Life After Death: The Evidence (2020)

Life After Death: The Evidence Dinesh D'Souza Life After Death The Evidence Unlike many books about the afterlife Life after Death makes no appeal to religious faith divine revelation or sacred texts Drawing on some of the most powerful theories and trends in physics evol
  • Title: Life After Death: The Evidence
  • Author: Dinesh D'Souza
  • ISBN: 9781596980990
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Hardcover
Life After Death: The Evidence Dinesh D'Souza Unlike many books about the afterlife, Life after Death makes no appeal to religious faith, divine revelation, or sacred texts Drawing on some of the most powerful theories and trends in physics, evolutionary biology, science, philosophy, and psychology, D Souza shows why the atheist critique of immortality is irrational and draws the striking conclusion that it is reasonUnlike many books about the afterlife, Life after Death makes no appeal to religious faith, divine revelation, or sacred texts Drawing on some of the most powerful theories and trends in physics, evolutionary biology, science, philosophy, and psychology, D Souza shows why the atheist critique of immortality is irrational and draws the striking conclusion that it is reasonable to believe in life after death He concludes by showing how life after death can give depth and significance to this life, a path to happiness, and reason for hope From the Inside Flap Is death the end Or, as bestselling author Dinesh D Souza argues, do the latest discoveries in physics and neuroscience, the most convincing philosophical deductions, and the most likely conclusions from anthropology and biology lend increasing credibility to the prospect of life after death Life After Death The Evidence presents a reasoned, scientifically based case that life after death is than possible, it is highly probable Indeed it has far evidence on its side than atheistic arguments about death marking our complete and utter extinction In a stunning tour de force, D Souza reveals How modern science lays the groundwork for a science based belief in life after death The distinctions between mind and brain and why it is perfectly reasonable to assume that your immaterial consciousness can survive the dissolution of your material body The great atheist philosopher who provided one of the most ingenious proofs for the likelihood of an afterlife How the theory of evolution, far from undercutting the idea of life after death, supports it The evidence of Near Death Experiences what it tells us, what it doesn t Why the Christian view of the afterlife is the most compelling and best suits the evidence What the probability of life after death means for our lives before deathProvocative, and combining a mastery of the arguments from philosophy, physics, and biology with an incisive analysis of how the world s major religions have viewed the afterlife, D Souza shows why we can expect that what Shakespeare called the undiscovered country will be discovered by us all.Dinesh D Souza is co founder and director of the Y God Institute Formerly he was a White House policy analyst and fellow at the American Institute at Stanford University The author of several best selling books, including Illiberal Education, What s So Great about America, and What s So Great about Christianity, he lives in Rancho Santa Fe, California, with his wife Dixie and their daughter Danielle His websites are dineshdsouza, ygodinstitute.From the Back CoverPraise for Life Afer Death A brilliant investigation of the fascinating and crucial issue of what happens when we die It is an inquiry conducted on the basis of scholarship and reason and it provides a convincing answer that is explosive in its impact RICK WARREN, author of The Purpose Driven Life An indispensable, electrifying book Writing clearly, forcefully, and fairly, D Souza covers an amazing range of arguments I know of no better way to understand the issue of life after death than to get this book and just follow the argument DALLAS WILLARD, professor of philosophy, University of Southern California From the moment I started reading Life After Death, I found myself compelled and enthralled This is an important and fascinating book that will reinforce the faith of the believer and enlighten and challenge even the most hardened skeptic MICHAEL MEDVED, nationally syndicated radio host Never one to be daunted by attempting the impossible, Dinesh D Souza here shows again the argumentative skills that make him such a formidable opponent CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS, author of God Is Not Great and The Portable Atheist Writing not only for the religious believer but also for the honest seeker, Dinesh D Souza displays a sophisticated understanding of religion, philosophy, history, and science in making a convincing case for life after death DEEPAK CHOPRA, author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind It is always a pleasure to read works by Dinesh D Souza, and Life After Death is no exception The author guides the reader gently through the thickets of philosophy, physics, and brain science toward his stunning conclusion that is made to seem entirely reasonable because it IS reasonable DANIEL ROBINSON, philosophy faculty, Oxford University A delightfully readable book on a subject of surpassing importance I found myself constantly amazed at the clear and accessible way in which D Souza writes about such deep and subtle questions Drawing upon his broad knowledge of the latest discoveries in fields as diverse as cosmology and neuroscience, he makes a powerful case for life after death STEPHEN BARR, professor of theoretical particle physics, University of Delaware
Life After Death: The Evidence Dinesh D'Souza

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One thought on “Life After Death: The Evidence

  1. John Martindale

    This was really interesting, I came in pretty skeptical, thinking he was going to try and prove an afterlife something I feel can t be done , but instead he just tried to show there is evidence, even from a secular point of view i think D Souza does a good job showing it s a reasonable belief to hold, and maybe even reasonable then that which the atheist dogmatically proclaim with religious zeal I couldn t help but be amused by his treatment of the new atheist, D Souza has debated them and coul [...]

