Shadows Past (2020)

Shadows Past Lorna Freeman Shadows Past The bestselling Borderlands saga continues Rabbit is struggling to make sense of his new powers and his new position as King Jusson s heir when a man once scorned by his mother comes seeking retributi
  • Title: Shadows Past
  • Author: Lorna Freeman
  • ISBN: 9780451463227
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
Shadows Past Lorna Freeman The bestselling Borderlands saga continues Rabbit is struggling to make sense of his new powers and his new position as King Jusson s heir when a man once scorned by his mother comes seeking retribution and demands that Rabbit marry his daughter
Shadows Past Lorna Freeman

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    194 Lorna Freeman
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One thought on “Shadows Past

  1. Becca C

    It s better than the second book but again, not as good as the first book Without giving any spoilers, in this installment of the series Rabbit suffers from an over abundance of lady suitors and seemingly an utter lack of common sense Character development almost appears to have taken a few steps backward in some instances Other flaws in Freeman s writing become pronounced this time around her dialogue heavy scenes become confusing and oft sidetracked by tangents which characters will frequentl [...]

  2. Kari Chapman

    This is the third and currently last book in the Borderlands series Based on then ending, there was clearly supposed to be at least one book, but it s now been 5 years since Shadows Past was published and there s no news on a book 4.Shadows Past wasn t as good as the first two books in the series Rabbit continues to feel like a McGuffin to me, rather than an autonomous character It seems that most of the time he could be replaced by a magic box and the story wouldn t be much different, as his a [...]

  3. Beth

    Shocked at the 2 3 star reviews Admittedly on the first read there are flaws but technically they are explained in the end either as part of the magic based revenge thread or Jusson s unfamiliarity with relatives he actually cares about The poke Rabbit with an emotional stick because he was withdrawing without explaining why drove me a little nuts on the first read Plus there is the multiple threads of the expected court intrigue of two countries an old family agreement may confuse some.However, [...]

  4. James

    Deep breathe Utter rubbish By the end of this book I felt frustrated that I even bothered reading the first two books This whole book felt like a contrived tale for a five year old The fact that none of the characters have progressed or grown in any way shape or form is incredibly irritating They haven t learned from past mistakes, they haven t paid attention to anything that s happened, and they are willfully stupid To the point of madness.Most of this book is spent repeating the same exact des [...]

  5. Bookwormgirl

    I waited a long time for this book Author and publisher issues delayed this book for a long while I am happy to say that I am glad that it was published Rabbit is back and the cast has kept up its level of insanity My complaints are that we go from now that there is a cabal of wizards including Slevoic based in Tural and Rabbit and co starting to do something about it at the end of Kings Own to a revenge plot based off the events of the first book I think it is a good story and it does explore a [...]

  6. Lynn

    10 stars out of 5.Once again, the third book in this series is a truly superlative read Filled to the brim with mystery, adventure, suspense, political intrigue, betrayal and a very special kind of magic, the novel also provides a strong look at the devastating consequences of petty jealousy and choices made as a result of vindictive motives The story ends with the possibility of further adventures, enough to fill another two books, if not , as by no means is Rabbit s story at an end.Truly, this [...]

  7. Kerry

    This turned out to be quite a disappointment after how much I liked the first two books in the series.I still really like the characters, especially Rabbit, but the writing was a bit of a mess There was too much I couldn t remember because it is so long since I read the previous books and I wasn t given enough hints to remind me That meant I couldn t remember some important points that turned out having major bearing on the story.The time flow of the book stuttered a bit too A chapter would fini [...]

  8. Sovotchka

    In Das Verm chtnis , Teil 3 aus der Reihe um die Grenzlande, soll Hase, Thronfolger von Iversterre, Magiersch ler aus den Grenzlanden, und eigentlich nur ein eifnacher Soldat, mit einer Dame von geeignetem Stand verkuppelt werden mit allen katastrophalen Ergebnissen, die Hases Verwicklung in derartige Dinge nun einmal nach sich zieht.F r alle, die die anderen B cher aus Lorna Freemans Reihe um die Grenzlande bereits gelesen haben, bietet sich hier eine Begegnung mit alten Bekannten, die, wenngle [...]

  9. Jael

    In this installment, Rabbit faces a whole new problem Matrimony Apparently, Rabbit s mother, Hilga, was originally betrothed to Lord Idwal but she had caused a scandal by secretly wedding Rabbit s father when she was already pregnant with Rabbit s oldest sister So, Lord Idwal wants redress for this humiliation dirty laundry by having the betrothal being honored with Rabbit marrying Lord Idwal s daughter For me I felt this book was a lot like the second book but it still wasn t as good as the fir [...]

