High School Debut, Vol. 13 (2020)

High School Debut, Vol. 13 Kazune Kawahara High School Debut Vol Can a junior high jock turn high school sweetheart overnight When Haruna hits th grade suddenly boys seem much interesting than softball Will Haruna s high school debut end up in heartbreak hotel Yoh
  • Title: High School Debut, Vol. 13
  • Author: Kazune Kawahara
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
High School Debut, Vol. 13 Kazune Kawahara Can a junior high jock turn high school sweetheart overnight When Haruna hits 9th grade suddenly boys seem much interesting than softball Will Haruna s high school debut end up in heartbreak hotel Yoh faces a difficult choice should he go to university all the way in Tokyo or stay near Haruna Haruna wants to support Yoh s decision no matter what, but will her highCan a junior high jock turn high school sweetheart overnight When Haruna hits 9th grade suddenly boys seem much interesting than softball Will Haruna s high school debut end up in heartbreak hotel Yoh faces a difficult choice should he go to university all the way in Tokyo or stay near Haruna Haruna wants to support Yoh s decision no matter what, but will her high school romance end with his graduation
High School Debut, Vol. 13 Kazune Kawahara

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    386 Kazune Kawahara
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One thought on “High School Debut, Vol. 13

  1. Starbubbles

    what kind of ending was that i threw the book down when i read it good thing it was a library book though i try to take care of all books the corky spark i liked so much in the beginning was pretty much gone by this point but that s okay, there are some off books in a series shame to end on one though graduation dragged on, yoh s present i feel was miss translated only in the image, i think it should have been done less like western yearbooks paragraphs , and in a circle since well, it was prob [...]

  2. Estara

    This volume is all about whether Yoh goes to Tokyo to study or not, and how Haruna feels about that and what she does with what she eventually decides about it and how Yoh cares for Haruna, by talking to all her friends to take care of her and that he clearly DOES NOT want this relationship to end.They decide on a trip together, the skiing one that got misdirected last time, and in typical Haruna fashion everyone else tags along as well A nice touch was Yoh starting to feel insecure because a ha [...]

  3. Michelle. D.

    I am writing about the overall series I finsihed reading the entire series on January 7, 2011.The overal series was pretty great I gave it a 4 star rating Let s talk about some things now.I Love Yoh I just love him He is so adorable Andd I hate that I have to say that But I can t help myself, he is SO ADORABLE ANd cool, and awesome, and hot lol and all those other wors to descibe him I love his personality and I love how he is easily embarrassed He is just so ADORABLE I want him And for all of y [...]

  4. Shannon

    Wahhh It s over now What will I do with my life now Hahaha, just kidding I had some moments where I wasn t into this series, but overall, I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this I had no idea that a silly popularity plotline would give way to such realistic situations I still think that Yoh and Haruna s relationship was fleshed out in this volume and the last I have no idea how I d react if I was in that situation I d like to say I would tell my boyfriend to go ahead and leave, but deep [...]

  5. jenny

    Overall rating for this series 4.5 stars.Description Light,fun,cute,sweet,funny, and romanticWhen I read the synopsis for this series, I didn t really think I was going to love it I was wrong The description makes High School Debut sound very run of the mill But when you ve read a bit into the series, and know the characters, you find that it s much This series wasn t about Yoh being Haruna s love coach That s only how it starts It s about how Yoh and Haruna s relationship grew and evolved The [...]

  6. Laura

    I really like that shojo manga has a different emphasis than many American and British books comics shows about teen romance In this series in particular, all aspects of a healthy teen relationship are explored The first few volumes are a little bit of a romantic comedy cliche, but the series quickly escapes that and becomes about balancing a relationship with friends and family, about changing for the better due to a romantic partner, about expressing the physical in ways that you are ready fo [...]

  7. Safiyyah

    I absolutely loved High School Debut From the very beginning there was so much about Haruna and Yoh It was funny and all the volumes made me laugh a lot I am diappointed that it had come to an end I especially liked the part when Haruna was introduced to Yoh s mother She was a bit creepy The wholes Christmas was a joke Hahaha I overall loved Kazune Kawahara s manga The story line was great It is one of the best manga series I have read so far.

