Doctor Who: Timewyrm-Exodus (2020)

Doctor Who: Timewyrm-Exodus Terrance Dicks Doctor Who Timewyrm Exodus The pursuit of the Timewyrm leads the Doctor and Ace to London and the Festival of Britain a celebration of the achievements of this small country this insignificant corner of the glorious Tho
  • Title: Doctor Who: Timewyrm-Exodus
  • Author: Terrance Dicks
  • ISBN: 9780426203575
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
Doctor Who: Timewyrm-Exodus Terrance Dicks The pursuit of the Timewyrm leads the Doctor and Ace to London, 1951, and the Festival of Britain a celebration of the achievements of this small country, this insignificant corner of the glorious Thousand Year Reich Someone or something has been interfering with the time lines, and in order to investigate, the Doctor travels further back in time to the very dawnThe pursuit of the Timewyrm leads the Doctor and Ace to London, 1951, and the Festival of Britain a celebration of the achievements of this small country, this insignificant corner of the glorious Thousand Year Reich Someone or something has been interfering with the time lines, and in order to investigate, the Doctor travels further back in time to the very dawn of the Nazi evil In the heart of the Germany of the Third Reich, he finds that this little band of thugs and misfits did not take over half the world unaided History must be restored to its proper course, and in his attempt to repair the time lines, the Doctor faces the most terrible dilemma he has ever known
Doctor Who: Timewyrm-Exodus Terrance Dicks

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One thought on “Doctor Who: Timewyrm-Exodus

  1. Matthew Kresal

    Having read my way through the wooden beginning that was Timewyrm Genesys I turned my attentions to this novel, the second in the opening Timewyrm arc of the New Adventures and the first New Adventure by Terrence Dicks Having been disappointed by Genesys I was hoping for a much better novel this time around That was exactly what I got and For starters Dicks has a much better grasp on the characterization of the seventh Doctor and Ace then John Peel did From their first appearance in chapter one [...]

  2. F.R.

    Probably because by the time he wrote this Terrence Dicks was twenty five years into his Doctor Who writing career, he isn t as interested in a new adult Who as John Peel was There are a few moments of violence, but nothing too gory and nothing to be frank to scare the horses Instead we have an entertaining if undemanding tale of alt history Actually alt history is an area that Doctor Who hasn t explored as much as it could have, and so that old fall back of what if the Nazis had won the war is [...]

  3. April Mccaffrey

    An alternative What if the Nazi s had won the second world war THIS BOOK WAS BRUTAL.I absolutely loved this book.Terrance Dicks is a genius when it comes to historical Who books, especially about famous Wars as proven in the War Games and Exodus certainly lived it up to that.Seventh Doctor and Ace fighting and even working Nazi s whilst fighting their one true enemy Ishtar or the Timewyrm as best known as but even she wasn t fully behind this movement of the Nazi s taking over the British Empire [...]

  4. Scurra

    As a kid, I grew up reading the Target novelisations of the Doctor Who stories We didn t have digital archives or even videos in those days when you saw an episode on Saturday night, you only had your memories to remind you and, later, the Terrence Dicks version of the story in print Or even to read those earlier stories which you were too young to have seen And Dicks had a reputation Yes, he had written for the tv show, but he was best known for turning out these straight forward simply written [...]

  5. Andrew

    This is the second story in the New Adventures book series that aimed to continue where the original television show left off It is written by Terrance Dicks, a man with a massive influence on the history of the show This story is a direct sequel to Timewyrm Genesys, and succeeds where that book failed For a start, the author is interested in telling a good story rather than describing Ace with her kit off, or dropping in needless paedophile sexual innuendo, and what we are left with is a classi [...]

  6. Jay Szpirs

    A well executed time travel story worthy of the title character Dicks prose and dialogue are generally free of the melodramatic commentary that plagued the previous novel although some problems remain in continuity Ace s admission that she isn t fluent in German is.swept away once the characters are ensconced in Berlin,r.example As a story, Exodus succeeds in building risk, conflict, and a few genuine twists Like Genesys, this story also uses continuity to tie it to the previous series of the Dr [...]

  7. Daniel Kukwa

    Uncle Terry proved that, after two decades of novelizing Doctor Who TV episodes, he can also kick butt with original Doctor Who fiction by writing Exodus the second ever original DW novel It remains one of the most re readable books in any range, and it s my personal favourite original DW novel authored by Mr Dicks.

  8. Jacqueline O.

    Virgin Publishing s The New Adventures follow on immediately after Doctor Who was put on hiatus, and feature the Seventh Doctor as portrayed by Sylvester McCoy, and in this story his companion Ace Timewyrm Exodus is the second volume in the four volume Timewyrm series Timewyrm Exodus opens with the TARDIS landing in London in 1951, but upon leaving the TARDIS the Doctor and Ace realize something is very, very wrong They ve landed in an UK where the Nazis won World War II It s a bleak, war torn, [...]

