Mapping the Edge (2020)

Mapping the Edge Sarah Dunant Mapping the Edge Anna a self sufficient and reliable single mother packs her bags one day for a short vacation to Italy She leaves her beloved daughter at home in London with good friends When Anna doesn t return e
  • Title: Mapping the Edge
  • Author: Sarah Dunant
  • ISBN: 9780375758614
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
Mapping the Edge Sarah Dunant Anna, a self sufficient and reliable single mother, packs her bags one day for a short vacation to Italy She leaves her beloved daughter at home in London with good friends When Anna doesn t return, everyone begins to make excuses, until the likelihood that she might not come back at all becomes chillingly clear In this dazzling work of suspense, Sarah Dunant interweaAnna, a self sufficient and reliable single mother, packs her bags one day for a short vacation to Italy She leaves her beloved daughter at home in London with good friends When Anna doesn t return, everyone begins to make excuses, until the likelihood that she might not come back at all becomes chillingly clear In this dazzling work of suspense, Sarah Dunant interweaves parallel narratives that are stretched taut with tension even as they raise difficult questions about love, trust, and accountability We are challenged, unnerved, and ultimately exhilarated as Dunant redefines the boundaries of the psychological thriller.
Mapping the Edge Sarah Dunant

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    306 Sarah Dunant
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One thought on “Mapping the Edge

  1. Madeline

    I read the other reviews of this book, and everyone else seemed to love it When I finished this book, I just sat there and thought, waitwhat just happened The two different scenarios of what could ve happened to Anna while she was missing really confused me couldn t Dunant have just picked one and expanded on it There seemed to be way too many holes in the two stories, especially the kidnapping scenario The character of the kidnapper was definitely not developed enough, and I didn t understand [...]

  2. JennMarx

    Definately NOT like BIRTH OF VENUS really interesting writing idea, but not executed very well Sarah Dunant is a great writer in how she develops each scene so you can see it like you were there, but I definately don t like her as a mystery thriller author This story had dual plot lines, kind of like a choose your own adventure kind of a deal and really did not come full circle in the end like mystery books should The last paragraph of the book was very poorly done and really ruined the entire b [...]

  3. Dottie

    Amazing reading interlinked versions of a story leaving one to wonder where the real story exists What a writer Added later Too cryptic by far As one reads this it seems straightfoprward enough Two versions of a story at odds one with the other A mystery Which version is THE story then the versions end More mystery Which version was THE version How many versions were there Do I know what I read I do I THINK Will you know Read it and then see what you think you know.

  4. Ally

    A good and creepy mystery thriller It s not one or the other, but the plot keeps you on your toes The story is about a mother who is abducted before she is to come home from a week away in Italy Her family at home tries to figure out why she went away alone to Italy in the first place, and when they realize she has gone missing, they pull together to try to understand the choices she s made in life and how that can help them find her and get her back home Since it s about a woman, it hits close [...]

  5. Elaine

    Written by the author of The Birth of Venus , this contemporary novel takes place in London and Florence, with some references to Amsterdam It s a suspenseful story told from the viewpoints of two best friends after one of them goes missing Some of the topics explored are motherhood and parenting, careers, friendship, and occasionally living on the wild side I was captivated by the story and read it in one day because I wanted to find out what happens

  6. Plum-crazy

    A gripping read an interesting book as it s written from three different angles.Anna packs her bags goes off without anyone knowing where she s going from this two different stories emergeIn one, Anna meets up with a mysterious lover but he has a side to him that Anna knows nothing about is working to an agenda Anna couldn t have dreamt ofIn the second scenario, Anna has been abducted held against her will by a strangerBut there s a third angle this is told from the viewpoint of Anna s best frie [...]

  7. Sharon

    Last year I read Transgressions by the same author and was really irritated and annoyed by it despite a promising start This year I read another of her books, this one Mapping The Edge Sarah Dunant can write, of that there is no doubt, in fact I really like her style, but her storylines just seem to frustrate me Mapping the Edge has three viewpoints or storylines going on all at once which come to a simultaneous time point at the end, however it just didn t work for me at all reading it as it is [...]

  8. Allison

    Her style was decent, although I could have done without the crudity It took me a little while to adapt to how she was telling the story The end left me rather dissatisfied although I predicted that from the beginning.The unique choice she made in telling this story was interesting at first, but she didn t wrap it up as I would have liked But even the other option would have left me unhappy, so really, I found this method counterproductive if her goal was to captivate the reader.

  9. Shawna

    Like a choose your own adventure for adults Twisted, thrilling, yet in a haunting way Very well written.

  10. Karla

    Very disappointing This had the potential to be really interesting, but the author never brought the book to a close It just ends in what feels like the last quarter of the story.

  11. Erin

    I didn t like this book much The writing style annoyed me in that she was always in the characters heads, asking tons of questions I prefer when a writer shows me how a character feels rather than when I am told how they feel.I also found the dual scenarios rather hard to understand It was an interesting trick but it just didn t work for me And the ending was such a let down I had no idea that I had reached the end I expected some sort of postscript but of course, you couldn t have a postscript [...]

  12. Roya

    The book kept me engaged because I wanted to know what was going to happen However, at times I felt irritated with Anna because stupid could she be about meeting and trusting strangers Yet, as the preface of the book states, people go missing everyday We all have made stupid choices at one time or another.

