Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts (2020)

Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts Donald Michael Kraig Modern Magick Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts Modern Magick is the most popular most complete step by step instruction manual on how to do real magick that has ever been published Already over people are using it Author Donald Michael K
  • Title: Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts
  • Author: Donald Michael Kraig
  • ISBN: 9780875423241
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts Donald Michael Kraig Modern Magick is the most popular, most complete, step by step instruction manual on how to do real magick that has ever been published Already over 100,000 people are using it.Author Donald Michael Kraig wrote this after teaching the information in classes for ten years It is refined, tested, and easy to understand It is filled with exercises, techniques, and rituals tModern Magick is the most popular, most complete, step by step instruction manual on how to do real magick that has ever been published Already over 100,000 people are using it.Author Donald Michael Kraig wrote this after teaching the information in classes for ten years It is refined, tested, and easy to understand It is filled with exercises, techniques, and rituals to help you It is presented in a series of eleven lessons Follow the lessons, practice the rituals and techniques, and by the end of your work you will be a magician What does it cover Rituals, healing, initiation, talismans, astral travel, creative visualization, psychic self defense, evocation of spirits, the Kabalah, physical exercise, and magical tools such as wands.Want You ll also learn the secrets of true meditation, how to use the Tarot, how to remember your dreams, how to do the rituals of Western Magick, including rituals of the Pentagram, Hexagram, Middle Pillar, Rose Cross, and Watchtower You ll learn how to manipulate magical energy, secrets of relaxation, Wicca, pathworking, Tantra, and sex magick.Once you have finished working your way through this book you will be an accomplished magician You will be able to perform real magick Then this book will become the most valuable reference tool in your collection of books.What if you want to know even about a subject No problem Each chapter has a bibliography so you can go even deeper into any topic There is an annotated bibliography at the end with even resources.In the new, second edition the contents pages contain information so it is even easier to find what you need, but there is also an entirely new appendix with answers to many of the most frequently asked questions that Kraig has received over the years This book is a must
Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts Donald Michael Kraig

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    284 Donald Michael Kraig
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One thought on “Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts

  1. Chris

    DMK does a decent job of laying out a survey of the basic theory of the High Magickal Arts Be careful, though, much of his information is incorrect, and his pronunciations for the Hebrew is abysmal.However, this is an excellent starter and resource book It lays out several important rituals in a relatively straightforward and easy to understand mannerK tends to give you the theory most of it borrowed, and badly for each chapter, then tags a useful ritual at the end.This book rides somewhere in b [...]

  2. Bad Tim

    somebody recommended this book after i specifically said i wasn t interested in something that relied on judeo christian concepts this book is exclusively about working with the kabalah, with small amounts of eastern philosophy that are generally taken out of context and are only cursorily explored, and one patronizing section on earth based magicaig s writing style is redundant and dogmatic he attempts to prove everything from reincarnation to the existence of the jewish god using logical falla [...]

  3. Neueziel

    This is the go to book for anyone with a genuine interest in the real occult Kraig is very down to earth, dispels a lot of myths and superstitions surrounding the occult and is very factualn the subject The book is split up into lessons but it has a wealth of information and experience if you re simply curious.

  4. The Elves

    Some people have called Donald Michael Kraig s Modern Magick a classic, but we think that is rather like calling some object that is fifty years old an antique Time, and readers, will determine if it is really a classic of occult lore or not It is, however, a good study course in ceremonial magic, particularly if you like to use the Kabbalah in your workings.While we didn t agree with everything he said in the book, we found often than not that we had independently arrived at the same conclusio [...]

  5. Frank Dufriend

    Anyone interested in High Magick would do themselves well by picking up this book D.M Kraig states throughout the book that one of the main intentions of the book is to enable the reader to pick up any other book on Magick and or the Occult and be able to make sense of it, and lo, I am now able to do just that Ever pick up 777 by A Crowley and think what the hell , well this book will help to lift the veil on that and other such difficult concepts for the uninitiated I m really glad I came by th [...]

  6. Deb

    A solid textbook for ceremonial magick with an extensive annotated bibliography for further study Donald Michael Craig gives not just the words of the rituals, but how to perform them what to visualize, gestures, tools, a daily practice I ll be rereading and continuing with further studies, but I am very happy with where the book has allowed me to accomplish thus far.

  7. Eishexe

    The first book on Ceremonial Magick I ever picked up It s a great practical primer, filled with exercises and practices the practitioner can immediately begin performing Don t be surprised if it takes you a few years to work through this one the way it s meant to be done.

  8. Larry O'Connor

    This is a book on Medieval Kabbalah and Theurgia I enjoyed it and found it to be very interesting and enlightening It s not for everyone due to the fact that you have to really step outside of some of your comfort zones It has very interesting stories and I learned a lot about what karma, new thought and energy work.

  9. Sadra Hesabi

    If your interests lie within the Golden Dawn order, It s a most read for you As other said this book relied on judeo christian concepts , but I recommend it to starters because Practices are well sorted and simplified.