  2. John

    In Life After Death, Dinesh D Souza says he can t present a case for the afterlife beyond all reasonable doubt the standard in a criminal case , but can demonstrate that the preponderance of the evidence supports it the standard in a civil case He cites experiential, scientific, philosophic and moral arguments that he says point toward a life beyond this life Along the way, he discusses everything from string theory to zombies He does so in a conversational style, explaining difficult concepts w [...]

  3. Hans

    I was so skeptical about this book I almost didn t read it I will admit out front that I have a bias against some religious books, especially Christian ones The reason is that in the US the commercialization of Christianity has made me deeply suspicious of any book written by Christians about Christian themes It is a sad fate because I do believe there are those out there who will gladly use religion to make a buck and others who are actually sincere, the difficult part is telling them apart But [...]

  4. Alex Milledge

    As a Philosophy Major in a University Philosophy Department that is inherently reductive materialist, I find this book to be chicken soup for the rationalist s soul I find the book title to be very misleading, since I find that D Souza does not spend as much time on Life after death than discussing Scientific method and philosophy, where I find his most convincing arguments are made I have yet to find Near death Experiences as conclusive evidence for an afterlife since they are ethnocentric and [...]

  5. Christen

    The author shows no respect for any beliefs or opinions other than his own therefore, I do not respect him or his book I usually give books the benefit of the doubt and have rarely not finished a book, but 10 pages was enough for me.

  6. Judith

    Gee, I wish i could be as certain of anything in this world as the author is of everything in the next world To borrow a quote from Hemingway The Sun Also Rises , Isn t it pretty to think so.

  7. Caren

    My mother passed away last year and now, having lost both of my parents, and being past my prime myself, I can no longer ignore the fact that I am next up This book is a bracing, deep, clear pool from which you cannot help but emerge hopeful and enlightened Mr D Souza is a Christian, but he only puts forth Christian theology on the afterlife in the very last chapter Step by step, the other chapters look at near death experiences including one had by his wife after a car accident , physics are t [...]

  8. Mike (the Paladin)

    This isn t a bad book I suppose I should as I ve done before in the spirit of complete disclosure point out that I m a Christian This book is argued from at least a nominally Christian point of view A lot of people will find it frustrating of course No matter your stance the problem of reading a book on a controversial topic is that when you see what you perceive as a flaw in an argument, you can t point it out or argue your point.Atheists and some Theists alike will find problems here He sets o [...]

  9. Terry

    The book jacket said this was going to be based on science and philosophy and it was, to a point It felt like the author was trying too hard to disprove atheism that he missed the chance to talk to people the fence sitters who really are trying to figure out whether there is life after death and what that might entail And his approach was too slanted toward Christianity The author did make some good points, but he ignored some basic problems with his argument and didn t answer some of the questi [...]

  10. Chazzle

    The book is broader in scope than its title suggests, but for the most part, that s a good thing Near death experiences make up just a small part of the book, while logical arguments make up the majority.I skipped a little of the chapter on philosophy, covering views of Schopenhauer and Kant I found it a little deep and dry, like math l topology.Other than that, other parts were really, really interesting Most definitely worth a look Try it.

  11. Regular Joe

    I must admit that after the last generally successful book by author Dinesh D Souza What s So Great About Christianity his most recent book came as quite a surprise I have read a number of D Souza s books and I honestly had no idea why he would tackle such an unusual subject I definitely debated whether to invest the time on his new book, Life After Death The Evidence I m glad I did.D Souza has spent much of the last decade debating the foremost atheists like Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkin [...]

  12. Daniel

    I heard D Souza, years ago when he spoke at my college A bright fellow, out of Princeton This is the first book of his I ve read I have to say, I m disappointed I don t think he marshals what evidence there is well I m not looking for him to do the impossible I m not looking for happy talk It feels like he got a title Then he got a contract Then he got an advance Then he was stuck Then he crammed in a writing session in the two weeks before the deadline Others have done it better But integrity w [...]

  13. Pauline

    The book was so taken over by philosophical ploys there was no real room to discuss what evidence should be let alone whether there is any or not While it s a point that nobody has hard evidence that there is NO life after death, neither is there hard evidence of the opposite There are quite a few odd and inexplicable experiences from people who have flatlined and come back able to correctly relate what they observed while the brain waves were flat but is that accepted by science as evidence rat [...]

  14. JoséMaría BlancoWhite

    An amazing feat to have been able to put together, for the benefit of the common citizen, thousands of years of human thinking and discovering What we call philosophy and science, all brought together as evidence that life after death not only is possible, but plausible, and and provable with the advances made in different areas of science Rather those who have to find better evidence for their claims of death and that s it are the atheists A hard task indeed for those so called scientists who [...]

  15. Rob the Obscure

    A fewry fewting angles I read this because it was a gift from friends for my B day D Souza s approach is definitely pseudo intellectual He is very well read However, he has a very strong tendency to pull things from other weighty authors in various fields, throughout intellectual history, take them out of context, and then interpret them for the reader in a way that feeds into his thesis At times, his interpretations are just downright erroneous His analysis is also often trite The problem is th [...]