  8. Haya

    THIS REVIEW IS FOR THE OVERALL SERIESOVERALL RATING 3.5 4 STARSThis manga was very interesting, despite its ridiculous concept It was just another manga I picked up cuz I was bored, and surprisingly, it turned out to be cool My favorite character is Yoh Not because he s an adorable drawing of fiction although I wish he is real, cuz I m weird like that but because of the personality the author has given him I like how is easily embarrassed and all chill His character is definitely a new one for m [...]

  9. Manga_inamorata

    FULL SERIES REVIEW NO SPOILERSThis Manga I don t even have words to explain how much I loved this story Not only was it cute Not only was it funny But it was also LONG I love full love stories that go on for a while after the relationship starts This story is all about Haruna who wants boyfriend and how Yoh agrees to help her but insteads falling in love with her instead This story follows their love story I read this non stopped and I will reread as soon as I have time If you love high school r [...]

  10. Amber Hetchler (アンバーちゃん)

    This series is killing me Honestly, the I read, the I fall in love I don t know where I can read the last two books though They re not on any manga websites that I know of I wish my high school years would ve went a little something like this, but unfortunately there were no Yohs in my school And I wasn t the outgoing type I better make plans and accommodations for approximately 30 cats in my future life.

  11. Nicole

    Loved it My main review for the series is under volume one, but this final entry in the series is one of my faves The whole series is a win as far as I m concerned Funny, charming, sweetI m sad to see it end.

  12. Lindsey

    I really liked this series and I love Yon and Haruna, they re just the cutest pair The only reason this didn t get 4 stars like I gave the rest of the series is because it ended so abruptly Just BAM year over and now they re reunited I wanted

  13. CJ - It's only a Paper Moon

    Going to miss this series, wish the ending had been a little longer At first I thought it should have been sweeter but that wouldn t have been Yoh or Haruna

  14. Kaede

    I love this final installment in the High School Debut manga series The last part was as funny as hell Defintiely loved this series.

  15. Farhin

    Officially the final volume of the series However, to promote the live action movie, Kawahara produced two volumes following the events of this volume with each chapter being almost one shots.As for this volume, it was great I particularly liked the xmas visit to Yoh s place and an introduction to Yoh s mother can totally see why Asami is as she is Overall a great series Not sure if I ll watch the movie as I ve never been much of a fan of live action remakes of my fave animes mangas but we ll s [...]

  16. Jasmine Rose

    High School Debut was an adorable series It gave me that happy, warm feeling that a good shoujo does, but this is definitely one of those series that focuses on the cute factor than realism That kind of series is perfectly fine every once in a while, though it did make it hard to take it seriously sometimes Don t get me wrong, I didn t go in expecting realism I mean, a girl asking a guy to coach her on how to be attractive is a pretty far fetched idea to begin with However, just because I wasn [...]

  17. Evie

    This has to be one of the most adorable, funny, and heartwarming manga I ve ever read I can t say enough good things about it or accurately describe to you my love for these characters Haruna was a great heroine, she really broke and at the same time filled and exceeded the usual shojo heroine I loved her and she kept me laughing Oh and can we talk about Yoh for a minute Ohmygosh, hewassoadorablyadorableandthesweetesteverplushewasprettyhotandyeahIprettymuchjustlovedhim that actually does say som [...]

  18. Kristelle

    Today would be my 4th time reading this whole series and it never ever did bored me I still found it very sweet and funny I still get chills while reading it Stupid me.Yoh YOH I sooo love you, Yoh The shyness and self denial Yoh, the sweet and overprotective Yoh and the H.O.R.N.Y Yoh Hahaha I think Yoh loves Haruna than Haruna does Arghh Yoh, be mine I really liked this manga because it s so realistic with less drama and less love rivalry, unlike other series where all the guy characters seemin [...]

  19. Christina

    Haruna and Yoh face a difficult decision as Yoh s graduation quickly approaches Should Yoh go away to Tokyo for college to follow his ambitions, all while leaving all who he knows behind, or should he stay for the sake of his and Haruna s relationship Will this be the end of their high school romance or is this an ever lasting and eternal love debut Will this be the end of this high school romance or will they prove to have a stronger bond than you know who from Bokura ga Ita I don t know what i [...]

