Ghouls Gone Wild (2020)

Ghouls Gone Wild Victoria Laurie Ghouls Gone Wild New in the national bestselling series Psychic M J Holliday finds herself in a witchy situation When M J and her friends travel to a small town near Edinburgh Scotland to film the first installment
  • Title: Ghouls Gone Wild
  • Author: Victoria Laurie
  • ISBN: 9780451229410
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
Ghouls Gone Wild Victoria Laurie New in the national bestselling series Psychic M.J Holliday finds herself in a witchy situation When M.J and her friends travel to a small town near Edinburgh, Scotland, to film the first installment of their new cable TV show Ghoul Getters, they find plenty of spooky action in a series of supposedly haunted caverns But when they discover the body of a maintenanceNew in the national bestselling series Psychic M.J Holliday finds herself in a witchy situation When M.J and her friends travel to a small town near Edinburgh, Scotland, to film the first installment of their new cable TV show Ghoul Getters, they find plenty of spooky action in a series of supposedly haunted caverns But when they discover the body of a maintenance worker, the cause of death is reminiscent of an old legend involving a witch s wrath
Ghouls Gone Wild Victoria Laurie

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    135 Victoria Laurie
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One thought on “Ghouls Gone Wild

  1. Amanda (The Literary Hoarders)

    I love this series in the beginning but this book i didnt like so much The thing that turned me off was the fact that I love the relationship between Steven and M.J and in this book it just disappears when it was fine in the first three books They became distant and attraction between Heath and M.J grows since her and Steven has hit a lull and by the end of the book you dont know where her and Steven are in their relationship Stuff like that just bothers me when there is no reason given just th [...]

  2. Sheilagh Lee

    Ghouls Gone Wild Ghost Hunters Mysteries number 4 Mass Market PaperbackCategory Paranormal MysteryBy Victoria LaurieThis is the fourth book in the Ghost Hunter series featuring M.J Holliday and her sidekick Gilley I had read her first book in this series but managed to miss the others I ll have to catch up on them later In this the fourth book in the series M.J is forced to honour the contract she and Gilley signed and go to Scotland to participate in a reality show Ghoul Getters ,with a fellow [...]

  3. Ricki

    Victoria has outdone herself again For me, this is the best book yet in the Ghost Hunter series It was hard to put this one down It has action the whole way through, and was enjoyable to the very last page It give you a bit of a cliff hanger with her relationship with her fellow psychic Heath.This wonderful adventure in Scotland, intermingled with the tragic and cruel history of the plague, some tidbits of helpful hints for ghost hunters, a possible new love in her life, and a scenario with a mo [...]

  4. Melania

    KingGhouls Gone Wild In this ghost mystery M.J Holiday, a psychic medium, and her best friend Gilley Gillespie go to Edinburgh Scotland They begin to film the first episode of their new T.V show Ghoul Getters when they encounter the most powerful spirit they have ever met With the help of Heath Whitefeather, another medium, and Peter Gophner, the shows producer, they fight off the evil ghost witch and her sisters But when the witch tries to kill Gilley it is up to M.J to figure out who called up [...]

  5. Lynda Tatad

    In Ghouls Haunt to Have Fun , Medium MJ Holliday had been one of 4 mediums called in as an expert on what seemed to be haunted objects for a TV special Heath WhiteFeather and MJ were the only true mediums of that 4some, and the producer came to them with a pitch from the Bravo network to work on a new cable show called Ghoul Getters , which would have them visiting some of the most haunted places in the world This novel takes them to Scotland, and MJ s childhood best friend and business partner [...]

  6. Julie H.

    M.J Gillie, and their new business associate Heath Whitefeather venture off to Scotland to film a series of busts for Bravo channel s Ghoul Getters They are working with Gopher, who we met in their previous outing, on this venture While at their first stop, the crew meets up with a super nasty grounded spirit named Rigella who is the Witch of Queens Close Rigella was a local witch whose family was murdered when she was unable to heal all of the town s residents from a particularly nasty outbreak [...]

