside buried in the snow The key the girls found ended up to be the key to the attic of a neighbor s ol [...]

  4. Alicia Williams

    The adventures of the Magic Attic Club start here when Ellie Goodwin moves back to her family home Ellie invites the four neighborhood girls over to explore her attic, knowing they ll discover the secrets held by its tall gilt edged mirror The girls first adventure is back to that same house when Ellie is a young girl recovering from an ice skating accident in 1930 My favorite part was the implication that the girls mothers had all played in the attic together and knew its secrets.

  5. Marnie

    This is a really good series for girls It has 4 girls who are all different from each other who become friends through the Magic Attic, where they dress up in different outfits when they look in the mirror they travel to another place time It has really good pictures it kind of reminds me of the American Girl series deals with issues important in real life to girls this age, they always learn a lesson on their trips through the Magic Attic.

  6. Karen

    When I was in elementary school, I LOVED these books the Magic Attic Club Even then they were quick reads, but they were able to transport you to a different time and place While these books were light and fun, they were also somewhat education they taught of different cultures in the past while comparing it to the modern world.

  7. Carol Hardesty

    Since this is the first book in the series, it s of an introduction than an adventure All the characters are set, the rules are laid down, etc Even though the series itself is nonlinear, I would definitely recommend reading The Secret of the Attic first, just because it s the very beginning.

  8. Wealhtheow

    These books accompanied knock offs of the popular American Girl Dolls American Girl Doll books are nothing special, but at least they provide a basic grounding in history MAC books are just derivative, paint by the numbers insipid fantasy The girls are all princesses and ballerinasI think one is an ice skater Ugh.

  9. Morgen

    Remember those books you read as a child and said, I wish that would happen to me This is it Funny thing is, it actually did happen for me, in a way My imagination was so sparked and fed by this series that my own adventures took new life Even now, wearing costumes, dressing up, and acting still makes me feel transported to some magical other place.

  10. Rebekah

    Wow did I read a lot of these I guess I really liked how they went on adventures and the fact that each one of them had a certain color they also wore lol Heather was my favorite I think, shes the one I own anyway I really liked Allison s adventures too.

  11. Nicole Modugno

    My sister and I were obsessed with these books when we were younger and even labeled ourselves as the characters I was Heather, my sister was alison, and our friend was keisha My dad talked bout building us our own club house but it never happened.

  12. Geeker126

    Such a blast from the past I loved these books when I was growing up, and re reading through them now for memories is still enjoyable These are great books to share with the kids The concept is along the lines of the Magic Treehouse books.

  13. Blue Rose

    It may be a slightly dated story, but it s still a great introduction to science fantasy for kids, mostly girls.

  14. Allie

    Another novel I read as kid that I stumbled upon on I don t remember these being particularly good, just that they were sort of American Girl read alikes.

  15. Meadow Frisbie

    This is the starter to the famous Magic Atitc Club The general idea behind the books is quite good.

  16. Jaime

    I used to read these all the time in Elementary School However, I never actually read all of them, so now I m on a mission to read them all in order finished 7.18.15

  17. Sharon Buxton

    C children s book, grade 3, girls , fantasy, not fleshed out enough, series, Magic Attic Club, 1

  18. Rivkah.

    I loved this book when I was a little girl, and loved this book series I wish they didn t stop making the dolls that went with them

  19. Yesy (The Book Vagrant)

    I was obsessed with this series as a kid I can t seem to remember how far I got into the series though It breaks my heart to hear that these books are no longer in print.

  20. Kristine Hansen

    I remember reading this book when it first came out Re reading it today was probably a mistake, because I think I had fonder memories of the book than it deserved.This series came out as something competitive to the American Girl books even to the point of coming out with their own dolls to go with them The problem was, the stories were sohok, dressing up in party dresses and then the adventures that follow in quick succession.I think someone pointed out how dated the roles are Princess Ballerin [...]

  21. Morgan

    I adored these books as a kideven than the American Girl books I think I really enjoyed the magical adventure element to them.

  22. Emily

    I loved these books as a kid The imagination and adventure always made me a jealous and the clothes they wore were always fun too I liked how in this one they went back in time.

  23. Rebekah

    I wish these books had gotten attention They were good reads but most girls in my class viewed them as American Girl knockoffs, since you could buy dolls and outfits to match each book I loved the fantasy element.

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