  9. Tom Jones

    Now this what I expect Terrance Dicks is a Doctor Who legend and a writer I admire Horror of Fang Rock and The War Games are my all time favourite pieces of Television.And Timewyrm Exodus is one of greats when it comes to the Doctor Who books.The plot itself is enough to make me interested What if Germany won the world war That enough you can do so much and Terrance delivers with flying colours.The first part is we can see Britain occupied by German control and we can see just how vile they can [...]

  10. Jennifer

    Here is my review of Timewyrm Exodus.Before i read this book i had to read Genesys Which was one of the worst books i have ever read But i was looking forward to this book And was it good Average Or horrible It s brilliant Which was just what i was expecting Basically Terrance Dicks took a simple idea of the Nazis winning the war And then adds a great story to it about time distortion The story itself is really good It really does not have any problems Except 1 Chapter 8 of Part 1 of this book w [...]

  11. Sammy

    A ripping adventure story, Timewyrm Exodus is the second book in the New Adventures series, a sequel of sorts to Timewyrm Genesys As with the first book, there s some good stuff and some bad although thankfully it s heavier on the good Arriving in an alternate England, where WWII went in a very different direction, the Doctor and Ace realise that someone has altered time Dicks narrative takes us through different timelines, various locations, and a wide host of supporting characters Every charac [...]

  12. Andrew Loader

    Doctor Who Book Review NDA002 Timewyrm Exodus by Terrance DicksDoctor Who New Series Adventure Novel Starring the Seventh Doctor This is the second of the quadrilogy that Virgin decided to start their New Series range of books with back in 1991 It continues directly on from Timewyrm Genesis And what better way to entice the Doctor Who fan base to start buying this range of books, than to contract the most prolific writer of Doctor Who fiction of all, Terrence Dicks, to write a novel early in the [...]

  13. David Sarkies

    Hitler wins World War II25 January 2012 The first of these books ran decidedly too close to the original Doctor Who stories, and it seems that in the second instalment of this new series they brought one of the experienced Doctor Who writers into the fold, namely Terrance Dicks In this story we once again meet up with the Timewyrm who has possessed Hitler and also one of his old foes in the form of the Warlords from the episode The War Games the Warlords are a group of renegade Time Lords The st [...]

  14. Alex

    After a reading a string of reviews that suggested Timewyrm Exodus built on the successes or failures, depending on your perspective of the first new Adventures novel, I felt a little disappointed that I ultimately didn t enjoy it a lot than its predecessor It s a less experimental novel in many ways, Dicks doesn t try anything unusual with characterisation or technique, instead bringing his wealth of experience writing the Target novels to the table and producing something that s solidly enjoy [...]

  15. Ben Dutton

    The Doctor and Ace, following their adventure in Mesopotamia, have followed the path of the Timewyrm to 1950s United Kingdom All is, however, rather different It seems the Nazi s won the Second World War, and that Britain is now a totalitarian state Very soon The Doctor and Ace have become embroiled with a Nazi henchman, Hemmings, and witnessed a murder The Doctor, through a sequence of events not worth explaining here, convinces the Nazi s he is a senior member of the Party, from Germany, here [...]

  16. Leo H

    A book of two halves The first is an engaging, believable and horrifying portrayal of early 50s London under the Nazis, which really lets you understand why the Doctor has to go to the extreme lengths he employs in order to sort out this timeline The second, unfortunately, consists largely of Hitler, Himmler and Goering arguing can t be a good sign when you warm to Herman Goering, head of the Luftwaffe and Gestapo, as a charmingly upbeat laddish type then an Indiana Jones esque escape from a cas [...]

  17. Matt

    Continuing from the storyline which was begun in the first of the Virgin New Adventures line, Timewyrm Exodus finds the Doctor and Ace stumbling upon the year 1951, in which Winston Churchill had been executed and Hitler s Thousand Year Reich is beginning to look like a distinct possibility, as the Axis has won World War II Exodus manages to be a very exciting story, without any periods where I felt like skipping over sections to get things rolling again Dicks has a reputation for phoning it in [...]

  18. ltl fox

    sweet to read and then totally forget about like normal people do with normal thingsedit update now having read a few others in the timewyrm series one and three , exodus is actually very charming and at times even clever and of course it s written by the almighty who script editor terrance dicks this is a very good doctor story much better than genesys in fact i d even recommend skipping genesys in favor of this one if you re looking to read the timewyrm series the dialog between ace and the do [...]