  7. M

    The Ghostbusting show is on the road with MJ, Gilley, Heath and Gopher in Scotland An extremely malevolent ghost witch terrorizes the busters but at the root of the problem is a murderer and an incredibly ingenious gadget that allows ghosts to take form and hurt people Also MJ and Heath become ill and are in intense pain when ever it is turn on Gilley turns out to be the smarty pants who figures out the why s and who s but MJ and Heath are the muscle that finally busts the ghosts I have to admit [...]

  8. Barbara ★

    Oh my this was one of the scariest books I ve ever read I know that sounds trite but it s totally true Rarely does anything I read or even see in movies actually scare me but this book gave me chills and damn near heart palpitations Geez Ms Laurie can really write a scary scene or ten.This is the best book in the series so far of course I can t wait to see where Ms Laurie takes M.J Gilley and Heath next.

  9. Drebbles

    M.J Holliday can communicate with the dead and that ability has led her to a role in a cable TV series called Ghoul Getters For the first show M.J and friends travel to Scotland to investigate some haunted caverns This will be one of the toughest gigs M.J and fellow medium Heath Whitefeather have ever been on someone has let loose the witch that haunts the caverns and she is determined to harm the ancestors of the people that killed her and one of those ancestors is a dear friend of M.J Ghouls G [...]

  10. Debbie

    I enjoyed this book, it is definitely action packed I ll start with what I m not fond of, first even though I wasn t crazy about Steven, I think he deserved a little effort in this book Second I have not been and really don t expect to be a fan of Gilly, I couldn t stand when my kids whined never mind listening to it from an adult Now that being said what I do like is the addition of John, Kim and Meg, although they didn t have huge parts I think they added some stability to the characters I lik [...]

  11. Dlora

    This is Victoria Laurie twisting her Abby psychic eye plots up a notch In the Physic Eye mystery series, Abby who gives psychic readings has spiritual help from the other side to solve mysteries In these Ghost Hunter mysteries, M.J and her friends are ghoul hunters making a TV series to entertain the public with ghosties and ghoulies to scare you silly and M.J hopes to help to send grounded spirits to the other side M.J is a tougher character than Abby and the stories are scarier and most suspen [...]

  12. Martina the Book Fairy

    Technically this series is paranormal mystery rather than PNR UF, but this category is often included as a subcategory of PNR so there you go The series is about M.J Holliday, a psychic medium ghost buster and her flamboyantly gay business partner, Gilley In each book M.J and Gilly tackle a new haunting problem of some sort In this book, they re in Scotland shooting a ghost busting TV show when they run into the strongest and scariest ghosts they ve ever encountered a witch and her sisters who w [...]

  13. Barbara

    I really enjoy this series I don t like, however, how the author does not really explain the progression of the relationships in the book M.J is suddenly Dr Sable s boyfriend after book one Admittedly, you can tell things are headed that way in book one, but it obvious in book two that things have progressed and have been going on for awhile No explanation of why M.J decided to go with the Dr.In book four this book you can tell her attraction to fellow psychic medium, Heath, is growing However, [...]

  14. Gigi

    I initially read this series out of order I ve recently been rereading it in order, and it s even fun The Ghost Hunter Mystery series is perfect for when you want a light read that s both a mystery and an adventure and when you want something that will make you smile a lot My old review Even though I m reading the series completely out of order, I m loving Victoria Laurie s Ghost Hunter mystery series In this mystery, MJ and crew are in Scotland to film some haunted caverns outside of Edinburgh [...]

  15. Rachel

    Interesting premise, but I find the characters annoying Gilley needs to be killed off He is one of the most awful characters I ve ever come across Weak, shrill, whiny, and fairly useless, he brings nothing but annoyance to each story The main character, a spiritual medium ghost hunter named M.J would be a strong character if she stopped making googly eyes at nearly every male she comes across It s as if everyone she comes across is gorgeous too Isn t this supposed to be of a mystery rather than [...]

  16. Riccarla Roman

    Having successfully dehaunted the Duke Hotel in San Francisco and survived the demon that came through the portal, M J Gil, and Heath are ready for a rest But the producer has a new idea Ghoul Getters a reality show for Bravo in which they travel the world,busting ghosts internationally.Their first stop is Scotland, where they deal with leftover evil from the plague, a really wicked witch and her sisters, and some very real murders With soem guidance from Heath s grandfather, the already departe [...]