  13. Elizabeth

    Not sure about whether I really understood what happened here The story started out to be very intriguing with Anna missing and the research about dating though the personals Accepting the car ride from a stranger had promise, but the whole thing with Samuel, The ending didn t wrap it up for me Disappointing read.

  14. Alexandra

    This thriller takes some getting used to Dunant repeats three different points of view through the entirety of the novel which isn t immediately apparent Once settled in, I thoroughly enjoyed the smart transitions from chapter to chapter and the twists and turns that continued through the last page A solid thriller worth the read

  15. Pamfrommd

    Good writing, interesting story told from a number of perspectives I got very wrapped up in the plot and knew, because I peeked at reviews, that the ending would be vague I kept reading anyway, thinking well how vague could it be Pretty damn vague, is the answer I ll still read books by her although if any of them have a similar ending meaning, no ending I ll pass.

  16. Lynda

    A very confusing arrangement Chapters move between what is happening to the main character in the present, what happened to the main character in the past, and what is happening to her family on the homefront.

  17. Michala Tyann

    Mapping the Edge by Sarah Dunant Reviewed by Arlene Walsh While others were burning comet paths through the skies with their energy and ambition, I was standing underneath brushing their sparks from my clothing, afraid even to look up in case I got their fire in my eyes In recent years, though I have found myself passing an increasing amount of debris from the burnout of faster, colorful lives Negative equities, second wives or husbands, the beginnings of double chins Dunant gets the action goi [...]

  18. Heidi

    Spoiler alert WowI had only previously read Dunant s The Birth of Venus and while I enjoyed that book because of the lush prose and vivid descriptions, I was completely unaware as to the impact that this book would have upon meThe story tells of Anna Franklin, a single mother who journeys to Florence, Italy for a trip, leaving behind in London her young daughter The story truly begins when Anna misses her return flight homeThe novel cuts between the story of what is happening to Anna in Italy an [...]

  19. Rachel

    While it is a good book, it disappointed me as compared to the blurbs about it on the front and back The willing flesh Taut with suspense Meh

  20. Jewelianne

    I loved the premise of this book in theory I have never seen the movie Sliding Doors so I can t say if it s any good, but I have always thought it sounded interesting, although apparently not interesting enough to get over my not watching movies thing But when I heard about this book a recommendation for books similar to Help for the Haunted, which I don t necessarily agree with , I was very intrigued Basically, the idea is that a single mother goes on a brief vacation and does not return when s [...]

  21. Gina

    It took me some time to get into this book however once I did I found it to be quite intense Good psychological thriller.

  22. Elsje

    Al een hele poos ligt er hier bij mijn computer een stapeltje boeken om over te bloggen De bovenste is Mapping the Edge van Sarah Dunant, vorig jaar april het boekgrrls maandboek en uit n van die nog immer onuitgepakte boekendozen tevoorschijn gekomen toen ik iets te lezen zocht.Het verhaalAnna wordt uit Florence terugverwacht door vriendin Estella, dochtertje Lily en vriend Paul Maar Anna verschijnt niet op de afgesproken dag, noch op de dagen erna Wat is er gebeurd Het boek laat afwissselend e [...]

  23. Kathryn

    There is a really interesting premise behind this book One woman, Anna, a single mother living in London, ups and walks out of her life for a long weekend in Florence You pick up her story towards the end of her time there Initially, I was disappointed by this The fact that the setting was Florence had been part of the attraction and one of the reasons I d wanted to read this book, especially as it promised a modern day take on one of my favourite cities However, the book quickly sucked me in an [...]

  24. Reemawi

    Sarah Dunant is one of my favorite authors, if not my favorite altogether Of course, I fell in love with her work after reading The Birth of Venus, which is an entirely different genre from that of Mapping the Edge I ve also read her latest, Sacred Hearts, which is another amazing historic fiction book that is so profoundly written and its plot so seamlessly well constructed, that I am in awe of this brilliant writer Mapping the Edge is quite different I can t deny that Dunant s writing is the k [...]

  25. Karen

    This books is not what you might think it begins as your typical thriller, slowly unraveling a mystery However, it quickly dissolves into two stories, two possibilities as to what may have happened to single mom, Anna, who took off to Florence for the weekend from London and disappeared Unlike the choose your own ending books from your youth, both stories are developed though one is credible than the other Did she get kidnapped by a grief driven sociopath or is she spending the weekend with her [...]

  26. Jessica

    I don t get it I sure as heck didn t like it I was disappointed in this entire book, and was just glad to put it down.There are two things going on here Anna takes a solo trip, but doesn t come back when she s supposed to Her friends, who are stuck taking care of Anna s kid, are at first accepting, then slightly worried, then definitely afraid about what Anna s failure to return means That part was fine It makes sense your friends and family are worried, got it.But then the reader is presented n [...]

  27. Cynthia

    I picked up this book while I was in Florence and thought it would be fun to read, particularly because I have enjoyed 2 other books by Sarah Dunant,In the Company of the Courtesan A Novel The Birth of Venus The Birth of Venus rates as one of my favorite Mappin the Edge had a brilliant start, and I was immediately hooked I was really involved in the story How could this mother run off and be so selfish, leaving her friends to cope while she is indulging in an affair And then, I was taken in with [...]

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