  20. Valentina

    No cre que me llegar a a gustar tanto, pero fue as Es una historia de amor dulce, divertida, fascinante Me encant de principio a fin, y estoy algo triste de que se haya acabado Finalmente he le do mi primer manga completo y es extra o Tengo que admitirlo, las primeras 10 p ginas fueron raras ya que no entend a lo que estaba leyendo luego ca en la cuenta de que los mangas se leen de derecha a izquierda y no de izquierda a derecha como se leer a cualquier otro comic que viene en el peri dico , as [...]

  21. Laura

    I read the first volume of this series maybe 4 or 5 years ago I promised myself I would finish it, and then promptly forgot.Moving on.This series is a fun romantic high school shoujo, which adheres to the basics of the genre I liked seeing the world through Haruna s good though naive eyes, and I was not disappointed by the ending, although sometimes I wonder if view spoiler every single shoujo manga has to end with someone moving to some other part of Japan, or to the StatesI mean really, it s i [...]

  22. Miri

    I feel weird about the way this series portrays female characters Beyond Haruna and Mami, they all seem to be fairly terrible people, jealous and vindictive and conniving and totally irrational With the exception of Asaoka, the never serious rogue, most of the male characters are either sweet gentle saviors or just sort of innocuous background people So that s a downside But I really, dramatically love Haruna and Yoh as a couple Their relationship actually progresses in surprisingly mature ways [...]

  23. HaveYouSeenThisGirL Denny

    Well, I have finished reading this a long time ago so I don t really remember anything particular to criticize about this manga But as far as I can remember I actually liked this manga because it made me laugh Yes, it s a very hilarious manga I wouldn t say that it was that romantic but it was really funny I enjoyed reading it Not dramatic, not too cheesy, perfect to read when you want to relieve some stress The girl protagonist was kinda exaggerated tho but it still adds humour to the story Sto [...]

  24. scarlettraces

    the ending to the quintessential, paradigmatical shojo, if you define shojo as comics about the need for a boyfriend and everyone say aaah Kawahara s pacing doesn t fail although i m sure everyone has their least favourite arcs mine would be the plain girl one and this is a satisfying ending to a terrifically sweet if not terribly realistic romance if only actual high schoolers were like these characters.

  25. Samantha

    I really liked this manga And this is my first manga reading but I think if anyone wanna read manga, could choose this one I really liked Haruna and Yoh But I didnt like Asa Well, the last chapter I think it can be longer But if I take it as whole series I really enjoyed it Hmm well it s makes me remember my high school life and my adventureslol high school was really goodYOU SHOULD READ T

  26. Kat

    Okay, my summary for whole series I really love how independent this couple is of each other And by independent, I mean that the main heroine isn t slobbering her love and chaining her personality on her boyfriend there are no drastic, If you aren t beside me, I ll wither and die moments Yoh and Haruna s relationship is the epitome of healthy, and after reading so many helpless heroine mangas, I find Haruna extremely refreshing She s a great role model

  27. Priscilla VdL

    The whole series.The thing about shoujo is some of the plot lines can seem the same as the previous shoujo manga you ve read, but Koukou debut had hilarious scenes which made it a pretty fun read, and there s also the fact that the characters didn t stop being funny to me.I really liked the expressions in the art work, especially Haruna s.

  28. Jenten0018

    I am so sad that High School Debut is over I m going to miss Haruna and Yoh s awkward relationship I like Haruna with long hair Yoh s mom seems really weird I can see where Asami get s her weirdness from It would have been nice to get to meet Yoh s dad though I wonder if Haruna is going to school in Tokyo At the end it said a year later so I m assuming she graduated.

  29. Ashley

    When I read a manga, one of the things that I can t stop thinking of is the ending All the time I m investing in the story, I want to feel like the ending was worth it in the end The end of High School Debut was bittersweet It was also outstandingly charming It s the kind of ending that leaves me ready and willing to dive into the story again.

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