The Art of the Mystery Story (2020)

The Art of the Mystery Story Howard Haycraft The Art of the Mystery Story None
  • Title: The Art of the Mystery Story
  • Author: Howard Haycraft
  • ISBN: 9780881840568
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
The Art of the Mystery Story Howard Haycraft None
The Art of the Mystery Story Howard Haycraft

  • [EPUB] ¾ The Art of the Mystery Story | By ¿ Howard Haycraft
    Howard Haycraft

One thought on “The Art of the Mystery Story

  1. Tony

    THE ART OF THE MYSTERY STORY 1946 rev 1974 Howard HaycroftIn this notable work, Mr Haycroft managed to assemble over fifty different essays dealing with the state of the mystery story as of 1946 The volume was later revised and somewhat up dated it still only covered the period from the 1840s to 1845, but any errors were corrected It is an extremely useful book to anyone who is interested in mysteries from that period The essays included were from writers, editors, book sellers, and critics of t [...]

  2. Kate

    This book has a wide variety of essays articles written writers, readers and critics of Crime Fiction in its various forms These pieces range from 1902 an article written by G K Chesterton to the 1940s, the time this collection was originally published It has lots of useful information about the history of genre and presents a plethora views including Edmund Wilson s damning criticisms of the genre as a whole Unsurprisingly due to the time it was published, some ideas and perceptions have aged a [...]

  3. Oliver Ho

    I ve had this book on my shelf for years and finally got around to reading it It s very dated, and the essays reflect prejudices and attitudes of the the 20s, 30s and 40s For example, at least two essays state that good detective stories must have no chinamen not sure why , and several go on about how men like detective stories because they are manly macho men, while women are too gentle and fragile, blah blah It s funny and kind of interesting at first, in terms of historical insights, but it q [...]

  4. Steve Goble

    I m still working my way through this book, but really enjoying it It is a collection of essays by mystery authors and critics, offering everything from writing advice, historical perspective, notes on characters and origins, humor, speculation, etc Writers include G.K Chesterton, Dorothy L Sayers, Vincett Starrett, Raymond Chandler, Anthony Boucher, Rex Stout, Dashiell Hammett, Ellery Queen and The book has been around a while and has an old school vibe, but that s what I read so I am really e [...]

  5. Rene Blansette

    Having been first published in 1947, it was very dated A lot of the articles covered the same ground, but the articles by Chandler and Hammett, plus the poem by Ogden Nash stood out.

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