  19. Em

    I had a better idea of what to expect this time and I was still pleasantly surprised The story was fast paced and hard to put down Doctor Who mixed with Nazis is usually pretty intense, but I was really impressed with how well this story weaves its way in and out of WW2 history The Doctor s German was a little laughable, but Ace called him out on it before I could For anyone who speaks German, the villain in the story is, unfortunately, painfully obvious nearly from the start I ll never understa [...]

  20. James Lark

    It s not great writing, most of the characters are cardboard cutouts, the dialogue is dreadful, it contains sentences like his jackboots gleamed evilly and the Germany won the war alternative future is well trodden ground.BUT from a historical point of view, this is actually rather well researched and asks some interesting questions I read it immediately after Jake Arnott s highly impressive The House of Rumour and this made for a satisfying nightcap.Also, unlike the first in the New Adventures [...]

  21. Nina

    This book is a perfect illustration of why science fiction writers are better off using Nazi analogues in their stories than actual Nazis As is the case with most what if the Nazis had won alternate history stories, this one is based on a grossly oversimplified understanding of WWII and Nazi society Far egregious, however, was the author s decision to have the Doctor actually pretending to be a Nazi and seemingly enjoying certain aspects of it Though this is less out of character for McCoy s Do [...]

  22. Brad

    I enjoyed the first book in the series, but this one really had a much tighter narrative and felt like a really good Doctor Who episode.I d always kind of ignored books based on movies or TV shows in the past, but I m realizing the advantage to this sort of story is that you get to play in a well defined universe while also taking advantage of the book format to get inside the heads of the characters The unlimited special effects budget is also nice, but books like this one show that what reall [...]

  23. Nicholas Whyte

    nhwvejournal 683725ml return return Gosh, Terrance Dicks can actually come close to writing tolerably well Here we have the Seventh Doctor and Ace pursuing the Timewyrm last seen in ancient Babylon to Nazi Germany or rather, first to a 1951 Festival of Britain celebrated after a German victory then following Adolf Hitler from the Munich putsch to 1940 It would be easy to do this very crassly, but Dicks manages to stay for my money the right side of the line Still a slight feeling that he wished [...]

  24. Brad Barker

    This is the 2nd of the Doctor Who New Adventures books, featuring the 7th Doctor from way back in 1991 I ve always liked the 7th Doctor, Sylvester McCoy , although my favorites are Tom Baker and David Tennant, but I m enjoying these books now like he was my favorite These New Adventure novels add a depth and mystery of the Doctor that you just can t get from the show Old or new In this one, the search for the Timewyrm takes us to WWII, where we come face to face with Adolf Hitler, a mysterious o [...]

  25. Brian Dassero

    This book is quite an improvement over the first book in the series Terrence Dicks understands the interactions between the Doctor and Ace much better than the writer on Timewyrm Genesys This book tackles the Timewyrm, albeit obliquely There s another villain that makes it s way to the forefront and a very nice callback to one of the better early Doctor stories for the Doctor to tackle I m always up for alternate universe stories, and while this one moves at a very brisk pace, I would ve enjoyed [...]

  26. Don

    Well, it s not as crap as the first book but it s not all that great, either While I appreciated its connection to a famous Second Doctor story, the manner in which it does so is sadly contrived, and making an alien possessed Hitler the bad guy is kind of appalling There were at least enough smaller, enjoyable scenes to make the book a serviceable if unmemorable read still, after I finish off these first four I think I ll only be bothering with the books written by authors who have already impr [...]

  27. Tom Dickinson

    After suffering through Timewyrm Genesys for many moons, Timewyrm Exodus is unputdownable This one has the Seventh Doctor in over the top scheming mode, and he bluffs his way into the good graces of a bunch of Nazis, which is kind of fun, but also it s kind of not fun to have the Doctor hanging out with Nazis even though you know he s plotting against them Also, Ace gets captured and the Doctor has to rescue her, because Terrance Dicks But this really is quite good and helped wash out the taste [...]

  28. C.T. Brown

    Britain as a Nazi territory Someone s been mucking about in the timestream, is it the Timewyrm or are other forces at work Much better than the first of the Timewyrm books, Terrance Dicks turns in his usual great Doctor Who The story is fast paced and interesting, it manages to be a adult version of the TV show without descending into the teenage ridiculousness of the first novel in the series Personally I would recommend skipping the first book and going straight to this instead, you really wo [...]

  29. Adam James

    and THAT S how you write a Doctor Who novel Solet s all just pretend that Genesys never existed and the New Adventures team originally reached out to veteran Who showrunner Terrance Dicks from the get go.Despite its inexplicable rushed and tacked on ending, Dicks s novel is mature, intricate, fast paced, true to its characters, and has no boobs.As a result, Exodus is almost perfect.

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