  16. Geoff Glenister

    While D Souza is thorough and at times very interesting, his weakness is that he can be very arrogant in a way that makes him insufferable For example, he speaks of how he loves to take atheists down in their own arena by using their own strength against them, and uses the phrases Christian cage fighters and Christian martial arts Culture war much And the real problem of his arrogance is that he often doesn t play by his own rules For example, in one chapter he writes about the studies of Near D [...]

  17. Daniel Ziegelbauer

    Although the author s bias towards Christianity was clearly evident and certainly not concealed, this book on the whole presented a very objective and convincing argument that the possibility of life after death is a clear possibility and not just wishful thinking for some who prefer to mitigate the fear of death Although the bias tended to be defensive for Christianity I was hoping a compatible argument to be made where philosophy, science and religion are not always enemies but rather compli [...]

  18. Sarah

    Well, I was hoping this book would rattle my beliefs and force me to ponder life and death It did not Every page I read made me angry The author s arguments lack logic and his references to scientific evidence are flaky at best and completely ridiculous at worst Instead of reflecting intellectually on life and afterlife, the book concludes with a not so subtle threat that if you don t believe in Christ s Resurrection, then you are DOOMED But this is your choice So many things I d like to say, b [...]

  19. Ned

    Better than expectedI am going to have to stop underestimating D Souza s books I have a few reservations, but all together this is a great book I really enjoyed what turned out to be a philosophical survey of great thinkers D Souza has the ability to make complex topics understandable, always the mark of a great communicator I debated giving the book four stars, but based on the number of my highlights, I must give it five I learned a good many things and will likely return to the text for later [...]

  20. Art

    In this book, the author covers a wide range of arguments for and against a belief in life after death He discusses the major religions of the world and their takes on life after death He goes over the study of near death experiences He also covers physics, science, and philosophy We hear from most of the greats of modern philosophy 1600s on and their belief disbelief concerning life after death, the mind body connection, materialism, etc.

  21. Jim Hammond

    Evidence I don t think so I read this before reading D Souza s book about Obama and thus I was prepared for the exposure to logical fallacies that dominate both of the books.

  22. Keith

    This was an interesting book that was pretty thought provoking I don t think this book would be too successful at persuading people who are on the fence about the topic, and people who are opposed to the idea would probably immediately reject any premise he bases an argument on I was not convinced by D Souza that there is a ton of evidence for an afterlife I believe in one, but I wouldn t say he met his goal of having a preponderance of evidence Still, it was interesting I didn t particularly ca [...]

  23. Julie Ruch

    Christian NonFiction Over my head I love listening to Ravi speak, and I don t take issue with the content here But I found the writing style too collegiate If you are looking for a book to comfort you on life after death, it might be hard to wade through this one, which looks at non biblical substantiation for biblical heaven The chapter on philosophy was especially difficult for me to stay focused on, and I was an honor student in college I don t want to discourage anyone from reading it though [...]

  24. Nathan Schwartz

    This should have been called Life After Death The Weak and Irrelevant Attacks on Atheism It contains no evidence whatsoever for life after death and is instead just a poor presentation of some of the weaker arguments for Christianity and against atheism.

  25. Mike Bernstein

    Very interesting read.Compared to DSouzas other books this ones a little heavy for the average reader I chose to skip over some parts

  26. Carol Apple

    Life After Death The Evidence is about as bold a title for a book as I can imagine Author Dinesh D Souza starts out by telling readers that he will present strong evidence that the body survives death without appealing to Biblical revelation because he wants to address the materialist atheists on their own turf Many people have written books presenting good cases for the Bible s authority, but rather than going down that road, D Souza takes us down multiple secular lines of reasoning to present [...]

  27. David

    In two short days we have been snowed in I read Dinesh D Sousa s new book I must admit it was a compelling read The author asks many of the same questions as have I these many years.I did not appreciate being labeled as idiotic pg.210 due to my agnosticism, but I understand his take on metaphysical risks Not deciding without all the evidence is as risky as opting for Pascal s Wager, since, in essence, we will never have complete evidence until after we are dead I get that.What I found especially [...]

  28. Mark

    Way too many books put out by Christian publishing houses that are targeted at skeptics seekers are anything but they re filled with church y language, rely on sources that are questionable at best to those who aren t inside the Xian bubble, and are often weak in their rhetorical style.Thankfully, Life After Death The Evidence is different D Souza deals with current research on NDEs near death experiences , brain chemistry, physics, the nature of consciousness and then segues into discussions ab [...]

  29. Dave Lester

    Dinesh D Souza is an interesting apologetic type writer Here, in his own words, he is trying to completely put aside his religious views impossible to get rid of bias, I would say and investigate the claim of life after death with science and philosophy An fascinating thesis to be sure.He, of course, criticizes atheism or a completely naturalistic view of life He talks about the human longing for immortality which certainly one can find those thinkers since the beginning of time A chapter is als [...]

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