  10. Adara Latour

    I was worried about this one a little bit before reading One thing that makes this series so great is that it has no romantic inclinations We know Rabbit is interested in girls, but he was no real driving need to marry It is one of the few modern day fantasies that does it so well.So when I read the summary I was worried, but Freeman pulled it off wonderfully Though Rabbit is wooing his intended he s not really falling love with her, there is this undercurrent of his emotional thoughts I also lo [...]

  11. Chris

    The first book was awesome, and I liked the second book two But the third and final installment of this series fell short for me.It had way too much going on I felt like I needed a flow chart to keep track of it all And with all that was going on, I just didn t care about any of it Not really.Maybe it was written too long after the second book that the writer lost the magic of the story Or maybe her heart just wasn t in it I m not sure But I couldn t finish it I got to about page 200 and had to [...]

  12. Peg

    Love this series the characters, the world, the slow, steady expansion of that world into a real and contentious conglomerate of nations that reflects but doesn t parrot our own world My only problem with this book is that the editing was a bit slap dash, which didn t so much affect the story but did cause a few jarring continuity points Didn t stop me from thoroughly enjoying the book and wishing for in the series, tho And the finished date below is for about the 7th or 8th re read.

  13. April

    I love the Borderlands series and I eagerly awaited the third book I was extremely happy to receive this book on my birthday and I finished it quickly I was a little surprised to see Lorna Freeman deviate from her previous stories by adding a little bit of romance, it was still the same old Lorna Freeman She expertly combines politics and magic into an intriguing world that keeps you in thrall I was pleased to see the introduction of and powers and kingdoms I am so eagerly awaiting the next bo [...]

  14. Dorottya

    The story itself was good, butthe way it was written First of all when you introduce a new character you should describe their appearence right away to help the reader imagine them Not several pages later There were several big mistakes in the book Like the publisher never read and editid it Or the editor was very incompetentAlso this is the last book of the series, and it is not closed And regarding the time since it was published, it is unlikely that the author will write books in the series [...]

  15. kvon

    A fantasy with romance and mystery elements Who is attacking the king s party Will either of the two young ladies with their eyes on Lieutenant Rabbit succeed I don t really remember that much of the first two books in the series Rabbit is a bumbling hero, finding truth in spite of himself Elemental magic pops up frequently I like the coda a lot, where the king tries to reach an understanding with Rabbit.

  16. Megh

    I was so happy when this book came out I didn t know it was scheduled to be released, but I immediately snatched it up in Kindle and actual book editions This is a great addition to Rabbits saga I really enjoyed the mystery in this book, though I hated the love story line Characters grew, the plot thickened and overall things got only awesome I recommend this series to anyone But good luck finding the first book print or otherwise you can only get it used.

  17. Mordie

    The third book didn t live up to the second or first book The whole idea of marrying Rabbit off seemed outlandish to me.It was enjoyable and fun to read what was happening to my favorite characters Still it didn t feel like an end It wasn t end of a trilogy So I feel like wanting to yell, where is my next book I had to wait this one for years too As I understood, some publisher problems I do hope there won t be of them, as I would love see from this author.

  18. Tim Gray

    Finally we get some strong female characters and at the same time this book keeps delivering just like it s predecessors It s not easy to bring some familiar themes and treat them in new ways but Lorna Freeman does just that This is a well constructed fantasy world, with smartly crafted characters and plots.

  19. Ally

    I was definitely super excited when I saw this pre order arrived from Book DepositoryI have missed reading about Rabbit and with this book this series have certainly goes on my comfort books which I can re read without feeling bored of itLet s hope the fourth book wouldn t have the same waiting period P

  20. Ptdog

    Read this as an ebook 3rd in the series I m waiting for book 2, The King s Own to arrive I really like these books It was 2 years between publishing the first and second book, 4 years between book 2 and three No one seems to know if there will be a 4th book or not or even the status of Lorna Freeman, the author Ah well, I enjoyed what is available from her.

  21. Gabby

    I have to say that I was not as impressed with this as I was the first two in the series Not saying that it was bad just not up to standards Though the behavior of the characters is later explained It does make me want the next one to come out Though so far I can t find anything on it.

  22. Gökçe

    The third book in series continues where we left in second book The trauma caused by events effect Rabbit and he has a lot to learn As second book this one is in small location a castle of a Lord However we see foreigners and new aspects of magic Loved it, definitely a must read.

  23. Lynn Calvin

    preorder,I may need to go reread the first two on this It had flashes of brilliance, but there were some things going on that were really obvious to me and I got impatient with the characters.

  24. Joseph Opolony

    I enjoyed this book a lot, Not as much as the first but then the second Has anyone seen anything on the 4th book I found the name but nothing else Reckoning Flames being said name.

  25. Shadowmaat

    More awesomeness from Lorna Freeman and the Borderlands series Still addicted like crack to these books Bring on book 4

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