  17. Megan

    This is the second of the Ghost Hunter Mystery series that I ve read, and the last I was a bit ambivalent about picking this one up I don t remember disliking the other Victoria Laurie book I d read, but don t remember being particularly impressed, either I stuck through this one because I wanted to see how the mystery was resolved not too shabbily, I ll give the author that But I either didn t like or just didn t care about any of the character not the mains, not the minors, and especially not [...]

  18. 4fabfelines Cox

    M.J and friends go to Scotland to film a new addition to their tv series While in this small town, they discover a terrible crime and evil that happened years ago.Several families in this small town killed four sisters who were reported to be witches, and left them to die.The witches come back every 100 years and claim a victim from the families For pay and retribution they select one of the descentants of the family Gilly has found out his family comes from this small town and he is being targe [...]

  19. Chatty Missy

    This book was charming, clever, and addicting I read this and never put it down whisper I even read it through class today M.J and her ghostbusting crew go to Scotland for their TV show and talk about spooky So many grounded ghosts on one street and a can you believe itwitches Not only does M.J and Heath have to deal with ghosts, but have to deal with ghosts that used to be witches.Constantly moving, only sleeping when exhausted, this team go after the big guys and you have know choice but to fo [...]

  20. Paula Ratcliffe

    The Gang finds themselves in Scotland where a evil witch is coming after members of a mob that killed them among those Gilley M J does all she can to keep her beloved best friend safe from harm A relationship is building between Heath and M J and M J isn t sure what to make of it with her bf back in the states.What an incredible journey I was beginning to think the Witch was going to get them in a not good way I was so happy when they were able to ghost bust The book really left me wondering wha [...]

  21. Krystalyn

    This book is really upsetting To the point that I couldn t enjoy the story as a whole.I don t like main characters who cheat on there partners I don t like adultery, PERIOD I try to stay away from books that include it.I keep telling myself that it s impossible slap MJ upside the head repeatedly for her actions, but I Can t help it I really really really want to.Oh, and I never really liked Heath from the time he showed up, I knew he was trouble.By the end of the book, I could not even revel in [...]

  22. Amber

    Book 4 in the Ghost Hunter Mystery series I m not sure if its me or what but I think these books get better and better This is yet another one set in Scotland What can I say I love Kilts and bagpipes And this one has a nasty ghost of a witch I flew through this book quickly because once I started reading it I had a hard time putting it down I definitely recommend this series if you like mystery s with a paranormal twist

  23. Jess

    I m sorry, but dropping Steven from the series like this is really annoying At the end of the last book, wasn t she saying she loved him And now magically they re having problems And now on to the much younger man Real classy, MJ.

  24. Debbie Heaton

    Victora Laurie has done a magnificent job with this new paranormal series The characters and the storyline light up the night An excellent read that I would recommend to anyone interested in humor, insight, mystery and the paranormal.

  25. Lauri Saplad

    MJ and Gilley are at it again this time in a Scottish town that is so haunted, you can barely take a step without encountering a spirit The witchey spirits have a grudge against the original families that put them to death Could Gilley be on their hit list

  26. Ashleycarolhall O'Toole

    These books are getting SCARY Enjoyable until the new boy interest For the record, I like Stephen

  27. Karen

    Okay I was a little unhappy that the parrot was not going to be in this book I sure do love DocAnyway it was a great read and I can t wait to get to the other books in the series

  28. Allie

    I felt like I was reading an extended adult version of Scooby Doo Once I started imagining it in 1969 cartoon vision, I started liking it.

  29. Sandra DS

    This book was super fun to read and my favorite in the series so far So much action was happening through out the book there was never any down time and quite a few spooky moments that even gave me goosebumps I just loved it all I can t wait to read the next installment.

  30. Kim Bishop

    Ghoul Getters goes international baby The gang, M.J Gilley, and Heath are sent to Edinburgh, Scotland, Aye Lass Everyone on the team is super stoked about going but M.J because Steven, her love muffin, is unable to go, and they will be there anywhere from 6 8 weeks Totally bummed, but willing go to anyway, off they fly to the most haunted parts of Scotland.Once the team arrives and settles in their respective accommodations, Gilley finally gets around to showing M.J the video of the scouted loca [...]

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