  10. Eric Williamson

    One of the better books Llewellyn has ever published A very good introduction to ceremonial magick Start here and then branch out to Crowley, Mathers, and the rest.

  11. Sheherazahde

    A friend bought this for me because he loves it and wants me to read it I m reading this with another friend and doing the lessons The first day we read the 4 forwards, the 2 prefaces, and the introduction They were generally good I disagree with the Ciceros about the definition of religion that they use when they talk about the difference between magick and religion The relationship between magick and religion is complex and I don t have the time or space to discuss it here I was not familiar w [...]

  12. Dave/Maggie Bean

    This review will be of interest only to Christians especially complacent, lukewarm, Sunday Morning Christians I m not here to proselytize, but rather to clean my own house My hard shell, sola scriptura Protestantism notwithstanding, I must concede that many of my unsaved atheist friends are, in practice, decent and upstanding than many of my co religionists Despite the fact that they don t profess my faith and thusly can t be expected to practice it , they often observe the Golden Rule and the [...]

  13. Helen

    Certainly not what I was looking for, even if according to reviews and recommendations it was the best Simply not acceptable, with no clear answers to most beginner s questions I feel silly after getting through it, and started to respect Wicca, Paganism, witchcraft, sorcery, hodoo and shamanism much .This book is mostly Kabbala based, some kind of Kabbala based discarding the other version of it as something lesser Who is right Not for me to decide Making robes, taking poses one has no health t [...]

  14. Trunatrschild

    It was well made a torture to read but well done For a beginner who likes to be told their ethics and have them highly Judeo Christian, this is the book for you I read almost all of it, because I wanted to learn but boy was it painful I learned a lot about the Kabbalah than I knew before and have a introduction into ceremonial magic now.I give this book 3 stars because it was really well done, the man can teach, whether I prefer what he is teaching is no matter, he can teach it But I really hav [...]

  15. Larry Zaracon

    Don was a great man and a fantastic author, he appeared on my podcast and we had a great interview This is a Foundational book As a little added thing , Don and Scott Cunningham were roommates when Scott got the Greenlight for this book.

  16. Jennifer

    A course on Kabalistic Ceremonial Magick I found it badly organized and, therefore, difficult to navigate Much of the information would be better given as endnotes or in appendixes allowing the student to stay focused on the essentials while studying The reader could then choose to discover the author s theories and anecdotes if they want to and not be confused or distracted by unnecessary information when so much information is already given I also found it strange that defense against psychic [...]

  17. David

    I couldn t put this book down I fell in love with this overly simplified foray into high magick It gives you a clear course on where to start and how long to spend training on given techniques Will you come out of it on top of the world, with the power to put your enemies on their knees Well, no But will you come away with a deep seated sense of understanding the mysteries of the universe I m betting no again However, you can feel free to hang as much personal meaning on completing this course a [...]

  18. Robert Mitchell

    Kraig s book is thoroughly researched, well written, and meticulous in its detail Well, at least the first third of it is I couldn t finish the book, but it s not his fault The practice of High Magic just isn t for me But guess what If Kraig hadn t done such a great job of getting across the essence of the subject I might have had to read the entire thing to realize it.This one is so exhaustive that, even though I m not going to work the exercises, it goes in my collection as a topical reference [...]

  19. Kevin

    Though I do not agree with a lot of the ways that Kraig approaches the material, he has greater shoulders than his that he is standing on and this work is a phenomenal introduction to the magickal arts I can give no credit to any other single work for getting me up, off my butt in the early years and getting me doing actual practical magickal work I recommend this book very highly for anyone looking to get into a routine of daily practical magick.

  20. Eli Poteet

    This thick thing read like a text book and I just don t want to spend a lot of my time reading something dry and hierarchal Pass Don t get me wrong there was tons of information but I wasn t genuinely impressed If I need something specific I ll just use the index to locate the subject of question.

  21. Erisson

    I read this a LONG time ago 16 or 18 years , and it was really the first occult new age book I picked up I remember enjoying it, but I also remember it being a bit structure than I was comfortable with But there were techniques in it I ve internalized, and it was an effective introduction to the whole arena.

  22. T.J. Perkins

    This book is direct and to the point I loved it I ve implemented many of the techniques and found them to be most useful and they actually worked Modern Magick covers everything a new magician would need, and it s great for the modern Witch also.

  23. Constantinos Nterziotis

    This is one of the best books for Ceremonial magick It is very challenging with step by step excercises, simplyfing as much as possible the esoteric practices of Golden Dawn The readerd should stay focused and try to perform the rituals with much willpower.

  24. Layo

    This book really got me motivated when I was a beginner, but later when I had a handle on the Hebrew alphabet I wanted to bonk the guy There are several techniques in the book I ve never tried and am not likely to.

  25. Aaron Meyer

    One of those foundational books that one gets a hold of for Ceremonial Magick Still a useful book.

  26. Marianne Staveley

    I started reading this book a couple years ago Must get around to finishing it one of these days

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